Solutions to Fix PS4 DNS Error

PS4 DNS errors appear when the DNS settings of your Wi-Fi or LAN go wrong. If you have ever faced this error before, it must be challenging for you to resolve the problem. While checking the reviews from people, many people search for the PS4 error and their solutions. PS4 error prevents users from getting access to online features of their PS4.

Before performing on resolving PS4 DNS Error nw 31253 4 or any other error, you ought to make sure that there’s no problem together with your Wi-Fi or LAN connection. You’ll be able to try connecting to the identical network on your other devices. If you’ve connected to the network, you wish to test if those devices have any problems while connecting to the web. If they aren’t having any issues surfing the net, this text will provide you with a few available solutions to repair the NW 31253 4 PS4 error.

What is a DNS Error on PS4?

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and they are vital for mapping IP addresses to domain names. After you attempt to hook up with the PS4 with an active internet connection through the wrong DNS servers, error messages will pop on your screen. DNS errors occurred most of the time due to network changes and failure to configure attempts to the new network settings. 

How to fix the PS4 DNS Error NW 31253 4?

When this PS4 DNS error NW 31253 4 pops on the screen, it prohibits you from playing games or even using any other services of PS4. The PS4 DNS error often occurs when there’s a breakdown in the PS4 DNS setting. 

The internet connection, such as the Wi-Fi and LAN connection, is additionally chargeable for the DNS error PS4. To make sure there’s no problem with your Wi-Fi and LAN connection, you’ll try connecting PS4 to the identical network on other devices. If they haven’t any issues during the method, it indicates that the Wi-Fi and LAN connection can work well. Then you’ll be able to try the following techniques to mend the PS4 DNS error nw 31253 4. 

Let’s begin the game!

Fix 1: Change Your DNS Settings

By changing DNS settings, you might break many limitations with your IP addresses and access PlayStation services. Many users use this proving method to be useful for several issues like LoL RADS errors, League of Legends high ping, and other problems.

If you’re troubled by the PS4 DNS error nw 31253 4 and unable to access the PlayStation service, change the default DNS to the free DNS servers. 

Here’s the way to do that:

Step 1. Open the PS4 Home Menu, then navigate to the Settings icon and press the X button on the console.

Step 2. Click on Network within the Settings menu and set up an internet connection. 

Step 3. Then you’ll be asked a way to hook up with the network. Here you’ll be able to select Wi-Fi or a LAN Cable, which depends on what style of network you would like to attach. We’ll show you the way to use Wi-Fi and LAN cables, respectively.

If you’re operating Wi-Fi:

Step 1. Select the Wi-Fi option and click on the Custom button.

Step 2. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password to set up an internet connection. 

Step 3. Select Automatic within the IP Address Settings and choose Manual within the DNS settings.

Step 4. Select the choice Hostname change 

If you’re Using LAN Cable:

Step 1. Select Use a LAN cable and choose the Custom button.

Step 2. Change IP address settings to automatic, so don’t use within the DHCP Host Name.

Step 3. Change the DNS Settings to Manual. Then set the first DNS to eight.8.8.8 and the Secondary DNS to eight.8.4.4 or

Step 4. Click on Next to urge the MTU Settings, and so select Automatic within the MTU Settings, and choose don’t Use within the Proxy Server.

Step 5. Click on Test Internet Connection to see the error fixation results. 

Fix 2: Reset Your PS4

Resetting the PS4, it will strengthen the connection between your PS4 and router. It will help fix the PS4 DNS error nw 31253 4. Before that, duplicate all the critical data before resetting PS4.

Step 1. Shut down your PS4 entirely and take away the ability cable from the rear of the device.

Step 2. Disconnect all the peripherals from your PS4, such as a router, modem, and other external devices. 

Step 3. Expect a minimum of 2 minutes, reconnect everything to PS4 and ensure there’s no damage when connecting again.

Step 4. Plug in the ability to cable again and switch on your PS4 console.

Fix 3: Run Online Support Troubleshooter

If the above two methods can’t facilitate your error, you will consider employing Sony’s web Support Troubleshooter. This Fix & Connect tool is usually wont to troubleshoot PS4 connectivity issues. Go to the official website of PS4 and follow the on-screen instructions for mending the DNS error of PS4 DNS error nw 31253 4. 

Other PS4 DNS Error and their Solution:

PS4 DNS error NW-31251-2: 

It points to a similar network issue but not from your DNS configuration. Whenever you get this error, it implies that your system cannot hook up with a Wi-Fi connection. For fixing it, simply navigate to Settings > Network > Found Connection and input the right network parameters.

PS4 DNS error NW-33986-9: 

It comes as a result of incorrect DNS server settings. You’ll manually change the DNS settings to the Google DNS server, OpenDNS, or the other DNS server.

PS4 DNS error CE-33986-9: 

This DNS error indicates an online connection problem. If the PlayStation Network isn’t down, head to Settings > Network and test the network connection.

How am I able to fix the PS4 DNS server errors?

Follow these methods to fix the server errors of PS4 DNS.

First Method -Configure DNS manually [NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1 & NW-31246-6]

  • Power on your PS4 and visit Settings.
  • Navigate to Network and choose Found Internet Connection.
  • Choose an online connection type between Wi-Fi and LAN.
  • Connect your router or coax cable.
  • Click on Custom setup.
  • Change the IP Address Settings to Automatic.
  • Visit the DNS Settings and alter it to Manual.
  • Enter the default Google DNS servers’ address – Primary: and Secondary:
  • Select Automatic.
  • Choose the option in your proxy server.

Note: In Step 8, you’ll be able to also use other DNS servers. For instance, Open DNS – Primary:; Secondary: Cloudflare DNS settings – Primary:, Secondary:

If the error still appears after fixing the right DNS server settings, you would like to reset your network settings. Follow the guide below carefully.

Second Method – Reset the PS4 settings

  • Shut down the PS4 console.
  • Disconnect the system from power furthermore as your router.
  • Leave it in this state for 4 minutes.
  • Boot the PS4 into Safe Mode.
  • Connect your controller employing a reliable USB cable.
  • Select Restore Default Setting

Suppose you are getting NW-31254-5, NW-31253-4, NW-31246-6, and NW-31250-1 PS4 DNS errors. This method will remove them all. 

What if the solutions don’t work?

This DNS solution seems to figure for the overwhelming majority of individuals who try it by searching through the forums. However, if it doesn’t seem to gather, here are other steps to take:

  • Make sure you’re setting everything as default/automatic except the DNS when configuring the connection. For wired connections, select Custom instead of Easy to start with IP address and more. Just swap on to the Manual for the DNS setting. 
  • Try booting your PS4 and router.
  • Try fully resetting your router and PS4, powering them off entirely, and unplugging them for a quarter-hour before plugging them back in.
  • Try also factory resetting your router, press the push button or pin that’s usually underneath or on the side.
  • Use various Port Forwarding to ensure all ports on your router are receptive to your game console. See our article for multiple ways to try to do this.
  • Reset your PS4 settings to the default in Safe Mode. It doesn’t delete any data.
  • Check with other users, and if they have the same problems. It may be a broader problem with the web from your ISP.
  • If you’re connecting to your main router through an intermediary device, remove it and try connecting to your main router through a second router.
  • If others within the house are having trouble with the Wi-Fi, your router could also be broken. Contact your ISP to own it repaired or replaced.

If you manage to mend this message by setting your DNS, you get the CE-33984-7 error code; instead, this usually means you’re also trying to configure the IP address besides the DNS servers manually. Remember, you must manually set the DNS; leave the IP Address and other settings to automatic/default, or any other option. Then, swap to manual for DNS settings. 

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