PS4 Controller Lights: All You Need To Know

It makes sense to get concerned if your PlayStation or peripherals start acting unexpectedly. One example is that the DualShock controller light doesn’t typically flash white.

Your controller’s white flashing light could be caused by either a fading battery or a controller that couldn’t connect to your PlayStation system. 

ps4 controller lights

Thankfully, each of these issues can be resolved. Try troubleshooting the problems before switching to a brand-new controller to get back to loving.

You gaming with the best PS4 controller lights and a more extensive selection. Here is how to begin.

Meanings Of PS4 Controller Lights

The significance of your PS4 operator’s lights is mainly influenced by the number of players and, sporadically, by the game you are now playing.

Different lights have different functions; it shows the health status of the players.

The lighting option is handy when playing games online like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fortnite.

You might see the following hues on your PS4 controller light bar:

1. PS4 Controller Red Light Meaning

PS4 Controller Red Light

Usually, the red light on your PS4 remote light bar indicates that you are presently the second player.

Nevertheless, it is utilized in some games to display players actively taking damage.

You might have noticed that the light turns red in games like Grand Theft Auto 5 when police are pursuing you. In gun games like Call of Duty, the light may turn red to signal that you have sustained significant damage.

2. PS4 Controller Green Light Meaning

You are typically player number 3 when your PS4 remote light bar is green.

PS4 Controller Green Light

The green light is sometimes used in video games to provide commentary on the story’s develoKillzoneFor example, Killzone displays your current health condition using the green light.

3. PS4 Controller White Light Meaning

The PS4 controller’s LED bar becomes entirely white when unplugged from the console. If it has ever happened to you, you only need to push the PS button for 10 to 15 seconds until the light bar turns blue to indicate a strong affiliation. 

 PS4 Controller White Light

This procedure will restart your controller and assist it in immediately reconnecting to the console in case of any issue or failure.

4. PS4 Controller Blue Light Meaning

You are the game’s first player when the blue light on your PS4 controller’s light bar comes on.

This color shouldn’t change while the game is being played. However, you should be aware that specific matches may alter the color of the light bar on your PS4 controller by the actions and occasions in the game’s narrative. 

PS4 Controller Blue Light

A PS4 controller’s blue flashing during action scenes is possible when playing a game like Uncharted.

While not every game does that, if it does happen to you and the pattern of the light bar on your PS4 controller fluctuates for a split second while you’re playing, don’t worry—you shouldn’t be concerned—because nothing in this situation should be of concern.

In modern games, things like that are just quite commonplace.

5. PS4 Controller pink Light Meaning

Usually, the pink light on your PS4 remote light bar indicates that you are the fourth player.

PS4 Controller pink Light

Depending on the level you are currently playing, your device’s color may vary in some video games, such as Thumper. The pink level is among them!

6. Other Colors

Some video games, including Far Cry 4, employ yellow and light blue lights to indicate your involvement in the game.

Support players are represented by yellow, and medical personnel is characterized by light blue.

How is the PS4 Controller Green Light Used in Games?

As was already noted, different games employ the light bar to symbolize various events taking place within the game.

Several games use it to represent health, while others use it to show gamers during multiplayer online whatever class of avatar they have chosen.

The lighting bar on the video games mentioned below functions as follows.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5 

Grand Theft Auto 5

When the cops pursue a gamer in GTA 5, the game flashes a blue and red light sequence to show it.

The figure you direct in the single-mode fiber is also indicated via the light bar. Michael’s color was blue, Franklin’s color was green, and everyone’s favorite, Trevor’s, was orange.

Additionally, the light bar is utilized in online video game modes for various occasions, including racing, deathmatches, and exploring multiple gamers on heist missions.

2. The Last of Us

The Last of Us

The lighting bar in “The Last of Us” gives gamers a visual indicator of their strength.

When your strength is at its peak, a green light appears; as it exhausts, it gradually turns blue and ultimately orange.

The light goes red when your avatar dies and becomes yellow when they reappear, showing that they only have half their health left.

3. Fortnite


The battle royale craze swept the globe, and gamers within have successfully utilized the LED bar on the Dualshock 4 controller.

Once a gamer is in a group, Fortnite allocates colors, and the addition of divided gameplay makes it easier than ever to tell which controllers go to whom, thanks to the light.

4. Killzone


A game that displays the character’s health using a light bar is “Killzone,” which is similar to “The Last of Us.”

The light bar will turn green to red as gamers take more harm, alerting them to run for shelter.

5. Infamous


Infamous is another excellent PS4 game that uses the light bar differently than earlier games.

The indicator is easier to understand when it simply displays your character’s Karma rather than strength or the figure being played (What steps the figure takes in the game).

Your light bar will remain blue if you do good things, but the color will gradually become red if you do evil deeds.

Is your PS4 Controller Flashing? Troubleshooting Tips

Two possible problems could be causing your Play Station controller to blink. Either the remote has lost sync with your Play Station, or the power is almost dead.

There are a couple of remedies if you have any of these issues.

  1. Take a look at your PS4 controller.
  2. Update the PS4 device and driver by reinstalling it on a Windows computer
  3. Reset your PS4
  4. Start your PS4 in Safe Mode
  5. Reset your PS4 analog controller
  6. Try changing the configuration with another controller
  7. Use a micro-USB cable
  8. Replace your PS4 Controller
  9. Press the PS button and Share button 

1. Take a look at your PS4 controller

The problem with the white lights flickering could be a hardware issue. Your controller may have sustained damage due to incorrect handling, poor maintenance, or simple aging.

You may not be able to attach to the console or recharge the remove if the internal mechanism is broken.

If the cords are linked correctly, you can see it. Unplug the remote and reattach it if they are not.

It would help if you couldn’t see the strobing lights when you switched it on. You may fix your PS4 controller in this manner.

2. Update the PS4 device and driver by reinstalling it on a Windows computer

You can update the Playstation 4 device and drivers via a computer to resolve the PS4 controller issue. The Playstation 4 driver can deteriorate or become outdated like any other driver.

The PlayStation 4 console is recognized as a device on the PC after connecting it to the controller.

Because of this, you may upgrade it the same way you upgrade a driver on your computer. To boost the Playstation 4 remote using Windows, follow these steps:

  • By clicking the Windows and R buttons, bring up the Run tool and type the following command. (devmgmt.msc)
By clicking the Windows and R buttons, bring up the Run tool and type the following command. (devmgmt.msc)
  • The Device Manager screen’s input is this. From the lengthy list of drivers, find your Playstation there.
From the lengthy list of drivers, find your Playstation there
  • Remove device can be found in the menu bar when you ctrl-click on the PS4 remote device.
  • Select the remove the latest drivers for this item option in the confirmation dialogue box, then hit the Uninstall icon.
  • Reboot the PC after disconnecting the PS4 controller.
  • Install the most recent version of the remote’s driver software. You may purchase DualShock 4 controllers for the PS4 exclusively via the SonyPlayStation support site.
  • To complete the driver installation, attach the Playstation 4 controller to the pc.

After completing these procedures, check the controller to determine if the strobing lights are still functioning.

Try disconnecting the new device and restarting the computer if you cannot locate the driver for it.

3. Reset your PS4

An unneeded cache could be the reason for your PS4 not recognizing the device. Go to Preferences, then read down to “Initialization.”

Choose Initialize PS4 from this point on and then decide how to move further;

Choose Initialize PS4

Quick – Reboots the device and erases information from the storage device.

Full – Returns the device to its initial state and deletes all data.

Choose Quick or Full as per your requirement

You can link your remote using the initialization configuration after resetting the device.

4. Start your PS4 in Safe Mode

Several issues that software defects or damaged data files could cause can be resolved by starting your PS4 in safe mode.

How to start your PS4 in safe mode:

  • You can turn it off by pressing and holding the start button for 7 seconds or until the PS4 pings twice.
  • To ensure a complete shutdown of the system, wait 30 seconds.
  • Use the power button to switch on the PS4, but don’t let go until you hear the second beep.
  • Link your remote with a micro-USB cord as soon as the prompt appears.
Start your PS4 in Safe Mode

5. Reset your PS4 analog controller

You can resolve many controller-related Play Station problems by resetting the controller. You can resolve issues with the flashing light, Bluetooth, synchronization, and more.

This is what you need to do to clear the PS4 controller setup:

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4.
  • Discover the small hole on the back of your remote where the Reset button is located. The pushbutton is situated next to the L2 shoulder key on your remote.
  • To hit the reset, insert a narrow, pointed object—such as a pin, toothpick, or straightened paper clip—into the hole.
  • It would help if you took the little pin out of the hole after you held it in place for a short while.
  • Once the computer has been rebooted, you must use a USB cable to couple the remote with the console.
  • Press the Play Station button as your PS4 is turned.

6. Try changing the configuration with another controller.

PS4 owners can substitute a different controller for the one that is glowing white. Additionally, users can choose to use a separate controller to alter various settings that will resolve the problem of the flickering lights.

It would help if you used the extra controllers to get the flashing one working on the Playstation 4 when you start repairing the remote in this manner.

The steps to solve this problem with a functional controller are as follows:

  • Navigate to PS4 Settings.
Navigate to PS4 Settings.
  • Choose Bluetooth devices in the Ports settings by opening them. This window will contain the spare controller.
  • Hit the PS and Share buttons while holding the flashing controller in your hand until you see the lights bar blink twice every second.
  • Select an alternative controller with a faulty controller. The flashing controller will seek to reconnect as a result of this.
  • Answer “Yes” to the prompt.
  • Your issue is resolved once you see that the flashlight has stopped.

It’s time to acquire professional assistance or a new controller if none of those solutions work.

7. Use a micro-USB cable

To restart the Bluetooth module, utilize USB cords. We offer a cable connection with a USB port and then employ it to pair with the system via Bluetooth.

  • After turning the Playstation off, please keep it in sleep mode.
keep PS4 in sleep mode
  • All of the console’s power wires should be unplugged.
  • By tapping the PS4’s power button, you can deplete the battery.
  • You can then connect the remote and console via a USB charging cable.
  • Tap any button on the remote after starting the PS4 to begin.

The controller ought to be found.

8. Replace your PS4 Controller

If none of the abovementioned fixes succeed, the remote hardware may be the problem.

A fast claim can get you a label controller if it is still covered under warranty.

Although a warranty may not cover it, dS4 controllers frequently go on sale at different stores, making it easy to get a new one.

Many decent third-party controls are also available, with excellent functionality and responsive customer service.

9. Press the PS button and Share button 

You can eliminate the white flashes problem by simultaneously pushing your controller’s PS and Share buttons. Although this isn’t the conventional method, many users say it works.

Tap the PS key and the Share button on your remote simultaneously, then wait for the PS4 to switch on. After that, the problem should be fixed, and you should be able to link to the console regularly.

Final Thoughts

Your playing pleasure will be improved and enhanced by the lighting on your PS4 controller. Based on the game and the group of players, the various colors have a variety of meanings.

You can use any of the above-discussed troubleshooting techniques if your device isn’t operating correctly.

You may need to buy a new controller if it doesn’t function in wired mode. Since the PS5 was released, it has been much easier to find affordable PS4 controllers online.