6 Best Ways To Program Comcast Xfinity x1 Remote

how to program Comcast Xfinity x1 remote

Is your Comcast Xfinity x1 Remote not programmed with your Television? Are you having trouble finding the how to program Comcast Xfinity x1 remote? Don’t worry. I got you! 

It seems tricky, but it is way simple. In this article, I will help you program the Comcast Xfinity x1 remote to your Television. If you are using xr2, xr5, xr11, xr16, or any other model.

This article will help you program any of these with your TV. So, roll over the page and get set to program the Xfinity using the below info.

What Does Programming Xfinity Remote Mean?

Xfinity is an intelligent remote control that allows you to control your TV even if it is out of your sight and even when you are far from it. Xfinity is an American-based telecommunication company. Its Xfinity remote is used to command the Xfinity Cable Box. 

Suppose you want it to work for your TV. Then probably, you will be required to program it to your TV. It allows you to control the volumes to turn it on just like any regular remote.

Not only this, you can even control your TV from approximately 50 feet away. Amazing. Right?

Advanced Xfinity gives a few more choices to you. Like enabling Xfinity remote to control soundbars and DVD players.

Which Xfinity Remote Model Do You Have?

Now the question arises which Xfinity Remote Model do you have. So for this, you can check your Xfinity remote on the back to find out which model you have. And if it is not there, you can probably find it in the battery compartment on the back panel.

The solution to How to program Comcast Xfinity x1 remote:

Every Xfinity Remote Model comes with different features and specifications that make it obvious to have different approaches to programming the Comcast Xfinity x1. According to the model you have and the specifications it has. You can pick from the below methods and program the Comcast Xfinity accordingly.

Programming Your Xfinity Voice Remote to Control Your TV or Audio Device

Using the Xfinity voice remote to command the TV is an excellent feature Xfinity has implemented in their new models. It is truly awesome to drive over the menu or change channels using your voice commands, and convenient.

You can program your Xfinity Voice Remote by following the below instructions:

  • Hold press the microphone button of your Xfinity Voice Remote and say “Program Remote” in a clear voice.
Programming Xfinity Voice Remote to Control Your TV or Audio Device
  • As you do, you will get to see a screen on your TV for confirmation of using the Xfinity remote to have control over your device. 
  • Select Yes for giving the confirmation.
  • Next, follow all the instructions you will get afterward to finish the Xfinity programming.

Due to any unconditional circumstance, if you aren’t unable to use the voice function. Then you can give a try to this approach. That enables the remote to connect to your TV by allowing the Xfinity remote from the Remote Setup on your device.

For this, follow the below approach:

  • Press A on your remote and then steer to the Remote Setup on your TV.
Allowing the Xfinity remote from the Remote Setup on your device.
  • Next, select the device you want to have controls, and you’re good to go.

Programming your Xfinity Remote (With a Setup Button)

If you are using a model that doesn’t support using voice commands. Then you might need to follow the usual approach that all the other remotes follow of using the setup button. 

  • So, the first thing you need to do is turn on your TV. And also the setup tv box.
  • Next, you have to press the set up button on your remote until the LED at the top changes from red to green.
Programming Xfinity Remote (With a Setup Button)
  • Now enter the universal remote three-digit code from the TV codes lookup device using the number controllers on the remote.
  • The LED should flash green twice when we input our code.
  • Suppose you have completed the above steps. Then press the TV Power button on the Xfinity remote.

Suppose the TV turns on, excellent! You have successfully programmed your remote to control your TV input.

Programming Your Xfinity Remote Using Online Code Lookup Tool

It is very convenient to use the Lookup Tool. Since it enlists all the models, those are compatible with your device. And also help you with the necessary documentation for programming your Xfinity remote. 

If you go all the way down on your remote from the menu. You will get to notice a unique code that is going to help you program your Xfinity. Follow the below instructions to program your Xfinity Remote using the unique digit code:

  • From there, choose the model that you have from the look-up tool.
  • Now click on the Continue and specify what kind of device you are willing to pair the remote with.
  • With this. You will also be required to fill out the manufacturer codes. So, keep this ready with you.
  • After the confirmation, you will receive a code over the screen.

Follow the instructions and set up the program for the Xfinity Remote.

Programming Non-Voice Xfinity Remotes

Suppose you have the Xfinity model that doesn’t have a voice function. Then you might be confused about what’s next? Never be. I will help you program your Xfinity remote. So if you have a Non-Voice Xfinity remote, then you can program your TV in three steps. 

  1. Set up button.
  2. Number Pad.
  3. Lookup tool.

You can do it with the help of the following instructions:

  1. Turn on the TV. Using its remote.
  2. Hold press the Setup button.
  3. Stay till the LED indicator on the top of the remote becomes green.
LED indicator on the top of the remote becomes green.
  1. Enter the programming code now using the Numpad on your remote.
  2. If the process was successful. Then a green (or red) remote light flashes twice.

Programming Xfinity Remotes to TV with My Account App

Suppose you are having difficulty programming the Xfinity remote. Then alternatively, what you can do is use a My Account App on your IOS or Android device for programming the Xfinity remote to your TV.

Follow the below instructions to program your Xfinity remote using the My Account App:

  1. Select the TV icon on your device.
  2. Once you open it, locate and press the Setup a remote option.
  3. In the Setup of a remote, you will be required to select the remote you want to have input control.
  4. After choosing your Xfinity model number, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the programming of the remote.

Program your Xfinity Remote to TV to Use One Remote for Everything

By programming your Xfinity remote, you unbox a bunch of features. That assists you with a simple and easy way of doing stuff.

You can also use the Aim Anywhere feature, enabling you to use the Xfinity remote even without pointing the remote on the Set-top box. Even when you are 50 feet away from the TV or in the other room, you can still use your Xfinity remote to command your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Sync My Xfinity Remote To My TV?

Turn on TV > Hold the Setup button till the light turns green > Enter 9-9-1 in the box > Press ch multiple times to turn off the TV > Press setup after the TV turns off > Use Xfinity remote to switch on the TV.

How Do I Reset My X1 Xfinity Remote?

For a remote without Setup Button: Press and hold the A and D buttons for 5 secs and leave. A green light should be visible. After this, enter 9-8-1. 
For a remote with Setup Button: Press and hold the Setup button until the lights change to green. After this, enter 9-8-1.
For XR16: Press and hold info (i) and the home button until the lights change to green. After this, enter 9-8-1.

How Do I Pair My Xfinity Remote With My TV?

Tap the TV icon > TV Box > Setup a remote > Select remote control model > Continue > select TV and follow the programming instructions.

Why Will My Xfinity Remote Not Pair With My TV?

There is a possibility that your Xfinity remote has quit receiving signals and is more or less inoperable now.

Where Is The Setup Button On My Xfinity Remote XR15?

XR15 doesn’t come with a setup button.