How To Fix An Power Outage Broke My Xbox One Issue

Many of us have faced a problem with the Xbox One or Xbox S where the white light won’t turn on. Now you can either read a book or try fixing the issue.

The most probable reason for your Xbox not turning on is the power outage. The troubleshooter can resolve 80% of your Xbox’s problems, but a power supply outage isn’t one.

Xboxes other than the original, come with an internal power supply. We hope that the listed possible solutions and settings will assist in fixing the black screen.

Before we get started, just a kind reminder for users that smacking the Xbox will not work. It will cause even more damage to it.

Xbox console

How to check your Xbox One’s power supply

In case you have used the troubleshooter, and the issue isn’t resolved, or for some reason, you can’t access or use the troubleshooter, let’s start with fixing the power outage issue using the following solutions.

1.       The Xbox connects the gaming platform and outlet using a power cord. Ensure that the line is firmly connected to the Xbox One console and the AC outlet.

2.       If the cords are firmly connected, try to attach them to a different electrical appliance to the socket. This will ensure that there is no problem with the power outlet.

3.       Ensure that the power cable you are using with your gaming platform is the same one that came with the system and not a different one.

How to do a power reset on your Xbox One

If the power outlet is working fine, then most probably the issue lies with your Xbox One or S consoles. To muddle this, you need to do a quick power supply reset.

If you have an Xbox S or One, then the power reset means disconnecting the plug and then reconnecting it after a wait of a few seconds. Then try to turn on the system.

For all models other than the Original Xbox One, the supply is internal, and if unplugging doesn’t work, you might have to send it to the technician to fix it.

Technical Fix Xbox Power Outage 

If you are a technician or would like to dabble in the art, then here are some steps you can follow.

  • As a technician, you will open the appliance to test the motherboard for any short circuit. 
  • If more than two connectors are going to the copper ground, then the power supply is OK. However, with cases having extra grounds, they need to be fixed first.
  • If the supply is fine and the device isn’t turning on, then the power rail under the heatsink might be at fault. In this case, you will have to unscrew every screw on the device and pull out the motherboard.
  • Once the motherboard is out, remove the screws from the pressurized X clamp and the X clamp. The heatsink will come off. You can find the rail next to the edge of the motherboard along the right-side of the CPU.
  • Now, find the burnt or damaged component that will be 1/4th the size of a grain of rice.
  • Here comes the tricky part, Soldering. You will have to de-solder the burnt part and then solder a replacement into the device.

However, we would not recommend soldering yourself being the best idea, especially if you do not have soldering experience.

Reset Power Supply Unit

Reset Power Supply Unit

To fix the power outage issue, here are a few steps to hard reset the system that you can follow before sending it to the technician:

1. Remove or unplug all the cables from your console and outlet. The power brick connects two ways, so remove both ends, going to the device and the socket.

2. Wait for a minute or at least 30 seconds to allow the power to reset.

3. After a minute, plug the power cable back from the wall socket into the brick. Do not link the brick to the console.

4. Look for the LED lights on the brick. Connect the power cable from the brick to the console if the light is blinking. Do not press the power button.

5. If the light doesn’t stop blinking, you must replace the power supply unit by ordering it from any local store or Microsoft official page.

6. After using the upgrade you will receive in a few days, connect the console and socket to the power brick using the above steps. If there is still blinking after connecting to the console, you will have to send it to a technician for repair; however, if the blinking stops, turn on the Xbox button.

The outage issue would have been fixed. Check the console for any additional requirements.

Most of the time, if it isn’t rebooting after an outage, the power brick is at fault, not the console.

If, after following the above power reset steps, the power brick does not work, then you should consider replacing the brick with a new or a used one, depending on your budget.

Other Fixes to Try

Ensure that the cords connect firmly to the console and the wall socket. Remember that improperly connected cords do not provide adequate current to the console, which does not turn on.

If the connection is firm, connect other devices to the socket.

The connections are firm. The Wall socket is working correctly. Try to connect the power brick directly to the wall outlet instead of going through a power surge protector. 

xbox connected to power

Xboxes come with a built-in surge protector and an HDMI cable, so there is no need to worry about sudden surges while troubleshooting the console.


If an outage breaks your gaming platform, then we are sure the above steps will most likely help you resolve the issue.

The outage problems could be due to:

  • Power cords are plugged loosely between console and socket.
  • A broken supply or the power adapter not receiving enough electricity.
  • You are using cords that are not compatible with the console.
  • You are using a surge protector while diagnosing the console.

We hope that the fixes given above in the article will successfully fix your Xbox One power outage problem.