Top 100 Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

Power BI can be defined as a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. The main aim is to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface that is simple for end-users to create their own dashboards and reports. It is one of the parts of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Power BI finds insights within an organization’s data. Power BI helps us to connect disparate data sets, transform them and clean the data into the data model, and it also creates charts or graphs to provide the visuals of data.

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Career Opportunities in Power BI

Business intelligence has enhanced the decision-making skills of companies that are helping them to make the best future actions for companies and end up growing even more. Among all the Business Intelligence(BI) tools, Power BI has pop upped as the leader in business analytics. Today, there is great demand for Power BI certified professionals in most bigger firms and MNCs.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

1.Define BI?

Business Intelligence(BI) is a technology-driven method. It helps to analyze data and provide actionable information that helps the corporate executives, business managers, to make decisive business decisions.

2. Name the parts of Microsoft’s self-service business intelligence solution?

Power BI Interview Questions

Microsoft has two main parts for Self-Service BI:

  1. Excel BI Toolkit: It allows us to create interactive reports by importing data from various resources, and then, it models the data according to the needs.
  2. Power BI: It is defined as an online solution that enables the user to share the interactive queries and reports that are created using the Excel BI Toolkit.

3. Mention some benefits of using Power BI?

Some of the benefits of using Power BI are listed below:

  1. It builds interactable data visualization in data centers
  2. It enables users to transform the data into visuals and share them.
  3. It creates a connection for Excel queries and dashboards for quick analysis.
  4. It aims to provide quick and accurate solutions.
  5. It allows the user to perform queries on reports by using simple English words.

4. Define Power BI?

Power BI can embed BI and analytics with ease, enabling the users to create interactive reports and geo-map visualization. Through clear business environment integrations, Power BI also allows the users to produce reliable reports and analysis through dashboards, reports, and datasets.

5. Define self-service business intelligence?

  1. SSBI(Self Service Business Intelligence) is an approach to data analytics that allows the business users to segment, filter, and analyze the data without in-depth technical knowledge in business intelligence (BI) and statistical analysis.
  2. It has made it easier for the end-users to access the data and create different visuals to get better business insights.
  3. Anyone who knows the basics of understanding the data can create reports to build intuitive and shareable dashboards.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and answers

6. List out some limitations of using Power BI?

Some of the Limitations of using Power BI are listed below:

  1. Table Relationships: Power BI  handles simple relationships between tables in the data model. But, when there are complex relationships between the tables, i.e.,  if they have multiple links between tables, Power BI might not handle them well.
  2. Configuration of Visuals: It will not provide many options to configure the visualizations as per your needs. Users have very limited options to change the visuals.
  3. Crowded User Interface: We see many icons that block the view of the dashboard or reports. Users would wish the user interface was clearer with fewer icons and options.
  4. Rigid Formulas
  5. Handling Large Data Volumes: Power BI has a limit of ingesting data (approx 2 GBs of data). If you want to import and use data of even greater volumes, then you have to extend the free version to the paid version.

7. Explain the essential components of Power BI? 

components of Power BI

The Important components of Power Bi are listed below:

  1. Visualizations: It is defined as the representation of data in the visual form. A few examples of visualization of data:  Pie Charts, Line Graphs, treemap, etc.
  2. Datasets: The collection of data used to develop the visualizations in Power BI is known as datasets; It includes SQL Excel sheets, server tables, or Oracle.
  3. Reports: The collection of data in the visual form on a page or a few pages is called a report. These reports represent profit by various categories of products, sales by country, cost of marketing in a region, etc.  
  4. Dashboards: A dashboard usually presents several visualizations in one interface.
  5. Tiles: They are single visualization-like bar diagrams in a report or dashboard.

8. Define Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop can be defined as a free application that you install on the local computer and that lets to connect to, transform, and visualize the data. Most of the users who mainly work on business intelligence projects make use of the Power BI Desktop to create reports and then use to share their reports with others with the help of the Power BI Service.

9. In Data Modeling, differentiate between Power BI Desktop and Power Pivot for Excel? 

Power Pivot consists of features for importing and sharing the data, but we recommended leaving this job to the Power Query. The data is loaded to the model for Power Pivot to start establishing the relationships and creating measures by using the DAX.

Power BI is completely a separate tool that includes both of these tools.  It has more connection options than the Power Query in Excel. It has better visualizations, and it can publish to Power BI Service for better report sharing.

10. Define Dax Function?

Data Analysis Expressions(DAX) can be defined as a formula expression language and used in different BI and visualization tools. DAX is known as function language, where the entire code is placed inside the function. DAX function includes other functions,value references, and conditional statements.

Top Power BI Interview Questions

11. List the data sources that can connect to  Power BI?

Below mentioned are the available data sources in Power BI :

  1. Flat Files
  2. SQL Database
  3. OData Feed
  4. Blank Query
  5. Azure Cloud platform
  6. Online Services
  7. Blank Query
  8. Other data sources like Hadoop, Exchange, or Active Directory

12. Name the data types of Dax?

The data types supported by DAX are:

  1. Numeric
  2.  Boolean
  3. DateTime
  4. String
  5. Decimal

13. Name the different types of filters in Power BI Reports?

Below mentioned is the list of Filter types:

  1. Visual-level Filters: They work only on individual visualization. It reduces the amount of data the visualization sees—the visual-level filters both data and calculations.
  2. Page-level Filters: They work at the report page level. The different pages in a similar report have different page-level filters.
  3. Report-level Filters: They work on the whole report by filtering all the pages and visualizations that are included in the report.

 14. List the various connectivity modes available in Power BI?

We have three main connectivity modes used in Power BI they are:

  1. Direct Query: This connection type is available only when you connect to specific data sources. Here, Power BI will store the metadata only of the underlying data instead of the actual data.
  2. SQL Server Import:  It is the default and common connectivity type that is used in Power BI. It enables us to use the whole capabilities of the Power BI Desktop. 
  3. Live Connection: Here, usually, the data is not stored in the Power BI model. All the interactions with the report that uses a Live Connection will query the existing Analysis Services model. We have only 3 data sources that support the live connection method. 
  • SQL Server Analysis Services 
  • Azure Analysis Services 
  • Power BI Datasets that are hosted in the Power BI Service

15. What are the business applications of the Power BI?

 Business Applications of Power BI:

  1. Automate KPIs in Microsoft Power BI
  2. Visualize Sales versus Marketing Leads
  3. Conduct a marketing health check
  4. Gain a Real-Time look at your company’s financial performance
  5. Create consistent reporting standards
  6. Stay ahead of inventory shortages

Top Power BI Interview Questions and answers

16. Define content packs in Power BI?

Content packs mainly provide a way to share the Power BI objects, like reports, dashboards, or datasets, with individuals inside the organization. The sharing usually takes place on the Power BI website, and it can be shared with only one individual or with multiple groups.

17. How many different types of refresh options available in Power BI? 

We have four main types of refresh options that are available in Power BI :

  1. Package refresh – It synchronizes the Power BI Desktop/ Excel file between the Power BI service and the OneDrive /SharePoint Online.
  2. Model or data refresh – It usually refreshes the dataset within the Power BI service with the help of data from the original data source.
  3. Tile refresh – It mainly updates the cache for the tile visuals every 15 minutes on the dashboard once it changes the data.
  4. Visual container refresh – It mainly refreshes the visual container, and it also updates the cached report visuals within the report once the data has changed.

18. Can you list the important Power BI tools?

Three important power BI tool are listed below:

  1. Power BI Desktop: It is the main authoring and publishing tool for the Power BI. Developers and power users use it to create new models and reports from scratch.
  2. Power BI service: Online SaaS where Power Bl data models, dashboards, reports are hosted. Administration, sharing, and collaboration happen in the cloud.
  3. Power BI Data Gateway: It acts as the bridge between the Power Bl Service and on-premise data sources such as DirectQuery, Live Query, Import. 
  4. Power BI Mobile Apps: It is available for iOS, Windows, Android. It is managed using Microsoft Intune. It is used to view dashboards, reports on Power Bl Service Report Server.
  5. Power BI Report Server: It hosts the paginated reports, mobile reports, KPIs, and Power Bl Desktop reports.

19. List the most commonly used DAX Functions?

A few of the commonly used DAX function:

  6. VAR 

20. Define a dashboard in Power BI? 

A Power BI dashboard is referred to as a single page, often known as canvas, that makes use of the visualizations to tell a story. The visualizations that are on the dashboard come from reports. Each report here is based on one particular dataset. 

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

21.  List the components of the Power BI toolkit?

Components of the Power BI toolkit are:

  1. Power Query: It is a data mash-up and transformation tool.
  2. Power Pivot: In-memory tabular data modeling tool
  3. Power View: It is defined as a data visualization tool.
  4. Power Map: It is defined as a 3D Geo-spatial data visualization tool.
  5. Power BI Desktop: It is a powerful companion development tool for Power BI.
  6. Power Q&A: Natural language question and answering engine.

22. How is the FILTER function used in BI?

The FILTER function in BI returns a subset of the table or the expression. The FILTER function is seldom used in isolation; it is mainly used as a parameter to other functions like CALCULATE. 

23. Can you tell us how relationships are defined in Power BI Desktop? 

The Relationships between the tables are defined in two ways: 

  1. Manually – We define relationships manually using primary and foreign keys
  2. Automatic – It is an automated feature of Power BI that detects the relationships between tables, and it creates them automatically(Only when Enabled).

24. Define grouping in BI?

Grouping in Power BI is a technique of combining two or more values for further analysis. For example, When we are trying to see products by category report, we find very few records. It will be annoying to see all those underperforming products. In scenarios like this, you can create a group by combining the records and display them as one product.

25. Explain the CALCULATE and CALCULATETABLE functions?

These are the functions that enable us to modify the filter context of tables or measures:

  1. Add to the existing filter context of queries.
  2. Override the filter context from queries.
  3. Remove the existing filter context from queries.


  1. Filter parameters can operate only on a single column at a time.
  2. Filter parameters can’t reference the metric.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and answers

26. Is it possible to have multiple active relationships between two tables in a Power Pivot data model?

No. We can have multiple inactive relationships, but we can have only one active relationship between the two tables in the Power Pivot data model. The dotted lines define inactive relationships, and the continuous lines define active relationships.

27. Define the term responsive slicers?

With the help of responsive slicers, we can resize them to different shapes and sizes, from horizontal to square, and the values that are present in the slicer rearrange themselves. In Power BI Service and in the Power BI Desktop, we can make horizontal slicers and date or range slicers responsive.

28. Name the common table function for grouping data?

SUMMARIZE() function can be used for grouping the data.

  1. The recommended practice is to specify the table and group by columns but not the metrics. We can use the  ADDCOLUMNS function.
  2. Main groupby function in SSAS.


  1. Specifies the group by columns, table, and expressions
  2. New group by function for SSAS and Power BI Desktop;

29. Can we have a table in the model which doesn’t have any relationship with other tables? 

Yes. Why you can have disconnected tables is that:

  1. The table used to define the user with parameter values to be exposed and selected in slicers.
  2. The table can be used as a placeholder for metrics in the user interface(UI).

30. Explain the term M language?

M is also called Power Query Formula Language. M stands for Data Mashup. M is a functional language.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

31. List the benefits of using Variables in DAX?

Benefits of using variables in DAX:

  1. Improves performance
  2. Improves readability
  3. Simplifies debugging
  4. Reduces complexity

32. Define the CALCULATE column in DAX?

A calculated column is the same as any other column in a table, and we can use it in any part of the report. We also use the calculated column to define a relationship if necessary. 

33. What info is required to create a map in Power Map?

The Power BI service and Desktop send Bing the necessary geodata to create the map visualization. This includes the data in the Location, Longitude, and Latitude of the visual’s field well. 

34. What is the various Excel BI add-in?

  1. Power Pivot: It is mainly used for data analysis and modeling.
  2. Power View: It is mainly used to design visual and interactive reports.
  3. Power Map: It helps to display the insights on a 3D Map.
  4. Power Query: It helps to find, edit and load external data.

35. Where data stored in the Power BI? 

Data is usually stored in the fact and dimension tables. 

  1. Dimension tables: It is another table in the star schema of the data warehouse. It mainly stores the attributes and dimensions that specify the objects stored in the fact table.
  2. Fact tables: It is defined as a central table in the star schema of a data warehouse. It mainly stores quantitative information for analysis.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

36. List the features of the Power BI dashboard?

The features are:

  1. It enables us to create different tiles such as web content, images, textbox, and integrate URLs.
  2. It enables us to set the report layout to mobile view.
  3. It will enable to drill through the page, bookmarks, and selection pane.

37. Define Power Pivot?

Power Pivot can be defined as an in-memory data modeling component that mainly provides high compressed data storage and extreme fast aggregation and calculation. It is available as part of Excel that is used to create the data model in an Excel workbook. Power Pivot loads data by itself, or it can load the data into Power Query.

38. List the various views available in Power BI Desktop?

We have  three different views in Power BI:

  1. Data View – Here, data shaping is performed using the Query Editor tools.
  2. Relationship View – Here, the users manage the relationships between datasets
  3. Report View – Here, the users add visualizations and additional report pages and publish them on the portal.

39. List the steps to go to Data Stories Gallery in Power Bi communities?

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. By hovering on Learn
  3. Click on the Community
  4. Scroll down, and you will find the Data Stories Gallery.
  5. Anyone can submit their Data Story.

40. Define Power Pivot Data Model?

Power Pivot can be defined as an Excel add-in that is used to do powerful data analysis and to create sophisticated data models. The data model you usually see in a workbook in Excel is the similar data model that you see in a Power Pivot window. Any data that you import into Excel is available in the Power Pivot.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

41. What are the fundamental concepts of DAX?

Syntax: This is how the formula is written—the elements that comprise it. The Syntax includes functions like  SUM. If the syntax is not correct, you will get an error notification.

Functions: They are the formulas that use specific values, also called arguments, in a specific order to do a calculation that is similar to the functions in Excel. The categories of functions are date or time, time intelligence, information, text, parent/child, logical, mathematical, statistical, and others.

Context: We have two types, namely, row context and filter context. 

  • If a formula has a function that applies filters to identify the single row in a table, we use row context
  • When one or multiple filters are applied in the calculation that determines the result, we use the filter context.

42. Define incremental licensing refresh feature?

The Incremental refresh feature is used for the high-end scalability of data by publishing only on that particular workspace in a Power BI Service where Premium capacity is necessary.

43. Define xVelocity in-memory analytics engine used in Power Pivot?

The in-memory analytics engine that is used in Power Pivot is known as xVelocity, but it is commonly referred to as Vertipaq. Vertipaq can be defined as a powerful engine that analyzes and stores data.

44. Why do we use a custom visual file?

We use a custom visual file if the prepackaged files do not fit the needs of the business. These Custom visual files are created by developers, and we can import them and use them in a similar way that you would do with the pre-packaged files.

45. Steps to analyze Power BI reports data in excel?

  1. First, open the Power BI Admin portal, then go to tenant settings and select -Analyze.
  2. Next, check whether the Power BI Administrator has enabled the Excel option or not.
  3. Then on the upper right corner, click on the settings to download and install the Excel updates.
  4. Go to the left-hand side navigation pane, then go to workspace, click on the dataset, click on the Eclipses, and select the Analyze in Excel.
  5. Download the ODC file, save it.
  6. Provide Power BI user id and password.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and answers

46. Define Power Query?

Power Query can be defined as the data connectivity and data preparation technology that allows the end-users to import and reshape data from a wide range of Microsoft products, including Excel, Power BI, Analysis Services, Dataverse.

47. List the most common sources for data in the Get Data menu?

  1. Excel
  2. Power BI datasets
  3. Web
  4. Text
  5. SQL server
  6. Analysis services

48. Steps to perform Dynamic filtering in Power BI?


  1. Once the data is set up, publish a detailed report to the Power BI.
  2. Publish it to the group workspace.
  3. Create the filter link
  4. Create the DAX calculated column.
  5. Public overview report

49. List the data destinations for Power Queries?

We have two destinations for the output that we get from the power query:

  1. Load to a table in a worksheet.
  2. Load to the Excel Data Model.

50. List the commonly used tasks in the Query Editor?

  1. Connect to data
  2. Shape and combine data
  3. Group rows
  4. Pivot columns
  5. Create custom columns
  6. Query formulas

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

51. Name the programming language used in Power Query?

The programming language used in Power Query is M Language.

52. Define the concept of query folding in Power Query?

Query folding can be defined as the ability of a Power Query query to generate a single query statement in order to retrieve and transform the source data. The Power Query mashup engine achieves query folding whenever possible for the purpose of efficiency.

53. How to Schedule a Power BI Refresh?

  1. In the web portal, right-click the Power BI report and then select Manage. 
  2. In the left menu, choose the Scheduled refresh tab. 
  3. On the Scheduled refresh page, now select the New scheduled refresh plan. 
  4. On New Scheduled Refresh Plan page, you need to enter a description and a schedule (If you want the data model to be refreshed).

54. Define Tiles?

A tile can be defined as a snapshot of data that is pinned to the dashboard. A tile is created from a report, dataset, dashboard, Excel, the Q&A box, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports. Dashboards and dashboard tiles are the feature of the Power BI service, not the Power BI Desktop.

55. List the common Power Query Transforms?

  1. Changing Data Types
  2. Filtering Rows
  3. Choosing/Removing Columns
  4. Grouping
  5. Splitting a column into multiple columns
  6. Adding new Columns, etc.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

56. Define on-premise gateway?

Power BI Gateway can be defined as the software required to access the data situated in an on-premises network. Gateway will act as a gatekeeper for the on-premises data source. If you want to access the on-premises data from the cloud or a web-based app, the request will go through the gateway.

57. Can we use SQL and Power Query/Query Editor together?

The answer is Yes; a SQL statement is the source of a Power Query/M function for additional processing or logic. It is a good practice that ensures an efficient database query is passed to the source and avoids unnecessary processing and complexity by the client machine and M function.

58. Differentiate between Tableau and Power BI?

TableauPower BI
Tableau BI can handle a large volume of data with better performance.Power BI can handle only a limited volume of data.
It has excellent customer support. It has a huge community forum for discussions.It provides limited customer support to users with a free Power Bl account.
Analysts and experienced users mainly use this for their analytics purposesIt is used by naive and experienced users.
Here, the information is stored by using the Tableau server.It concentrates more on reporting and analytical modeling but not on storing data.
It can connect to numerous data sources.It connects to limited data sources.

 59. How many types of connectivity modes are there in Power BI?

There are two types of connectivity in Power BI they are:

  1. Import
  2. Direct Query

Top Power BI Interview Questions and answers

60. Define query parameters and Power BI templates?

With the new Query Parameters feature, the users can easily define one or multiple parameters in their  Data Model, queries, and report layers in the Power BI Desktop. Users define the new parameters by using the “Manage Parameters” dialog that is available in the Query Editor window.

 The Power BI template can be defined as a Power BI file that contains all the meta-data for a report, but it does not contain the data itself. The developer can add new ones that you can use in templates in Power BI.

Top Power BI Interview Questions

61. Define the term data alerts?

Each and every alert consists of a direct link to the data. You need to select the link to see the relevant tile where you explore, share. Alerts works on the refreshed data. Whenever the data refreshes, Power BI looks for an alert if it is set for that data. If the data has reached a certain alert threshold, then the Power BI triggers the alert.

62. Why is it necessary to use  Power Query when Power Pivot can import data from mostly used sources?

Power Query is a self-service ETL tool that runs as an Excel add-in. It allows us to pull data from different sources, manipulate the data into a form that suits their requirements, and load it into Excel. It is optimum to use Power Query over the Power Pivot as it lets us not only load data but also manipulate it as per the user’s requirement while loading.

63. Define query collapsing?

In the Query Editor, when you make use of the Collapse all option in a group, it will collapse all the queries under this group, which do not impact the other groups. 

64. Define Power Map?

Power Map can be defined as an Excel add-in that provides a powerful set of tools to help visualize and gain insight into huge sets of data that have a geo-coded component. 

It helps produce 3D visualizations by plotting up to the million data points in the form of heat, column, and bubble maps on top of the  Bing map. If the data is time-stamped, it also produces interactive views that can display how data changes over space and time.

65. Define data source filter?

A data source filter is a parameter to filter the data into machines.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and answers

66. List the primary requirement for a table to be used in Power Map?

For data to be consumed in a power map, then it should have location data like:

  1. Latitude/Longitude pair
  2. Street, City, Country/Region, Zip Code/Postal Code, and State/Province(which can be geolocated by Bing).

The primary requirement for the table should contain unique rows. 

It must also consist of location data in the form of a Latitude/Longitude pair.

 You can use address fields instead of Street, City, Country/Region, Zip Code/Postal Code, and State/Province.

67. What is Bookmark in Power BI?

Bookmarks in Power BI capture the currently configured view of the report page, including the slicers, filters, and the state of visuals. Whenever you select a bookmark, Power BI will take you back to that view.

 We have two types of bookmarks :

  1. Those you create yourself 
  2. The bookmarks that are created by the Report designers.

68. Define Power View?

Power View can be defined as a data visualization technology that lets us create interactive charts, maps, graphs, and other visuals that bring the data to life. 

Power View is available in

  1.  Excel
  2. SharePoint
  3. SQL Server,
  4. Power BI. 

Power View is said to be one of three data analysis tools that are available in Excel.

69. Why should we use a selection pane in Power BI?

Microsoft has recently added one feature in Power BI, i.e., Selection Pane. For each and every bookmark in the bookmark pane, Power BI will provide one selection pane. When you perform a slideshow to the client with Power BI Desktop, you can hide the unnecessary visuals within just one click to focus a specific visual.

70. What is Power BI Designer?

PBID (Power BI Designer) is a new tool available from Microsoft which merges many of the Microsoft BI tools under one application. The tool allows the users to connect to a whole various data sources, then clean and model the data, and create reports and dashboards finally.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

71. Can you handle Many to Many relationships in Power BI?

Yes, we can handle Many to Many relationships in Power BI using the Crossfiltering option.

72. Can you refresh the Power BI reports once uploaded to the cloud?

Yes, you can refresh the reports through the 

  1. Data Management Gateway for SharePoint
  2. Power BI Personal gateway for

73. Define the term Custom Visuals?

Power BI visuals are the packages that include the code for displaying the data served to them. It allows us to create a custom visual and package it as a single. pbiviz file, which can be imported into the Power BI reports.

74. Name the different types of refreshing data for the published reports?

We have four main types of refresh in Power BI:

Package refresh: This will synchronize the Power BI Desktop, or Excel, file between the Power BI service and OneDrive/SharePoint Online. This will not pull the data from an original data source. The Power BI dataset will be updated with what is in the file within OneDrive/SharePoint Online.

Model/data refresh: It refreshes the dataset, within the Power BI service, with data from an original data source. This is done by using scheduled refresh or refresh now. This usually requires a gateway for on-premises data sources.

Tile refresh: On the dashboard, once the data changes, it updates the cache for tile visuals. This usually happens every fifteen minutes. We can force a tile refresh by selecting the ellipsis in the upper right of the dashboard and by selecting the Refresh dashboard tiles.

Visual container refresh: Refreshing the visual container usually updates the cached report visuals within the report once the data is changed.

75. Differentiate between Distinct() and Values() in DAX?

DISTINCT call only returns the values that exist in the original Dim table.The VALUES call can return the blank row in a Dim that is added to match the unrelated rows in Fact.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

76. Define the terms data management gateway and Power BI personal gateway?

Data Management Gateways can be defined as a service that you install on your machine or an on-premises server and allow the cloud services like Azure Data Factory or  Power BI to connect to the on-premises database.

Power BI Personal Gateway can be defined as an application and service that will create a bus connection between the Power BI data set on a cloud to the on-premises data store. This is a small application that we download, install and configure.

77. Differentiate between MAX and MAXA functions?

It is used to calculate numeric values.For non-numerical values, we sue MAXA.

78. What is Power BI Q&A?

The quick way to get an answer from the data is to ask a question by using natural language. The Q&A feature of the Power BI lets us explore the data in our own words. 

79. Differentiate between the old version and a new version of the Power BI tool?

The latest version has robust features, and it is called Power BI Desktop. It is an all-in-one solution for  Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Query in the backend. Power BI offers add-ins for Excel, useful for better visualizations.

Most Commonly asked Power BI Interview Questions and Answers.

80. Is the Power BI tool a free resource?

Yes, it is available for free. We can access Power BI for free. But, if you want to use all of its features, then you can use its pro subscription account. The subscription account will offer an enhanced version of various features that are available with the Power Bi free account.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

81. List the ways that Excel can be supported with Power BI?

 Below Mentioned are a few ways through the excel is supported with Power BI:

  1. The Power BI Publisher for Excel:
    • It is used to pin Excel items such as harts, ranges, pivot tables to the Power BI Service.
    • It is used to connect to datasets and reports that are stored in Power BI Service.
  2. Excel workbooks are uploaded to Power BI and are viewed in the browser like Excel Services.
  3. The Excel reports in the Power BI service are shared through Content Packs like other reports.
  4. Excel workbooks such as models and tables are exported to service for PBI report creation.
  5. The Excel workbook Power Pivot models are imported to Power BI Desktop models.

82. How can security be implemented in Power BI?

Power BI usually applies Row Level Security roles to models.

  1. A DAX expression can be applied to a table that is filtering its rows at query time.
  2. Dynamic security involves username functions in security role definitions.
  3. Usually, a table is created in the model that relates the users to specific dimensions and a role.

83. Define the Power BI Publisher for Excel?

With the Power BI Publisher Excel, one can take snapshots of the important insights in Excel and Pin them in the Power BI Dashboards.

  1. The user will be able to manage the tiles –  remove them, refresh them, in Excel.
  2. You must remove the Pinned items from the dashboard in the service (Note: removing in Excel only deletes the connection).
  3. The Power BI Publisher for Excel is also used to connect from Excel to datasets that are hosted on Power BI Service.
  4. An Excel pivot table will be generated with a connection to the data in Azure.

84. Differentiate between a Power BI Dataset, a Report, and a Dashboard?

The dashboard is a collection of visuals or tiles from various reports and, optionally, a pinned.

  1. They are built to aggregate primary visuals and metrics from various datasets.

Report: is an individual Power BI Desktop file that contains one or more report pages.

  1. They are built for a deep, interactive analysis experience for a given dataset.
  2. Each Report is connected to at least one dataset 
  3. Each page contains one or multiple visuals or tiles.

85. How is SSRS integrated with Power BI?

Below mentioned are some of the way through which an SSRS can be integrated with Power BI: 

  1. Certain SSRS Report items like charts can be pinned to Power BI dashboards.
  2. Clicking on the tile in the Power BI dashboards will bring the user to the SSRS report.
  3. The Power BI reports will be published to the SSRS portal soon.
  4. A subscription will be created to keep the dashboard tile refreshed.

Top Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

86. List the three Edit Interactions options of a visual tile in Power BI Desktop? 

Filter: It completely filters a visual/tile which is based on the filter selection of another visual/tile.

Highlight: It highlights the related elements on the tile and grays out the non-related items.

None: It ignores the filter selection from another tile/visual.

87. List the prerequisites for connecting to a database in Azure SQL Database?

The major prerequisite before connecting to the database is that the user needs to configure the firewall setting to allows the remote connections.


DATEDD function can convert any input to a date format. This input can be a number, string, or data type input.

DATENAME function is used to show the name of the specific part of the date that is specified.

DATEPART returns the date function as an integer. 

DATEDIFF function gives the difference between 2 dates based on the given Date part.

89. Define  ENDSWITH function and IFNULL function?

The ENDSWITH function returns the logical result to the specified string. In cases where the sub-string is available at the end of a substring, then it returns the value TRUE.

If the value is not NULL, then the iFNULL function returns the first expression; if not, then it returns the second expression.

90. What is the use of the MID function?

A MID function is used to return the string character from the specified index position.

Apart from technical questions, the interviewer will ask some general questions. Make sure you prepare for them also. We have listed below a few commonly asked questions which might be of some help to you.

1. Why should we hire you?

2. Tell me something about our Company?

3. Tell me about yourself?

4. Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

5. What are your strengths and weakness?

6. What attracted you to our company?

7. Why did you choose Power BI?

8. What are your salary expectations?

9. Why are you leaving your current job?

10. Do you have any questions for me?

Good luck with your Power BI interview, and we hope our Power BI interview questions and Answers were of some help to you. You can also check our Tableau Interview Questions and Answers, which might be of some help to you.

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