5 Best Port Forwarding Software For Windows

port forwarding software

In all seriousness, if you have never heard of port forwarding, you are just a newbie, not a real gamer. It is because many internet users or even professional gamers use port forwarding. Port Forwarding solves most network-related issues, thereby enhancing your gaming experience.

So if you want to know about the various free Port Forwarding software available for Windows, you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about Port Forwarding. How Port Forwarding helps you secure the network and enhances the gaming experience.

What is Port Forwarding?

Following point form paragraphs will help you have a simplistic view of the Port Forwarding Concept.

  • Computers in private networks can connect with other public or personal computers or services over the Internet with port forwarding. Port Forwarding is also known as Port Mapping.
  • You can think of your home, office, or even a public hotspot like Starbucks as a “router” or “private LAN.”
  • Once connected, a procedure known as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) assigns your device an IP address on that network.
  • The assigned IP address is unique to your device. The router identifies your device with this IP address.
  • When you want to surf the Internet, a connection request is sent to the router carrying your device details (IP address and Port Number).
  • After reading the request, the router’s IP address and a suitable port to mask (map) your device’s IP address and port.
  • The connection request is forwarded to its destination after being masked with the router’s public-facing IP address.
  • When a request reaches its target, that target must provide data packets to your device so you can view it. The destination sends the router a communication request using the router’s IP address and a designated port.
  • The router looks in the NAT database for the particular IP address/port combination to see if there is an open connection, 
  • If there is, the router forwards the data packets through the port. The connection’s entry in the table is erased after it ends.

5 Best Port Forwarding Software

  1. Simple Port Forwarding
  2. UPnP PortMapper
  3. PortMapper
  5. PFConfig

1. Simple Port Forwarding

Simple Port Forwarding

Simple Port Forwarding uses WebPages rather than your router directly to function. Doing so ensures the safety of the user’s device. It is the same as setting up port forwarding yourself in Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other browser.

For you, the process is automated by the application. Therefore, this tool is for you if you’re looking for a more straightforward approach to forwarding ports or don’t understand how to do it.

It makes port forwarding easy.

The program’s main interface is straightforward and compact. Simple Port Forwarding allows users to choose how many entries and ports the router would use when forwarding data. 


  • Simple and easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • Automatic program updates.
  • “Silent Mode” to keep “Webpage Script Errors” from popping up.
  • Built-in debug mode.
  • Access to Router guides.
  • Save the Port list and share them with family and friends.
  • Switching the default DNS server.
  • Add/remove/View the Ports you have forwarded to the Windows Firewall.

2. UPnP PortMapper

UPnP PortMapper

The UPnP PortMapper is a simple-to-use tool. It controls a local network router’s port mappings (port forwarding) that follow the UPnP standard. With UPnP, you can easily view, add, or remove Port mappings.

Using port forwarding, you can connect to servers (SSH, Web server, Game server, FTP server, etc.) on a private network from the Internet. You can use a Router’s web administration page to configure port mappings. 

Still, the UPnP PortMapper is considerably more practical. To add a port mapping for your present machine, you can create a new preset or choose an existing preset.

3. PortMapper

AnalogX PortMapper

PortMapper is a useful program designed for users who want to manage their port mappings. It is appropriate for all user types and has no adverse effects on the computer’s performance.


  • No installation is required. Unlike other Port Forwarding tools, PortMapper doesn’t have to go through an installation process.
  • Portability. Store the PortMapper tool in an external USB flash drive. Portability makes it possible to run PortMapper on other devices.
  • Simple and clean User Interface. The PortMaper interface contains buttons and other functions that are vital to Port Forwarding. 
  • Limit access to a web server on a given PC based on the IP address of an incoming communication request.


NetworkActiv AUTAPF

NetworkActiv AUTAPF is a reliable and free TCP and UDP port forwarding solution for Windows. With AUTAPF, your network can easily maintain data flow and effectively re-direct them to numerous ports at once. 

AUTAPF enables scriptable, real-time IP filtering. It displays each port forward’s most recent data throughput rate. It can hide in the system tray, log connection events, and send data to specific files. The Status Page feature lets you keep track of active threads and sessions on your Network Gateway.

If you’re looking for a port forwarding tool with add-ons, then AUTAPF is your best choice. You can access AUTAPF through the web interface or manage the application through the Graphical User interface (GUI).

5. PFConfig

PFConfig Network Utilities

Using PFConfig, you can forward network ports from one node to another. It is an easy-to-use application. An average person faces difficulties configuring their router, but with PFConfig, you can say goodbye to all thankless and incomprehensible configuration settings. 

Download and install the PFConfig software, then choose your router from PFConfig’s router list. PFConfig might not support some routers, but you can ask for assistance if yours is not on the list. 

Select the router manufacturer and model; you must provide the router’s username and password to log in. You can pick which applications will be redirected after selecting your router.


  • Automatically forward your ports.
  • Recovery of lost router passwords.
  • PFConfig helps convert dynamic IP addresses into static IP addresses.
  • Quick and easy configuration.


Port Forwarding is essential if you want a smooth and fulfilling network experience. However, when selecting a good Port Forwarding software, tons of tools are available online, free and paid.

This article lists five free port forwarding software ranging from simple (only with port forwarding function) to complex (with various add-ons).

You can solve most network-related issues with compatible Port Forwarding software, enhancing your overall network efficiency and security.

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