Best Phone Number Tracker: 8 Options For You

Are you worried about the ways of tracking a mobile number? A simple mobile number tracker is where a service provider uses the data publicly made available by the Government authorities and mobile operators.

On the other hand, real-time tracking or live phone number tracker is with the help of an advanced tracking system the mobile operator has tracked the nearest tower location.

You can find the cell phone location using client software installed on the handset. Yet, If you don’t access these ways, This space concentrates on Finding A Phone Number Tracker.

Phone Number Tracker

Why Do I need a Phone Number Tracker?

Mobile phone tracking is a procedure for identifying the location of a mobile phone, whether stationary or moving. Localization may be affected by several technologies. The inclusion of GPS receivers on smartphones has made geographical apps nearly ubiquitous. Specific applications include:

  • Navigation with GPS and maps
  • Mobile Number Locator applications like Find My Friends
  • Dating applications like Grindr
  • Documenting a journey, for instance, to display a hiking accomplishment
  • For quantified self goals such as fitness tracking
  • GPS drawing

Is there a legal way to track phone numbers?

If you are not an organization, company, corporation, or individual with consent to monitoring usage data from your respective government, you can be convicted of privacy infringement.

It is possible to track a mobile number until the Subscriber Instruction Module(SIM) works. Then, it can be done by locators and GPS/GLONASS in the device activated by SIM.

The Best Phone Number Trackers

  1. Instant Checkmate
  2. Intelius
  3. BeenVerified
  4. PeopleLooker
  5. Reverse Phone Lookup
  6. Spokeo
  7. Social Catfish
  8. PeopleFinders

These phone number trackers help to know the location or other data of the mobile number.

#1 Instant Checkmate

If you wish to track a mobile phone number, you need a phone number. You can enter it in the search box below to pull up information from public records associated with the cell phone.

If you want to know the city name of the person calling you, a Reverse Phone Lookup service can help. In addition, Instant Checkmate may find a list of possible places associated with a phone number and can even include mailing addresses.

Phone number tracker - Instant checkmate

#2 Intelius

Intelius will give a comprehensive and accurate report that allows you to uncover information behind the number when searched on the official website. Intelius will scour its big database and provide a message that can include phone type, caller ID, address, and more. For finding out the originality of a phone number owner, enter the number you want to look up and click Search. 

Intelius, too, has the phone tracker app available for both smartphones and iOS. So you can perform reverse phone lookups straightly from your mobile gadget.

  1. Install Intelius on your mobile. If you are using an Android mobile, go to the Google Play store to install the app. If you are using an iPhone, install the app from Apple Store.
  2. Run the app.
  3. Enter the mobile number you’d like to track in the search bar and start searching.
Phone number/mobile number tracker Intelius

#3 BeenVerified

Just type the mobile number into the search box and hit Search to see who the phone number belongs to. Details you may receive from BeenVerified contain the person’s name, birth date, pictures, contact data, social media IDa, work history, and more background facts when available.

In addition, it includes a vast database of aggregated public data from public documents, social media accounts, criminal and route history data, property records, etc.

BeenVerified will respond with a detailed report on the caller, including the owner’s name, age, place, email IDs, and social media IDs connected to the number. If you are receiving an intolerable amount of calls, you might want to download the BeenVerified application version to block them with only one click.

  1. Run the app.
  2. Type the mobile number you want to track in the search bar and start searching.
Mobile number tracker - been verified.

#4 PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker would then search billions of public records for data related to the phone number. In addition, the site gives a reverse phone lookup that permits you to confirm someone’s identity with their phone number and pull other background data linked to the person.

  1. Open People Looker. 
  2. Under the SEARCH section, select Phone, 
  3. Enter the number you wish to lookup.
  4. Tap the search icon.
PeopleLooker - Phone number tracker.

#5 Reverse Phone Lookup

Enter the mobile number you would like to track in the search bar and start searching. After that, you will get detailed info about the phone number, such as the phone number’s owner and the phone number’s location.

You shall also decide to search by person or address if you want. For example, you shall use it to track mobile numbers in the US. Reverse Phone Lookup also gives websites and applications.

  1. Install the app on your phone.
  2. Enter the mobile number you’d like to track in the search bar.
  3. Start the Search. 

You will get detailed data about the mobile number, such as the identity of the mobile number and the place of the phone number.

#6 Spokeo

You will get a report that contains data associated with the phone number. 

  1. Open the app. 
  2. Type the number you want to check 
  3. Tap Search to look at the name, address, and pictures 

The Spokeo report may include the full name, age, address, family info carrier details of the caller. In addition, it gives an effortless way to confidentially look up phone numbers and access detailed background information, including names, addresses, email addresses, social media profiles, court records, criminal records, and more.

Spokeo - Phone number tracker home page

#7 Social Catfish

A reverse phone search with Social Catfish allows you to verify the phone number owner’s identity and avoid scam calls easily. Social Catfish is another powerful online investigation service with one of the most comprehensive collections of background information and social media/dating profiles.

Social Catfish
  1. Open the Social Catfish Reverse Phone Lookup page.
  2. Type in the phone number 
  3. Hit Search.

#8 PeopleFinders

You will get up-to-date data about the unknown caller, such as the name, address, and other pertinent background info about the phone number owner from PeopleFinders. For example, this tool can include the caller’s name, current, and past addresses, email addresses, associates, job history, etc.

  1. Download PeopleFinders’ Mobile App called IdentityWatch to track a number.
  2. Open the application
  3. Sign in to your account.
PeopleFinders - Phone tracker

Phone Number Tracking In Simple Ways

Google Android also offers to trace your lost Android Mobile phone with an online tool at google.com/android/find. You can find your mobile phone with battery status and location details. It also shows the WiFi details that the Mobile phone is using. In addition, you can play a sound for 5 minutes.

This feature is helpful if you have misplaced a Mobile phone anywhere in your home. It makes the sound even if you have kept the Mobile Phone Mute. You can also remotely lock or erase all the Mobile Phone content traced this way. You can track your lost Apple iPhone through the iCloud service online.

After logging in to iCloud, you can trace the location of your Apple iPhone and send remote sound, lock, and erase the iPhone Mobile. WhatsApp, Google Maps, and Facebook Messenger offer mobile location-sharing services. You can share your live location on mobile with any friends using this service.

For example, your friends can see your phone location on the Google Map while moving in-vehicle, train, or walking. However, this mobile location-sharing service is restricted from 15 minutes to 8 hours maximum. 

After the specified time, the software will not share the mobile location with your friends. It is a very useful service when you meet with friends or family or an unknown person at Railway Station, Bus Stop, Garden or Mall. With WhatsApp Mobile Location tracing, your friends can see each other’s location on Google Maps while moving.

But remember this while you are in the open and Location-Based services are enabled on your mobile phone.  Once you go inside any concrete complex, the trace location may get updated with WiFi triangulation, but it is not assured. Therefore, the quality of location tracing inside the concrete structure depends on the number of WiFi hotspots.


It is human nature to know about the people we talk with. Sometimes, one caller or more may give trouble in your life. A phone number tracker allows you to know about the caller’s site, name, and address in such a case. Thus, it is a convenient service that proves beneficial most of the time.

I have talked about more advantages along with the flow of this post. It would be exciting to know about the proper utilization and features of the mobile phone tracker online.

You can share a phone’s location with friends and family, post to a public website, record locally, or share with other smartphone app users. However, it needs the active cooperation of the mobile subscriber and application that must be able to handle the various operating systems of the handsets.