Top 10 Best Penetration Testing Companies

What is Penetration Testing/Ethical Hacking?

Penetration testing (ethical hacking or pen testing) is a security exercise in which a cyber-security expert tries to find and manipulate flaws in a computer system. The goal of penetration testing in this simulated attack is to find vulnerabilities in a system’s defensive lines that attackers could exploit.

A penetration test aims to find flaws in an organization’s security posture, assess policy enforcement, test staff knowledge of security concerns, and decide whether the organization will be vulnerable to security disasters.

A penetration test can also reveal security flaws in a company’s policies. For example, a security strategy that focuses on preventing and detecting an attack on an enterprise’s infrastructure can not provide a procedure for expelling a hacker.

Types of Penetration Testing

 There are different types of penetration testing methodologies; some of them are: 

  • Network Penetration Testing:
    • The most common type of penetration testing is network service penetration testing. Network penetration testing aims to find the most vulnerable security flaws in an organization’s information systems before hackers can manipulate them.
    • Protect your company from common network-based attacks; network penetration testing should be performed.
      • Network Penetration Testing for IPS/IDS Evasion Attacks Due To Firewall Misconfiguration And Bypass.
      • Network Penetration Testing for SSH attacks.
      • Proxy Servers Network Penetration Testing.
      • Network Penetration Testing for Unnecessary Open Ports.
      • Network Penetration Testing for attacks on Routers.
      • Network Penetration Testing for Attacks FTP/SMTP.
      • Network Penetration Testing for Zone Transfer Attacks at the DNS Level
      • Network Penetration Testing for Attacks based on switching or routing.
      • Network Penetration Testing for Databases.
  • Web Application Penetration Testing: 
    • Web application penetration testing is a technique for detecting security flaws in web-based applications. It employs a variety of penetration testing methods and attacks to gain access to the web application.
    • Web application penetration testing aims to find security flaws in web application penetration testing and its components.
  • Client-Side Penetration Testing: 
    • Client-side penetration tests are used to find security flaws or vulnerabilities in a client-side business.
    • Specific cyber-attacks are identified through client-side security testing, which includes:
      • Security penetration testing Cross-Site Scripting Attacks.
      • Security penetration testing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
      • Malware Infection Security penetration testing.
      • Clickjacking Attacks Security penetration testing.
      • Security penetration testing while HTML Injection.
      • Hijacking Security penetration testing.
      • Open Redirection Security penetration testing.
  • Wireless Penetration Testing: 
    • Wireless penetration testing entails locating and inspecting all devices connected to the business’s wifi network.
    • Because the pen tester needs to be in the wireless signal range to access it, most wireless penetration tests are done on-site.
    • Before conducting a wireless penetration test, keep the following in mind:
      • All-access points have been located.
      • The encrypted network’s data are flowing in and out.
      • A wireless network that has been misconfigured or duplicated.
      • Current security measures are located for the wireless network.
      • Wireless access points use the WPA protocol.
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing: 
    • A threat hacker uses social engineering penetration testing to convince or manipulate users into providing classified data such as login credentials.
    • The most successful ways of preventing an attack have proved to be social psychology experiments and awareness campaigns.
  • Physical Penetration Testing:
    •  Physical penetration testing is a form of threat simulation in which a pentester tries to breach physical barriers to gain access to a company’s infrastructure, building, systems, or employees.

Other methods to classify penetration testing methods are as follows:

  • Black Box Penetration Testing: In black-box network penetration testing, the tester has no experience with the devices he will be testing. He has to learn everything he can about the target network or device. For example, in this research, a tester only knows the expected result, but he has no idea how the tester will accomplish it.
  • Grey Box Penetration Testing: A tester in this type of testing typically offers only partial or minimal knowledge about a system’s software’s internal specifics. As an external hacker, it can be thought of as obtaining unauthorized access to an organization’s network infrastructure records.
  • White Box Penetration Testing: This is a detailed test since it gave the tester a broad range of information about the systems and network. It’s usually thought of as a mock-up of an assault by an internal source. Structural, glass box, transparent box, and open box testing are used to describe this form of network penetration testing.

The Need for Web Application Penetration Testing

The Penetration testing solution checks for flaws and attempts to manipulate them. When access to a network is obtained, there is a possibility that other exploitable vulnerabilities are not discovered.

  • To build controls, identify the vulnerability in the infrastructure (hardware), application (software development), and personnel.
  • To test applications that are often used as attack vectors. 
  • Ensuring that Safeguards have been enforced and are working efficiently gives information security and senior management peace of mind.
  • To find new flaws in software development that already exists.
  • Other reasons to incorporate a penetration testing services provider.
    • Test Security Controls: Get a deeper understanding of the state of your program, network, and physical security layers.
    • Cyber  Security Posture: Penetration testing helps companies prioritize and fix vulnerabilities as part of a protection program.
    • Ensure Compliance: Companies can ensure information security enforcement by conducting penetration testing by regulations.
    • Real-World Vulnerability: Endpoints in your computer systems that are most vulnerable to attackers should be exposed.

Essential Penetration Testing Checklist when searching for the Best Penetration Testing Company for your Project:

A penetration testing company employs methods similar to those used by cyber-security criminals to identify vulnerabilities without revealing data. Of course, penetration testing is just as successful as the people doing it; here are some key points to look for in top penetration testing companies: 

  • Ensure that the penetration testing companies have been background checked and have all of the required certifications, such as the OSCP, ECSA, CISSP, CSSLP, LPT(Master), and CEH.
  • Inquire about the penetration testing security services and plans for the data and information collected during the penetration testing. Since this is your critical information, data must protect it. Also, be wary of how your data is held and processed.
  • Try a long-term partnership with a provider that can counsel you on cyber-security and emerging threats as they arise. Be more optimistic about the future if you have a proper security testing partner.
  • Try to learn more about their security testing methodology and how they test systems. The seven central security testing methodology is as follows:
    • Planning and Preparation.
    • Reconnaissance/Discovery.
    • Vulnerability assessment.
    • Initial Exploitation.
    • Expanding Foothold/Deeper Penetration.
    • Vulnerability testing Report Generation.
  • The OWASP Top 10 document for web application protection and developers. It reflects widespread agreement on the most severe security threats to web applications.
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List of the Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies

Here we tried to provide the best of the penetration testing companies available in the market. These companies offer features like network penetration testing, social engineering, web application penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and much more. 

1. Acunetix 

img 617dc95039d34

Acunetix is one of the top penetration testing companies that helps you secure a wide range of your websites, mobile apps, and APIs. Acunetix penetration testing business allows you security testing in various ways, depending on your needs and workload.

Acunetix began as an essential penetration testing company but has since evolved into a full-fledged ethical hackers and vulnerability assessment solution with several integration options, including an API that you can use to create your integrations.

Key Features:

  • Automation Features:
    • Schedule and prioritize complete or incremental security testing depending on the traffic and your unique business needs.
    • In your existing monitoring framework, handle found problems with built-in vulnerability assessment features.
    • Use modern CI software like Jenkins to automatically search new builds and import crawl data from Fiddler, Postman, and other sources.
  • Time-efficient: 
    • Provide security assessment quickly and let Acunetix evaluate the problem’s nature, providing you with immediately actionable insights.
    • Easy and straightforward to use, get set up and testing in a matter of seconds.
    • Acunetix verifies which vulnerabilities are valid, allowing the team to concentrate on more critical tasks.
    • Saves time with lightning-fast scans that quickly identify critical vulnerabilities while not clogging your network or overloading your servers.
  • Advanced features:
    • Acunetix isn’t your average vulnerability detector for the internet. Acunetix has what it takes to keep all of your investments secure.
    • SQL injections, XSS, misconfigurations, poor passwords, exposed databases, and out-of-band vulnerabilities are among the over 6,500 vulnerabilities identified.
    • Examine all websites, web apps, and complicated web applications, including single-page applications containing many HTML5 and JavaScript.
    • You can search complex multi-level types and even password-protected sections of your site with advanced macro recording technology.

Pricing Policy:

  • Acunetix, a penetration testing firm, offers a wide range of penetration testing services.
    • Standard Penetration Testing: $4,500 /website.
    • Premium Penetration Testing: $7,000 /website.
    • Acunetix 360 Penetration Testing: Customized on the cloud or on-premises plans
  • To know more about Acunetix security penetration testing firm, visit Acunetix

2. Netsparker 

img 617dc952510da

Netsparker is one of the top penetration testing companies that provide penetration testing and detects application security, vulnerabilities, and security research in web applications and web APIs such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting. Netsparker penetration testing companies verify the web application vulnerabilities assessment uniquely, ensuring genuine and false positives. 

Netsparker makes the security engineers’ job more accessible because they won’t have to spend hours manual penetration testing checking the detected network security once the scan is completed. This penetration testing service is available as both a Windows program and an online service. 

Key Features:

  •  All in one Security Solutions:
    • Detect even the most difficult vulnerabilities, such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.
    • To ensure that developers understand the vulnerability entirely, use the comprehensive vulnerability assessment details given in scan results.
    • Enhance penetration testing with a comprehensive range of integrated pen testing tools to help the penetration testers conduct advanced security assessments.
  • Web security and scalability: 
    • The fully integrated solution automates repetitive tasks while allowing your experts to concentrate on addressing vulnerabilities.
    • Find all of the websites, web apps, and web services that need scanning—crawling and more advanced authentication capabilities.
    • Scanning is the first phase in dealing with vulnerabilities; you’ll also need industry-leading SDLC integration skills to get the most out of automation.
  • Automate Features: 
    • Integrate vulnerability assessments and information security penetration testing into the workflows to receive vulnerability assessment updates.
    • Automate web application penetration testing and security solutions without the possibility of false positives.
    • A web application penetration testing firewall is essential for maintaining protection when a critical vulnerability assessment cannot be patched immediately.
  • Complete Visibility and Control Features:
    • A summary of your web application penetration testing and services’ security status, including security assessment and vulnerabilities waiting to be repaired, is available via a global dashboard.
    • Checks for out-of-date and vulnerable versions and tracking update history, with reports and instant updates available.

Pricing Policy:

  • Netsparker web application penetration testing companies provide a wide range of pen testing services according to pen testing companies’ size and use.
    • Standard Penetration Testing: Desktop scanner for on-premises penetration tests.
    • Team Penetration Testing: For team collaboration and automated workflows, a security vulnerability assessment and network security are available.
    • Enterprise Penetration Testing: Organizations may provide customized cloud or on-premises penetration testers.
  • For more information and pricing details on NetsParker web application and network penetration testing companies, contact NetsParker.

3. ImmuniWeb 

img 617dc953cc467

ImmuniWeb is a global web application provider penetration testing and vulnerability assessment for cyber-security, web, API, and mobile applications. For rapid and DevSecOps-enabled application penetration testing, the ImmuniWeb AI platform uses a particular Multilayer Application Security Testing methodology (AST) technology.

ImmuniWeb is the only organization that provides a money-back guarantee on a statutory zero false-positives SLA.

ImmuniWeb’s AI technology has received various awards, including Gartner Cool Vendor, IDC Innovator, and the winner of the “SC Award Europe” in the category of “Best Use of Machine Learning and AI.”

Key Features:

  • Web Application penetration testing specialties: Web application penetration testing is a free online tool for checking web security and privacy.
    • GDPR compliance review for web application penetration testing protection that is non-intrusive.
    • PCI DSS compliance review for web application penetration testing that is non-intrusive.
    • A thorough examination of CMS for out-of-date versions and bugs that have been made public.
    • Strict Transportation Security.
  • SSL Security specialties:
    • Testing services for PCI DSS requirements enforcement.
    • Testing services to see if you’re in line with HIPAA laws.
    • Testing services for NIST guidelines enforcement.
    • Testing Services for the most recent SSL/TLS flaws and vulnerabilities.
    • Application security for untrustworthy external content (HTTP).
  • Mobile Applications Security Test Features: Mobile application for the following platforms can be tested using this service:
    • Software Development Composition Analysis
    • Android,  iOS, Hybrid Applications
    • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
    • Testing Application behavior for malicious functionality and privacy.
    • Dynamic Mobile Application Security Testing (DAST)
    • Mobile Application Outgoing Traffic

Pricing Policy:

  • ImmuniWeb penetration testing companies provide three web application penetration testing plans.
    • Corporate Pro: $5,495/month
    • Corporate: $3,495/month
    • Express Pro: $1,495/month
    • Express: $995/month
  • For more details on pricing and other features of ImmuniWeb penetration testing companies, visit ImmuniWeb.

4. IndusFace WAS

img 617dc955089e3

Indusface WAS is a top penetration testing services provider that offers manual penetration testing and automated network penetration testing, and an automatic web application vulnerability assessment scanner that detects and reports vulnerabilities based on the OWASP. Any customer who has manual pen testing performed receives a computerized scanner that they can use on-demand for the entire year.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Scanning: With its automated scans and manual pen testing, Indusface WAS ensures that application security is not compromised.
  • Deep & Intelligent Web Application Penetration Tests: Get detailed web application penetration testing for bugs and malware using the most up-to-date network security.
  • Malware Monitoring: Blacklisting monitoring is assured by the Indusface Web Application penetration testing company on popular search engines and other information security platforms.
  • Mobile App Penetration Testing: Security specialists perform in-depth testing of mobile apps to look for complex web application vulnerabilities.
  • Zero False Positive Assurance: Get experts to provide proof of concept for vulnerabilities to ensure zero false positives and remediation advice to ensure a fast fix, backed by 24×7 help.
  • Business Logic vulnerability Testing: Extensive auditing for company logical flaws unique to applications. Help for in-depth security audits focused on practical awareness of logical vulnerabilities.
  • Penetration testing certifications include:
    • Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL)
    • Security Beyond the Certificate
    • Multi-layered security certificate
    • SHA-2/2048-4096 bit keys
    • 128-256-bit Encryption
    • Supports up to TLS 1.3
    • Supports Hybrid RSA/ECC Deployment
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Pricing Policy:

  • IndusFace penetration testing companies provide three web application penetration testing plans.
    • Basic Penetration Testing: $0 Free Forever
    • Advanced Penetration Testing: $59/App/Month Billed Monthly, $49/App/Month Billed Annually
    • Premium Penetration Testing: $199/App/Month Billed Annually
  • For more information on IndusFace web application penetration testing companies, visit the official website IndusFace.

5. Intruder 

img 617dc95651503

The Intruder is one of the top penetration testing companies that makes penetration testing simple for its clients by offering an automated SaaS solution. Their robust testing and vulnerability detection tools are specifically designed to produce highly actionable outcomes, allowing a security software development company to focus on what matters most.

Intruder pen testing service providers use the same scanning engine as the top penetration testing companies, so you get high-quality security testing without the hassle. The Intruder also provides a hybrid penetration testing service that requires manual checks to help identify problems that automated security testing is unable to detect.

Key Features:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing: Intruder specializes in web application penetration testing. The pen-testing team has collaborated with several web application frameworks and technologies and supports the OWASP web security testing guidelines.
  • APIs Penetration Testing: Intruder carries out API penetration tests to uncover a wide variety of flaws in exposed APIs. Schedule pen tests to look for API flaws such as insufficient authentication, injection attacks, and inadequate API controls.
  • Mobile applications Penetration Testing: Web/mobile testing experts on the iOS and Android platforms are part of Intruder’s squad. Find bugs in web/mobile app APIs and weaknesses that could be abused on a compromised web/mobile device.
  • Cloud configurations: Intruder’s vulnerability scanning will review cloud infrastructure for these information security flaws, and the software will make recommendations.
  • External infrastructure: Penetration testing company from attackers conduct comprehensive security checks to ensure that the perimeter devices are not vulnerable to online adversaries.
  • Other services of Intruder testing company include:
    • Internal/external penetration testing
    • Cloud vulnerability security testing
    • Managed vulnerability security testing
    • Network penetration testing
    • Vulnerability Assessments 

Pricing Policy:

  • Intruder penetration testing companies offer three penetration testing plans.
    • Essential Penetration Testing: $108/month for a single website.
    • Pro Penetration Testing: $180/month for a single website.
    • Verified Penetration Testing: $1,195/month
  • All the above-given prices are for monthly billing additional discounts applicable on annual billing.
  • To know more about Intruder penetration testing companies, visit Intruder.

6. RedTeam Security

img 617dc957d132f

RedTeam is a penetration testing and security testing company that takes on the part of an adversary or competitor and offers security input from that viewpoint. In several areas, including cyber-security, airport security, the military, and intelligence services, red teams are used.

Submittals, RFIs, Change Instructions, Schedules, and all project management functions are handled by RedTeam penetration testing company from start to finish. RedTeam has the skills and expertise necessary to improve a web app’s ability to withstand internal and external security threats.

Key Features:

  • Web Application Pen Testing: Testing services focus on layer flaws that can be discovered by oriented web application penetration testing.
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services: This exercise can investigate which operating systems are vulnerable, then simulate real-world attacks to detect any vulnerabilities.
  • Red Teaming: A red team test’s goal is to get a realistic picture of the level of danger, and weaknesses your technology, people, and physical assets face.
  • Physical Pen testing Services: Red team physical security testing will examine the physical facility to ensure that the procedures and physical safeguards will prevent criminals from gaining access to exploit the structure in the real world.
  • Network Penetration Testing: Manual network penetration testing carried out by trained and experienced penetration testers.
  • Cryptocurrency Penetration Testing: For businesses that store, embrace, or transact with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, there are three penetration testing levels.
  • Advanced Adversary Simulation: Advanced Adversary Simulation is a higher-level engagement that looks at how security tool suites are built, tracked, and managed in organizations.
  • Social Engineering Pen-Testing Services: To test human vulnerability to persuasion and exploitation, Red Team Security provides the following vital hacking techniques and social engineering services:
    • Telephone Vishing Social Engineering
    • Email Phishing Social Engineering
    • Onsite In-Person Social Engineering
    • Incident response

Pricing Policy:

  • Demo services are provided for the following security testing and information security.
    • Network Penetration Testing
    • Web Application Penetration Testing
    • Social Engineering
    • Physical Penetration Testing
    • Penetration Testing
  • To book a free consultation service of RedTeam penetration testing company, contact RedTeam.

7. Offensive Security

img 617dc9599a257

Offensive Security Testing provides penetration testing services in a low-volume setting with an average of just ten clients a year. Due to the high-intensity nature of tests, scheduling also necessitates a considerable amount of lead time.

Network Penetration testing by Offensive Security can help identify flaws in networks, social engineering, information security, operating systems, and applications. Its penetration testing services go beyond simply searching for spots and generating IT consulting studies.

Key Features:

  • PEN-200: PEN-200 is a one-of-a-kind course that uses a virtual lab setting to combine standard course content with hands-on simulations.
    • Penetration Testing
    • Network penetration testing
    • Social Engineering 
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Web Application Attacks
  • Application Security Assessment: All required methodologies, including reverse engineering and custom attacks against the exposed attack surface, are used to perform comprehensive application security assessments.
  • Make sure you understand the findings and have the information you need to take appropriate action.
  • Has introduced a unique Bug Bounty Scheme to add on previously ignored individual flaws. A report will be produced that details what was found and what we recommend for addressing any issues.
  • The Offensive Security Penetration Testing Lab (OSPTL) is a virtual network environment where pen testers can train and develop their skills.

Pricing Policy:

  • Offensive Security offers a wide range of products for different: 
  • Penetration testing solutions:
    • PEN-200: $999+ Penetration testing with Kali Linux.
    • PEN-210: $450 Offensive Security Wireless Attacks.
    • PEN-300: $1299+ Evasion techniques and breaching defenses.
  • Web application penetration testing plan:
    • WEB-300: $1299+ Advanced web attacks and exploitation
  • Exploit Development Plans:
    • EXP-301: $1299+ Windows user-mode exploit development.
    • EXP-401: Contact company for Advanced windows exploitation.
  • For more information on plans and other technical or no technical aspects, contact Offensive Security.

8. ScienceSoft

img 617dc95aba43f

The ScienceSoft testing company provides complete penetration testing to detect device vulnerability, verify current security measures, and include a comprehensive remediation roadmap.

Our team is ready to provide a comprehensive checkup to pinpoint device bugs and defects in program, service, OS, software development loopholes, and possibly hazardous non-compliance with security policies using the right software and industry-specific test scenarios.

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Reduce the number of security flaws in online, mobile, and desktop applications and networks by a considerable amount by using Sciencesoft cyber-security and penetration testing service.

Key Features:

  • Information security consulting: Security experts advise one to keep the strength of cyber-security threats, identify vulnerabilities, improve the efficiency of your information security solutions, and protect your sensitive data.
  • Security testing: ScienceSoft’s security team thoroughly examines the IT infrastructure’s safety level and devises strategies to reduce the number of security flaws.
  • Network penetration testing: Wide range of services are:
    • SIEM pen test
    • DDoS protection pen test
    • Email security pen test
    • Web Design security services
    • Incident Response 
  • Vulnerability assessment: The security assessment team at ScienceSoft finds, quantifies, and rates network security flaws. They send customers feedback based on the evaluation results to help them eliminate security risks.
  • Infrastructure security audit: Security team examines the IT infrastructure for flaws in the areas mentioned below:
    • Security policies and procedures.
    • Configuration management.
    • Version control.
    • Physical access control.
    • Security monitoring tools.
  • Types of penetration testing Sciencesoft provide:
    • Network penetration testing
    • Web application penetration testing
    • Client-side security testing
    • Remote access security testing
    • Social engineering penetration testing
    • Physical security testing

Pricing Policy:

  • The final price is determined by the number of goals and the testing methods (network penetration testing or social engineering) required. ScienceSoft penetration testing provides you with a quote for your project.
  • To know more about ScienceSoft and its other programs and features, visit ScienceSoft

9. Raxis 

img 617dc95c07ac0

Raxis penetration testing companies have a range of cyber-security services, including penetration testing, red team exercise, and other ethical hacking solutions. Raxis business concentrates on specific areas, such as your website, mobile device, and API vulnerability, depending on your needs.

Raxis will conduct an onsite physical security evaluation that involves badge scanning and cloning, the use of hidden cameras, and the installation of network backdoors, among other business things. Raxis helps businesses strengthen their security posture and defend themselves against ransomware and other cyber-security threats.

Key Features:

  • Some of the types of penetration tests that Raxis performs:
    • Internal/External Penetration Testing: From the viewpoint of a malicious insider or outsider, target the internal systems.
    • Mobile Penetration Testing: Attempt privilege escalation and limited data exfiltration in your mobile. 
    • Social engineering: Social engineering includes phishing methods used to obtain user credentials, which are then used in a penetration test.
    • Application Penetration Testing: Attempt to exploit the programming code, web server configuration, database, or underlying operating system of your applications.
    • Wireless Penetration Testing: Attempt to access your systems by breaching the security controls on your wireless network.
    • WEB and API Penetration Testing: To ensure that your security controls are functioning correctly, test your REST, SOAP, or any other API standard.
  • Server and Desktop penetration Testing: Multiple runtime platforms with comprehensive instrumentation are used in the Raxis testing lab to provide you with an uncluttered and thorough evaluation of your application’s security.
  • Enterprise CIS 20 Analysis: Mapping the maturity of the policies and procedures against 20 industry-standard security controls.
  • Other wide ranges of penetration testing feature include: 
    • Raxis accredited with a team of CISSP, CISSM, OSCP, OSWP, and other certifications.
    • Review of code in a secure manner.
    • Raxis Includes wireless network penetration testing (internal and external).
    • Incident Response.
    • Also, include Penetration checking for software development, API, and mobile applications.

Pricing Policy:

  • Raxis penetration testing companies offer variable prices and services for their plans. Costs are charged on the type of service and some other factors.
  • To know more about Raxis penetration testing companies and to request a demo, contact Raxis penetration testing company.

10. Isecurion 

img 617dc95dcad86

Isecurion is a penetration testing company specializing in high-quality support, analysis, and creativity in information security consulting and technology. We give our customers a one-of-a-kind combination of services that are tailored.

The business-oriented approach allows us to understand better our clients’ security needs based on their market and processes. ISECURION finds crucial flaws in our clients’ operations and helps them fix them and match them with industry best practices and regulatory criteria.

Key Features:

  • Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing: For Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing, iSecurion utilizes external and internal methodologies.
    • Get a thorough overview of your current risk of data breaches that endanger your most valuable assets and data.
    • Clients and business associates will have peace of mind knowing that your solution is secure.
    • Assists the company in adhering to legal and business regulations.
    • Identify and fix essential security issues.
  • Social Engineering: A security evaluation of an organization’s readiness to detect, contain, and remediate social engineering attacks is known as social engineering.
    • It helps organizations in determining their readiness for social engineering assaults.
    • It aids in the assessment of their security awareness systems’ efficacy.
    • A workshop that effectively raises awareness of social engineering assaults.
  • Web Application Penetration Testing: Information security guidelines and accepted research methodology criteria are combined in the Web application penetration testing methodology.
    • It assists in achieving and maintaining regulatory enforcement.
    • Detects security vulnerabilities in software until they are abused.
    • Increases efficiency by preventing program downtime.
    • Your Web Application Risks are now more visible.
  • Cloud Security Assessment: All major cloud computing architectures, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, are included in the Cloud Computing Security Assessment.
    • Network penetration testing of internal and external networks.
    • Security testing on endpoints.
    • Protection features include a firewall, VPN, and remote access.
    • Assessment of application protection.

Pricing Policy:

  • Isecurion penetration testing firms provide prices as per the testing service and also depend on several variables.
  • To know more about plans and prices and other aspects of the penetration testing company, contact Isecurion.


Penetration testing or ethical hacking is necessary for safeguarding our premises, networks, applications, etc. penetration tests provide the system’s flaws and help improve to prevent any disaster or cyber attack. 

Using any of the above-mentioned top penetration testing companies will become easy for you to manage your devices and peripherals. Always compare the features, prices, and other aspects before incorporating them into your business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does a penetration test cost?

The cost of penetration testing can range from $5,000 to $100,000. A high-quality, professional pen test will cost anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000. Many of these expenses are influenced by Size: A smaller, less complicated organization would undoubtedly cost less than a large corporation.

What are Attack Simulations?

Breach and testing services are a sophisticated form of computer security research. These simulations define security holes in security environments by simulating malicious actors’ attack paths and techniques. In this way, a breach and security code review is similar to a constant, automated penetration test, and it overcomes red and blue team testing’s inherent limitations.

Who performs a penetration test? 

The procedure of testing network security, computer device, or web application for network security solutions that an attacker might exploit is known as penetration testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking. Penetration checking may be done manually or with the aid of software applications.

Do Penetration Testers in demand?

As technology continues to evolve in different segments, penetration testers will be in high demand. Automation has become a way of life. In every sector, technology is spreading its wings. It also suggests that there is a lot of space for cyber-attacks.

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