Peloton Won’t Turn On (10 Easy Fixes)

Peloton Won't Turn On

For those who enjoy indoor exercises, the Peloton won’t turn on or bike + is an advanced training bicycle.

When gyms around the globe had to close, the popularity of Peloton cycles skyrocketed. 

It is only expected that there would be a few glitches from time to time, like software upgrades and technical difficulties, with so many Peloton cycles coming into the bike market.

But do not get furious and push your Peloton bike off a mountainside if it would not start.

You may follow a few simple procedures to return to power so you can resume riding! This article will discuss what to do if your Peloton bike (or bike+) will not switch on.

Additionally, we will look at how to switch on your bike for the first time and wake it up from a nap.

Peloton Bikes… Or Whatever You Call Them

Let us first quickly go over what a Peloton Bike is. Peloton produces a range of at-home exercise equipment.

For instance, two stationary cycles with built-in video displays are the Peloton Bike and Bike+. 

You may utilize the screen to view a vast library of spin courses and exercises if you have a Peloton subscription.

The Peloton range consists of two unique bikes. The Bike+ and the regular bike. The bikes are comparable, but the Bike+ features a bigger spinning screen, additional speakers, and automatically changing resistance. 

On the normal model, however, the user must alter the impedance.

What You Need to Know You If Your Peloton Bike Won’t Start

need to know you if your peloton

Image Credits: https://support.onepeloton.com/hc/en-us/

The main cause of your Peloton bicycle not turning ON is a problem with the power cord.

The connections might occasionally become loose when you cycle or move your bike. 

You must verify that the Peloton bike is connected to all of its ports properly, as follows:

  • First, make sure the cord is inserted into the bike’s outlet.
  • Next, ensure the wire is properly inserted into the wall socket by following it as it runs.
  • Verify that the cord is properly plugged in on the monitor’s back.
  • After making sure that each connection is secure, locate the power button on the monitor’s back and depress it for a short period of time.
  • Your Peloton bike should then start up after that.
  • If not, you must verify that your electrical outlet is in good functioning order. You should also examine your fuse box or circuit breaker, the power strip your Peloton bike is hooked into, and the condition of any extension cords you might be using.
  • For the Bike+, the monitor’s power source is a USBC.

Your Peloton cycle or bike+ may have a faulty power cable if you have checked all of the power connectors and the bike still does not turn on.

To replace the troublesome cable, you may get a new one from Peloton. If necessary, you might also be able to buy a different power adaptor.

Fixes For Peloton Bike Won’t Switch ON

If the above-mentioned quick fixes haven’t been able to help you turn on your precious Peloton bike, carefully follow the below highlighted steps to get your bike up and running so you can continue your workout routine.

  1. Check the power brick and plug
  2. Inspect the power adapter at the bike’s base
  3. Sort out the connections underneath the resistance mechanism
  4. Examine the display panel’s back
  5. Test the brake shroud (ONLY FOR BIKE+)
  6. Analyze the Peloton bike’s resistance module connections
  7. Have your Peloton bike reset to factory settings.
  8. Restart your Peloton bicycle or bicycle plus.
  9. Avoid Electrical Damage with Your Peloton Bike and Bike+
  10. Contact Peloton Customer Care

Check The Power Brick And Plug

check the power brick and plug

First and foremost, while this may seem apparent, ensure that your Peloton’s power source is completely connected.

Ensure your Peloton is hooked into a functional outlet. If you are still not sure, try inserting another device into the same socket.

If Peloton turns on, you know the outlet is operational and may proceed.

The second point is one that many people seem to overlook. Your bike’s power supply cord comes with a power brick, and if the power supply cord becomes detached from it, your bike will lose power.

The power brick should have a faint green light if everything is connected properly.

Inspect The Power Adapter At The Bike’s Base

inspect the power adapter

The bike’s base, towards the back, is the next area to inspect. Here, the power supply cord enters the base using an adaptor.

Your Peloton will not operate if that adaptor is not tightly linked. To make sure everything is secure, try only removing the adaptor and then rejoining it.

This adapter features a white light that will shine if it is connected properly, to the Bike+.

Since the standard Bike version lacks this white light, you must believe it will run once you attach it.

Sort Out The Connections Underneath The Resistance Mechanism

sort out the connections

Now check under the resistance mechanism to ensure the power connection there is safe.

This is by far the hardest link to see and reconnect, so proceed with caution. If your child has little hands, they may come in helpful at this phase!

  1. We recommend that you first take a flashlight or use the flashlight on your smartphone to situate yourself under the resistance mechanism.
  2. On the left side of the conventional Bike, there are two connectors.
  3. While on the Bike+, there is only one UBC-C connector for the Bike+.
  4. Since the wire in this location is not very effectively secured, it happens much more frequently on the Bike+ for this connection to become loose. 
  5. The two connectors have a plastic covering and are secured on the Bike model.
  1. Just make sure that these wirings are properly in place before continuing.

Examine The Display Panel’s Back

examine the display panel's

Have we come this far? This method to get your Peloton ON is much like the one listed above.

  1. Observe the cables running into the rear of your bicycle just behind the touch display panel.
  2. Make sure these cables are still in place.
  3. These wires can occasionally become loose when children pull on them. The display on your Peloton will not turn on if they are not linked.
  4. The audio should be linked on the left and the power supply should be connected on the right if you are facing the rear of the bike’s display.
  5. Owners of Bike+ should plug in their audio in the port on top and their USB-C power cord in the middle port.

Test The Brake Shroud, But Only For Bike+

test the brake shroud

You have one more connection to establish if you’re the Bike+ keeper.

  1. This connection is positioned on the bike’s outer front, around the same height as the resistance mechanism, right above the brake shroud.
  2. Here is another UBC-C link that can come apart at times.
  3. There are two connections here; attach your UBC-C wire to the top connecting connector (see next heading for more. Stay tuned).

Analyze The Peloton Bike’s Resistance Module Connections

analyze the peloton bike

The resistance module is plugged into the bike through USB ports underneath the machine’s center.

  1. Depending on the model, there will be two ports on the left or one on the right, behind the pedals. 
  2. Check to make sure those connectors are also properly plugged in if you are having screen problems.

Have Your Peloton Bike Reset To Factory Settings

have your peloton bike reset

You might wish to attempt a factory reset if everything else fails. However, you should only do this if you have no other choice because doing so would completely delete all of the data on your Peloton.

  1. Take off every cable from the Peloton cycle and inspect it for dirt. 30 to 40 seconds should take place for this process.
  2. All the wires you have previously unplugged should be reconnected.
  3. Holding down the volume and power buttons simultaneously will restart the Peloton screen.
  4. From the options, choose “recovery” using the volume buttons.
  5. The Peloton logo will then appear once the screen goes black. Up until a menu appears, simultaneously press the volume and power buttons. Then select factory reset this time.
  6. Activate the power switch. Use the volume-up button to choose yes when a pop-up window opens.
  7. This shall Reset the Peloton bike and you may now access your account or make a new one.

Restart Your Peloton Bike Or Bike+

If the screen on your Peloton Bike or Bike+ stops working, you may need to restart the bike to get it to work again.

  1. First, push the power button for 5 seconds to ensure that the bike is turned off or, more precisely, in sleep mode.
  2. Remove the plug on your Peloton bike.
  3. Allow standing for 30 to 40 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the Peloton bike to the power supply.
  5. To restart the bike, press the button on the back of the monitor.

Avoid Electrical Damage With Your Peloton Bike And Bike+

If you just had an electricity spike or blackout, your Peloton bike could have been harmed. To avoid this, you can use a surge protector on your bicycle. 

Additionally, since power outages are more probable during thunderstorms, you might wish to unplug your Peloton bike.

Contact Peloton Customer Care

Your Peloton bike may have a significant problem that has to be corrected by the manufacturer if you have tried the solutions above and it still will not switch on. Peloton may be contacted directly through a variety of channels.

  • The customer care number for Peloton is 1-866-679-9129. 

Finally, if you would like, you may locate and visit a Peloton showroom.

Turning ON the Peloton Bike for the First Time

It is rather easy to turn on your Peloton bike for the first ride. A typical 10-foot, three-prong plug that fits in most residential electrical outlets is included with the Peloton cycle.

Use a three-fork extension cord to put the bike further from an outlet.

  1. First, attach the power line to the bike’s rear.
  2. The power cord should then be plugged into the wall.
  3. On the upper rear of the video display, you can find the power button.
  4. The screen turns on after a brief period of holding down the button.
  5. The next step in creating your Peloton account is to choose your WiFi network and enter your password.

Waking Up the Peloton Touch Screen when It Is in Sleep mode

Your Peloton will go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity. 

All you have to do to turn it back on is press the power button again. Plan ahead in case you need to wait for the bike to finish updating before you can start your exercise since the Peloton software may take several minutes to load and boot up if there are any outstanding software upgrades.


A loose or bad connection is the most frequent cause of a Peloton not turning on. Press and hold the power button on the display’s back for around 5 seconds once you know everything is connected correctly.

The display should come on.

Contact customer service if you have tried all of these solutions and your Peloton still will not switch on. As a final option, you may determine what kind of coverage you have by checking the warranty on your bike.

We  hope your Peloton is now turned ON instead of ‘won’t turn ON.’