13 Best PDF Editing Software

Best PDF Editing Software

A free PDF editor will help you modify images and text in PDF files without converting them to a different format. Whether you are using the files for business or general use, PDF files are a great way to share information. The thing about PDF documents is that the content does not change no matter which software you are using to open or what kind of device you are viewing them on.  

The problem is that there are not many free PDF editors. This is why Adobe, the original creator of the PDF format, actually still owns some technologies.

Since there are not many free PDF editors out there, it will be challenging to know which is the right one to use.

Following is a list of Top PDF editing tools, with popular features and latest download links. The following list contains both free as well as paid tools.

List Of Best PDF Editing Software

  1. Adobe Acrobat X
  2. Small PDF 
  3. Sejda
  4. PDF-XChange Editor
  5. Kofax Power PDF
  6. PDFescape
  7. Flip PDF
  8. Foxit PhantomPDF
  9. Gaaiho PDF Suite 5 
  10. PDF Architect 7
  11. Xodo
  12. NovaPDF
  13. Bytescout PDF SDK

Adobe Acrobat X

Adobe Acrobat X offers you to change content or images without leaving a PDF file. By using this software, you can edit the PDF document in your office. You can use this software to secure, create, and distribute PDF files. It helps you to optimize PDF documents for CD/DVD applications, and also allows you to print.

PDF Editing Software


  • Add or edit page content in PDF from anywhere.
  • Simple and easy to make changes in the document.
  • When you edit a PDF document, an existing paragraph adjusts automatically.
  • Automatically checks the spelling.

Small PDF

The Smallpdf system contains lots of other PDF modification tools too. Along with the editor function, there are various options to convert PDFs into easier-to-edit formats such as Word and Powerpoint files. You will be able to save space by merging individual PDF documents into a single file.

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The best thing about Smallpdf is that it is a cloud-based platform, i.e. you can access it from any supported device by merely visiting the Smallpdf website and dragging-and-dropping a PDF into your browser.  This platform also offers simple e-signing and adds comments and highlights to information already stored in your PDFs.

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  • Electronic Signature
  • File Type Conversion
  • Offline Access
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Collaboration tools


PDF files are an excellent way to store sensitive information. Sejda is an online PDF editor that you can trust with your essential documents because all files are removed from the servers after a few hours.

Apart from security, Sejda is the right choice if you are looking for a free PDF editor with a user-friendly interface. Its menu bar makes it easy to find all the necessary editing options for adding text, images, links, and signatures to PDF documents.

Sejda comes with some limits, but they aren’t restrictive enough to cause casual users problems. You can perform three tasks and upload 50MB, or 200 pages of information to the Sejda platform every hour.

img 617dd3bc779b5


  • It is easy to make changes in a file online.
  • Files are automatically removed after a few hours.
  • Documents stay private.
  • It is an online tool, so it does not require any installation.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is a free PDF editing software for Windows computers developed by Tracker Software. The interface is a bit more complicated than that of the other editing suite, but it gives you easy access to many additional features like a stamp option for marking documents as ‘Approved’ or ‘Expired.’

But for a lot of users, the main reason to use PDF-XChange Editor is that it has an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition that means that if your original PDF document is a xerox, then it will still recognize the text and allow you to edit.

The only limitation of this editor is that, if you haven’t signed up to the Pro version, a  watermark will be added at the bottom of the PDF files that you export.

img 617dd3bcd1064


  • Improved Full Document Spellchecker.
  • Google Drive & Microsoft Office365 & SharePoint Support
  • You can view image and MSOffice files natively and convert to PDF automatically
  • Extended Multi-Language document OCR options.
  • Full Page Text Content Editing 


Through PDFescape, you can either edit on the desktop application or edit online. However, the desktop application is more powerful of the two as it supports editing to pre-existing PDF content. However, the online version of PDFescape is free to use. PDFescape is an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

img 617dd3bd3d1d2


  • Edit PDF files without any hassle.
  • It is straightforward to annotate PDF Documents.
  • An excellent way to create PDF forms.
  • Share and view PDF files online.
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Kofax Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF is a PDF editing tool for individual users who want to edit, create, and share PDF documents. With this software, you can work efficiently, smoothly, and securely across any device. It offers you to collaborate with team members by using excellent commenting and markup tools.

img 617dd3bdb48f8


  • It creates and compiles PDFs from any file type.
  • It helps you to deliver the documents accurately.
  • You can work across various platforms and devices.
  • You can take security precautions easily with advanced features.
  • Simplified deployment and licensing process.

Flip PDF

You can use Flip PDF to convert magazines, PDF brochures or catalogs to the most Interactive ebooks, which can be shared and viewed on the web and mobile. The software provides batch PDF file conversion into Flash and HTML. This software works on the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones.

img 617dd3be353c2


  • Allows you to upload ebooks online
  • Publish ebook with links, video, and audio.
  • Create flipping ebooks quickly.
  • Numerous pre-design templates and backgrounds.
  • It offers a unique way to engage the reader.

Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is a PDF editor that generates and manages PDF documents. It offers an efficient way to organize and create forms after you publish them. This editor’s three available versions are Standard, Business, and Mac.

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  • It allows you to add headers, footers and export PDF documents.
  • It is easy to create and edit fillable forms and documents.
  • It offers a cloud storage facility to share your documents.
  • Relatively easy to collaborate with the team.
  • It helps you to protect the content in a better way.

Gaaiho PDF Suite 5 

Gaaiho PDF Suite 5 offers you to accelerate document workflow. It is not a PDF editor but also a word processor. With the help of this software, you can also convert PFT files to other formats in batch. The PDF suite includes two useful applications Doc and converter.

img 617dd3bee2664


  • You can convert any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to PDF.
  • It provides a Handwritten signature to secure PDF documents.
  • It offers the user to manage and distribute PDF files to others.
  • Merge files into one PDF file.
  • Create necessary forms in PDF.
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PDF Architect 7

PDF Architect 7 edits PDF documents very quickly. This version makes a difficult task quicker and easier. It offers usability for editable as well as text fields. Combo boxes and text fields have formatting options for currency symbol, zip code, and time.

img 617dd3bf4365d


  • Using the “use a PDF document” feature, you can ensure that your file will look the same 
  • With the help of this tool, you can easily create PDF files from documents which contain essential information.
  • This tool allows you to modify the content directly.
  • You can merge files and make one PDF file.
  • You can organize PDF files by inserting a page element.


By using Xodo, you can change, sign, annotate, and share PDFs on a computer, mobile, and web. This software works with PDF files smoothly. The interactive design of this software allows you to focus on the content. It is designed for highlighting text in the documents.

img 617dd3bf8c8de


  • It is easy to annotate PDFs.
  • It allows you to complete forms on the go from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Can sign documents quickly on the fly.
  • Collaborate with others in real-time.
  • You can work with PDFs on your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Xodo.


NovaPDF allows the user to create standard PDF files easily. Just open your file and click on Print and select novaPDF to generate PDF. It is a quick and straightforward way to create PDFs. It includes features for beginners and advanced users.

img 617dd3bfe9b4f


  • You can convert any documents to PDF.
  • Easy to use add-ins for Microsoft Office.
  • 256-bit AES encryption to secure your PDFs.
  • Effectively manage the license for the printer driver.
  • Insert the text or paragraphs of a PDF file in another PDF file to create one PDF document.

Bytescout PDF SDK

Bytescout PDF SDK offers the user to create and modify pdf files with text and images. This is used to create or edit PDF documents in languages such as VB.NET and C#. It converts HTML, DocX, and SVG files to PDF.

img 617dd3c030fa2


  • It can generate and convert SVG files to PDF.
  • It supports watermarking, multimedia, and e-signatures.
  • Provides PDF API to create and edit PDFs.
  • Easy to work with bookmarks and annotations.
  • It works with file attachment extensively.
  • The tool offers video and media support.

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