3 Fixes For PCSX2 Controller Not Working Issue

PCSX2 Controller is a PlayStation 2 emulator that you can use to play PlayStation 2 games on your gaming PC. If you’ve installed PCSX2 on your computer, you might be wondering how to play games with your PS4 controller.

3 Best Fix: PCSX2 Controller Not Working Issue PS4, Xbox

Solutions To Fix A PCSX2 Controller Not Working Issue On PS4

  1. Change Game Device APIs
  2. Uninstall The Controller Driver
  3. Try Another Controller Plugin

1. Change Game Device APIs

You can try adjusting the game device API mode to fix the PCSX2 controller not working issue.

  • Navigate to “Config,” “Controllers,” “Plugin Settings,” “General,” and “Game Device APIs.”
  • Uncheck XInput and test if your gamepad may be configured in DirectInput mode.
  • However, if you have an Xbox controller, you should utilize the XInput mode rather than the Input mode.

2. Uninstall The Controller Driver

Some users claim that removing the controller driver fixed the PCSX2 controller not working issue. This procedure can also be used.

  • All you need to do is go to Device Manager and delete the controller driver.
  • Reconnect the controller by unplugging it and plugging it in again.
  • Windows will reinstall the controller driver. Then you can see if the issue has been resolved.

3. Try Another Controller Plugin

LilyPad, Xpad, MegaPad, and other controller plugins are available for PCSX2 Controller. If none of the techniques above successfully resolve the PCSX2 controller, not working problem, you can try using different versions of the plugin or replacing the controller plugin directly.

  • A new plugin should be downloaded, unzipped, and placed in the plugins folder.
  • Go to Config > Plugins/BIOS Selector after starting PCSX2.Controller
  • Select the SPU box. There should be a new plugin installed.

Can You Play PCSX2 With Keyboard Bindings Control / Gamepad Button?

Using a PCSX2 controller or the keyboard and mouse to play video games on your PC is beneficial. Some gamers prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard, while others prefer to play with console controllers.

PCSX2 Controller is a PS2 emulator for PC gaming, and you can use a keyboard to play video games. The keyboard and mouse are the most common PC game controllers, and you can still use the keyboard if you want to use console controllers.

You’ll need to utilize a mouse. Ensure

 the mouse keys are in your input controls when mapping your keyboard. You can also play video games on PCSX2 with two keyboards if you wish to play with a friend.

If your keyboard isn’t working correctly, try changing the API mode. PCSX2 is an obsolete technology that may cause problems with new hardware.

  • Select “Configurations” from the drop-down menu. Choose “Controllers,” then “Plugin Settings,” then “General.”
  • Uncheck the “Xinput” and configure your keyboard with “DirectInput” under “Game Device APIs.”
  • Close the window and launch any game; your keyboard should now be fully functional.

PCSX2 Controller is an emulator that allows you to play games on your computer. The first benefit of utilizing a keyboard is that it is more comfortable. The mechanical keys on a keyboard are well-spaced and straightforward to use for lengthy periods.

How To Input PCSX2 Controller With Keyboard Controls Buttons?

How To Input PCSX2 Keyboard Controls Buttons?

Some of the games released on a platform are on the PlayStation 2. Install PCSX2 Controller on your gaming PC if you want to play old PlayStation 2 games with a keyboard.

  • To begin, open PCSX2 Controller and select the “Configuration” option.
  • Select “Controller” from the “Configuration” box and then “Plugin Settings.”
  • A window will open, letting you customize the controls on your keyboard.
  • Change the API of your keyboard from the list of devices recognized by PCSX2 Controller.
  • Depending on your PC’s operating system, you can use Windows messaging, raw input, or DirectInput.
  • You may now map by selecting “Pad 1” after changing the API on your keyboard.
  • If you want to use two keyboards, choose “Pad 1” and “Pad 2.”
  • When you choose “Pad 1,” you’ll see several default controls on the left side and selectable buttons on the right.
  • To delete all of the default settings, go to the “Clear All” option.
  • Once the left side is clear, you can press the keys on your keyboard to insert all of the controls you desire. 
  • Click “OK” to begin gaming with your keyboard after you’ve inserted all of your desired controls.

It’s important to remember that none of the controls you set during the setup are permanent. If a specific set of controls isn’t working for you, you can alter or change them at any moment.

To make the modifications take effect, you must close any games running on your computer. Make sure to keep it simple while developing a new set of custom controls for your keyboard.

  • You may also build multiple sets of controls for different games, so you don’t have to change them every time you start a new game. 
  • The PCSX2 Controller can play over two thousand games, and it will be tough to play multiple games with the same set of custom controls.
  • Choose your favorite games and devote some time to developing the greatest set of custom controls for each. 
  • To optimize your gameplay experience, you can load your custom controls before starting the game.

Can You Use PCSX2 To Play Ps1 Games?

Can You Use PCSX2 To Play Ps1 Games?

After the creator of PCSX2 Controller added the latest GIT builds, PCSX2 can now play select PlayStation titles. For a long time, PCSX2 could not play PlayStation 1 games due to the lack of backward compatibility devices.

PCSX2’s creators sought help from anyone who could figure out how to remedy the problem. Not all PS1 games are compatible with PCSX2 Controller, and some have difficulties like audio loss, the method has flaws.

The lack of audio or terrible audio is one of the problems that PCSX2 Controller has when playing a PS1 game. When you use the PCSX2 program to run a PS1 game, its sound may be distorted, making it challenging to hear in-game spoken instructions.

The developer argued that the SPU2 plugin was to blame since it did not correctly handle the SPU2 plugin’s backward compatibility mode. The developer has attempted to resolve the issue; while some games have improved, others have poor audio.

The main reason for the backward compatibility issues with PS1 games on PCSX2 is that certain PCSX2 users are changing the settings. PCSX2’s creator urges gamers to develop remedies, and because most gamers lack the necessary resources, the backward compatibility is riddled with flaws.

If you’re experiencing difficulties playing PS1 games with the PCSX2 program, you can download one of the many PS1 emulators accessible on the internet. If you have a Windows or Linux gaming PC, you can play PS1 games on your computer with ePSXe, also known as an enhanced PSX emulator.

You can play most PS1 games on ePSXe without any problems, and if you have any problems with a specific PS1 game, you can use the game’s patches.

On PCSX2, How To Use Or Run A Usb Joystick?

On Pcsx2, How To Use Or Run A Usb Joystick?
  • Connect the USB controller to the computer via USB. Open PCSX2 and select “Config” from the menu bar at the top of the main PCSX2 window.
  • Then, select “Controllers (PAD) from the context menu.” “Plugin Settings” will appear.
  • A list of PS2 controller buttons appears when you click the “Pad 1” tab at the top of the following window.
  • Once you’ve clicked each button on the window, push the USB controller’s corresponding button.
  • Continue mapping the buttons on the PS2 controller to the USB controller. To save the controller settings, click “OK.”
  • Start a PS2 game using PCSX2, and you can now use the USB controller to control the game.

How To Play PS3 Games On Super Nintendo Emulator?

How To Play PS3 Games On Super Nintendo Emulator?

Emulators for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) are computer programs that allow you to play any SNES game on your computer. The biggest issue is that a SNES controller cannot be connected to your PC.

You can utilize a PlayStation 3 controller as the SNES emulator’s input device to get around this. It allows you to play SNES on your computer with an actual controller.

  • Connect your PS3 controller to your computer, running the SNES emulator. 
  • The MotioninJoy drivers can be downloaded and installed from the developer’s website.
  • Open MotioninJoy and select “Load” from the MotioninJoy main window with a single click.
  • The drivers for the PS3 controller will be installed. The PS3 controller may now be used as a gaming pad on a PC.
  • Single-click the “Input” option at the top of the main SNES window when the emulator opens. From the context menu that appears, single-click the “Input Configuration” option.
  • Single-click each button, then push the button on your PS3 controller that corresponds to that button.
  • Continue down the list until each SNES button has been mapped to a PS3 controller button.
  • Start a SNES game with a single click of the “OK” button. The PS3 controller is currently being used to control the game.


PCSX2 is a fantastic PS2 game emulator that runs on Windows and Linux computers. Many people enjoy using PCX2 to connect a controller to a PC and play classic PS2 games. Some users may have problems with the PCSX2 controller not working. Follow the above solutions to fix the “PCSX2 controller not working” issue.