10 Best Fixes For Payday 2 Crashing Issue

Do you suffer from payday 2 crashing when joining the game? You’re not the only one experiencing PAYDAY 2 constant crashing on your computer. This is an annoying problem that many PAYDAY 2 users have experienced. If your game crashes, you can’t use it. But don’t worry. These problems can be solved.

How do I open PAYDAY 2 crash logs?

If your game stops working because of a reason other than your own, by posting what you have in your crash.txt can aid both the game and users as well as Overkill find out what’s the cause.

To find your crash.txt, type (or copy-paste) the following into your Start Menu, or in your Windows Explorer Address Bar: %localappdata%\PAYDAY 2.

Alternatively, navigate to C:\Users\(your windows username)\AppData\Local\PAYDAY 2. The hidden folders must be set to allow this method.

Inside this file, you’ll locate crash.txt. Copy and paste the contents of it into any bug report thread related to crashes you create. Don’t post your crash logs on this thread! This thread is intended for guidance purposes only. Always create your own thread should you have a problem.

It would be nice to create a discussion thread that was similar to this so that people do not have to copy and paste this information each time.

What Prevents Payday 2 From Launching?

We researched this issue following numerous complaints from users. We then compiled the following list of solutions that resolved the issue for the majority of them. Additionally, we investigated the reason why the error was triggered and listed them below.

  • Administrative Rights: The game needs administrators to be granted privileges for all its components to work properly. If administrator privileges aren’t granted, the game could face problems when it launches.
  • Disable Full-Screen Optimising: Windows 10 has a special feature that provides a more smooth gaming experience and improves certain graphics elements of the game, referred to as “Fullscreen Optimizations”. But , in some cases, this feature could create conflicts with specific elements of the game and stop it from running properly.
  • Incomplete Files: The game demands every single file to be present and in good condition to function properly. But, there are times when important game files get damaged over time, and as a consequence it is not able to start.
  • Corrupt/Non-Functional Executables: In some cases, the executables and certain “.dll” files located inside the game directory can get corrupted. They are essential to the process of launching and, therefore, when they become corrupted, the game does not start.
  • Non-existent or corrupted Visual C++: In certain situations it’s possible that Visual C++ Redistributable isn’t installed correctly or that the installation has been corrupted. The Visual C++ Redistributable is essential for most games to function properly.

What can I do to get rid of the black screen which appears when I launch Payday2?

If you’re experiencing a black screen that is, payday 2 keeps crashing on startup, we have negative warnings for you. There’s nothing that you could do to get rid of this issue, and the solutions you can try may not be effective. There are two major black screen solutions that frequently are effective.

It is possible to run within Windowed Mode – Remember the render_settings.xml file? (C:\Users\\AppData\Local\PAYDAY 2)

  1. Locate the file and open it in the notepad.
  2. Find that section that says Windowed=”false”.
  3. Change it back into Windowed=”true” to start PayDay 2 in Windowed mode.

What’s the solution?

Reinstall the game – If none of the above works, the final option is to install the game. Remove the game from Steam and then delete the Appdata , too. Visit your Appdata folder and clear all files, then do the same using the Registry Editor in which you select PayDay 2 and erase registry keys. Reboot your computer, and then reinstall PayDay 2.

Game is missing from Steam Library Fix

The most well-known problem that is associated with PayDay 2 is its disappearance from your Steam library. The solution is to open c:program steam files and delete the file called clientregistry.blob. After restarting Steam, you will be able to view PayDay 2 on your Library right now.

Steam Overlay Not Working Fix

Although Steam Overlay can often cause problems when playing PayDay 2, sometimes you might find that it’s not working correctly when playing the game. The solution is to run your game using compatibility mode. Check out the above solution for instructions on how to play the game using compatibility mode.

Blurry Overlay Fix

A problem with PayDay 2 causes blurry overlay with dots that look like drops of water. There is a fix that has been approved for this issue.

  • Right-click on your desktop
  • Choose “AMD Catalyst Control Centre”
  • Click on “Gaming”
  • Click on “3D Application Settings”
  • Locate “Anti-Aliasing Mode” and set it to “Use application settings”
  • Right-click on your desktop
  • Choose “Nvidia Control Panel”
  • Expand “Manage 3D Settings”
  • Choose the profile to Payday 2
  • All settings must be reset to default settings
  • Find all setting that mention “Anti Aliasing” and set it to “Application-controlled”

Game not Working on Laptops

This is a different problem and often PayDay 2 doesn’t work on internal graphics cards. Developers have offered a solution for this issue.

  • Right-click the desktop
  • Select Switchable graphics cards to configure
  • Expand All applications
  • Select Add application
  • Find your PAYDAY 2 folder.
  • Click on payday2_win32_release.exe and click OK
  • Under Graphics Settings, select High Performance.
  • Click Apply
  • Right-click the desktop
  • Select NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Expand 3D Settings
  • Click on Manage 3D Settings
  • Click on the Programs Settings tab
  • Find “Payday 2 (payday2_win32_release.exe)” in the Select a program to customise roll-down
  • Click add
  • Find your PAYDAY 2 folder.
  • Click on payday2_win32_release.exe and click OK
  • Select a processor with high performance.
  • Click Apply

What should I do if your Payday 2 doesn’t connect to the server?

Alongside a myriad of other problems, PayDay 2 often fails to connect to the server to play multiplayer online games. If you’re experiencing these issues, the first thing to examine is your internet connectivity. Also, ensure that you’re playing the latest version of PayDay 2.

Sometimes, updates are released in the middle of gameplay, which means you have to quit the game and attempt to update your game in case it fails to connect to the online services used to play multiplayer games.

What to do If you find that your Payday 2 is lagging?

Lagging is a common occurrence when playing online, however If your other games run well, excluding PayDay 2, you have an issue to address. One of the primary causes of lag is mods, which is why you should remove them in the event that you’ve got any. 

If you’re experiencing issues with other games, it could be a problem with your provider. Restart your router. If it is still not working you should contact your provider and find out whether there are any backend issues that are affecting their current service.

How do you fix a game that keeps closing? Fixing the issues with Payday 2 Crashing

Payday 2 mods not working

These are just a few of the many methods that have helped PAYDAY 2 gamers with their payday 2 crashing mid game problems. These methods don’t all have to be tried; you can go through the list until you find one that works.

Take out your mods

Mods cause many game crashes. Mods on PAYDAY 2 can cause crashes. You should uninstall them to determine if the problem has been resolved. Stop using mods on PAYDAY 2 if it’s happening.

There are three other options if you still have crashing issues after removing mods.

Allow the use of HQ weapons.

If you disable the “Use HQ Weapons” setting, the game will crash. Check your game settings to ensure your USE HQ WEAPONS setting is enabled. Check that it is turned on. Check if it was disabled previously and re-enable it.

You still have two options if enabling HQ weapons doesn’t work or the setting is already turned on.

 Howing any error, any suggestion or solution?

Update your drivers

If you use an outdated driver or the wrong driver, your game may crash. To see if your problem is resolved, you should update your drivers.

You have two options to update your driver: manually or automatically. We won’t discuss the manual process here as it is complicated, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. We don’t suggest this unless you are an expert in computer programming.

It is easy to update your driver automatically. It will find the drivers that your computer needs and then install them.

Verify your game file integrity

Your game files may be corrupted and may suffer PAYDAY 2 crashing on startup PC frequently. To repair your game files, you should check the integrity of your game files with your Steam client.

To do so:

1) Log in to Steam Client and click LIBRARY.

2) Right-click your game and select Properties.

3) Click on the LOCAL FILE tab and click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FOILS.

4) Wait for the process to complete, then click on CLOSE.

5) Try PAYDAY 2, and check if it fixes your crash issue.

You can uninstall the game and run in safe mode.

It is possible that the file structure or configuration of the game is not correct after installing a patch. Many people have found that uninstalling the game and running it in safe mode before reinstalling it worked. This will ensure that no third-party programs are running in the background, which can cause the problem.

  • Open Steam Client, click on the Library tab at the top of your screen, right-click the game, and choose “Uninstall.”
  • Refer to our article How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode. You must ensure that you are in Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Install Payday from scratch. Make sure you have all the latest patches installed. Try it out and let us know if you like it.

This works with PS4. Play the game in safe mode on your PS4 using option 5.

Graphics drivers up-to-date/rolled back

Manufacturers of graphics cards regularly update their products to add new features and fix bugs. Look on the internet for drivers that you can install. You can either do this yourself or let Windows update them automatically. However, some research can make it easier to troubleshoot.

If updating drivers is not working for you, it may be worth rolling back drivers to an earlier build. It’s not surprising that older drivers can sometimes be unstable or conflicting with the operating system.

Important: Don’t ignore Intel Display Drivers. You must ensure that your Intel HD/UHD drivers are up-to-date if your computer uses them, even if it is using another one.

  • Display Driver Uninstaller is required. This will ensure that the driver files are completely deleted.
  • Start your computer in safe mode after installing the Display Driver Uninstaller. Our article explains how to reboot your computer in safe mode.
  • After putting your computer in safe mode, open the app that was just installed.
  • After the application has been launched, choose the first option, “Clean the computer and restart.” After the application launches, it will automatically uninstall all installed drivers and reboot your computer.
  • Start your computer in normal mode by pressing Windows + R. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box, and then press Enter. Most likely, the default drivers will already be installed. You can also right-click any empty space to select “Scan for Hardware Changes.”
  • There are two options. You can either search online for the most current driver for your hardware on the manufacturer’s site, such as NVIDIA, or you can let Windows do the work for you. You can manually install (and then search for updates) or let Windows do the job (search for updates).
  • We’ll take a look at how to install it automatically. Right-click your hardware and choose “Update driver.” Choose the first option, “Search automatically to find updated driver software.” If you’re updating manually, choose the second option and click “Browse driver” to navigate the download location.
  • After installing the drivers, restart your computer and launch the game to see if the problem is solved.

Contrary software should be checked

Payday 2 has released a list that lists software that may be incompatible with the game. Search for alternative software and uninstall any software that is on the list.

  • Hamachi
  • DisplayLink
  • Raptr
  • Qualcomm Killer Network Manager
  • ASUS Gamer OSD
  • ASUS Smart Doctor
  • Client Evolve
  • Avira Antivirus
  • Overwolf
  • Razer’s Synapse Statistics
  • Avast Home Network Protection – Add Payday 2 to the exceptions and its installation folder.
  • EVGA PrecisionX (This program can autostart even if it is disabled).
  • RivaTuner
  • Kaspersky Antivirus (has been confirmed to cause FPS drops
  • GeForce Experience (has been reported to increase loading times in some cases)

These solutions are not the only ones you have. You can also try these:

  • Compatibility mode for Payday 2
  • Editing render_settings and setting the right resolution
  • Windowed mode is recommended.
  • Limiting Framerate within the game
  • False change to the multithreaded value
  • Flushing DNS
  • Settings: Default settings can be changed
  • This problem can be solved by navigating to your main graphics hardware settings and setting Payday to use only the main hardware.

Fixing Payday 2 crashing in case of DLL Problem

Fixing Payday 2 crashing in case of DLL Problem

Alt text- DLL Problem | Payday 2 crashing

This problem is caused by the DLL error. You need to locate it on your pc. You should check your computer for a direct-x application. Some users haven’t installed the direct x program on their computer. They are now facing dll error messages. This may be due to payday 2 crashing with mods.

Before you begin with the following steps, make sure to install direct x on your computer.

Mods: Problem

Check the file several times if you’re downloading Payday 2 mods. Some mod files don’t work with this game. You can install mods from the mod hub and moddb websites without errors. These sites are where most gamers found mods. This is what you should do.

Mods placement

You can install mods from the mod hub

Alt text- Placing mods in Payday 2 game files

Many gamers incorrectly installed their mods onto their computers. It’s not working. This method requires that you place mods. You need to learn how to place mods in the game files. Follow my steps. It is very useful for you.

Check out Game Files

Mods that aren’t working need to be checked in your game files. Many gamers download Payday 2 games from free sites. This is one reason for the problem. Some sites did not upload the correct game files to their websites. This is why you should address this problem. Use the streaming app to purchase this game.

Why are my PayDay 2 mods not working? Fixing Payday 2 Mods Issue 

These steps will help you fix the problem. These steps can be applied to your computer and game files. You must first verify that your game is working before beginning the next steps. These methods won’t work if your game isn’t working. These steps can be used if your game is 100% working. This is how it works:

Disable Compatibility Options

Disable Compatibility Options

Alt text- Disabling compatibility mode in Payday 2 game

Some windows options won’t recognize mod files on games. These options should be reviewed. These options can be disabled if they are already enabled on your computer. This will verify that your computer is running the correct version.

  • Navigate to your game file location first and then select your game.
  • Next, right-click on the option and choose the Properties option from the list.
  • The new tab will now appear on your screen. Next, select the Compatibility tab from that window.
  • Next, close all open windows. Next, click on the OK button.
  • Now, run the payday game to verify that mods work.


It is crucial to place mods files correctly. Mods that are incorrectly placed will stop working. You must correctly place mods. This video will demonstrate how to place payday 2 mods on your computer correctly. Follow these steps to your computer

  • Download the mod files first from mod files websites.
  • Extract the files to your computer.
  • Copy the files and then move them to the next location on your computer (Non-Steam User).
  • Copy the mods files to the folder.
  • Next, launch the payday 2 game from your computer. I trust you now have the problem solved.

Install VC Redist

Install VC Redist

Alt text- Installing VC Redist for Payday 2

This software is essential if you plan to play computer games. Microsoft Visual c++ 2017 for gaming is an essential program. You will need to install it or reinstall it on your computer. Here is how to install VC Redist on your pc.

  • Download the VC Redist for your computer.
  • Next, open the downloaded file. Next, check the condition and click on the Install option.
open the downloaded file

Alt text- Installing VC Redist on computer

  • This software has been installed on your computer.
  • You can uninstall the file you have already installed on your computer and reinstall it.
uninstall the file you have already installed

Alt text- VC Redist for Payday 2

  • Then, you can run the payday 2 game. Check if the method works.

Run as Administrator

Run as Administrator

Alt text- Run as administrator | Payday 2

This feature might work. This is what I did after I encountered this issue recently. It worked on my computer. This method can be applied to your computer. This method is well-known by most gamers.

  • Before starting your game, choose the file you want to use and right-click it.
  • Next, select Run as Administrator from the drop-down menu.
  • Payday 2 games are now open, with all the permissions.
  • Next, verify that this method works.


After reading the above article, you must have known about PAYDAY 2 and the issues that occur in it. You must have found solutions for payday 2 keeps crashing when joining the game. Not only this, you now have various solutions too for solving these issues. We hope that we might have helped you in solving your issues. The above article is the best guide for regular gamers who face issues at various times while playing PAYDAY 2.