7 Easy Fixes For Overwatch Can’t Hear Voice Chat

Voice chat has become essential for multiplayer video games. There are instances when you need guidance from your team players. But an audio error can make you lose the game.

So, if you face a voice not working error while playing Overwatch, your frustration is justified. To put you out of this misery, ahead are some amazing solutions that can help you for sure. First, Let’s see the reasons behind this error and then jump right to the quick fixes. 

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Reasons To Encounter Voice Chat Not Working Issue

Finding the cause of the voice chat and mic not working issue could be so tricky. But there are several instances when the audio stops working while playing the game. Thus, when you track back your actions, they will lead you to the source. 

That’s exactly what we did to figure this error out in many cases. Here are some of the common reasons that cause the voice chant not working error:

  • Other applications’ settings might be restricting your game’s audio settings.
  • A firewall might restrict your game application to use audio settings for security reasons.
  • Audio drivers might have become outdated.
  • Enabled Parental Controls features can restrict the use of voice chat on your PC.
  • The wrong configuration of audio settings can interrupt the voice chat.

If you’re using Xbox, or PS4 console, the issue might differ. The Xbox part chats not working issue is quite common. If your Nintendo switch microphone not working, visit the nearby service center. There could also be an issue with the PS4 mic not working in Party Chat. These will require different solutions, as this one focuses on Overwatch and Windows.

Solutions For Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working Issue

  1. Basic Things To Troubleshoot The Issue
  2. Ensure That You Are Using The Updated Audio Drivers
  3. Disable The Exclusive Control Feature
  4. Alter The In-Game Audio Settings Of Overwatch
  5. Set The Default Devices On Your PC
  6. Check The Router Ports And Enable VoIP
  7. Turn Off The Active Firewall On Your System

Fix Overwatch Can’t Hear Voice Chat Problems

1. Basic Things To Troubleshoot The Issue

Audio device

There are so many basic things that you can execute to end the Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working issue. Thus, ahead are some steps that you must check for before proceeding with the deeper fixes.

  • Check The Volume

Sometimes you mute the volume or set it too low. As a result, you might think that it’s an error. But, in actuality, you just forgot to turn up the volume.

  • Inspect Your Microphone Device
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There is a high probability that your microphone device is the cause of the said error. Try to connect it to another PC or laptop and check whether it is working or not. If it doesn’t work, then you need to take your microphone to a service center. Or buy a brand new microphone. After connecting the new microphone to your PC, check if the error still exists.

  • Close The Other Applications While Playing The Game

The modified settings of other applications can restrict the audio of your game. This can make the voice inaudible. Thus, close all the active applications on your PC while you play the game.

If you have tried and tested all the basic steps and they do not work, you should move to more in-depth solutions.

2. Ensure That You Are Using The Updated Audio Drivers

Update Microphone Driver In Device Manager

Sometimes the audio drivers expire, and Windows fails to update them by default. Due to this reason, you might face errors related to sound. It’s obvious that the outdated audio drivers won’t be compatible with advanced applications.

This is why if you come across the audio and mic not working issue, you should update the drivers. Steps to locate the latest audio driver’s version and update them are below:

  • Open Device Manager by pressing the Windows logo key with the X key on your keyboard.
  • Select the option Audio Inputs & Outputs from the window of Device Manager.
  • Among the listed devices, select the one that you are using—right-tap on it.
  • From the small menu, select Update Driver.
  • To search and find the compatible driver, tap on the “Search Automatically” option.
  • You will have to follow a series of steps to finish the update.
  • After you have installed the new version on your system, restart your PC.

Once the PC is back on, run the game to check if the audio is working. You can also download third-party applications to find compatible updates for drivers. Such applications prompt you every time there is a new version available.

3. Disable The Exclusive Control Feature

Exclusive control option in the advanced device settings of an audio device

Sometimes the Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working issue arises because of the enabled Exclusive mode. If this mode is active, it might give third-party applications control to alter the audio settings.

As a result, such apps might restrict the audio of other apps. You can fix it by disabling this mode. Steps to disable the exclusive mode on your PC are below:

  • Hold the Windows key on your keyboard along with the R key.
  • In the Run window, type Mmsys.Cpl in the empty field. Tap the enter key to run it.
  • In the Playback tab, you will find the option “Currently Using Audio Device.” Right-tap on it and choose the Properties option from the small menu.
  • Go to the Advanced tab from the Properties Window.
  • Try to locate “Allow Applications To Take Exclusive Control Of This Device.” Once you find it, remove the tick mark from the box beside this option.
  • Tap on Apply and then on Ok to save and apply the settings you have changed.

Go to the Advanced tab of Properties again after you close it. Check if the box remained unchecked. If it does, then the altered settings are in effect. Launch the Overwatch game; the error should no longer exist.

4. Alter The In-Game Audio Settings Of Overwatch

Overwatch In-Game Sound Settings

If your system’s audio drivers are up-to-date, it’s time for you to check the game’s audio settings. You can alter them to enhance the audio experience. Doing so might stop the error from occurring. To configure the audio settings, follow these instructions:

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Run the Overwatch game on your device.

  • Select “Options.”
  • Navigate to Sound.
  • Make sure that the sound of your microphone or headset is set to full.
  • Configure the Group Voice chat and the team voice chat to Auto join.
  • Select the device that will give you access to the Voice Chat Devices.
  • Check the configuration of the Voice Chat. If Push To Talk is active, then alter the keybind. Change the Push To Talk feature under another key in the Controls Menu.

Modifying the keybind should end the error. To check it, launch the Team Chat and check if everything is working fine or not when you play the game.

5. Set The Default Devices On Your PC

Set default option in the Sounds option of the Windows 10

The Voice Chat Not Working error can come up when the operating system can’t find your device. Besides, the error can extend to other applications as well. Thus, you need to set your PC to the default device to remove the issue. The steps given below can help you to do that:

  • Shut down the game running on your system.
  • Open the run window by tapping on the Windows logo key along with the R key.
  • Type in Mmsys.Cpl in the empty field of the Run window. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Choose your audio device from the Audio Device section. You will find it under the tab “Playback.”
  • Make sure to disable the device that you are not using. To do so, right-tap on that device and select the Disable option.
  • You can repeat the previous steps to disable the other devices as well.
  • Now, navigate to the Recording Tab.
  • The name of the device of the headphones or speakers you are using will be visible on the Recording Tab. Right-tap on that device.
  • Select “Set As Default.”
  • Disable all the other devices in the Recording tab.
  • Click on the OK icon to save the settings.

Launch the game and check whether the audio error persists or not.  If it does, then you should check the ports of your system. Move ahead to the next method to know more about it.

6. Check The Router Ports And Enable VoIP

Router port forwarding settings

Some internet service providers restrict the Voice over IP on your PC. Also, if you fall under the VoIP restricted region, then there is no doubt that the same is the case with your PC.

As a result, it gets disabled by default. This can create interruption when you try to do voice chat while playing a game. To not face any kind of audio issues when you use the voice chat feature, you only have to enable it.

Besides that, there are some ports that should be open at all times. The ports that must have open channels are:

  • For the Overwatch game:

Ports 1119, 3724, 6113, 80 – TCP

  • For Voice Media And Settings

Ports 12000-64000 & Ports 3478 and 3479 – UDP

  • For Voice Control Signals

Ports 6250, 5062 and 5060 – UDP

7. Turn Off The Active Firewall On Your System

Advanced Windows Firewall Settings For Overwatch Windows 10

Some players have resolved the issue only by switching off the Firewall software on their PCs. The reason behind it is unknown. But, the speculation is that for security reasons, Firewalls can restrict certain activities.

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So, it’s possible that Overwatch’s voice activity falls into the restricted category. Nonetheless, you still can’t be sure whether the Firewall is causing the issue. To figure that out, you need to disable it. Follow these instructions to disable the Firewall on your system:

  • Go to the Control Panel. To open it, press the Windows key with the R key together and tap on the enter key.
  • Open System and Security from the Control Panel.
  • Select Windows Defender Firewall from the available options.
  • Open the Turn Windows Defender On or Off tab.
  • Choose the “Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall” option. Turn it off for both the public and the private network settings.
  • Select the OK button to put in place the changed settings in the system.

Launch the game and check if the error has gone away. If it has, then keep the Firewall disabled for your gaming hours. Do not forget to turn on the Firewall once you have finished playing the game.

Conclusion – Overwatch Mic Not Working

These are the methods that can work and resolve the audio issue when you play the Overwatch game. We have provided you with a step-by-step guide for all the methods in this article. Thus, resolving the issue should have become easier for you. 

But, if these methods do not resolve the error, try reinstalling the application of the game. Doing so might help you in eliminating the error as it can reset the setting that is causing the problem. Another option that might help is contacting the service center of your PC. 

Remember that if you’re looking for PS5 voice chat not working fixes, or PC Xbox party chat not working, you will have to browse those solutions. This one is exclusively for Overwatch problems.

FAQs – Fix Overwatch Game Chat And Group Voice Chat Issues

Can You Use Any Microphone And Headset To Play Overwatch?

Any microphone or headset that’s in a working condition would work to play Overwatch. Be sure that they are compatible with the system you are using. Also, there are some amazing gaming audio devices available. So, if you want to enhance your gaming experience, then you can use them.

Does Your OW Team Need Same Audio Devices For Team Chat?

So far, there is no such requirement from the game. You can use any kind of standard audio device that is compatible with your system’s OS. Thus, you do not need the same devices for team chat. But ensure that your device is up to the task.    

Should You Use A Third-Party Driver Updater For Windows?

Sometimes Windows fails to act on the prompts that notify it to update the drivers. As a result, you can face an audio error. Thus, third-party applications can prove useful in such situations. You can install them in your system to notify you whenever there is a new update for the drivers. 

How To Get Voice Chat Log In Overwatch?

The voice chat log is responsible for the voice interaction between the players. It is enabled by default. To open the Voice Chat log, open the folder of Overwatch. Navigate to the Logs folder; you will find Overwatch log in it. That is known as the voice chat log.