10 Best Fixes For Origin Won’t Open Issue

Origin is a multiplayer online gaming platform that allows players to play with others online. It also has the Origin Store, which is a digital distribution platform. The Origin client now includes an in-game overlay, cloud storage, and live gameplay streaming.

Fix Origin Won't Open Issue In Computer Mac And Windows

Many customers report that the origin won’t open or does not launch when they want to play their favorite game. The software may operate in the background and be visible in the task manager or minimize it into the system tray.

Causes Of The “Origin Won’t Open” Problem

Origin Won’t Open issue could be anything from a flaw in the origin cache to a faulty update. The following are the most common scenarios.

  • Problems with the origin files: Some issues with the client’s core working files may arise, and the only method to resolve them is to reinstall the entire client.
  • Origin updater issues: The origin updater does not always update the origin client. While the client is updated in the background, it may stop responding.
  • Corrupted cache files: The error that causes the origin client to stop responding may be caused by corrupted cache files. The cache could be harmed in any way, resulting in the problem.
  • Temporary files that have become corrupted: The origin client creates temporary files to help it work properly over time, but these files can get corrupted and lead the client to stop responding. It’s possible that deleting these files will restore Origin’s functionality.

How To Solve “Origin Doesn’t Launch” Issue?

  1. Clear Your Computer’s DNS Cache
  2. Reset Host Files For Windows 10
  3. Delete The Temporary Files Of The Origin
  4. Delete Origin’s Cache Files
  5. Check Updates For The Origin Client
  6. Launch Origin In Compatibility Mode
  7. Add Origin As An Exception In the Third-Party Antivirus program
  8. Disable All Origin In-Game Overlays
  9. Check And Install The latest Updates For Windows
  10. Perform A Clean Boot On Your Computer

1. Clear The Computer’s DNS Cache

Clearing the computer’s DNS cache is the simplest modification that can help you run Origin in no time.

Follow these steps to clear the DNS cache:

  • Enter the Run dialogue box by using the search menu or pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously.
  • Type the command ipconfig /flushdns into the dialogue box when the run window appears and hit enter.
  • A command box will occur for a fraction of a second, indicating that the computer’s DNS cache has been emptied.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

2. Reset Host Files For Windows 10

Every Windows installation contains a host file that aids in the redirection of websites to their IP addresses. However, this file can become contaminated, corrupted, or contain inaccurate data. This results in internet problems, such as the inability to use applications like Origin.

In most cases, the host file should not be edited or altered. If you notice any changes to the host file, you can restore it by following the procedures below:

  • To begin, open File Explorer and go to this location:
    • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Now, find the host file in the directory and rename it to host.bak.
  • Create a new notepad file called Hosts, then paste the following text into it:
    • # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.
    • ## This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
    • ## This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames. Each
    • # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
    • # be placed in the first column, followed by the corresponding hostname.
    • # The IP address and the hostname should be separated by at least one space.
    • ## Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
    • # lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.
  • Now save this notepad file to the following location: C: WindowsSystem32driversetc.
  • Your host file should now be as it should be. However, it is suggested that you generate a backup host file so you may replace it if necessary.
  • Keep a backup of the previous host file and place it next to the original in the driver’s folder.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

3. Delete The Temporary Files Of The Origin

Some temporary files are in the AppData folder while running Origin on Windows 10. That folder could contain some hazardous files. And removing such files is necessary to start the Origin.

Follow these steps to erase the temporary files on the Origin:

  • By hitting Windows + R simultaneously, the Run dialogue box appears.
  • Type %AppData% in the box when the run windows appear and hit enter.
  • Locate the roaming folder in the AppData directory.
  • Right-click the Origin folder in the roaming folder and pick delete from the drop-down menu.
 pick delete
  • Then, in the AppData folder, look for the Origins Folder. Also, remove that folder.
  • Try relaunching the Origin Client after the files have been erased. 
  • To get the best results, restart your computer and launch Origin Client to see whether the problem still exists.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

4. Delete Origin’s Cache Files

If you’ve been utilizing Origin for a while, you’re probably familiar with its limited number of cache files. Furthermore, these files can get corrupted or contaminated, resulting in an Origin won’t open error. These cache files must be erased for the Origin to function properly.

  • Exit the Origin client application first.
  • Press Windows + R to open the Run dialogue box.
  • Type %ProgramData% in the box when the Run window appears and hit enter.
  • You’ll now see a list of your computer’s installed programs. Locate the Origins folder in the shown list and double-click it to open it.
  • Remove all directories except the LocalContent folder now (Right-click and select delete from the menu).
  • Please don’t delete the local content folder because it will cause data loss and some applications to stop working.
  • Also, rename the Origin and delete origin.exe.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

5. Check Updates For The Origin Client

Many users appear to have had the “Origin won’t open” error when you look into it. You can check Origin’s website for updates or see if an in-app update is available.

  • You can manually download some of these updates if you can’t locate them in the application. 
  • Windows updates frequently supply these changes, so check that out.
  • Right-click the Start Menu and then select Task Manager from the options menu.
  • You can also open Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and Dlt keys simultaneously.
  • Check if any Origin Processes are running in the Task Manager window and if they are using Network.
Task Manager window
  • If you notice Origin in the task manager, but it isn’t utilizing any of your network bandwidth, it implies it isn’t updating.
  • You must exit the Task Manager and complete this process before proceeding.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

6. Launch Origin In Compatibility Mode

Every program that runs on Windows 10 must be compatible with the system requirements. Try running Origin in compatibility troubleshooter mode to see if the Origin client is compatible with your Windows.

  • Select properties from the drop-down menu when right-clicking the Origin Client App on the desktop or the installation folder.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab once the properties window has opened.
Compatibility tab
  • Now click Troubleshoot compatibility. If an incompatibility error appears, follow these actions.
  • Select the operating system and check the checkbox for “Run this program in compatibility mode.”
Run this program in compatibility mode
  • Disable the “Disable Fullscreen Optimization” option, as fullscreen optimization might sometimes create errors.
  • Check the box “Run this application as an administrator,” which will give Origin administrative rights and allow it to run smoothly.
Run this application as an administrator
  • To save the changes for Origin, click Apply and OK.
  • Restart the Origin software. 
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

7. Add Origin As An Exception In the Third-Party Antivirus program

Antivirus software has identified Origin as malicious. Origin consumes a lot of RAM and gives Antivirus programs a false impression. Although the processes depend on the antivirus software, you’re running. 

  • Check the client website of the antivirus to see if they cover how to add applications to exceptions.
  • Go to the settings of the antivirus program.
  • Look for a menu item named “Exceptions” or “Add to Exceptions.”
  • Running it will prompt you for the binary’s path (or an EXE application’s name) or a name.
  • You can determine the Origin client’s path or name.
  • This way, your antivirus won’t suspect the Origin of anything when it tries to do a scan.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

8. Disable All Origin In-Game Overlays

Overlays may be the cause of your Origin failing to start. In-game overlays have a substantial impact on the framerate. All Origin in-game overlays should be turned off.

Follow the simple procedures below to turn off overlays:

  • To begin, open Origin on your PC.
  • Then, in the top menu, locate and click Application Settings.
  • A list of all the in-game overlays for Origin may be found here. All in-game overlays should be turned off. 
  • After you’ve disabled your Origin App, restart it to see if everything is operating properly.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

9. Check And Install The latest Updates For Windows

If you’ve tested everything and still don’t feel like resetting the computer, it could be the OS’s issue. Check for updates for your operating system to check whether it’s Windows causing the problem.

  • On the bottom-right corner of your screen, open the notifications center.
  • If the section has already been expanded, look for “All Settings.”
  • Select “Updates and Security” from the drop-down menu.
Updates and Security
  • To see if updates for Windows are available, press the “Check for Updates” button.
  • If updates are available, they will be posted beneath the button. You can install each update individually or only a couple of a time.
check for windows
  • You should install updates regularly. These upgrades ensure that your programs and software work properly.
  • Updates to.NET packages, supplied by Microsoft through Windows Updates, are required for desktop applications.
  • You can activate automatic updates if you can’t keep up with manually updating your Windows.
  • You may also set up scheduled updates to ensure that you don’t run out of internet while you’re working.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.

10. Perform A Clean Boot On Your Computer

Reinstalling the Origin client must have solved the issue. Your computer may be interfering with your software’s usual operation.

  • To open the “Run” window, press the “Win+R” keys simultaneously.
  • Type “MSConfig” into the Run window to open the System Configuration window.
  • Select the “Services” tab in the system’s settings.
  • Tick the “Hide all Microsoft services ” box to avoid mistakenly turning off the Microsoft services” box.
Hide all Microsoft services
  • Then hit “Disable All” to turn off all services operating on your computer.
  • After you’ve disabled it, go to the “Startup” area.
  • To run the task manager, press the “Open Task Manager” button in the starting area.
  • During startup, disable all services.
  • Close Task Manager and return to the previous window by pressing “OK.”
  • Restart the computer to ensure that all modifications have taken effect.
  • Now, check if the “Origin Won’t Open” issue is fixed or not.


Origin won’t open on the computer. Don’t be concerned! You’re not by yourself. Several Origin users have reported this problem. The good news is that it is fixable. Using one of the solutions provided above, you should be able to solve the problem quickly.


Why Is Origin Not Working On Windows 10?

Restart your computer. Then go to the top left Origin menu, Application Settings – General, and update your Origin client to the newest Beta version. After you’ve finished, make sure you’re the administrator and run the Origin setup file with administrative privileges. The Origin should be restarted.

Why Can’t I Open Sims 4 Or Origin?

Corrupted save files might result in the Sims 4 not starting. You can try to reload the files by restarting the game. The families in the game will be deleted if the game is reset. You can back up the game first if you like.

Is Origin OK For Mac?

The Origin of the Mac is a new built-for-platform version of Electronic Arts’ direct download application for Mac users throughout the world. The Origin for Mac will provide fast and secure game downloads for many of EA’s and publishing partners’ most popular titles, just as it has for millions of PC customers worldwide.

Why Is My Origin App Not Working?

Select Properties from the context menu of the Origin shortcut on your desktop. Click the Run compatibility troubleshooter button on the Compatibility tab. Click To test-run the program with recommended compatibility settings, try the recommended settings.