How to Fix Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working

The program created by Electronic Arts to purchase and play video games is Origin. It is considered a healthy alternative to Steam, which offers its overlay function in the game. This feature is excellent, but it creates some problems sometimes. 

Many players are currently facing the dilemma of not working with the Origin overlay and are searching for easy solutions to get rid of this problem. If you are still one of those facing this challenge, you do not need to fear now, as you can surely get rid of the situation after pursuing the remedies.

Check if Origin In-Game Overlay is Enabled or Disabled

This solution is the easiest. If the origin in game overlay is on/off, one must first verify. For example, in different games, the titanfall 2 origin overlay problem exists several times; players fail to allow it, so you have to verify it. Follow the steps below to verify if the origin overlay is disabled or allowed to play the game: 

  • Open origin
  • Tap the origin menu and select settings for the program. 
  • Click the in-game origin tab to see whether the in-game origin overlay toggle is set to ON or OFF. If it’s off, get it on to see if the game can be enjoyed.
How to Fix Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working

Shut down all the background apps

Click the Windows logo key to open the task manager and check for applications. Tap the tab Operations. You can see the applications and background processes that are running. See those that use a high CPU volume and memory, pick them one by one, and then press End to close them. 

If you have enough time, you can close all of them, but it’s fine if you close just the ones with reasonably decent CPU and memory use. Open the game you’ve been playing to make sure whether the origin related issue is solved or not.

Disable Antivirus Temporarily

For several games, antivirus was a concern; we saw many problems occurring when playing the games when the antivirus is switched on. Often, it also causes concerns with games. We can momentarily disable it and see how the Origin overlay functions correctly when the antivirus is switched off.

You should also add the game to the antivirus exception list and then see whether the bug is solved. Open your antivirus setup and check for the Exclusion tab, then add your games to the origin.

Update Windows

Try refreshing Windows, and then see if the problem is solved. Check for windows update. Follow the steps given below to check for updates. 

  • Click the Windows key, and in the search box, type Update. You can see Search for Updates in the search results. Only press it. 
  • Now, in the Windows upgrade window that opens, you have to press on Search for changes. 
  • It will search if there are any new releases and bring them to you. Download and install all of them if there are new updates available.

Clear Origin’s Cache

There may be a situation where the Root’s cache is contaminated, and that is why it does not function. Let’s manage to clear the cache and see what happens afterward. 

  • The first step is to close origin and open the task manager and destroy all of the origin operating processes. 
  • Select the Windows key, check for Run and click on the Run app in the search results. 
  • Now, in the run box, type” percent temp percent. ” 
  • Here, remove all the files in the opening folder that are present. 
  • Now, in the Run box, type “Percent ProgramData percent /Origin” and click Enter. 
  • Now, a list of several directories will be displayed. Except for LocalContent, you have to uninstall all the folders. Don’t delete-LocalContent from this folder. 
  • Select the Run box and insert “Percent percent of AppData.” 
  • Here, a folder called ‘Origin’ will appear. Remove this one. 
  • Now, in the Roaming folder’s address bar, click on ‘AppData.’ Now, open the folder Local. 
  • Remove the folder for origin here. 
  • Now, restart your PC and see the issue’s status.

Manage V Sync and Video Settings  

There may be a situation where owing to the video settings, this problem arises; one has to handle it to solve the problem. Take the instructions to do so below. 

  • Free Root, Open Game Configuration->Visual 
  • Press Turn to Window Mode to see the state of the problem. 
  • Then turn on V sync (if switched off) or turn it off (if turned on) if the problem still exists, to see if it works or not.

Perform a Clean Boot

This move would allow us to erase any problems with the Origin client. To execute a clean boot that will delete the utilities and third-party programs from the device initialization, follow the below steps.

  • Clean-booting Windows will uninstall third-party applications and device initialization utilities to ensure no programs that clash with the in-game overlay of origin. 
  • Right-click the Start menu button to clean the Windows boot, then pick Run. 
  • In Run’s Open directory, select msconfig and press Enter to open a window seen immediately below. 
  • To pick Load Device Resources and Use Original Boot Options, press the Selective Startup Radio button. 
  • If this option is tested, uncheck the Load Startup Objects box. 
  • Pick the Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox on the Services page. 
  • To deselect all the remaining third-party services listed, press the Disable all button. 
  • To save the new settings, select the Submit option. 
  • To exit MSConfig, click the OK button. 
  • On the Machine Configuration dialogue box which pops up, press Restart. 
  • Make sure to clean-booting Screens, then try playing a game with origin’s overlay.

 Update System Drivers

Drivers are one of the factors for the mistakes that arise while playing sports. You have to update them so that the problems are fixed. Let us look at the measures taken to upgrade the drivers. 

  • Type System Manager in the Windows search box and open it. 
  • Look for the driver here, who needs to be changed. 
  • Right-click on the driver and pick the driver to change. 
  • Choose an online scan for new driver apps. 

It will start searching for the driver’s current version, and if it is found, it will upgrade it automatically. Play the game until the driver upgrade operation is done, see whether the problem is coming or has been solved. 

Many resources are available that can conduct the job of driver upgrading for you. You just need to download the tool and update it on your system. Once you update it will search the device for the drivers who need to be changed to let you know. Enable upgrade authorization, and all of your drivers will be upgraded to their new version.

Reset Windows

If you have tried all of the above methods but still experience Origin overlay not working on Windows 10, your operating system might have something wrong. You will need to reset Windows in this situation. You need to know before you reset Windows that there are two choices that you can use during the process: 

  • Hold my documents (Remove apps and settings, but keep your files) 
  • Delete the entire thing (Remove all of your files, apps, and locations) 

You can select any one depending on your needs. Still, if you choose the Delete All option, it is recommended that you follow the next steps to back up your device partition before continuing with the reset process.

  • To save the backup, connect an external hard drive to your computer. 
  • Download the MiniTool Partition Wizard to your machine and install it. 
  • The tool is released—Right-click on your device partition when you get the gui and pick Copy. 
  • As the goal disc, pick your external hard drive and mark the place where you want to put all the data on your device drivers, and then press Next to begin. 
  • Customize the size and location for a new partition in the following pane. If you wish to make some changes, pick Copy to resize the section and then edit it. Click Finish, next. 
  • When you return to the interface, to apply all pending adjustments, press Apply. When a note alert pops up, press Yes to validate the operation.

Uninstall Origin and then Reinstall it

Let’s try uninstalling the origin and then reinstalling it again so that if the installation is infected, it will be cleaned up, and we can get new files where we can verify whether or not the problem persists. Let’s look at the steps and how to do it.

  • If the origin is available, close it and destroy the task manager with all the processes relevant to the origin. 
  • Now open the control panel, and under the Programs tab, press Uninstall a program. 
  • Look here for the origin and right-click on it
  • Follow the uninstallation steps shown. 
  • Now, head over to the Origin installation directory (C:\Program Files(x86)) 
  • Look for a folder for origin. To delete it, you need to. 
  • By pressing the Windows key, check for the Registry Editor. In the search results, right-click the Registry Editor and select Run as administrator. 
  • You need to go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node folder now. 
  • You have to search for the Root folder in this folder and delete it. 
  • Now, go to the folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  • Here, look for and remove the Origin document. 
  • Open the run box and insert %ProgramData%/
  • Look for the origin folder here as well and remove it.
  • Restart your machine now and go to the origin’s official website to grab it from there. 
  • Right-click on the file after it gets downloaded and pick Run as administrator. 
  • To mount it, follow the directions displayed on your computer. 
  • Check whether the Origin overlay not working is resolved still does not work after you have installed it successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if none of my Origin games will launch?

Clean the DNS cache for your PCs. To open the Run dialogue box, click the Win + R keys on your keyboard.
On Windows 10, reset the Hosts file. 
Disable all in-game overlays for origin. 
Clear the cache at the origin.
Remove origin, then reinstall it.

How do I turn on Origin In-Game?

Open and log into your EA Account with the Origin client. 
Tap the Origin menu and select Settings for Apps. 
Tap on the In-Game tab for origin. 
To transform Origin In-Game on or off, toggle the On/Off button.

How do I turn off Origin overlay 2020?

As for removing overlay, in the Origin client, you can select Origin > Device settings. Then pick the tab Origin inGame and use the checkbox to remove it.

Why is origin restricted access mode?

Unauthorized modifications to the Origin client and game files on your device are prohibited by the Restrictive Access Mode. If your EA Account is allowed, you will need to log in to your device as an administrator to download games, install updates, and make any changes to existing files.

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