7 Fixes: Origin Friend Request Not Working Issue

Origin is the online entertainment site for Electronic Arts where people can download and play games. The gaming site also makes it easy for its users to look for friends, chat, and play games together. Some individuals, however, say that their requests for Origin friends are not functioning.

Origin Friend Request Not Working Issue

The following circumstances are included in the root friend request not working issue: 

  • Add an individual, but he does not see any prompts about the request for a friend. 
  • Your friends give you a request for a friend, but you do not get a prompt for a friend request on your Origin. 
  • You can not find them on your friend list after adding friends, but you are on their friend lists. 
  • You don’t even have a button for “send a friend request.” 

If one of the above “Origin friend requests not working” issues has been observed, please read the following material for a possible solution.

How to Solve Origin Friend Request Not Working Issue

Here are some ways for you to solve the “Origin friend request not working” dilemma. These ideas are compiled from different forums, and several people say that these solutions work for them. 

Origin Restart 

Some individuals report that by going offline and going back online, destroying any Origin process in Task Manager, and then reopening the Origin app, they have solved the Origin friend requests not working problem.

  • Tap on the Origin menu, then pick Go Offline. Go back online then. 
  • Near Origin. In the Windows Taskbar, right-click the vacant area and select Task Manager. You will locate all processes linked to Origin on the Procedure page, right-click them one by one, and pick End Job. 
  • Open Origin again.

Update Origin

Origin is designed to keep up-to-date with itself. This ensures that it will immediately upgrade to the newest version as you log in to Origin. But if you have Origin running when a new update begins, it won’t update immediately. Alternatively, exit and restart to continue the update. You can also restart your machine and start upgrading Origin after that.

Add Friends from Website with Phone

If you are using AT&T U-Verse, by accessing the web and adding friends from your phone with WiFi off, you are likely to solve the problem. There appears to be a disconnection between the root and AT&T. There appears to be an issue connected to those using the ISP where the chat is still unavailable because no one with any friends will play games. 

But you’re already offline and can’t play with someone if you fire it back on your PC. Please check that the Origin files are not blocked by antivirus software in this situation, and then restart the Origin.

Run OriginClientService.exe as Administrator

Some individuals claim that by running OriginClientService.exe as an administrator, they have fixed the Origin friend requests not working problem. The guide is here: 

  • Close Origin 
  • Right-click Client Origin and select the place to open the file. This will open the Origin folder at the location of the files. 
  • Locate the app ‘exe’ in the folder and run it as an administrator. This software doesn’t open any windows or anything. 
  • “Run the standard “exe” program for the client.

Try Adding Friends Later

Often, the problem of the Root friend requests not working is just temporary. You can try adding friends a few hours later, and the friend requests feature can function this time.

Turn Windows Firewall Defender off

Windows Firewall Defender may block Origin’s permission to send/receive requests from mates. Take these steps to toggle the firewall off:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click System and Security
  • Select Windows Defender Firewall
  • Choose Turn Windows Firewall on or off
  • Select Turn Windows Defender Firewall off 
  • Click OK to save the changes.

Check your Internet Connection

It is crucial to ensure you have a quick and stable internet connection, as a slow connection could hinder Origin from performing individual acts. 

  • Open the internet browser to see whether the web pages load quickly and without stuttering. 
  • If you find that your internet is running slower than usual, do a hard reset on your modem/router. 
  • If this does not make any difference, call your internet company to inform them about the internet issue. 
  • Want to use a wired network before a wireless connection, too. Wireless connections tend to be less secure and sluggish.