10 Best Free and Open Source Call Center Software

What is Open Source Call Center Software

Call center software is a platform that allows call centers to ease, micromanage, and speed up their day-to-day operations, improving the customer experience.

A call center software lets you manage your company’s outbound and inbound telecommunications operations. Call center managers, administrators, and agents can utilize this to handle incoming calls, position outgoing calls, monitor call center metrics, conduct staff regulation, and load automated call handling scripts.

Features of an Open Source Call Center Software 

Using an open-source call center solution has multifold advantages that will help connect and provide interactive voice response.

  • Automatic call distribution: A stable, free, and open-source call center program can automatically direct the call to the suitable agent to manage it.
  • Allows customers to leave messages: Many free open source call center software gives customers the option to relay their message to the call center employee in the form of a voice note or email.
  • Use of specialized labels: After a call center executive has completed a telephone communication, they can mark the call outcome using technical tags such as interested, problem solved, handled by IT, etc.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVRs or Interactive Voice Response are the pre-recorded messages that a client hears before an employee is linked to them.
  • Enables performance assessment: If a new call center employee has been introduced to the CRM program of the call center, a manager can listen to the customer’s call without customers’ cognizance.
  • Improved call center Management System functionality: An open-source call center regulation framework can be easily used with third-party applications to protect customers’ details.     

Advantages of an Open Source Call Center Software

  • Support for multi-channel: Today, all traditional call center services provide multi-channel support options from which customers can request assistance through SMS, calls, websites, or mobile apps.
  • Automation by call center software: Automated call queue and call duration recording are some of the activities that a call center software contributes to. It helps to categorize calls based on the type of query that customers have so that calls can be redirected to the department in question.
  • Reduced costs: Improved productivity and reliability reduce call centers’ expense because it takes less time and energy to handle customer services. To no small degree, call centers utilize a predictive dialer feature coupled with call center software, which ultimately minimizes cost.
  • Improved Reporting:  Other qualities that call center software provides are improved reporting for management. These programs provide business managers with all the required information to design strategic strategies and make critical decisions.
  • Better Deliveries: Technology for call centers can quickly drive sales. Indeed, these are significant advantages of technology. Sales managers can efficiently handle the pre-sales requests of current clients using this program. They can easily view the history of purchases, process orders, review warranties, issue credits, and effectively manage after-sales services.

How to choose the right Open Source Call Center Software

Making the right choice while looking for call center software is not an easy task. There are multifold qualities that you want in your software, but most of them are not complete.

Here are some keynotes that one should look at while choosing a call centre application.

  • Kind of software: There are four different types of software for call centers, and they can vary significantly in terms of value, simplicity, time of implementation, protection, efficiency, and usability:
    • On-Premise call centre software
    • Hosted call centre software
    • Cloud-based call centre software
    • Browser-based call centre software
  • Flexibility: Technological systems for call centers are more versatile than ever. With the introduction of browser-based applications for call centers, teams from anywhere on the internet can access robust call centre functionality.
  • Ease of use: To make sure that your agents will be skilled in manipulating the app in the least time, software with easy configuration is preferred. Always provide a test trial to your employees. If they can’t have prowess in a few hours, move on to a solution that they can.
  • The call center’s qualities: You should make a list of your must-have call center software qualities once you have determined what sort of call center software is right for your team. Some of the additional features include:
    • Telephony, interactive voice response (IVR), skills-based routing, call queues, call control, disposition codes, call recording, call monitoring, automatic call distributor (ACD), conference calling, unlimited concurrent calls, actual-duration reporting, historical reporting.
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Top 10 Best Open Source Call Center Software

Below is the list of best call center software and call center solution that you must look at.

1. ViCidial

VICIdial Open Source Call Center Software

VICIdial is a highly recommended autodialer and is widely used by various business organizations with more than eight hundred registered installations in multiple industries. Its comprehensive selection of features and the advanced graphical user interface is one of the best open source call center software in the market.

Key Features:

  • Unified Agent Screen: There is a Unified Screen on the platform that allows users to control outbound and inbound calls and inbound emails, plus live chat on the website.
  • Open Source: Open source is a forum. At the code level, users can decide how the device operates and customize it to their taste.
  • Updates and upgrades: VICIdial is always updated with new features and updates, replacing old ones.
  • Web-phone connectivity: VICIdial is equipped with web-phone functionality. There is no need for more configurations while using the app.
  • Additional features include:
    • Auto Dialling Campaign
    • Automated/Scheduled Call Recording
    • Blended Sessions
    • Call transfer
    • Call recording
    • Callback Scheduling
    • Client Contact Management
    • Single/Multiple Dialing Campaigns

Pricing Policy:

  • The price for different services offered by VICIDial is as follows:
    • VICIDial Agent: USD 50
    • VICIDial Manual: USD 100
    • VICIDial NANPA: USD 250
  • Free trials are also available for each service.
  • For more details, visit VICIDial by VICIDial Pricing Details.

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Open Source Call Center Software

With powerful features such as workgroup collaboration, task and project management, multi-channel CRM, and a free call helpdesk, Bitrix 24 is free and open-source call center software. It comes with fully loaded features that can impress anyone and also cloud storage. It has a specialization in soundtracking and broadcasting.

Key Features:

  • Free call live chat for your site: fantastic tools for real-time support that keep customers happy and eager for your products or services.
  • Email, SMS, and telephony: Classic contact center and helpdesk tech tools for classic customer communication networks, such as email, telephone and text messaging, call recording, etc. 
  • Automation for marketing and CRM: Full-featured customer relationship administration platform under the hood. Quotes, invoicing, email marketing, sales regulation, and more.
  • Social networks and messengers: Provides customer engagement tools for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, Viber, and other popular messengers and social networking sites.
  • Free collaboration platform: By integrating the most common collaboration tools in one location, Bitrix24 enhances internal communications within organizations.

Pricing Policy:

  • Multiple plans are offered by Bitrix24, which is provided in brief.
    • Cloud plans:
      • Free: starts from $0
      • Special:  starts from $24-59 per month for 2-24+ users
      • Business:  starts from $99-199 per month for 50+-unlimited users
    • On-premise plans:
      • Bitrix24.CRM: $1,490
      • Business: $2,990
      • Enterprise: $24,990
  • All above pricing are subject to discounts, billing period, and taxes for prevalent prices contact Bitrix24 Pricing Details.

3. Linphone 

Linphone Open Source Call Center Software

Linphone Desktop 4 is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) interface for advanced professional audio/video calling, which can be used both within the enterprise and with individual customers through call centers. Linphone is an open source call center software with unbelievable features like affordable call costs and lower hardware requirements.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface includes various features such as account development assistant, smart contact list, mobile address book synchronization, call history, QR code, or URL remote provisioning.
  • Advanced calling features: HD video call (supported codecs H.264, H.265, and VP8), call transfer and multi-call management call recording and replaying calls (audio only), audio conference calls.
  • Enhanced Instant Messaging experience: Multi-participant communications, Responsive Message Delivery Status, Sharing of photos and files, Multi-device support, Advanced IM alerts, with options for “reply to” and “Mark as read.”
  • Safe communications: SIP TLS with state-of-the-art transcription algorithms, SRTP and ZRTP audio and video encoding, end-to-end and community messaging encryption.
  • Increased quality of audio and video: Adaptive jitter buffer algorithm, regulation of adaptive bitrate, cancellation of echo, call quality indicator, and advanced call statistics display.

Pricing Policy:

  • Linphone has a double license and can be authorized and sold as follows:
    • The free license under the GNU GPLv3 license (open source)
    • It can also be utilized in closed source software under a proprietary license. For costs and other service details, contact Belledonne Communications.

4. ICT Dialer

ICT Dialer Open Source Call Center Software

ICTDialer is an open-source, centralized auto dialer that can be optimized so that it can use any technology you need to perform hundreds of simultaneous calls-from VoIP to FoIP to PSTN and beyond. There is no limit to the agent count and features of VICIdial. These include often paid features, such as auto dialing, IVR, and call recording, etc.

Key Features:

  • IVR functionality: With the aid of REST APIs, clients can configure a public DID phone number to accept incoming calls via IVR or integrate their database with IVR to streamline their business processes.
  • Call Center supports both inbound and outbound features and provides multiple queues/webphone/agent output and assessment and other advanced features.
  • Real-time report: To increase performance and productivity, the ICTDialer platform has provided full real-time monitoring and campaign statistics.
  • AMD: This feature differentiates between an individual and a computer when the third-party answers a call.
  • WEB RTC: The ICTDIaler platform provides a web-based Webphone that allows employees to accept calls using their browsers without any external equipment or software.
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Pricing Policy:

  • For cloud call, center services the ICT dialer has the following Pricing Policy.
    • ICTContact Enterprise Edition: $699 for 10 agents, single payment.
    • ICTContact Service Provider Edition: $6000 one single payment.
    • ICT dialer has a custom Pricing Policy based on the number of agents, location, and initial top-up.
    • With an initial top-up of USD 50 and ten agents, the price would be approximately USD 152.
  • For more information on the pricing plans and features, refer to  ICT Dialer Pricing Details

5. OrecX 

OrecX Open Source Call Center Software

OrecX is a very prominent, completely open audio/call recorder. In practice, many business VoIP providers use its core code to give their customers a more comprehensive range of services regularly. One of the significant-good points here is that the device is flexible and cross-platform, allowing audio streams to be captured and retrieved almost any way you may need.

Key Features:

  • OrecX features include: 
  • Strategic features:
    • Long Term Planning Control
    • Pace for marketing
    • Meet the most extensive range of instances of the use
  • Technical features:
    • Easier to work because there is no need for proprietary information
    • Agility to innovate as the company evolves with tempo
    • Design of more excellent quality, from comprehensive peer review and evaluation
  • Economic:
    • Creation of solutions adapts to the current operating environment.
    • Lowest cost models of licensing and assistance
    • Longevity in apps (i.e., evergreen)
  • Collaborative:
    • Access to broad-based ecosystems of value-add
    • Business model-based on creativity
    • Lock-ins from vendors are excluded.

Pricing Policy:

  • A 30-day trial is available.
  • Contact OrecX for pricing and to know the different qualities of the software.

6. GoAutoDial

GoAutoDial Open Source Call Center Software

GOautodial is a completely featured and best-in-class call center software that can easily manage inbound, outbound, and blended calls. It is equipped with many useful administrative setup and control features, report generation, call recording capabilities, and much more. A multi-channel contact center application with both voice and non-voice functionality is also supported.

Key Features:

  • Management features include:
    • Dedicated User Extensions for direct calling
    • VoiceMail for Personal Voicemail & Team
    • Automated Call Delivery (ACD), Mixed calls (inbound and outbound call), call routing
    • Campaign/Queue by IVR
    • Manual, Preview, Auto, and Predictive dialer for Outbound Calls
  • Compliance with: 
    • Telemarketing enforcement from the US, UK, and Australia
    • Safe-harbor message drop timer for FTC enforcement
  • Storage of Call Recording & Speech Log:
    • The choice to store your FTP server call recordings
    • Complete transcripts of the call or on-demand
  • Lead management: 
    • Uploading and downloading lists of clients
    • Timezone Restriction Leads
    • Blacklist and internal DNC
  • Management of Campaigns: 
    • Custom Caller ID – Specific Campaign
    • Custom Call and Call Dispositions Status updates
    • Caller ID Dynamic Area Code
    • Hotkeys for fast hangup and arrangements to call

Pricing Policy:

  • GoAutoDial cloud provides two kinds of plans, which are:
    • GoCloud Starter: USD19 per month per Agent (Starts with five units)
    • GoCloud Premium: USD 24 per month per Agent (Starts with six units)
  • GoAutoDial VOIP provides three kinds of plans, which are:
    • GOVoIP Installation: USD 70 (one time fee)
    • GOVoIP Inbound: USD 5 per month
    • GOVoIP Minutes: Starting from USD50 and scalable as per need
  • GoAutoDial professional provides three kinds of plans, which are:
    • New Server Setup: Starts at $640 Installation of GOautodial on your server
    • Managed Services: USD300 per month Starts with 10 Seats
    • Hourly Support: starts USD160 for open source software users
  • For more information about plans, visit GoAutoDialers’ official website at GoAutoDial Pricing Details.

7. Asterisk

Asterisk Open Source Call Center Software

Asterisk call center software offers specialized modules to resolve all customer experience and customer service-related activities. The Asterisk telecommunications platform also offers low-maintenance software that can be quickly incorporated with telephony hardware. This program is a globally used standard call center program called open source software and a free call center.

Key Features:

  • Asterisk comes with the package of multifold characteristics:
  • Calling features: 
    • ADSI On-Screen Menu System, Authentication, Automated Attendant, Blacklists, Call Detail Records, Call Forward on Busy, Call Forward on No Answer, Call Monitoring, Call Parking, Call Queuing, Call Recording, Call Retrieval, Call Routing (DID & ANI), etc.
  • Includes multiple codecs:
    • ADPCM, CELT (pass-through), G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law), G.719 (pass through), G.722, G.722.1 licensed from Polycom, G.722.1 Annex C licensed from Polycom, G.723.1 (pass through), G.726, G.729a, GSM, iLBC, Linear, LPC-10, Speex, SILK.
  • Scalability attributes:
    •  TDMoE (Time Division Multiplex over Ethernet), Allows direct connection of Asterisk PBX, Zero-latency, Uses commodity Ethernet hardware, Voice-over IP, Allows for integration of physically separate installations, Uses commonly deployed data connections, Allows a unified dial-plan across multiple offices.

Pricing Policy:

  • Asterisk is distributed under a dual license:
    • Open source license
    • Commercial license 
  • For more information on plans,check Asterisk Pricing Details

8. Avoxi

Avoxi Open Source Call Center Software

AVOXI is a cloud-based contact center software that offers many business-class telephone features to ensure customer service consistency without interruption. With AVOXI, you can leverage VoIP cellular service technologies to fulfill unique business needs, such as scaling up and down customer service criteria.

Key Features:

  • Avoxi provides many elements in its contact center software suite.
  • Cloud Telephony: Improve your connectivity with AVOXI’s business voice platform through an easy-to-use online interface.
    • Auto Attendant: Route inbound callers via automatic prompts to the correct recipient.
    • Call Recording: Record calls to track the quality of the call and reference data easily.
    • Other qualities include: Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Unlimited Concurrent Calls, Virtual Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, DID Numbers, SMS Forwarding, SIP Trunking, Web-based RTC Softphone.
  • Call Monitoring & Routing: Save time with your simple call management solutions and never miss a call.
    • ACD: Set up automatic rules for call routing and control your inbound call distributions from an online interface that is simple to use.
    • Call Groups: Assemble skills-based teams of agents to deal with incoming calls from a single line.
    • Other qualities include: Call Queueing, Forward-to-Phone, Hosted IVR, 3-Way Call Conferencing, Call Blocking, Phone number management, Time-Based Routing, Queue Callback.
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Pricing Policy:

  • Avoxi offers two pricing plans for the Cloud Contact Center service.
    • AVOXI Contact: USD 19.99 per month per user
    • AVOXI Enterprise: USD 39.99 per month per user
  • For more information on features and pricing plans, contact Avoxi Pricing Details.

9. Ekiga

Ekiga Open Source Call Center Software

Ekiga is software for a free call center and open source call center commonly used for video conferencing, messaging, and softphone call centers. Users access a free SIP address. It lets you make video calls to every other customer who also has a SIP address worldwide. Several codecs are supported by it. 

Key Features:

  • Graphical User Interface includes: 
    • HIG Compliant GUI: Ekiga looks right, works correctly, and blends as a whole into the GNOME user interface.
    • Contact centric interface: it is possible to list preferred contacts in the key user interface (Buddy List).
    • Presence display of contacts: Offline, Away, Busy, Online (SIP/SIMPLE) status.
    • Enable message waiting indications: Ekiga will tell you how many voicemails are being sent.
    • User-friendly and fully featured interface: its user-friendly nature help in easy navigation.
  • Call qualities:
    • Call Transfer: The remote user may be passed to another user.
    • Dialpad: This helps you to dial numbers using an alphanumeric graphical keyboard.
    • DTMF Support: This function is required to dial numbers
    • Enum Support: Enum is a common form used by the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and different VoIP providers to provide a single numbering scheme.
  • Audio and video codecs supported:
    • Audio Codecs: G.711-Alaw, G.711-uLaw, Speex (NarrowBand and WideBand), G.722 (wideband), G.722.1 (aka Siren 7), etc. 
    • Video Codecs: THEORA Video Codec (SIP only), H.264 Video Codec (SIP only), H.263 Video Codec (SIP only), etc.

Pricing Policy:

10. Newfies-Dialer

Newfies Dialer Open Source Call Center Software

Newfies-Dialer is a platform for auto dialer and voice broadcasting rolled into a single call center solution. It is built to scale on a distributed architecture that expands and evolves as the call center does the same.

Key Features:

  • Live Transfers: Lead generation in your call center with press-one transfers to your employees.
  • VoIP Provider: By selecting your VoIP provider, tightly manage your call costs.
  • Voicemail Detection: Correct detection, whether it is individual or voicemail.
  • Text to Speech: Supports text-to-speech from various vendors, including all TTS systems based on MRCP.
  • Multiple Caller ID: Set a caller ID for your business to provide to your contacts.
  • SMS Messaging: Send SMS messages via the SMS gateways supported.
  • Developer APIs: Connect with other software applications with a set of built-in APIs for nearly every user interface feature.

Pricing Policy:

  • Newfies-Dialer offers prices as per the number of users, which is summarized below.
    • 25 Ports: $199/month for ten agents.
    • 100 Ports: $399/month for twenty agents.
    • 250 Ports: $599/month for forty agents.
    • 500 Ports: $999/month for eighty agents.
    • 1000 Ports: $1799/month for hundred and sixty agents.
  • For any further information on pricing and additional features, contact Newfie-Dialer Pricing Details.


The first position where your client measures the loyalty and commitment you show for them is a call center help desk. Investments in customer support technologies provide organizations with a long-term value proposition.

One should never refrain from investing in innovations that support customer experience management. Going through the above-mentioned best call center software will help you manage your organization’s most crucial asset: Customers.

If you are looking for solutions to your small businesses then you can look into our small business phone services which should help you with your needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a virtual phone call work?

The virtual phone service routes the call to each representative’s landline or mobile phone, either via the phone tree given with your account or directly to the forwarding numbers. The rings are handled as efficiently as a classic system by the network.

How much does call center software cost?

Most medium-sized businesses typically pay between $59-$119 per operator per month for call center software services, including a comprehensive call center solution that handles inbound and outbound phone calls, offers skill-based routing along with a predictive dialer, etc.

What is a CRM call center?

CRM or Call center customer relationship management is a mechanism for call center technology that provides staff with direct access to account details and history, allowing them to assist customers with up-to-date and appropriate service information.

What does SIP trunking mean?

The virtual twin of an analog phone line is a SIP trunk. A SIP provider can connect one, two, or twenty channels to your PBX using SIP trunks, enabling you to make local, long-distance, and international Internet calls.

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