Objects are not recognized in the AUT while working with a business component in UFT

UFT 11.5X / 12.0X is unable to identify objects from the application under test for a business component test.

This happens even if the application area has been created with the required add-ins and they’re also currently loaded from the testing tool.

The cause of this is because the specific technology/add-in support is not being injected to the target application process.

To fix this issue, as specified in UFT Help documentation at:

UFT User Guide > UFT Configuration > Settings for GUI Tests, GUI Business Components, and Application Areas > Reference > Applications Pane (Business Component Settings Dialog Box / Application Area – Additional Settings Pane)

“Lists the details of the Windows-based applications on which to record and run components associated with this application area. For details on the details displayed, see Select Application Dialog Box.

If you do not want to record or run on Windows-based applications, leave the application list blank. (This is the default setting.)”

It’s a requirement for applications for scenarios where a process name can be identified for the application under test (ActiveX, Net, WPF, PowerBuilder, etc…) to include it in the list of applications to record and run.

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