10 Fixes For Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

The Nintendo Switch Dock is a gift for any Nintendo Switch user who felt that the console’s display was not enough for their gaming experience. Nintendo designed the Switch dock to project the Switch’s smaller screen onto a bigger one, like that of a television or a monitor.

However, if this Dock stops working it can be very annoying and you will have to play your games through the small display. Your first thought would be to take it to the service center and wonder if your warranty is still valid.

We made an article of everything you can try to make your Nintendo Switch Dock work again before you can start thinking about your warranty. This article has a set of carefully curated and tested content, that can possibly help you start using the Nintendo Switch Dock as usual, without any issue, on your television.

What Causes My Nintendo Switch Dock To Not Work?

Nintendo Switch

It is impossible to determine the reason why the Nintendo Switch Dock Tv HDMI not working issue occurs. These are the factors that can possibly be responsible for this issue on your computer –

  • There is an insufficient power supply
  • There are issues with the Nintendo Switch Dock
  • HDMI cable is faulty
  • The cables are connected in the wrong order
  • Connectivity issues with the Nintendo Switch or the Television

These are the reasons we have managed to infer from the possible scenarios reported on popular forums. The reasons should be more or less connected with each other and thereby, can use the same solutions without any need for exclusivity.

Solutions To Fix Nintendo Switch TV Dock Not Working

Solutions To Fix Nintendo Switch TV Dock Not Working

These are the solutions you will have to apply in order to get your Nintendo Switch Tv Dock working normally. Any one of the below-stated solutions should help you connect your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite console onto a bigger screen, without you having to compromise on the quality of the output and performance.

  1. Perform A Power Cycle Of Your Nintendo Switch
  2. See If The Switch Power Cable is faulty
  3. Take A Look At Your HDMI Cable
  4. Plug The Cables In The Correct Order
  5. Verify The Faulty Nintendo Switch Dock
  6. Check The Nintendo Charger And The Power Outlet
  7. Reset Your Nintendo Switch Console
  8. Get Rid Of Any Hacks
  9. Consult With The Service Center
  10. Carefully clean the USB-C port & charger

Fixes For The Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working On TV Issue

Perform A Power Cycle Of Your Nintendo Switch

Issues with the Nintendo Switch console itself can be responsible for the Nintendo Switch dock not working no green light problem for your console. One such issue is the Nintendo Switch console having a different configuration.

A wrong configuration can be your enemy when you try to use the Nintendo Dock. Some settings cannot be changed with the normal settings. Under this condition, a power cycle is one of the first solutions that can help you set every software setting in your Switch.

This is the procedure to perform a power cycle for your Nintendo Switch console –

  1. Disconnect all the cables from the Nintendo Switch Dock. These are mostly the Power and HDMI cables. If you have used the USB port to connect a controller, you will have to vacate this slot also.
  2. Push the power button and hold it until you finish counting 20 Mississippis.
  3. Set the dock aside for a minute, approximately. In the gap, you can also power cycle the Nintendo Switch and your display.
  4. Connect the Dock, Nintendo Switch, and the television/monitor.

The casting process should be a success after this simple workaround. If it doesn’t, let’s move to the steps with detailed explanations.

Note: In simple words, power cycling a device with a battery is the process of restarting the device, and optionally draining the charge, to reset the settings of the device.

See If The Switch Power Cable is faulty

Since the Nintendo Switch is a handheld device, it has to be charged before you can use it. While charging the console, make sure that the adapter and the power cable are intact.

This might sound like a simple and obvious solution but it also happens to be a common cause for the Nintendo Switch to not function. Only when you have a functioning Switch when you be able to connect with the HDMI TV dock and cast it onto the screen.

Make sure that the charger is properly connected to both the console and the charging port. We all forget to do is turn the switch on after pushing the charger into the socket.

This can be very annoying when you put any of your portable devices down for charging and pick it up to see that it has not powered up even a bit. We know how frustrating it can be to look at a switch that you have not turned on.

If you notice damage to the cable, you can get a new cable online, at a GameStop or Best Buy. Do not use safety tape or a rubber band to make do for the damaged wires or insulation.

We recommend using the official Nintendo power and source cables the Switch dock. The HDMI and power cords that come with the console are the only ones that should be used with it. They also meet Nintendo’s slot and requirements.

If you have an unofficially manufactured cable as an alternative, make sure it fits into the port correctly. The majority of the HDMI cables, available in the digital and hardware stores should suffice. However, trying to use an off-brand HDMI cable may cause HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) issues.

Note: The Switch Dock has an HDMI version 1.4 port. This port is outdated technology. Your relatively newer HDMI cables may not be a good fit for the port on your Nintendo Switch charging dock

Take A Look At Your HDMI Cable

Take A Look At Your HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable is what connects your Nintendo Switch Dock with the HDMI cable. If this cable is damaged, there will be a weak collection or no connection between the Switch and the bigger display.

This does not necessarily have to be a damaged HDMI cable, an improperly connected HDMI cable can also be a factor that can stop the Dock from displaying content on the television. Check if the cable is loosely connected to the port on the television or monitor.

If it is, remove it and push it carefully into the port again. Just like any other cable, you can get another one or ask for a replacement from the store or platform that sold you the Nintendo Switch and Dock.

Plug The Cables In The Correct Order

Plug The Cables In The Correct Order

There are three very important ports on the side of the Nintendo Switch Dock, these are the slots that host the cable for establishing a connection between the Switch Dock and the television. This is like any other console with different ports to link the controller hardware and the display with the console.

The Nintendo Switch has separate slots for the AC Adapter (power cable), USB connection and, HDMI cable. The previously mentioned is the order you have to plug the cables in, one at a time.

This means that you have to unplug all the cables from the dock and insert them again, in the order it is supposed to be. While you’re at it, take a look inside the respective slots to see if there isn’t any grit or dust in the

Now, this might sound highly unusual to you but a lot of forums had people suggesting this step as a solution when your Nintendo Switch Dock cannot be used to connect with the bigger screen.

Verify The Faulty Nintendo Switch Dock

If the problem does not lie with the cables that are connecting your Switch, Dock, and display, the fault could be with the Nintendo Switch HDMI dock. This piece of hardware is made of plastic polymers and is fragile.

When the dock is dropped or experiences some form of physical trauma, the wiring inside or the shell outside can be damaged. It doesn’t necessarily have to be damaged, it could also be sold to you that way.

Check the product thoroughly if you are getting a refurbished or a used Nintendo Switch.

You can check the console and charging dock for damage. Use your hand to feel the surface of these components to see if there are cracks or broken parts, Shake them gently and if you hear some slight rattling from the dock or the Switch, you could be dealing with broken internal components.

Once the damage is done, the dock may or may not work. If it doesn’t you will have to take the malfunctioning hardware to a service unit or get a new one.

Check The Nintendo Charger And The Power Outlet

Check The Nintendo Charger And The Power Outlet

The issue can arise from the source of power and the median between the power supply & the console. The hardware components that are responsible for this are the charger and the power socket that the charger is connected to.

The charger brick/adapter can be damaged or there could be an internal circuit issue with the charger. If this is the case, you will not be able to charge your Nintendo Switch until you use a fully functional replacement for it. You can get a new charger or get the existing one fixed.

If the issue comes from the power outlet, test the outlet very carefully and if the results aren’t normal, you will have to use a different socket. This is as simple as having to remove the charger adapter from the socket and insert it in another one.

Note of concern: If you are having electricity-related issues, call your power company for assistance. Do not take things into your hands. Do not use a tester that isn’t properly insulated. We value the safety of our readers.

Reset Your Nintendo Switch Console

A hard reset of not just the Nintendo Switch but any portable device can clear the configurational issues in the device. All the settings will be set to default and the saved data & app cache will be deleted from the device’s memory.

Though this action is applied as a solution only when the issue cannot be fixed, it can also be used to fix it when the Nintendo Switch Dock is not working or charging.

You have to use these steps to do a factory reset of the device.

  1. When the Switch is up and running, press and hold the power button until a menu of options appears on the screen.
  2. Go into Power Options and tap the Power off option.
  3. Once the Nintendo Switch turns off, push and hold the power button. The console should start resetting in approximately 15 seconds.
  4. When you release the button, the reset process will end. Push this button once to boot the Switch up and it should boot up normally.

Now, your Switch will launch like it was brand new. You will have to reinitialize the device and then, install your games. The Switch should also be able to connect with the Dock, without any issue.

You will have a practically brand-new Nintendo Switch with relatively old hardware. As for the device software, there are chances of your hand-held console’s software being rolled back to a previous version or the version it was on when it was purchased.

Get Rid Of Any Hacks

Get Rid Of Any Hacks

Hacking in games is frowned upon in almost every gaming community. This is the same with Nintendo. Any detected hack in the game can become the reason why you are not able to charge your console.

This is a penalty for the users, with the intention of making them progress in the game legitimately, without having to rely on hacks. This is not just for the game hackers but also for those who try to fiddle with the Switch software, install game mods or customize the user experience and interface in the console.

This is not an appreciated idea, unlike gaming on computers, PlayStation, or Xbox. It can make a dent in the device software, making it permanently damaged.

Your only solution to this factor being the causal agent is to remove the hacks, mods and stop other attempts at customization. Once you have gotten rid of these unnecessary elements from your console, restart it to save the new changes.

Note: If we did not emphasize this enough, these kinds of actions could make your Nintendo Switch’s warranty invalid.

This means that a Nintendo brand-authorized service centre is not authorized to fix your Switch if any signs of hacking or modifications can be noticed.

Consult With The Service Center

One of the final options for you to fix the Nintendo Switch Dock is to take your device to an authorized service centre. This is your last resort after trying all the above-given workarounds.

A professional may be able to detect the exact issue and fix it. You might have to pay quite an amount if you do not have the store or brand warranty for the Nintendo Switch.

Your best option here is to take the defective console and dock to the store in which you bought the device. You can also mail the console carefully to an authorized service centre, with your valid warranty.

You might even get a new console as a replacement if it fits the required criteria for replacement.

Carefully clean the USB-C port & charger

This is not an actual solution but a maintenance tip for cleaning the Nintendo Switch. Cleaning your Nintendo Switch, Dock and controllers is a must as the accumulation of dust or grit can prevent connections.

Use a cotton bud or a brush to clean the slots and crevices in your console. Do not place your console or controller anywhere near a splash zone.

Wipe the console with a dry wet cloth frequently to get rid of dust. Place the devices in a safe location when you are not playing with them.

The final solution for you who experiences the Nintendo Switch Dock HDMI not working issue is to talk with the Nintendo Switch support. They may have a solution for you.

If the above solutions did not work for you, you will have to get a new Nintendo Switch. We hope these workarounds helped you fix it when the Nintendo Switch Dock does not work. Happy Gaming!


What to do when your Nintendo switch is on but the screen is black?

The frozen Nintendo Switch black screen issue is quite common. Unplug the AC adapter on both ends and try pressing the power button for around 10 to 15 seconds to turn it off and restart it again. It can also be fixed by performing a hard reset of your Switch.

Why is my Nintendo switch dock not working?

If your Nintendo Switch Dock is not working, as usual, it can be because of a number of reasons. Some of them are listed below.
Incorrect order of the cables
Low battery
Faulty cables
Issues with the HDMI
Connectivity issues with the Nintendo Switch or the bigger display

Why nintendo switch dock not working after the update?

The Nintendo Switch Dock could have coincidentally stopped working after you had downloaded updates or the updates could have some bugs or issues. The Nintendo Switch Dock probably does not work when there are connectivity issues, low charge, faulty cables, HDMI issues, and incorrect order of the cables being connected.

Why nintendo switch dock not working flashing green light?

The flashing green light on the Nintendo Switch Dock is an indication of the connection between the television/monitor and the Nintendo Switch Dock. When it does not blink, it means that the connection is not stable or does not exist. To fix this issue, you will have to unplug all the connections in the Nintendo Switch and press the power button for around 30 seconds till the Switch resets. Once this is done, insert all the cables into their respective slots and this should help establish a connection between the display and the Nintendo Switch.