10 Fixes: Nexus Mod Manager Not Downloading

Nexus Mod Manager not Downloading

Nexus Mod Manager is a popular manager and organizer for the mods of different PC games like Skyrim, Fallout, Oblivion, Fallout New Vegas, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and others. You can use it to install mods easily.

Recently, Vortex replaced Nexus Mod Managers as the official mod manager. Typically, the Nexus Mod Manager and Vortex work well, but if you’re experiencing issues such as the Nexus Mod Manager is not opening, not downloading mods, downloads are pausing randomly, or any similar issue, then use this guide to fix these problems.

Causes of Nexus Mod Manager Not Downloading 

  • Nexus Mod Manager doesn’t have administrator rights
  • The ‘Associate with NXM URLs’ option isn’t selected
  • Firefox isn’t opening NXM Files with NMM
  • Nexus Mod Manager application bugs
  • Outdated or corrupted NMM application
  • Antivirus or firewall is blocking NMM

How To Fix Nexus Mod Manager Not Downloading Mods?

If this is the first time you see NMM not downloading mods from the Nexus mods website or not opening, restart your computer. Moreover, reboot your router or modem as well. Also, make sure you’re signed in to Nexus Mod Manager because downloads won’t start if you haven’t. If the issue persists, try these solutions:

  1. Check the Settings ‘Associate with NXM URLs’
  2. Change Firefox Settings to Open NXM Files with Nexus Mod Manager
  3. Update Nexus Mod Manager
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall Nexus Mod Manager
  5. Switch to Vortex
  6. Move the NMM Folder to Another Location
  7. Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus 
  8. Allow NMM Through Firewall
  9. Remove the User.Config File from the AppData Folder
  10. Delete the Black_Tree _Gaming Folder from the AppData Folder

1. Check the Settings ‘Associate with NXM URLs’

When your Nexus Mod Manager program doesn’t have the permission to access or modify data in the desired folders, it may not work properly. In some cases, it won’t download mods or won’t open at all.

1.1 NMM Isn’t Opening

If your NMM isn’t opening, run it as administrator and try to run it again. 

  • Restart your computer.
  • Right-click the Nexus Mod manager icon on the desktop.
  • Select ‘Run as administrator.
Run as administrator

If it opens, close the application and use this method to run as administrator automatically:

  • Right-click the NMM icon on your desktop.
  • Choose ‘Properties’.
  • Switch to the Compatibility tab.
  • Checkmark the box ‘Run this program as an administrator.
Run this program as an administrator
  • Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK.’

1.2 NMM Isn’t Downloading

If your NMM application is not downloading mods, run it as administrator and then tweak settings. Follow these steps:

  • Launch NMM.
  • On the toolbar, click the Settings icon (cogwheel icon).
  • Go to the ‘OS Settings’ tab.
  • Your app needs administrator permission if you see that ‘Associate with NXM URLs’ is greyed out.
Associate with NXM URLs
Run as administrator
  • When NMM opens, go to Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon on the toolbar.
  • Navigate to the ‘OS Settings’ tab.
  • Now, the ‘Associate with NXM URLs’ option would be clickable. Checkmark the box.
  • If it’s already check-marked, uncheck it. Click OK. Close NMM. Then open NMM, go to Settings, and checkmark the option.

Now, try to download a mod from the official website. If it doesn’t work, go to Method 2. But if it works, make this permanent with these steps:

  • Close NMM.
  • Right-click NMM on the desktop and choose ‘Properties.’
  • Go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab.
  • Tick the box next to ‘Run this program as an administrator.
Run this program as an administrator
  • Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK.’

2. Change Firefox Settings to Open NXM Files with Nexus Mod Manager

Many users found the above method helpful for fixing the NMM not downloading issue. But if you still can’t download any mods with NMM, your web browser settings may blame you.

Usually, when downloading a mod from the website, you click the ‘Mod Manager Download’ button and open the mod on NMM, where it begins downloading. But, sometimes, the web browser doesn’t open the NXM files with Nexus Mod Manager. If you click the ‘Mod Manager Download’ button and it doesn’t open in NMM, use these steps for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

2.1 Change Firefox Settings

On Firefox, we’ll change settings so that NXM files are automatically opened with Nexus Mod Managers.

  • Launch Firefox.
  • Click the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) and pick ‘Settings
  • S.’croll down to find the ‘Applications’ section.
  • You’ll see different formats of files and the default application that opens them. Find ‘nxm’ in the list. If you can’t find nxm, you haven’t opened any mod files with Firefox. Go to the NexusMods website and try to download a mod file.
  • Now, go back to the list with different formats, and click ‘nxm.’
  • A small drop-down menu arrow would appear at the far right. Click it to open the different applications that can open the format.
  • Select ‘Nexus Mod Manager.
Nexus Mod Manager
  • If you can’t see it, choose ‘Use other.’
  • Select ‘Browse’ and go to the folder where Nexus Mod Manager is installed.
  • Click OK.
  • Restart your browser and download a mod file for testing.

2.2 Associate NXM Files with NMM on Google Chrome and Similar Browsers

On Chrome, we couldn’t find a similar option to the Firefox settings mentioned above. (If you do, let us know in the comments). So, we’ll open a mod file on Chrome with Nexus Mod Manager and make this action permanent for all future downloads of this file type. Follow below to know how to perform this action:

  • Go to the Nexus website (NexusMods) and log in with your details.
  • Find any mod you want and open it.
  • Click the ‘Manual’ button next to ‘Download.’
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Mod Manager Download.’
Mod Manager Download
  • It’ll show the option to perform Free Download or Premium.
  • Select the option depending on your account.
  • The download will begin, and you’ll see a notification on Chrome asking if you want to open this file with Nexus Mod Manager.
  • Checkmark the box ‘Always allow…’.
Open Nexus Mod Manager
  • Click ‘Open Nexus Mod Manager.
  • Your file will be opened in NMM, where you can download it.

3. Update Nexus Mod Manager

If the above two solutions failed to fix the NMM not opening and not downloading issue, this problem could be due to a buggy app. Fortunately, apps like NMM are frequently tested, and bugs are fixed with updates.

So, check for updates and begin using your updated Nexus Mod Manager. If NMM isn’t opening, use Methods 4 and 5. For users who can’t download mods with NMM, follow below:

  • Launch Nexus Mod Manager.
  • On the toolbar, click the update button (two round arrows making a circle).
Update Nexus Mod Manager
  • NMM will check for updates and notify you if any updates are available. Else, you’ll see the message that your application is up to date.
  • If it shows an error, close Nexus Mod Manager and launch it as administrator (as shown in Method 1).

4. Uninstall and Reinstall Nexus Mod Manager

Bugs of out-of-date apps are fixed with an update shown in the last method. But if you can’t update even when you open NMM with administrator rights, your application files may be corrupted.

Or, if your update went fine, but you still can’t download mods, there may be another unknown issue. In this case, you may need to uninstall the app and install the latest version. Follow the below steps:

  • On Windows, open the Start menu and go to Settings.
  • Select ‘Apps.’
  • Find ‘Nexus Mod Manager’ or ‘NMM’ from the list of programs.
  • When found, click it and select ‘Uninstall’ on Windows 10. For Windows 11, click the three dots at the far right and choose ‘Uninstall
  • A.’fter the installation is finished, restart your computer.
  • Now, open your web browser and go to Google.
  • Search ‘Nexus Mod Manager Github.’
  • Open the Github website. It’ll have the download link for NMM.
  • Download and install it.
  • Run NMM as administrator and try to download any mod from it.

If you don’t want to install Nexus Mod Manager and want to try any other mod manager, go to Method 5.

5. Switch to Vortex

You should consider an alternative if the above method doesn’t fix the NMM not downloading mods problem. On the NexusMods website, the official mod manager is Vortex.

It’s considered a better mod manager than Nexus Mod Manager. It has a completely new interface with an active dev team that fixes bugs frequently.

Moreover, just like Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex is also free to install. You just need to be logged in, which is the condition to install anything from the NexusMods website. 

We’ll show two methods to install Vortex.

5.1 Install Vortex Mod Manager from the Official Website

  • Open your web browser and go to NexusMods.
  • Login with your details. Suppose you don’t have an account. Could you register an account, and it’s free?
  • On the search bar at the top of the page, search ‘Vortex.’
  • Open the first search result.
  • On the new page, next to ‘Download,’ click ‘Manual.’
  • Scroll down and download Vortex.

5.2 Install Vortex from GitHub

If, for any reason, you can’t download Vortex from the official website, you can get it from GitHub for free.

  • Open your web browser and go to Google.
  • Search ‘Vortex mod manager GitHub.’
  • Open the GitHub link and get Vortex.

6. Move the NMM Folder to Another Location

Tried many ways, but Nexus Mod Manager isn’t opening? Probably, NMM can’t access its location. It’s sometimes due to a bug or anything else. We found an easy solution to this – change the NMM folder location.

  • Usually, the Nexus Mod Manager is saved on the C > Program Files or C > Program Files (x86) folder. Go to these folders and find the NMM or Nexus Mod Manager folder.
find the folder 'NMM' or 'Nexus Mod Manager
  • Once you find the folder, right-click the folder and choose ‘Cut.’
  • Go to Local Drive C, right-click on space, and select ‘Paste.’
  • Restart your computer.
  • Now, go to the NMM folder you pasted to Local Drive C and open NMM from there.
  • If it works, right-click the NMM Exe file, and hover your mouse cursor over ‘Send to.’ Another list will open. Choose ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’.
Desktop (create shortcut)
  • It’ll create a shortcut of NMM on your desktop. Delete the old shortcut and use the new one.

7. Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus 

NMM is a clean program that doesn’t have any viruses or malware. However, some antivirus programs might detect it as harmful and block it. It would be a false positive detection.

When this happens, NMM won’t open at all. To check if your antivirus software is blocking NMM, temporarily disable your antivirus. Below we’ll show how to disable Microsoft Defender antivirus.

  • Open the Start menu, type.’windows security‘, and open the app.
  • Select ‘Virus & threat protection’.
Virus & threat protection
  • Look for ‘Virus & threat protection settings’ and select ‘Manage settings.’
  • Switch off ‘Real-time protection.

Try to open NMM; if it doesn’t open, turn on the antivirus with the above steps. If NMM opens, exclude it from your antivirus.

  • Open Windows Security and select ‘Virus & threat protection.
  • Under ‘Virus & threat protection settings’, choose ‘Manage settings’.
  • Find the section ‘Exclusions’ and select ‘Add or remove exclusions.’
  • Click the button ‘Add an exclusion, find the NMM file, and select it.

8. Allow NMM Through Firewall

A firewall stops unwanted programs from accessing the internet. If your firewall blocks NMM, it wouldn’t be able to download mods.

If you can’t download or login to NexusMods on NMM, allow it through the firewall. The following steps will show you how to allow NMM on Windows Defender Firewall.

  • Click the Start menu, type ‘Windows Security,’ and launch the app.
  • Choose ‘Firewall & network protection’.
  • Select ‘Allow an app through firewall.’
Allow an app through firewall
  • Open the new window, and find ‘NMM’ or ‘Nexus Mod Manager’ in the list of apps.
  • If you find it, make sure that it’s checkmarked. If it isn’t, click ‘Change Settings’, checkmark your app, and click OK.
Change Settings
  • In case you can’t find NMM or Nexus Mod Manager is not in the list, click ‘Change Settings.’ Then, choose ‘Allow another app.’ Browse and select the NMM file. Nexus Mod Manager will be visible on the list. Checkmark it and click OK.

9. Remove the User.Config File from the AppData Folder

This is a solution for the NMM not opening issue. Some temporary files of Nexus Mod Manager may be corrupted, stopping it from launching. We’ll delete the suspected file reported by many users and see if it fixes the issue.

We’ll delete a temporary file so it won’t delete your data. However, it might log you out of Nexus Mod Manager or delete your preferences. Use these steps:

9.1 Enable ‘Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives

The temporary files we will access are hidden, so firstly, we’ll enable the hidden files option from Folder Options.

  • Open the Start menu, type ‘folder options’, and launch the app.
  • Go to the ‘View’ tab.
  • Under ‘Hidden files and folder,’ select ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
Show hidden files, folders, and drives
  • Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK.’

9.2 Delete the User.Config File

We have enabled the show hidden files option. Now we can see the temporary files in the local drive C.

  • Navigate to Local Drive C > Users > Your User Account > AppData > Local > Black_Tree_Gaming > NexusClient.exe….
Delete the User.Config File
  • If you see multiple folders, select the latest version number as these folders denote the files for each version installed on your computer.
  • Inside the folder, you’ll find a user.config file. Right-click it and select ‘Delete.
  • Go to the Recycle Bin and delete it from there as well.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Run Nexus Mod Manager.

10. Delete the Black_Tree _Gaming Folder from the AppData Folder

If you deleted the user.config file and Nexus Mod Manager still isn’t opening, delete the entire folder of NMM in the AppData folder that keeps temporary files and folders.

Enable the ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives option as shown in the last section. Now, use these steps:

  • Open File Explorer and go to Local Drive C > Users > Your User Account > AppData > Local.
  • Find the folder ‘Black_Tree_Gaming.’
Delete the Black_Tree _Gaming Folder from the AppData Folder
  • Right-click the folder and choose ‘Delete.’
  • Navigate to the Recycle Bin and delete the folder from there.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Right-click Nexus Mod Manager and choose ‘Run as administrator.


The two common problems when using Nexus Mod Managers are: NMM not opening and NMM not downloading mods. Find the correct solution above to fix these problems. You can also try Vortex, the successor of Nexus Mod Manager.