[Fixed] Fallout: New Vegas Crashing in Windows

The new Fallout: New Vegas is a post-apocalyptic game. It also has a role-playing action component. This game is available on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and fans are eager to get their hands on it. As players begin to play the game, they are experiencing a variety of issues.  It includes crashing, freezing, stuttering, and poor FPS. Also, other problems that cause their game to be stopped.

Fallout: new vegas crashing issue

You shouldn’t expect buggy gameplay in Fallout: New Vegas. Their several workarounds may be able to assist you in improving your gameplay. Also, resolve a few crashing bugs that may test your patience.

Solutions To Fix Fallout: New Vegas Crashing Issues

Below are some of the best Fallout: New Vegas crashing tips, solutions, and hacks. They have been produced to make the game more enjoyable rather than terrifying.

  1. Update Your Graphics Card Driver
  2. Run Vegas Game In Compatibility Mode
  3. Install New Vegas Anti-Crash Mod
  4. Change Game Options
  5. Run The Game In Windowed Mode
  6. Clean Reinstall The Game

1. Update Your Graphics Card Driver

You’re using out-of-date or corrupt graphics card device drivers. Fallout new vegas crashing when it first starts up. If this is the trouble, follow the measures here to update your device driver:

  • Select Device Manager from the context menu. Right-click on the Start menu in the left corner (bottom).
Device Manager
  • Expand the Display adapters categories in the Device Manager window. Right-click the display adapters card driver and select the option “Update Driver.”
Update Driver
  • Then pick the option to search automatically for updated driver software. To perform this process, follow the on-screen instructions. 
search automatically for updated driver software
  • Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer’s website. Download the Display card driver and install it on your computer.
  • Restart your game after installing the driver. Now, see whether Fallout New Vegas crashes.
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2. Run Vegas Game In Compatibility Mode

This Bethesda Games solution entails enabling Fallout New Vegas’ compatibility mode. You can make so by comprehending the directions below. It will fix the fallout new vegas crashing issue.

  • Right-click on the Fallout: New Vegas shortcut on your desktop and select Properties.
  • Select Properties from the menu that appears.
  • Move to the Compatibility tab in the same Properties window.
Compatibility tab
  • Check the option there. Use compatibility to run this software.
  • Run this software in Windows 8 compatibility mode.
  • Finally, select Windows 7 from the drop-down option below.
select Windows 7 from the drop-down option
  • To save your modifications and launch Fallout New Vegas, click Apply.
  • Hopefully, there will be fewer crashing issues while you play Fallout New Vegas.

3. Install New Vegas Anti-Crash Mod

Mods can improve the game by adding new game mechanics, models, features, and even characters. These tweaks can occasionally cause bugs and incompatibilities.

For Fallout New Vegas, there is a specific anti-cash mod. “Fallout New Vegas crashing” on startup. I recommend downloading and installing an anti-cash mod from a reputable source. It will fix the “Fallout new vegas crashing” issue.

  • Go to the New Vegas game Anti Crash mod’s download page.
  • On the NexusMods website, create an account and log in.
  • For NVAC, click the Manual Download button.
  • Then choose the NVAC.ZIP file to download.
  • In the File Explorer tab, move to the folder where you saved the NVAC.ZIP file.
  • To open the NVAC.ZIP file, double-click it.
  • On the Compressed Folder Tools tab, select Extract all.
  • Windows 10 crashes while using the Compressed Folder Tools tab in the Fallout New Vegas game.
  • Select a folder directory to extract the ZIP file by clicking Browse.
  • Check the box labeled “Show extracted files when finished.”

Move Content To The Correct Folder

  • Navigate to the NVSE subdirectory.
  • Then, using the Ctrl + A hotkey, select everything in the “nvse 5 1 beta4 folder.”
  • To copy the files, use the Ctrl + C hotkey.
  • Go to the following location to find your Fallout New Vegas folder:
    • Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas
  • On the Home tab, press the Paste button.
  • Then go to the NVAC folder and open it.
  • Open the NVSE, New Vegas Anti Crash, and Plugins subfolders.
  • Copy the nvac.dll file by right-clicking it.
  • Re-open the Fallout New Vegas folder.
  • Then open the subfolders Data, nvse, and Plugins.
  • To paste the nvac.dll into the Plugins subfolder, press the Paste button.
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4. Change Game Options

You haven’t been able to resolve the game’s crashing problems. In Fallout New Vegas, you can experiment with various settings.

Something could be done to improve the game’s performance. Disable some effects and use windowed mode when lowering the resolution and lowering the resolution.

  • Select “Options” from the Fallout New Vegas Launcher.
  • Check the option for Windowed mode after you’ve arrived.
  • In the Screen Effects section, select None from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, click OK after decreasing your resolution.
  • Now launch the Fallout game to see if the crashing issues have been resolved.

5. Run The Game In Windowed Mode

The fact that New Vegas continues crashing is also due to incorrect game settings. You may be playing in fullscreen mode. Switch to the windowed/borderless mode to see if it helps.

  • Choose Properties from the right-click options of the game shortcut on your desktop.
  • In the Properties window, move to the Shortcut tab.
Shortcut tab
  • Now navigate to the Target field, which includes the shortcut’s original location. At the end of the line in the Target field, add the “-windowed argument” in the end.
-windowed argument
  • To save the changes, click the OK and Apply buttons.
  • You can now see if Fallout New Vegas has crashed.

6. Clean Reinstall The Game

If none of the preceding alternatives work, you might want to try a fresh game installation.

  • To open the Run dialogue box, press Win + R, then type appwiz.cpl in the box and press Enter.
  • Scroll the list of connected apps until you find Fallout New Vegas. Then right-click it and pick Uninstall from the context menu. 
  • To complete the uninstallation and wipe up the residual files. Now, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Return to the Run dialogue box and type %AppData%, then press Enter.
  • Delete the Fallout New Vegas folder from the Roaming folder.
Delete the Fallout New Vegas folder
  • You may now re-download the game and install it on your PC by visiting its official website.
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These are some of the issues that gamers have encountered when playing the Fallout New Vegas game. I’ve compiled a list of methods to help you solve these issues so you can enjoy the game. You can install a new vegas stutter remover in case RAM causes the error.


Why Does Fallout New Vegas Keep Crashing On My Computer?

Because of compatibility difficulties, Fallout New Vegas may crash on your computer. You should use compatibility mode to launch your game or Steam client. Select the Compatibility tab and checkmark the box. Run the application in compatibility mode, then select Windows 7 from the drop-down menu and click OK.

Why Does My Game Keep Freezing And Crashing?

The reasons for your computer freezing or crashing when playing games can be several. It can be summed up as software difficulties, outdated drivers, and corrupt files. Also, overheating hardware, a lack of hardware, viruses, and malware. It can be challenging to determine the exact cause at times.

Why Does Fallout New Vegas Crash So Much On Xbox?

The file was corrupted during the download. It appears that you have a tainted download that needs to be removed. Then, before reinstalling, you’ll want to clear local saved games. If it’s a CD, there’s a chance it’s scratched or damaged.

Why Does My Game Randomly Freeze?

It’s conceivable that you’re putting too much strain on your hardware. It could be the graphics card or the CPU. Reduce the texture and general quality of the game. Also, your computer doesn’t conform to the game’s basic requirements. When playing games, the computer would freeze hard.