8 Best Solutions: New iPhone Apps Waiting Error

Sometimes when installing an app or updating it to its latest version on your iPhone or iPad from the Apple Store, it could get stuck on waiting. You might not be able to use the app until its installation completes. 

It is possible that after a while, the app gets installed. However, often it might never finish installing or updating. Many users have been facing this error on iOS. You can refer to this guide to fix the installation issue with iPhones and iPad.

How to Fix Your new iPhone apps waiting Error

  1. Prioritize Download App on iPhone
  2. Reboot your iPhone
  3. Check Network Settings
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the app
  5. Clear Out Some Space On iPhone
  6. Check Your Payment Method
  7. Update The Apps From iTunes – An Alternative Way
  8. Reset Network Settings And The iPhone

1: Prioritize Download App on iPhone

If multiple apps are being downloaded but want others to be downloaded on priority, you can follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to your iPhone home screen by pressing the home button. Do not interrupt any currently downloading, installing, or waiting apps.
  • Scroll to the app you want to download and touch and hold the app icon to see a list of options. 
  • Click on prioritize Download option.
  • The app prioritized by you will be downloaded and installed first.

2: Reboot your iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone will restart your iPhone and fix minor issues. You can reboot your iPhone by two methods:

  1. Regular reboot: Press the power button and either of the volume buttons on your iPhone simultaneously until you see an option to power off your iPhone.
  2. Hard reboot: Press and release the volume up button and then press and release the volume down button quickly. Now, tap and hold the side button of your iPhone until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone.

3: Check Network Settings

Sometimes the downloads get stuck because of poor internet connectoin or low bandwidth. You can try connecting to a wifi network or use your mobile data to download the app.

If the app requires large download data, you can try checking the mobile data or wifi if you have the required bandwidth to complete the download. You can also perform a Speed Test.

new iphone apps waiting

Also, ensure that your iPhone is not on airplane mode and is getting a stable connection. You can use the OpenSignal website for the same.

4: Uninstall and Reinstall the app

One of the primary solutions for any app-related issue is to uninstall and reinstall the app. Often the app doesn’t download properly and starts glitching. 

Before installing the app again, you should also check the storage that the apps on your iPhone are consuming.

  • Unlock your iPhone and please navigate to the Settings app.
  • Navigate to the General settings tab and go to the iPhone Storage option.
  • Now navigate to the Manage Storage section.
  • Here, you can check the storage consumed by each app on your iPhone. You also have the option to delete unnecessary apps.
  • Go to the app you want to reinstall and uninstall it from the iPhone.
  • Once uninstalled, you can download it from the Apple App Store.

5: Clear Out Some Space On iPhone

If the storage on your iPhone is almost full, clearing out some space from the device will allow you to install or update apps. 

When the device does not have enough storage space, the device starts misbehaving and generates errors. You should check for available space on your iCloud and iPhone.

For iPhone

  • On your iPhone, launch the Settings app.
  • Navigate to the general option and go to Usage to check the space availability and how the app is being utilized.

For iCloud

  • On your iPhone, launch the Settings app.
  • Navigate to the iCloud option and go to the Storage section.
  • Now click on the Manage Storage option to check the storage on your iPhone.

6: Check Your Payment Method

While trying to buy a game or an app from the Apple App Store, it is possible that you don’t have enough balance in the payment method you are using. 

You can check the credit card limit to know if you have the required limit for the transaction or call your bank. Meanwhile, you can use a different card to complete the transaction.

7: Update The Apps From iTunes – An Alternative Way

Sometimes, the Apple app store starts glitching due to a bug, and the apps aren’t able to download smoothly from the app store. It results from the iPhone and iPad apps getting stuck while installing.

An alternative is to update the apps using iTunes. Here’sHere’s how you can do it.

  • Open your PC and connect your iPhone to it using a cable.
  • On your PC, launch the iTunes app.
  • Navigate to the Apps option to see the complete list of apps on your iPhone.
  • Right-click on any app you want to update and click the Update App option.

8: Reset Network Settings And Reset iPhone

The final method to fix the iPhone and iPad apps getting stuck while installing apps are to reset the network and iPhone settings to the factory default. Before resetting the iPhone, you should backup all important data on iCloud or mac.

  • Unlock your iPhone, and please navigate to the Settings app.
Launch settings app
  • Navigate to the General settings tab and go to the Reset option.
  • The first option will be to reset network settings. You can click on Reset Network Settings to fix any issues related to wifi or mobile data networks. It will delete any saved wifi passwords but will not delete any apps, docs, photos, or other important data.
  • The second option will be a factory reset. You can click the Erase all contents and settings option on your iPhone to reset the phone to its factory settings. It will be similar to when you first unboxed it without any data.


iPhone and iPad apps stuck on waiting are frustrating bugs that create unnecessary delays when we are in a hurry. 

In our guide, we have enlisted many fixes that you can use to solve the problem. Ensure that while troubleshooting, you follow the fixes from simple to sophisticated depending on the persistence of the error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Won’t My Apps Finish Loading On The New iPhone?

There are many reasons behind the app waiting for installation, such as low network connectivity, insufficient storage space, Apple server issues, minor iPhone glitches, and iPhone settings.

How Do I Get My Old Apps On My New iPhone 13?

You can get apps from the old iPhone to the iPhone 13 by turning on iCloud backup on the old phone and restoring the backup on your iPhone 13. You can also download the app from the App Store using your Apple ID.

How Do I Speed Up Downloads On My New iPhone 12?

– Update your iPhone
– Restart your iPhone
– Free up storage
– Disable background app refresh
– Enable reduced motion
– Reset your iOS
– Hard reset

How Do I Download An App After Restoring My iPhone?

– Prioritize Download App on iPhone
– Reboot your iPhone
– Check Network Settings
– Uninstall and reinstall the app
– Clear Out Some Space On iPhone
– Check Your Payment Method
– Update The Apps From iTunes – An Alternative Way
– Reset Network Settings And The iPhone