Multiple Actions run for a different number of iterations

The user has multiple Actions in the test which he would like to have run for different numbers of iterations.


Action1 should run for 1 iteration

Action2 should run for 4 iterations

Action3 should run for 2 iterations

Put values into the Action data tables not the global data table

1. Put the values into the local (Action) data tables.

2. Modify the statement in the script so that it reads the values from the local data table.


value = DataTable.Value ("value", dtlocalSheet)

3. Right-click on the Action and choose "Action Call Properties."

4. Select the Run tab.

5. Choose the "Run on all rows" option. You can also specify certain rows to replay by choosing the "Run from row … to row …" option.


If you are using QuickTest Professional 9.0, the "Run from row … to row …" option does not behave as expected. Instead of executing the specified row(s), QuickTest Professional uses the values in row 1.

When replaying the script, QuickTest Professional or QuickTest Professional will replay all iterations on an Action before moving on to the next Action.

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