7 Fixes For MSI Dragon Center Not Working

Are you facing an MSI gaming app issue that isn’t going away regardless of what you tried? Unfortunately, the crucial utility tool can become a headache if you don’t know how to fix it. Lucky for you, this guide will cover everything wrong with MSI dragon center errors and how you can fix them.

The MSI dragon center software is the best tool for anyone with an MSI laptop or desktop computer. It allows you to enhance the performance of your system. You overclock it and access tons of other features for a rich gaming experience. It is also great for graphic boosts. If you have an MSI motherboard, then getting an MSI gaming app becomes essential.

What Is MSI Dragon Center?

7 Fixes For MSI Dragon Center Not Working

MSI is a computer manufacturing company. It is known for designing top-grade computer hardware and software that boosts performance. MSI is a prestigious name in the gaming industry. It has also gained recognition in the graphics field.

The company manufactures MSI motherboards, MSI laptops, and desktop computers. It is known for delivering remarkable performance. MSI graphics cards are also quite popular.

The MSI Dragon Center App is a tool that comes with any MSI hardware. It works as an all-in-one utility tool that controls your hardware and games. The tool allows you to control overclock, RGB lights, and much more. You can calibrate the entire system like fan speed and such without accessing BIOS.

Hence, if the MSI dragon app isn’t working, it will cause problems for your system. 

Is The Dragon Center Safe To Use?

Yes. Almost every MSI gaming tool is safe for you to use. You will primarily find it on an MSI gaming laptop.  There aren’t any malware, viruses, or spyware in it. You don’t run the risk of privacy issues, either.

The MSI gaming app is a straightforward tool designed to help you. You can use it with any compatible hardware or operating system. Yes, there have been some problems with the latest Windows 10. But you can fix it by diagnosing the solutions below.

Reasons For MSI Dragon Center Not Working

Even though MSI is well-versed in delivering impeccable services, there can be problems. Here are some of the reasons for the MSI gaming app to not work optimally:

  • There could be a new version of the MSI gaming app that you have not downloaded. When a new version arrives, it comes with a lot of fixes. If you’re using Windows 10, updating to a new version of MSI dragon center becomes paramount. Otherwise, it can lead to incompatibility issues.
  • Correlatively, recent updates to the OS or system drivers can also pose issues. This happens because of another compatibility issue. You might have to recalibrate the system.
  • Sometimes, the MSI gaming app ends up not having apt permissions. After all, there is administrator permission and user access. You might have to check these out.
  • Some other problems include driver issues, Microsoft Visual C++ issues, and so on.
  • Sometimes, the tool itself has corrupted files and other issues. A firewall is known for blocking MSI at times.

Don’t you worry? You will find a counter to each of these issues in the solutions given below.

Solutions For MSI Dragon Center Not Working

  1. Install The Latest Dragon Center App
  2. Run MSI Gaming App As Administrator
  3. Reinstalling The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
  4. Reinstall MSI Central Service Driver Software
  5. Fix The MSI SDK Initialization Error
  6. Fix MSI Dragon Center App Stopped Working Error
  7. Fix MSI Dragon Center App Blocked By Firewall

1. Install The Latest Dragon Center App

official website MSI instructions on screen for driver software

Often, installing the latest version can solve almost any problem. Remember that sometimes automatic updates fail to provide any results. Thus, you would have to carry out the process manually.

For this, you will have to:

  • Uninstall the pre-existing MSI gaming app entry from your PC.
  • Go to the Control Panel and Uninstall the program option. You can also go to the remove app option to uninstall the MSI app.
  • After that, you will have to visit this website.
  • There, you can put the information about your product. Once you do that, the MSI website will provide you the latest tools and drivers.
  • Download the latest option you get. Install MSI dragon center.

Once you restart your PC and launch the latest version, see if it is working fine.

2. Run MSI Gaming App As Administrator

open device manager windows update MSI admiistrator permission

This option will be necessary if you are facing a problem with the permissions. Many users have reported that running MSI as administrator fixes the issues. As it is a modifying tool, the administrator option might be necessary.

Follow these steps:

  • Find the MSI gaming app icon anywhere. You can search for it in the Start Menu.
  • Right-click on it and go to Properties. Then find the ‘Compatibility’ tab in the properties.
  • There, you will find the ‘Run This Program As An Administrator’ option. Click on it.
  • Click Apply, then click OK. A new prompt might appear.
  • Either way, just click Yes and continue.

Don’t give untrusted apps and tools admin permission. As MSI is a credible manufacturer and trusted company, you can do it for its tools.

3. Reinstalling The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

windows update installed programs Microsoft Visual C++

If none of the above-given solutions work, it’s time to blame Microsoft. Yes, their software and tools have been full of bugs and errors. It won’t be surprising if the problem is in Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

The service allows you to have a better gaming experience. To play most games and for graphic tools, C++ Visual is an indispensable tool. Thus, you might want to reinstall it.

You can check for the updates, but it is better to reinstall it. For this, first, you will have to uninstall MSI Dragon Center. Then follow with:

  • Go to the Control Panel and find the Uninstall Program option.
  • From the list, find ‘Microsoft Visual C++’ and uninstall it. After that, you might have to click on some prompts.
  • Once done, you can restart the PC. Either way, you will have to visit the official website for Microsoft.
  • There you can search for the latest C++ Visual version and download it.

Once you carry on with the entire download process, restart the PC, redownload the MSI gaming app. See if this fixes the problem.

4. Reinstall MSI Central Service Driver Software

manufacturer's driver search results window device manager

Don’t mess with the drivers unless it is crucial like this solution. Instead, you can go to the device manager of your system and uninstall the driver, then reinstall it.

Remember, uninstalling a driver means that you can’t access the hardware. Thus, you will have to reinstall the driver for that hardware component to work.

MSI Central Service Driver Software can have many names. Usually, you will find it in the Display Adapters options. Either that or around your graphics card driver.

  • Press Windows + R key to launch the Run application. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and press enter. This opens Device Manager immediately.
  • Find the driver that will have MSI in it and expand onto it. Right-click on it and click on Uninstall the driver.
  • Then restart your PC.
  • You can return to the device manager and click on ‘Scan for Hardware changes.’ This will reinstall the driver.
  • You can also access the driver’s properties and click on ‘Update Driver.’ With an active internet connection, you can update your MSI driver.

5. Fix The MSI SDK Initialization Error

task manager installed program utility scroll services MSI laptop

MSI SDK initialization error is one of the most common issues you will face. It will get stuck on the SDK initialization screen and won’t load further. Usually, the online or the internet version faces this problem.

But, some permissions and file changes could also be the reason. Follow these steps to fix the issue:

  • Open the Task Manager. You can do it from Start Menu or by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and selecting Task Manager.
  • Press CTRL + S to search for service in the manager.
  • Find MSI Central Service and right-click on it, then click on Properties.
  • In the General tab of the properties, you will find Startup Type. Click on Automatic.
  • Press Apply and then click on OK.
  • Likely, the service isn’t running. So, right-click on it and click start.
  • Now to go to the Dragon Center Windows Folder and copy everything.
  • Then go to ‘C > Program Files (x86) > MSI > One Dragon Center.
  • Paste all the files there.
  • Now run the App again.

This usually fixes the online issue. If it doesn’t, then you can go ahead and download the offline version of the app. The offline MSI version is often known as the stable version. Follow the instructions on the screen. 

6. Fix MSI Dragon Center App Stopped Working Error

For this error, you will have to uninstall the entire MSI Dragon Center that you already have. Use the above-given guide for it. Next, go to the same website and find Dragon Center Offline Version.

Before installing the new offline version, go to ‘C > Program Files (x86) > MSI and delete the dragon center file. This should include the folders.

Next, extract the new download file. Run it as Admin to avoid any problem. Then install with the recommended settings. Often, it is known as express settings.

Reboot and restart the MSI dragon center app. It should work just fine.

7. Fix MSI Dragon Center App Blocked By Firewall

If the firewall is causing the problem, you will have to use the above-given solution. Use the solution where you run MSI Central Service as the administrator. If you don’t know-how, then:

  • Go to C > Program Files (x86) > MSI > One Dragon Center.
  • Find MSI.CentralServer.Exe and right-click on it. Click on ‘Run As Administrator.’
  • This should run the system and set all the permissions.
  • If you still get problems after using it once, just use the permanent method above.

As a pro-tip. You might want to exclude the One Dragon Center folder from the antivirus tools during the scan. Try opening MSI Dragon center now and see if you get an error message.