Move objects from the Local Repository to a Shared Object Repository (QTP 9.0)

Use the "Update from Local Repository" option in the Object Repository Manager

Updating the Shared Object Repository with the objects in the Local Repository will merge all objects from the Local Repository into the Shared Repository. All objects will be removed from the Local Repository.

1. Save the script containing the Local Repository. Open a new test.
2. Go to Resources -> Object Repository Manager.
3. In the Object Repository Manager window, go to File -> Open, and select the Shared Object Repository file. Clear the "Open in read-only mode" checkbox.
4. If the repository file opened in read-only mode, go to File -> Enable Editing.
5. Go to Tools -> Update from Local Repository.
6. Click the "Add Tests" icon button. If you are connected to a TestDirector for Quality Center with Business Process Testing, you will have the option to browse for a test or a component. Select the appropriate choice.
7. Navigate to the test or component containing the Local Repository.

You can only add a test containing actions that are associated with the Shared Object Repository you are updating whose Local Object Repositories contain objects.

8. In the Update from Local Repository dialog, select the desired action.
9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 as needed.
10. Click <Update All>.

If the test using the Shared and Local Repositories is currently open, you may receive an error similar to the following:

"You cannot update this shared object repository from the <path> test’s local object repository because the test is currently locked by ‘<username> on machine ‘<machine name>’. Wait for the test to be unlocked and then try to perform the update operation for this test again.

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If so, open a new test in QuickTest Professional to release (unlock) the test and repeat step 10.

11. Perform any steps needed to resolve conflicts.
12. If you are performing multiple merges, go to File -> Save and Merge Next to perform the next merge (the Local Object Repository of the next action being merged into the Shared Object Repository).
13. Click <Yes> to save your changes between merges. If you click <No>, the current merge (objects merged from the last action) will not be saved.
14. Repeat steps 11 through 13 to complete the multiple merges.
15. Choose File -> Exit, then click <Yes> to save the updated Object Repository.

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  1. How can I add a single object from Local repository to Shared Object repository?
    I am able to copy the object from Local Rep..but could not paste in Shared Rep…
    Any thoughts on this would be really thankful.


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