13 Best Fixes When Mouse Frozen On Laptop

Because the pointer and the computer have been linked for years, it can sometimes be extremely aggravating as the latter fails.

It limits navigation across your System to keypad commands until you have an additional controller available. Although owning a touchscreen device can be helpful, avoiding mouse pointer movement is not always easy. 

Mouse frozen On Laptop

Transforming it all around isn’t going to solve this problem. Alternatively, you’ll have to figure out how to re-enable the touchpad, which is frustratingly simple to install by accident.

Most laptop brands have a definite purpose, a key combination, or a BIOS setting that allows you to do this. 

Mouse cursor instabilities are inconvenient, particularly if users don’t access the keypad.

Each sort of cursor block will indeed be addressed on the following page.

We show you how to eliminate the vanishing function, modify your cursor configurations, and many more in-process explanations.

A flawed motorist is frequently to blame, and we’ve protected you with mechanical and operating systems repairs.

How to Unfreeze When Mouse frozen On Laptop

While you choose to have a coffee, you are already in the thick of hectic activity on your Desktop. The pointer is locked and will not migrate when you resume to your desktop. Relax! It’s considerably easier than it appears to defrost a pointer on a laptop!

You can revive your cursor in several ways:

Begin by touching the tops of your laptop keyboard “F7,” “F8,” or “F9” buttons while releasing the “Fn” key, which is between the ctrl and windows key beneath the space bar at the bottom of your laptop.

Inspect your device for any flaws (USB terminals and cursor) if that doesn’t function. If the issue continues, go to the product’s settings more thoroughly.

The functions buttons on the head of your keypads frequently allow and shut your device’s trackpad, which can cause your cursor to get unfrozen. The “Fn” key at the bottom can be used for this shortcode on several devices, such as laptops. When your trackpad is on, various desktop devices make a noise or turn on lights.

If the problem remains, you can attempt the following methods to liberate your mouse:

Solutions When Mouse Frozen On Laptop

  1. Check your Hardware
  2. Unlock The controller
  3. Restart the Computer
  4. Clean the Mouse
  5. Switch Windows Using Alt-Tab
  6. Update Windows 10
  7. Reinstall Device Drivers
  8. Disable Enhance P
  9. Scan for Viruses
  10. Disable Fast Startup
  11. Check the TouchPad
  12. Check for Mechanical Malfunctions
  13. Check for Discharged Battery

1. Check your Hardware

If your cursor continues to freeze, perform a hardware check. Lookout for mouse properties whether your pointer is hardwired or wirelessly.

If You Use a Wired Mouse

To begin, make sure your mouse is properly positioned. Remove the plug and reconnect it. Use a different USB port to see if it helps. Your laptop will most likely inform you that new drivers are required. In that situation, the operating system should handle it.

Then if it doesn’t work, look for a broken strand in the wiring of your controller. You must remove the controller if this is the situation.

If You Use a Wireless Mouse/ USB Mouse/ Bluetooth mouse

Inspect your dongle connectivity if you’re using an RF Wireless pointer. Replace another USB connection if you do have one accessible. Check the battery condition of your controller. Most versions have an indicator light near the “On/Off” button. If required, activate the “On/Off” switch.

Suggest checking the condition of your Portable Bluetooth controller’s cells if you use one. Most versions have an indicator light near the “On/Off” button. If required, activate the “On/Off” switch.

Furthermore, some Portable Bluetooth pointer models contain an activity indicator light next to the “Pairing” switch on the top portion. Check to see if it’s functioning properly. If this light is turned off or is being trimmed, it may be advantageous to enter the room.

Inspect your dongle connectivity

Hit Start/ Settings/ Devices/ Bluetooth and other gadgets to get the network configuration. Check to see if the “Bluetooth” on your pc is switched on. Switch it on if it isn’t already, then make sure the pc is displayed in Bluetooth for everyone. “Add Bluetooth” or “other device” should be selected.

Pair your mouse by pressing the connection icon. For several minutes, hold this button-down. When the gadget is visible, most versions have a light that illuminates it.

Your system may detect the controller at this stage and request access to connect it. The connection must be confirmed and saved. You must now be able to use your cursor properly.

Why is my controller frozen?

Your controller could be locked for a range of factors. Technical errors or incorrect device settings seem to be the most common causes. Perhaps the string on your controller cord breaks, or your present USB connection fails.

However, tapping the “F” sequence on your keypad at an arbitrary can mistakenly modify the setup of your controller. Similarly, pushing the controller’s link icon can unlink your Bluetooth controller.

2. Unlock The controller

The mouse works by dragging your fingertip, which can be tedious if locked. Let’s see how you can unlock your controller.

When your prior attempts to “wake up” your controller have failed, and the block persists, look into the settings further. Click the Start key, then Settings, then Devices, then Bluetooth, as well as other gadgets. In Windows 10, type straight into the search box on the Taskbar and check for mouse settings.

“Mouse, keyboard, and pen” should be selected. Examine your controller’s present state. You can discard the existing setup and start over if everything is in order. Windows 10 must be able to locate and download the necessary driver.

3. Restart the Computer

Restart the Computer

A laptop pointer or keypad that isn’t functioning can be fixed by switching your system off and on. Additional hardware on your laptop may cease operating if the software becomes uncooperative or stops. Check to see if turning it off and on solves the problem.

4. Clean the Mouse

Do you take your lunch at work? Fluids and grime from your fingertips, food, and other items can cause considerable difficulties on your trackpad. Wipe the filth daily using pressurized gas, a microfiber rag, and a small fraction of filtered water and isopropyl alcohol. This could be a reason for the locking of your arrow keys.

5. Switch Windows Using Alt-Tab

Switching to the next development using the Task Switcher (click Alt + Tab) or dragging the computer (Windows + D) may resolve your pointer freezing in Windows 10.

6. Update Windows 10

Update Windows

Desktop updates might fix known problems and driver issues that stop your pointer from functioning correctly. 

If you haven’t upgraded your version of windows settings in quite a while, go to Update & Security > Windows Update from the App settings. Afterward when choose to Check for Updates, then Download and Installation.

7. Reinstall Device Drivers

7. Reinstall Device Drivers

If an Operating System does not resolve your issue, you may need to reload any recently installed drivers. When programs aren’t updated, they might create issues, like failures.

You can avoid this by reinstalling the drivers in one of 2 directions. Both of these things happen in the Device Manager.

  • Device Manager can be accessed from the panel or the Start button.
  • Check the box to seek upgraded driver software by right-clicking on the devices constantly.
  • Your drivers can now be updated (if needed).

If the preceding does not work, you can have the drivers immediately uninstalled and reinstalled. This will fix any issues caused by a current driver installation.

  • Activate Device Manager.
  • Choose Delete from the context menu of the driver in concern.
  • Reboot your pc; that will cause windows to reinstall the driver itself.

8. Disable Enhance Pointer Precision

Disable Enhance Pointer Precision

Enhance Pointer Precision is a speeding pointer feature in Windows 10. However, it would help if you considered turning it off because it can cause inconsistency with certain mouse models. 

  • Head to Settings by pressing Windows + I. Then go to Devices > Mouse > Mouse Options. Deselect the mark next to Enhance pointer precision underneath the Pointer Options tab, then click Submit to save your modifications.


Go to the Device Manager and look for the mouse and other pointing devices.

9. Scan for Viruses

Scan for Viruses

Amongst the most damaging aspects of using a computer is a virus. Most Pcs individuals are unaware that malware is present on their systems, which can cause various problems, notably device crashes, throughout time.

Download an antivirus analyzer to search for this and ensure any virus it identifies is removed. Also, keep Windows Defender Firewall turned on though times to avoid downloading whatever is damaging to your computer inadvertently.

10. Disable Fast Startup

Fast Startup is a function in Windows operating system that improves launch rates by preserving the information every time you shut down. Nevertheless, various System versions can cause strange problems and abnormalities. So try turning it off.

  • Press And hold + X and choose Power Options > Additional power options > Select the function of the start key. Disable the item forward to Turn on fast startup afterward when.


11. Check the TouchPad

You can accidentally deactivate the trackpad by tapping the Function (Fn) keys near the ctrl and alt keys. However, it is simple to re-enable it in settings.

How to turn on the trackpad on your pc in Windows 10:

  • Type “Trackpad” into the Windows button. Choose Touchpad options from the drop-down menu.
  • Verify that the touchpad is turned on. To go through the features, if it is switched off, hit Shift + Tab.
  • Toggle the trackpad function on and off by pressing the Keyboard shortcut, then test the trackpad.

Is your MacBook touchpad acting up? It’s also easy to change the settings on your device:

  • Choose Mouse & Trackpad from the left-hand menu of System Preferences > Accessibility.
  • If the option Disable built-in trackpad when a pointer or wirelessly touchpad is enabled, disable it.

12. Check for Mechanical Malfunctions

If the controller power is fine or you’re using a corded cursor, and yet Windows 7/8/10 continually freezes, look for bodily injuries, such as a loosened USB cable, a defective USB port, or a broken cable. To check, attach an additional pointer to your Desktop or a USB 2.0 port.

13. Check for Discharged Battery

The power may run out if you’re having trouble stopping your cordless pointer. 

Check for Discharged Battery

In this situation, probably change the batteries or replace them with a corded controller.

Final Thoughts

One ought to be aware of your device’s pluses and minuses. When your laptop can’t handle a huge file or software application, it can cause the pointer to stop operating on Windows panes 10.

In addition, we covered every potential solution for fixing the pointer trouble on your computer. Employing keypad instructions to operate your pc can be tedious and difficult, but you can unblock your pointer with patience.

With these adjustments, we hope your patience and diligence benefited. Let us know if anything works for you in the comments section. If you know someone who is dealing with the same issue, please be ahead to forward this information to them.


How Do I Fix An Unresponsive Mouse?

– Reboot your computer. Switching your pc down and then on may solve various issues, along with a malfunctioning computer controller or trackpad.
– Examine for dirt.
– Wireless routers should be disconnected.
– Turn on the trackpad.
– Upgrade the drivers on your pc.

Why Isn’t My Cursor Working On My Laptop?

When using improper or obsolete cursor adapters, your pointer may become locked on your desktop. As a result, you must upgrade your pointer controller whether this resolves your issue. Driver Easy will do it for you if you do not have the leisure, tolerance, or abilities to upgrade the drivers actively.

How Do I Get My Cursor Back On My Laptop?

Examine every button on your keypad with a trackpad symbol and an arrow. If the pointer begins to move normally, hit it. If it is not, scroll to the top of your keypad for a line of fn keys.

How Do I Restart My Pointer Back To Work?

Hit the Function key on your keypad and click the trackpad button (or F7, F8, F9, F5, based on the pc model). Drag your pointer around to see whether the pointer is still locked on your device; if you answered yes, congratulations!