7 Fixes For Mouse Double Clicks On A Single Click Issue

If your mouse double clicks when you make only a single click, that could be a really problematic situation to be in. Mouse-clicking issues can prevent you from doing simple tasks like selecting something, dragging and dropping files, and so on. 

In this article, we’ll discuss all the different reasons why your mouse might be acting up and give you ways to fix it. Keep reading!

how to fix mouse double clicks issue

7 Ways To Fix The Mouse Double Clicks Issue

Given below are all the ways you can fix your mouse double-clicking problem:

  1. Check Your Mouse Double-Click Setting
  2. Check Your Mouse Double-Click Speed
  3. Clean Your Mouse
  4. Check Battery Levels Of Your Mouse And Interference
  5. Check If A Different Mouse Works Fine Or Not
  6. Reinstall Your Mouse Drivers
  7. Corrupt System Files

Solution 1: Check Your Mouse Double-Click Setting

One of the most common reasons why users struggle with this issue is a simple setting. When this mouse setting is enabled, it might appear as if the mouse is physically double-clicking when it’s just a software thing. You need to flip this setting to check if that solves the problem at hand. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the File Explorer window on your system. 
  • Go to the View tab and click on Options 
click on options from view tab of file explorer
  • In the window that shows up, click on the General tab. Then, you’ll find a header that says “Click items as follows”.
  • The default selected behavior will be to “Double-click to open an item (single-click to select).” Now, if the “Single-click to open an item (point to select)” is chosen, then, you don’t need to double-click to select items. In other words, you need to click on a file or folder only once to open it. 
Check Your Mouse Double-Click Setting
  • This will reduce the number of clicks you need to make every day but it can take some time to get used to if you were accustomed to the previous behavior. 

Solution 2: Check Your Mouse Double-Click Speed

Your mouse click speed is yet another thing you should check to fix your mouse double-clicking issue. Usually, the default double-click threshold is manageable. However, you might have changed it somehow and that could be causing the “mouse double clicks” issue.

Moreover, it is also possible that someone else might have set it to a certain level where Windows doesn’t recognize your mouse clicks.

So, here are the steps you need to follow to change your double-click speed:

  • Visit Settings, then go to Devices, and then, click on Mouse.
go to devices from the settings window
click on mouse from the left panel
  • Next, click on Additional mouse options from the right panel. If that section is not visible, drag your Settings window horizontally to widen it.
click on additional mouse options
  • Then, click on the link and a Mouse Properties Control Panel window shows up.
  • From the Buttons tab, look for a Double-click speed option.
  • Now, you need to move the slider as per your requirement.
  • Next, double-click on the folder icon located next to the slider to test your new setting.
  • Keep in mind that the closer you place the slider to Fast, the less time your Windows system will allow between clicks while registering a double-click. 
  • Similarly, if the slider is placed too close to Slow, then, Windows could be registering two different single clicks as one double-click. 
Check Your Mouse Double-Click Speed
  • So, you need to play around with the slider for a bit to see if the double-click feels like the one you expect.
  • Also, check that the Turn on ClickLock box is not checked. This option allows you to drag the cursor without having to hold down your mouse button. That too can lead to some strange and unexplainable behavior.

Solution 3: Clean Your Mouse

If the above two fixes haven’t worked in your case, then you need to check the mouse hardware. Take a good look around the mouse buttons where you click to check if there’s any dirt or grime stuck.

  • It is important to keep your mouse clean because the excessive built-up of dirt will interfere with the mouse’s internal circuitry. This might cause the double-clicking issue along with other clicking problems. 
  • Try clicking the mouse using cotton swabs, compressed air, and other similar tools so that the built-up grime and dirt get cleared out. Once you have cleaned the mouse, check if the problem is solved or not.

Solution 4: Check Battery Levels Of Your Mouse And Interference

Your mouse double-clicking issue could also be due to poor communication between your mouse and PC.

This can happen due to the following two reasons: a dying battery or a problematic interference. Both these problems are unique to a wireless mouse. 

Check Battery Levels Of Your Mouse And Interference

In case your mouse uses batteries, then try replacing them. Your devices can start acting up when the power is low. If you use a rechargeable mouse, then, do plug it into a power source and allow it to regain some charge.

However, if the batteries are not what is causing the issue, then, possibly, the mouse is having trouble communicating with the computer wirelessly.

You can try bringing the mouse closer to your system in case it is located far away. Moreover, if your mouse comes with a USB receiver, ensure that it is placed away from any metal or other materials that might block wireless signals. 

Also, if you use the same mouse with a couple of different computers, then try unpairing it from the other computers.

Keep it connected to only one machine at a time to get the best results. In case your mouse is plugged into a USB extender or hub, then consider unplugging it and then, connecting it back into a USB port on your PC. 

Solution 5: Check If A Different Mouse Works Fine Or Not

If your mouse is still double-clicking after trying out the above solutions, then it might be faulty.  You can test this by trying to plug the current mouse into a different computer or connecting it to another mouse on your current computer. 

In case your mouse still misbehaves when on a different computer, it is possibly defective. Now, try using another mouse with your system and if you don’t seem to run into any problems, then, that means your original mouse is most likely defective.

But, if your mouse works fine with the second computer. Or maybe you try using another mouse with your original computer and get the same problem, then your computer might have some software or something else interfering with the mouse’s normal functioning.

If that’s the case, then, check out your installed software from Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Then, look for suspicious items and uninstall them if they are not related to mouse control. 

Solution 6: Reinstall Your Mouse Drivers

Here’s a final troubleshooting step you can try out to fix your mouse double-clicking issue. Try uninstalling your computer’s mouse driver and then, Windows will reinstall it again. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Press the Windows + X keys or right-click on the Start button and then, click on Device Manager.
click on device manager
  • Next, expand the option that says Mice and other pointing devices category. Then, right-click the mouse’s name.
  • Click on Uninstall device, confirm the prompt that comes up, and restart your system. 
  • If there are multiple devices listed under the Mice and other pointing devices category, then uninstall them one after the other until the cursor doesn’t move anymore when you move the mouse.
reinstall your mouse drivers
  • Now, press the Windows key and press the Tab key until the selection box reaches the left icon groups. Use arrow keys to reach the power icon and hit the Enter key to restart the system.
  • If you are having trouble with this, then, press the Window + R keys to open the Run dialog box and type in shutdown /r to restart the system.
  • Once the system restarts, Windows will reinstall the mouse driver and also resolve the double-clicking issue.

Solution 7: Corrupt System Files

Sometimes, issues with system files can affect the proper functionality of hardware or software. So, corrupt system files on your Windows system can also cause mouse double-clicking issues. 

In case you remember the time when the problem began, you can try activating a restore point that will revert Windows to a previous date when the problem wasn’t present. This can restore your mouse to normal functionality in case the issue was due to corrupt system files.

Final Thoughts

Mouse double clicking issues can be troublesome and keep you from doing anything on your computer properly. We hope that one of the above solutions will help you remedy the problem. If none of the above solutions helped you, then, probably your mouse doesn’t work properly. In that case, you need a new mouse.

Are the Fixes for Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working Also Applicable to Fix Mouse Double Clicks On A Single Click Issue?

Yes, the logitech wireless mouse troubleshooting tips can often help fix both the issues of the mouse not working and the problem of double clicks happening on a single click. Many of the basic troubleshooting steps for Logitech wireless mice can address various common issues, including the double click problem.


Why Does My Mouse Double Click When I Single Click?

The reason why your mouse is double-clicking when you single-click could be the double click speed being set too low or some issue with the double-clicking setting. Other reasons include dirty mouse, poor connection, etc.

How To Fix The Mouse Double Click Problem?

You can fix the mouse double click issue by changing the double-click setting or you could try mouse double click speed. Other than that, you could try cleaning the mouse, checking the batteries of the mouse, or reinstalling the mouse drivers.

What Are Mouse Double Clicks?

Mouse double clicks refer to double-clicking a mouse twice without moving the mouse anywhere. Sometimes, your system might register a single click as a double click and that could be due to some issue with certain mouse settings.