5 Easy Fixes For The Mouse Cursor Disappears In Chrome

We spend an evident part of our day surfing and browsing the web. It has become the everyday routine of our life, but what if your cursor suddenly disappears while surfing? It is annoying when suddenly your cursor on the screen fades & you just are left with your web page. Lately, it has evolved into a generic issue confronted by many people. 

Mouse Cursor Disappears In Chrome

It is more irritating when the cursor disappears in the chrome browser & this means the problem of the disappearance of the cursor only arises when you are attempting to surf via Google Chrome

While you use other applications and software on your device, the mouse pointer is well and good. Today, almost every person uses Google Chrome to help their surfing desires. Therefore, it is a common problem, and everybody is finding a solution to this. 

If you are among them & in search of a key to the cursor disappearing in google chrome, you have jumped upon the right article. Let us proceed to a few solutions to this general issue. Read on and uncover the one best suited for your device to fix the mouse cursor disappears in chrome issue. 

Why Cursor Disappears In Google Chrome?

The primary cause for this disappearance of the cursor is the automated hardware acceleration trait of the chrome browser. This feature of Google Chrome allows smoother browsing.

It often frees up the CPU from many different tasks, thus pushing your system faster and more efficiently. Though it causes your device swift, it also creates the problem of cursor disappearance on the Chrome browser. 

Apart from this primary cause, a few other reasons like held-up caches, obsolete mouse drivers, and corrupt files can cause the cursor to vanish while using Google Chrome. Google ought to resolve this bug as early as feasible. 

Resolution For The Disappearance Of The Cursor In Google Chrome?

Different people use various operating systems in their devices. Nearly every operating system supports Google Chrome. So, this becomes a matter that needs to be cracked separately for each operating system. We will be providing the solutions for two majorly utilized operating systems. 

Before proceeding to the answers, we must understand that these are only quick solutions, and Google must work on this to rectify this bug. 

Now we should straight jump to the solutions. Let us go on to the answers one by one for each operating system.

Microsoft Windows

It is the most widespread group of different graphical operating systems & was developed by Microsoft. It includes typically used operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista. 

Since it is the multiple commonly used operating system, many of you must belong to this type. You do not have to worry at all because we have different keys to try for those who fall under this category.

Basic keyboard commands to use when the cursor disappears in the Chrome browser.

Since your cursor will not be functioning, you will be required to follow the actions by using your keyboard. So, kindly go through an infrequent of the below-mentioned keyboard shortcuts that will permit you to work on your device without using a mouse. These are primary keyboard commands supplied to you for making your task effortless and smooth.


  1. Alt+Tab Key to reposition from one window to another.
  2. Arrow keys to steer up, down, right, and left.
  3. Enter Key to pick an option.
  4. Shift+F10 to right-click on any option.
  5. Alt+F4 Keys to close/open a window.
  6. Ctrl+Shift+Esc Keys to open the task manager.
  7. Ctrl+Esc Keys to open the Start menu.
  8. Ctrl+A to choose all the options.
  9. Win+I to open the settings.

When your cursor or mouse pointer is working, use these keyboard shortcuts to make your life comfortable. Try them frequently even after successfully conquering this cursor disappearance problem to raise your efficiency.

Methods to repair cursor disappearance in Windows

Here are different ways to fix the concern where the cursor fades in the Chrome browser for Windows users.

  1. End Chrome from Task Manager and restart
  2. Disable Hardware Acceleration and restart
  3. Update your Chrome browser
  4. Restart using Chrome://restart command
  5. Update your mouse drivers

End Chrome from Task Manager and restart –

Periodically when the cursor fades in Google Chrome, this is the finest and easy answer to bring it back. This approach could temporarily show the cursor on the screen, and sometimes it will again disappear. 

  1. Open the Task Manager. Go to the Start menu and select Task Manager. Then, click enter. (You can also press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the keyboard together to instantly open the task manager.)
  2. A dialog box will occur on the screen. Select Google Chrome by utilizing arrow keys. 
  3. Now, press the End Task button. It will end all the Google Chrome functions, even the one running in the background.
Ending Google Chrome task from the Task Manager
  1. Open your Chrome browser again & you are all good to go with the cursor on the screen

Disable Hardware Acceleration and restart –

Hardware acceleration is a part of google chrome to improve the functioning of the browser. It also affects the keyboard, touch screen display, and trackpad. So, there is a greater possibility that this might be the resolution to your problem. 

  1. Open Google Chrome and then click on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the browser.
  2. Choose the Settings options utilizing the arrow keys.
  3. Scroll down & stop at Advanced Settings.
  4. Go to the System section beneath Advanced Settings, and toggle the option Use hardware acceleration when available. If this option is already enabled, disable it first and vice versa.  
Disabling Hardware Acceleration
  1. Now, restart your computer & the issue that the cursor vanishes in the Chrome browser will be fixed. 

Though you can try enabling/disabling this option as per your needs. We advised to keep it because it allows maintaining smooth functioning.

Update your Chrome browser –

Sometimes cursor fades in the Chrome browser when you have an obsolete version of Google Chrome. So, updating the browser to the latest version might assist in fixing this problem of the cursor.

  1. Open Chrome browser and navigate to the three dots at the upper right corner of the chrome browser, in the same method as you did in a second way.
  2. Scroll down & cease at the Help option.
  3. Choose the About Google Chrome option with arrow keys.
Updating the Google Chrome
  1. If the Chrome browser is outdated, it will show an option to update. Then, click on Update your browser.

It might solve the problem, and the cursor might arise on your screen. Also, keep in mind that if your browser is already up to date, then no option to upgrade the system will be depicted.

In that case, this process will be of no benefit to you when the cursor disappears in the Chrome browser. You can try additional methods to get the solution. 

Restart using Chrome://restart command –

This process is similar to the first one, where we re-launched Google Chrome operating the Task Manager. The only difference is that this method is an effortless & negligibly tiring version of the before process. Save all your modifications in the browser before going this way & when the cursor disappears in the Chrome browser.

Strike the Chrome: //restart command in the browser URL. 

image 9 6

Now, this will automatically start the Chrome browser again without doing anything. 

Once your Chrome browser is re-launched, you will be capable to see the cursor again. It might function properly for some hours & besides, it may disappear. You will have to repeat the method to bring back the mouse pointer. 

Update your mouse drivers –

Frequently, the inbuilt mouse and keyboard drivers on your system become bygone. It can also be a reason for a situation where the cursor disappears in the chrome browser. To update the mouse drivers, you will have to obey some steps noted below :

  1. Go to the Start Menu & open Device Manager to open this manager. (You can likewise press Ctrl+Esc or Win+S to open the start menu using the keyboard & then type the same as stated above.)
  2. Now, go to the Mice and other pointing devices. And there, you will have to open the drop-down menu. Use the right arrow key to expand the section. 
  3. Once the drop-down is expanded, specify & select your mouse from there & press Enter. 
  4. A dialog box will occur with some options. Choose the Update Driver option using arrow keys & press Enter.
Updating mouse drivers
  1. It might be potential that your drive is already updated, and there is no update for it. In this situation, you should first pick the Disable Drive option and exit the drive manager.
  2. Subsequently, you should again pursue all the steps & this time, choose the Enable Drive option. 

Updating your mouse driver or enabling/disabling will eliminate this problem where the cursor disappears in Chrome. You may use this option twice or thrice to bring back your mouse pointer.

Mac OS

It is the prior operating system for Apple’s Mac Computers. Further operating systems are devised & sold under this OS by Apple Inc. Google Chrome can be downloaded by any Mac user if, they have OS X Yosemite 10.10 or a newer version in their system. 

So, a few Mac users face this case when the cursor disappears in Chrome. Yet, don’t stew out if you fall underneath this infrequent type as we have some answers for you as well. 

Methods to fix cursor disappearance in Mac OS

Go through these processes if you run Google Chrome in Mac and your cursor vanishes in chrome.

  1. System Preferences
  2. Reset NVRAM

System Preferences

Apple’s Mac computers consist of diverse system picks that can be probed to find keys to other problems that your Mac might encounter sometimes. Some of those choices are mentioned here to fix a case where your cursor disappears in Chrome while browsing.

  1. Go to System Preferences & hit the Accessibility option. Then, select the Zoom button & click on the More options switch. Here, you will have to allow the quick zoom option. Also, it can be done by just pressing Ctrl + Option on your keyboard. Your cursor will appear again on your screen.
  2. The following option is to turn on the Shake mouse pointer to locate the option. This option is available in the same System Preferences dialog box under the Display button. Once you turn on this, most likely, your mouse pointer will come back. 

You can launch System Preferences via the keyboard also. Press Command + Spacebar to bring up the spotlight and type system selections to open it. 


Try this option when your Mac faces some problems & is not working effectively. When the cursor fades in the chrome while browsing, resetting your NVRAM can assist to bring back the mouse pointer on the screen. 

You will have to obey the below-mentioned measures to reset NVRAM.

  1. Turn off your Mac first. 
  2. Then, press the power button & turn it on.
  3. Once you listen to the start-up sound. Press and hold the Command+Option+P+R keys until your PC restarts.

When Nothing Works

In case, you have proceeded through all the methods and have attempted each of them, but still, your cursor disappears in chrome while you are surfing, the only option left is to change your browsing software.

Use Microsoft’s Edge browser or the Safari browser. There is no substantial difference. They propose nearly the same traits as Google Chrome accomplishes.


All the solutions that are provided above for dealing with the disappearance of the cursor in the google chrome browser. These fixes will help you temporarily, so Google machinists should encounter an enduring key for this.

Until this bug is settled perpetually, we desire these approaches will help you if ever your computer encounters a case where the cursor disappears in chrome while you are pleasantly browsing via your favorite sites.


How to get the cursor back when it disappears?

If you are using windows then, you can try updating google chrome and your mouse device drivers.

How To Restart Chrome Using The Restart Command?

For this, just click over the search engine and enter Chrome: //restart into it, and hit enter.

Why mouse cursor not showing in chrome?

The reason behind the cursor not showing in chrome can be multiple. But the most common reasons for it are the outdated google chrome or the outdated device drivers.

When the mouse cursor disappears in chrome?

It may happen when your google chrome gets corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. Further causes could be outdated drivers.

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