13 Fixes For Mouse Clicking On Its Own In Windows

Mouse Clicking on Its Own on Windows 10! How to Fix It?

The problem of mouse auto clicking is undoubtedly very annoying. People still prefer using the mouse instead of trackpads. The main reason behind this could be the comfort of using the mouse. Or facing the difficulty of using trackpads. The issue of auto-clicking or mouse stops working between can be.

Because of some external errors. Maybe the driver error or mouse function errors. In this article, we will be provided you with 13 solutions. To solve the problem of mouse clicking on its own, continue reading this article.

The mouse is one of the main input devices. A large sum of people reported the problems which they are facing with their mouse. Talking about the issues. People reported the following problems which are faced by them while using the mouse:

Mouse moving and clicking on its own: This is a little strange issue. it is mainly caused because of the touchpad of your laptop. To solve this issue you can just simply change the settings of the touchpad of your laptop.

The mouse is clicking automatically – The main reason behind this problem is that. It can occur because of the Click Lock feature. You just have to disable the setting and your issue will be solved.

Why Does The Mouse Keeps Clicking On Its Own?

Now the main question which arises is why is mouse auto click or mouse clicks automatically. The main reason behind this can maybe some external errors like dirt, the wrong port.

The reason can be internal also such as driver error or broken system files. So we will provide you with the solutions to all the potential problems. And we hope all the solutions will be helpful.

How To Fix If Mouse Clicking On Its Own?

  1. Check For Dirt
  2. Check The Port
  3. Update Mouse Drivers
  4. Check The Double Click Speed
  5. Turn Off Clicklock
  6. Disable Synaptic Inputs
  7. Disable your touchpad
  8. Disable the touchscreen
  9. Check the switches on your mouse
  10. Check For Broken System Files
  11. Check for remote control software
  12. Run Virus And Malware Scans
  13. Use a new mouse

Solutions Explained in Detail

Solution 1: Check For Dirt

Sometimes the problem of mouse auto-clicking can be caused by dust. So to clear that dust you just have to open your mouse and clean it with a dryer or with any form of pressurized air.

Sometimes the dirt might get stuck in the mouse which is disabled. Or partially disables some of its functioning. It may result in auto-clicking. If your problem is still not solved after clearing the dust of your mouse you can check solution 2.

You can try this also maybe this can help you with your problem of mouse clicking on its own

  • Open the settings of your system
  • Head to the devices option in the settings
  • Visit the mouse section in the devices which you will find on left
  • You will see an option to select your primary button
  • Now you have to select right as your primary button

Solution 2: Check The Port

If the problem of the mouse auto-clicking or not clicking continues. You should try connecting the mouse to the other USB port. Sometimes the port of USB in which the mouse is connected can be the reason for non-functionality.

If that still doesn’t work you should try switching the left click button of your mouse. With the right-click button of the mouse and check if the issue is resolved or not

Solution 3: Update Mouse Drivers

So now we will tell you how you can update your mouse drivers. The problem of mouse auto click or the mouse clicking on its own can be caused by the not updated driver. So updating the drivers may solve your problem. You need to follow the steps below to update the mouse drivers.

  • Press the Windows button and then X on your keyboard ( Win + X )
  • A popup will appear. Find the device manager option in that popup list
right mouse click not working
  • A new window will appear, find the option on Mice and other pointing devices
  • Now you have to right-click after selecting the driver. And select the option of update driver as shown below

If you are using windows 10 then an issue may arise. Is that you will not be able to update your mouse drivers from here directly so to update it you have to do the following :

  • Head to your laptop and go to the manufacturer’s website.
  • Find the option of download
  • Downloading the mouse drivers manually is a very time taking task

As it is a time taking task that’s why we recommend you to update your drivers from the first way.

Solution 4: Check The Double Click Speed

You can also customize the speed at which the double clicks are registered if you have a sensitive mouse. If some app or setting changed the double click speed in Windows 10. There is a chance that you may see random mouse clicks when you attempt to double click on an item.

In the Mouse Properties window that you opened in Solution 3 above. Adjust the Double click speed by moving the slider left or right according to your need.

Once you are satisfied with the rate of registering double clicks. Click on Apply followed by OK to save the configuration changes. Your error should now be resolved.

If you have a very sensitive mouse. There is a very high probability that it might get double-clicked very easily. So any app might have changed the speed of the double click. r maybe a change in the settings can also result in the changed double click speed.

Solution 5: Turn Off Clicklock

In windows, there is a feature called click lock. With this feature. A user can highlight any text without the need to drag after selecting and holding the text. This feature of click lock is very like the Filter Keys feature. And it is also very beneficial for some users.

But the problem which you are currently facing. Of mouse clicking on its own can be caused by the click-lock feature. Allowing the click-lock feature on your system. Can become the reason for random mouse clicks or automatic clicks.

  • Open the Settings app in your system.
  • Navigate to the devices section in the settings app.
  • In the left menu of the devices section, you will be able to find the mouse option.
  • After selecting the mouse option in the devices section. You will find the option of additional mouse settings.
image 18 6
  • A window having all mouse properties will appear.
  • Now in the mouse windows, you will find the option of click lock you have to make sure that it is unchecked.
  • But if it is not unchecked you have to uncheck it.
  • After doing all that select the apply button.
  • Then select the ok option to save all the changes made by you.

Many users reported that the problem of mouse auto clicking. is caused by the click-lock feature. Yes, we do agree that this option of click lock can be beneficial for some users but for some users it maybe not.

So to fix the problem of mouse clicking on its own by disabling the click-lock feature. Can be your solution for solving this annoying problem.

Once you are done with unchecking the click-lock feature check if your problem is solved. If then try the other solutions.

Solution 6: Disable Synaptic Inputs

After so many years of trackpads being developed. People are still habitual to using a mouse and have a mouse as their priority. People prefer using the mouse for precision-based work.

But the operating systems companies like Microsoft are still giving preference to trackpads and touchscreens. In some cases. These trackpads and touchscreens can result in the problem of the mouse clicking on its own.

So now if your problem of mouse clicking on its own is being caused by the synaptic inputs. Then now we will tell you you can disable the synaptic inputs. You can disable the synaptic inputs by doing the following

  • Open the Settings app in your system
  • You can open the settings with the command WIN + I also
  • After opening the settings go to the devices section in there
  • In the menu which you will be able to spot on the left side
  • Find the touchpad option in the left menu
  • Under the touchpad menu, you will be able to find the Additional settings option
  • After selecting the additional settings options. The control panel of mouse properties will appear.
  • In the mouse properties panel of the control panel, you will spot the ELAN pointer in the rightmost tab.
  • After selecting the option of ELAN pointer. A new box will appear. Which will have the option of Disable internal pointing device. When the external pointing device is attached.
  • Select on applying to apply all the changes
  • Select the OK option to save all the changes

After you are done with disabling the Synaptic Inputs. Check if your problem of mouse automatically clicking. Or the mouse clicking on its own, if it persists then you should try out the other solutions.

Solution 7: Disable your touchpad

Accepting that your mouse keeps on clicking, the issue might be your touchpad. Now and again, you could unexpectedly tap your touchpad and that will make your mouse click.

This is a minor issue, yet it very well may be very irritating, and to fix it, it’s prescribed to switch off your touchpad.

There are many ways of doing that. Yet you can generally do it rapidly right from the Settings application. By following the means above. After doing that, your touchpad should be crippled when you interface a mouse to it.

left mouse click not working

One more method for crippling your touchpad is to utilize its product. Touchpad programming accompanies a wide range of highlights. And it likewise permits you to impair your touchpad when the mouse is associated. So you should look at it.

Finally, you could incapacitate your touchpad rapidly. Basically by utilizing a console alternate route. On most PCs, this alternate way is Fn + F9, but, it very well may be different on your gadget.

Search for a key that has a touchpad symbol on it and press that key while holding the Fn key.

Solution 8: Disable the touchscreen

  • Head to the Device Manager.
  • Extend Human Interface Devices and find your touchscreen on the list-down menu.
  • Right-click your touchscreen and pick Disable from the listed-down menu. Assuming the affirmation exchange shows up, click Yes.

As indicated by users, on the off chance that the mouse continues to click. Without help from anyone else, the issue may be brought about by your touchscreen.

It’s obscure how your touchscreen disrupts your mouse. And makes it click, yet a few clients concocted a workaround.

To fix the issue with mouse-clicking, you want to impair your touchscreen. This is somewhat straightforward and you can do it by following the means above.

When you cripple your touchscreen, the issues with your mouse ought to be settled. This is only a workaround, yet it works as indicated by users, so go ahead and give it a chance.

Solution 9: Check the switches on your mouse

Before we start. We would need to refer to that this is a high-level arrangement. And on the off chance that you’re not cautious you can forever harm your mouse.

left mouse click not working

We’re not liable for any harm that can happen because of this arrangement. As per other users, they figured out how to fix the issue just by adding a touch of oil to their mouse switches.

Once in a while, the mouse consequently clicks because its switches get broken down. And you could tackle the issue basically by adding a drop of oil to them.

To do that, first, you want to separate and open your mouse. Then, at that point, find the mouse switches. Presently delicately add a drop of oil on the switch. And continue to press the mouse switch until all the oil is inside the switch.

Ensure that any overabundance of oil is taken out from your mouse. Assuming that you get oil outside the switches, make certain to eliminate it. In all likelihood, you could harm your mouse.

When the switch is oiled up, set up your mouse and associate it again to your PC.

As we said, this is a high-level and unsafe strategy. So if you’re not happy with opening your mouse, you should avoid this arrangement.

There’s nothing else to it. In the wake of following every one of the means referenced over, your mouse should fill in as expected.

Solution 10: Check For Broken System Files

On the off chance that the arrangements given above didn’t help you. There might be some wrecked framework records on your PC that might prompt your gadget to break down. This will be apparent assuming you see irregular clicks being made. Regardless of whether you have a mouse connected or not.

Solution 11: Check for remote control software

  • Disengage your PC from the network connection and the Internet. Assuming your mouse clicking automatically while you are using your computer. This could imply that some controller software app. Took control over your Personal Computer.
  • Take a look at your introduced projects. To check whether there are any strange projects introduced. For instance. The presence of projects like TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, or X2GO is doubtful.
  • Firstly check if the feature of desktop remote sharing is disabled or not. Type Allow remote access to your personal computer. And ensure the choice Don’t permit remote desktop associated with this PC is on.
  • Begin the PC in safe mode and check it for viruses or malware.

On the off chance that you notice that your mouse clicks are not in any manner irregular. This implies that your PC might be somewhat controlled remotely. For this situation, follow the means above.

Solution 12: Run Virus And Malware Scans

 Virus And Malware Scans

Assuming Windows observed no wrecked framework documents you see the mistake. There may be some secret virus or malware. That is seizing significant resources of your system.

To check if there is a virus or any malware. Which is affecting your computer and also causing the problem of mouse auto-clicking. Or clicking on its own, So you should consider running a full virus detection scan of your PC.

You can utilize the already inputted Windows Security for assurance against potential dangers. In any case, for very strong viruses and different dangers. We would suggest that you should consider putting resources. Into outsider premium antivirus software.

Solution 13: Use a new mouse

new mouse

As recently referenced. Your mouse switches can wear out over the long haul and assuming that is the situation. It very well may be the best opportunity to think about buying another mouse.

Solution 14: Get your PC checked by a professional

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Even after doing trying every solution which has been provided. Your problem of mouse auto-clicking or the mouse clicking on its own persists. Even after buying a new mouse you are facing the problem of auto-clicking.

Then we would recommend you to get your Personal Computer checked. By the computers technician or experts. We hope that this will surely solve the problem


So this was all about. How you can solve your problem of mouse clicking on its own or mouse clicking automatically. We have provided you with all the possible solutions. Which will surely solve your problem.

So first we advised you to clear or check for the stuck dirt in your mouse because sometimes that can be a problem too. The next solution we suggested you check if the mouse wire is connected to the correct port or not.

The third solution was about. How you can update the drivers because they can be the problem sometimes. The fourth solution was about checking the double click speed and in the fifth solution. We advised you to turn off the click-lock setting.

The sixth solution was all about disabling the synaptic inputs in your PC. Because they can be the reason for the auto-clicking in your computer. The seventh and then eighth solution was about. Disabling the touchpad and touchscreen respectively. In the ninth solution, we suggested you clear the switches of your mouse at your own risk.

The tenth solution was to check for the broken files in your computer system. In the eleventh solution. We advised you to check for the remote control software. Because majorly they are the trouble makers.

The twelfth solution was to run a security scan for viruses or malware. If any of these solutions didn’t work for you then the last solution you are left with is to buy a new mouse for yourself.