26 Best Mobile Application Development Tools in 2021

Everyone is aware of mobile applications as we use them in our daily lives. Multiple applications are available for different purposes. From personal use to the business, mobile applications are used at an alarming rate.  As the world is progressing towards digital technologies, the mobile application is one of the factors of these digital worlds. But how are these applications developed? A software device enables developers to design the best mobile application called the mobile application development tool. 

What is a Mobile Application Development Tool?

The mobile application development tool is a software device that permits developers to generate a well-organized and well-structured application for a particular purpose. For example, WhatsApp is a mobile application specially developed to collaborate with friends, family, offices, etc. 

Generally, there are two mobile platforms, like iOS and Android. Apple Inc. powers the iOS platform, and Google powers Android. The mobile application tools are developed to deploy on these two platforms. We can develop mobile applications using several distinct kinds of tools as given below:

  • Cross-Platform App Development Tools
  • Recommended Tool
  • App Development Frameworks
  • iPhone App Development Tools
  • Mobile Payment Tools
  • AR (Augmented Reality) Tools
  • Push Notification Tools
  • Advertising Tools
  • Mobile Analytics Tools

A plethora of development tools is available. You can hand-pick any of them depending upon any one of the above kinds of devices. But, before you select a specific development tool, there are certain elements that you must take into account. Let us focus on those elements. 

Elements to Take into Account While Selecting a Mobile Development Tool

People love using the application that is user-friendly and easy to use. So, you need to choose the best development tool that offers flexibility and customization. Here are some primary elements that you must consider before selecting a mobile application development tool:

  1. Any development tool you choose should be user-friendly. If you feel comfortable using a particular development tool, you can develop mobile applications hassle-free. 
  2. Before you choose any development software, make sure to see the trial offer before you buy it. In the trial period, you can check whether the tool is perfect for developing the application or not. 
  3. Security is another major factor. You must ensure that your development tool has security controls. 
  4. Most importantly, you should choose the development tool according to the type of mobile application you wish to develop. 
  5. Choose your development tool that offers the best features at an affordable price. 

You must consider all the cases as mentioned above, while you select any development tool. Now, let us dive into our core topic, mobile application development tools. 

Top 26 Mobile Application Development Tool

Here is a list of some handpicked development tools with their characteristics. Before you select any device, just look at this list, which will help you choose the best development tool. 

Cross-Platform App Development Tools


Appcelerator is one of the commonly used online cross-platform app development tools that use JavaScript as a programming language. It is specially developed to build native and real-time analytics mobile applications. 


  • The significant advantage of using this tool is it can work with any platform, like Android, Windows Mobile, or iOS. 
  • Using the Appcelerator tool, you can enhance the performance and speed of your mobile application. 
  • Another crucial benefit of this development is it permits developers to use the particular code for future purposes. 
  • It is a highly intuitive, user-friendly, and multilingual development tool. 

Price: It offers a free trial period. Appcelerator is packed with three editions, Indie Seat, Pro Seat, and Team Bundle. The Indie Seat edition is free. The Pro Seat requires $99 per month, and Team Bundle needs $259 per month.  

mobile application development tool


Another highly intuitive mobile development framework that uses HTML5 is Ionic. This application supports programming languages, like CSS, HTML, and SASS. Developers can produce a well-organized and user-friendly mobile tool using Ionic. 


  • It is a tool that enables developers to build an attractive front-end for any mobile application. 
  • Another advantage of using this development tool is it is an open-source tool and free to use. 
  • Ionic is an ideal development for teams. It enables developers to work in teams to enhance the productivity of the development process. 
  • It is one of the most trusted cross-platform mobile app development tools trusted by more than 5 million software developers worldwide. 

Price: Free. 


One of the extensively used cross-platform mobile development tools is Xmaarin. Using this development device, developers can share 90% of the code with all major development platforms. Xamarin allows developers to build mobile applications that work well with Android, Windows mobile, and iOS platforms. 


  • Xamarin is an open-source tool that is primarily used by small teams to develop mobile applications.
  • It has a store called the Xamarin Component Store. This store incorporates various elements, like cross-platform libraries, third-party libraries, etc. 
  • The core programming language used by this development device is C# and .NET. 
  • Another crucial perk of using the Xamarin tool is it involves type checking. Type checking enables developers to identify defects and bugs and fix them immediately. 
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Price: Free. 


PhoneGap is another free to use cross-platform mobile development tool. It enables developers to develop user-friendly mobile software compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. The PhoneGap tool is a highly influential device that helps developers with its beginner’s guide and reduces their efforts. 


  • The PhoneGap development tool uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript programming language to develop mobile applications. 
  • This device seamlessly integrates with other libraries that help developers to improve the speed and performance. 
  • One of the great benefits of the PhoneGap tool is developers require very little time and effort to build a well-organized mobile software tool. 

Price: Free. 


One of the native app development devices that are highly intuitive is the Longrange. It develops IBM i 5250 server-based mobile applications. This development uses information from iOS and Android devices and other sources, like documents, cameras, web pages, etc. 


  • The best advantage of using Longrange is there is no need to know HTML, JavaSCript, or CSS languages. 
  • It produces mobile applications that can be deployed on Android and iOS platforms. 
  • Longrange allows developers to integrate their existing development tools with RPG, COBOL, or CL expertise. 
  • The significant feature of the Longrange development tool is it does not depend on the browser to provide precise information. 

Price: There is a free trial period of 45 days. After 45 days, you can again extend your trial period. 


One of the highly influential and open-source development tools is MobinCube. It offers a provision for users to develop unlimited user-friendly mobile applications. 


  • The great advantage of using this application is developers can develop unlimited mobile applications in its free edition. 
  • It incorporates the Firebase Push tool. This tool is predominantly used to send PUSH notifications to customers. Also, developers can get an idea about how customers are utilizing the particular mobile application. 
  • Developers can use third-party solutions to build any application and update any online content. 

Price: MobinCube is packed in multiple editions. The Free edition is free to use and open-source. Another edition of the MobinCube tool is S, which is available at $299 per month. The M version requires a subscription plan of $999 per month, the L edition requires $1998 per month, the XL needs $4999 per month, and XXL charges $9999 per month. 


Sencha is one of the smartest and fastest mobile development frameworks. It uses JavaScript as its core programming language to develop mobile software tools. The principal objective of this development device is to build mobile applications that satisfy customers’ needs. 


  • Sencha MVC-based framework incorporates more than 140 UI components that assist developers to enhance the performance of the mobile applications. 
  • It also incorporates a testing solution that is compatible to test React apps, Angular apps, ExReact apps, etc. 
  • A Sencha Themer is a built-in tool that helps you build a good-looking mobile application with its attractive themes. 

Price: This development tool also offers a free version. For the paid version,  you need to pay an amount starting from $895.00. 


Qt is another widely used development tool that allows developers to build intuitive mobile applications. It creates software applications compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS platforms.


  • Qt development tool is mostly utilized for building an attractive and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). 
  • It uses powerful compilers, like GCC C++ and Visual Studio Code compilers. 
  • Qt development tool can integrate seamlessly with SQL database, XML parsing, network support, etc. 
  • Another great advantage of using the Qt tool is it supports Buggy SSL servers. 
  • Developers can use opaque private Keys with this cross-platform development device. 

Price: Free and Open-source. 

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha anywhere is another robust mobile app development device. It is also used to build web applications. Alpha Anywhere is mainly utilized for developing the mobile and web-based business B2B or B2E applications. 


  • One of the Alpha Anywhere tool’s significant feat]ture is it does not require any coding skills and supports low-code components for the mobile and web app development. 
  • It has an Alpha TransForm no-code device that allows users to transform anything into a mobile app within less time. 
  • The application development features include code refactoring, compatibility testing, debugging, deployment management, no-code, software development, web app development, etc. 

Price: You can get a free version of Alpha Anywhere. The paid versions start at a price starting from $5.95 per year, which is very inexpensive. 

Recommended Tool


Buddy is a web-based, powerful, and intuitive mobile app development device. Using this development tool, the princess of app deployment automation has become more manageable and accessible. It is an all-in-one device that permits developers to build, test, and deploy any application on the Android platform. 


  • Buddy tool allows you to develop an Android application quickly and fastly.
  • It is capable of managing the most complicated CI/CD workflows within less time. 
  • Buddy tool takes only 12 seconds to deploy any mobile application. So, it is a high-speed and powerful development tool. 

Price: Buddy development tool is packed with three versions, Free, Pro, and Hyper. The free version is open-source and free to use. The pro edition requires $75 per month, and the Hyper requires $200 per month. 

App Development Frameworks:

Mobile Angular UI

One of the best app development frameworks for mobile is Mobile Angular UI. As its name suggests, this tool uses Angular and Twitter Bootstrap technologies for building mobile applications. It has many built-in components that make it easy for developers to build any app with ease. 


  • Mobile Angular UI supports an extensive set of libraries, like overthrow.js and fastclick.js, that offer the best customer experiences. 
  • Another significant and smart feature of this development tool is that it can transform any desktop application into mobile applications. 
  • When users stretch and squeeze their browser windows, they can have a detailed look at mobile and desktop editions. 
  • You can develop multiple fantastic and attractive mobile components. 

Onsen UI

Another mobile application development framework is Onsen UI. It incorporates vast UI components that enable developers to build user-friendly mobile applications with ease and comfort. Additionally, several ready-to-use features that make the development process quick and fast. 

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  • Onsen UI comprises three primary elements, CSS components, Web components, and Framework Buildings. 
  • Using this framework, you can develop hybrid applications for desktop as well as mobile platforms. 
  • A grid system that breaks the screen into an X-Y axis helps users place components in the right places. 
  • The feature of platform detection helps users to identify the running platform or console. 
  • Onsen UI uses Hammer.js to detect finger gestures. 

Price: Free. 

Kendo UI

Kendo UI is another robust and HTML5 app development framework. It is capable of developing highly intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications as well as websites. Using this development device, you can build the perfect application as it follies modern web standards. 


  • You can use jQuery using AngularJS and Bootstrap integration. 
  • It incorporates more than 70 UI widgets, data-visualization tools, a Model-View-ViewModel library, etc. 
  • Kendo UI develops sturdy applications that are compatible to work with desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. 
  • The most basic language requirement is JavaScript. 
  • Additionally, it also incorporates a grid system, scheduler, DataPicker, chart API, and Window. 

Price: The Kendo UI Priority Support requires $999 per developer. 


NativeScript is open-source and accessible to use the app development framework. This tool is potent in building mobile applications using technologies like Angular, JavaScript, and TypeScript. It uses a single code base to deploy any mobile application on iOS and Android platforms. 


  • Developers can utilize multiple frames in a single application. 
  • The significant perk of using the NativeScript device is it supports any library on npm and CocoPods.
  • Mobile app developers using this device can use more than a hundred built-in NativeScript plugins. These plugins help developers to build native mobile apps with comfort. 
  • Additionally, you can also produce icons and splash screens depending on the particular image. 

Price: It is open-source and free to use. 


FireBase is a sturdy and robust Google platform used as a mobile app development framework. This development tool is a mighty packet that incorporates all the essential features required by developers. You can build any mobile application for iOS, Android, and Mac OS X platforms. 


  • FireBase offers a plethora of functionalities to developers, like analytics, databases, crash reporting, etc. 
  • As it is a Google platform, it offers highly intuitive cloud-services. 
  • The other features include Cloud Firestore, Firebase ML, Cloud Functions, authentication, Hosting, Real-time database, Cloud storage, etc. 
  • FireBase also offers numerous functions to enhance mobile application quality. These functions are Carshanalytics, Test Lab, Performance Monitoring, and App Distribution. 

Price: Firebase app development framework comes with two plans, Spark Plan and Blaze Plan. The Spark Plan is free to use, and the Blaze Plan is based on pay-as-you-go features. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is one of the smartest mobile application development tools. It is an AI-powered development device. The primary goal of the IBM Watson device is allowing users to store their data in the cloud safely and securely. 


  • IBM Watson is capable of determining and interpreting all kinds of data, like unstructured data, images, audio, video, etc. 
  • It incorporates a broad range of natural language processing methods that are beneficial for effective collaboration. 
  • Another advanced feature of the IBM Watson is it offers automated predictive analysis service. 
  • The feature of automatic visualizations provides data recovery with ease and comfort. 
  • One of the robust features Text to Speech allows the system to speak like human beings. 

Price: There are three different plans for IBM Watson. The Watson Studio Cloud – Lite is free to use. Next, the paid versions include Watson Studio Cloud – Standard and Enterprise. The Standard plan is available at $99 per month and the Enterprise at $6,000 per month. 


Another open-source artificial intelligence tool is TensorFlow. The best part of this development device is its libraries. Libraries make it easier for developers to add some extraordinary characteristics in mobile applications. 


  • The TensorFlow development tool supports data flow graphs. These graphs are utilized for numerical computations. 
  • This device allows developers to deploy any machine learning application on mobile and IoT devices with ease. 
  • One of the primary goals of the TensorFlow device is to build machine learning models. 
  • Additionally, this platform is also best for deep learning practices and research. 
  • The other features include model training, statistical and mathematical tools, and data visualization.

Price: Free. 

iPhone App Development Tools


Swiftic is one of the popularly used mobile application development tools for iPhone devices. The interface of the Swiftic device is easily accessible and manageable by novice users. You can use this iPhone app development device for building applications for small and medium-sized businesses. 


  • Swiftic is a commonly used development device with more than 20,000 customers worldwide. 
  • It incorporates auto-discovery technology that discovers the previous online content and develops applications within no time. 
  • There is nor requirements for coding skills when you use this device for app development. 
  • Additionally, this device supports building applications that can send PUSH notifications to customers. 

Price: You will not get a free version of Swiftic. It requires a monthly subscription of $41.00.

Mobile Payment Tools


Card.io is an advanced device that enables developers to build scanners to scan credit cards for payment purposes. Collaborative Assessment of Research Data Infrastructure and Objective is the full form of the Card.io. 


  • This device enables you to build a robust and intelligent scanner to scan credit cards. 
  • Additionally, users can also enter credit card details manually. 
  • This application never uses or stores any credit card information that has been transacted using the scanner. 
  • The new and advanced feature incorporated in the Crad.io is face detection. 

Price: You can install this tool freely. But for every transaction you carry out, it charges 3.5% of the total amount transacted plus $0.30. 


Another mobile payment development tool is Braintree. It is also an open-source device that is easy to use. Braintree device is best suited for all sizes of businesses. It is a multilingual development device that supports 23 languages. 

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  • The Application Program Interface of the Braintree is straightforward and user-friendly. 
  • Customers can use any kind of payment card, like a credit card or debit card. 
  • One of the Braintree’s most outstanding characteristics is it supports payment methods of Android and iOS platforms, i.e., Android Pay and Apple Pay. 

Price: There are no charges to download and install this device. But for every payment you transfer, it requires 2.9% of the transferred amount plus $0.30. 

AR (Augmented Reality) Tools

Easy AR

Easy AR is one of the extensively used augmented reality development tools. This augmented reality mobile app development tool is a cross-platform device that supports all major platforms. 


  • EasyAR development device is compatible with Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X systems. 
  • It incorporates features like QR code scanning, 3D object tracking, tracking and detection, video playback, etc. 
  • You can detect and track multiple objects simultaneously using this tool. 

Price: Easy AR is packed with four versions. The Personal version is free to use. You need to pay a certain monthly amount for the other three editions. For Professional edition, it requires $39 per month. The monthly subscription for the Classic version requires $1,299 per license key. Lastly, the price for the Enterprise edition varies per the use. 


Another augmented reality tool for mobile software development is VuForia. This device can also track and detect multiple objects using Computer Vision Technology. 


  • VuForia device has a wide range of tracking and recognition features, like model targets, area targets, image targets, object targets, VuMarks, External Camera, etc. 
  • It uses Java and C++ programming languages and seamlessly integrates with the Unity tool. 
  • Developers can build virtual buttons for their applications that can view and respond.
  • It supports developing marker-based and markerless mobile applications. 

Price: To use VuForia, you need to pay an amount of $499. Additionally, you can also subscribe to its plan for $99 per month. 

Push Notification Tools


Pusher is a push notification mobile app development device. It is a multilingual device that supports multiple major languages. You can easily send push notifications to your customers and clients with high security and protection. 


  • Pusher device supports Pub and Sub messaging. 
  • A Webhook feature of Pusher is an outstanding one. It enables the owner to know the activities of its customers. 
  • It offers high security, authentication, and access control.

Price: Pusher device comes with a broad set of editions. The Sandbox edition is free to use. Next, the Startup edition requires $49 per month, the Pro requires $99 per month, the Business edition is available at $299 per month, the Premium at $499 per month, the Growth requires $600 per month, the Plus edition needs $899 per month, and the Growth Plus charges $1,199 per month. 

Urban AirShip

Urban Airship is another sturdy and ideal push notification app development tool. Developers can build a user-friendly, well-structured, and personalized push notification app for mobile devices. Most of the businesses can use the push notification app that delivers instant messages for promoting their brands. 


  • One of the significant features of the Urban Airship device is it supports developing applications for web notifications. 
  • The edition of Analytics & data allows developers to enhance the performance analytics and real-time data streaming. 
  • You are also offered many other advanced features, like unlimited push notifications, deep linking, engagement reports, sending URLs, etc. 

Price: Urban Airship offers a free account that is open-source. Additionally, there are two other editions, Engagement Channels and Analytics & Data. 

Advertising Tools

Unity Ads

Unity Ads is a tool that enables developers to develop mobile advertising applications. It helps developers to add advertisements in mobile games. Several businesses use this device to promote their companies and brands. 


  • Unity Ads device has a straightforward and more accessible interface that can be used by novice users. 
  • While playing games, this tool displays advertisements on the screen without disturbing players. 
  • Additionally, watching video ads will offer some rewards to users. 
  • It supports a comprehensive set of formats, like rewarded video, rich media, AR, etc. 
  • Anyone can use this device as it has an easy to use interface.

Mobile Analytics Tools


One of the smartest and highly secure mobile analytics tools is AppWatch. It is a cloud-based device. The primary goal of the AppWatch device is to protect other mobile applications for threat and damage. It offers high protection to mobile applications to remain safe and secure. 


  • The AppWatch tool enables users to scan their mobile devices to detect threats and keep the mobile data safe. 
  • It supports generating customizable reports, including logo, description, etc. 
  • This device checks every security error occurring in any of the mobile applications. 
  • The Webview feature of AppWatch is useful in identifying security threats. 

Price: You get the three editions of the AppWatch device, Individual, Startups and SMEs, and Enterprise. The individual plan requires $350 per application, the Startup and SMEs need $200 per month, and the enterprise charges $750 per month.  


Mobile Applications are useful for human beings in every aspect of the business. As needs arise, the development of mobile applications takes place. Growing companies and startups have led to the development of many new mobile applications. 

The above-listed development tools help developers to build user-friendly mobile applications for different purposes. Many of the above tools offer free versions with all essential development features. This article covers most of the top and best mobile application development tools with their characteristics and prices. You can choose any of the above development tools by considering the factors mentioned above.

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