Top 10 Best Mobile App Security Testing Tools

With the rise in technology, everyone has access to mobile devices, which calls for greater protection against potential cyber risks or attacks against any vulnerabilities in mobile applications. If we talk about the mobile app ecosystem, it is one of the world’s largest industries.

These mobile apps have become a regular part of our everyday lives, and pretty much everyone relies on their third-party applications on their device. From waking up to going to sleep at night, everyone uses their mobile device for setting the alarm, taking notes, using social media platforms, checking emails, news, and the list goes on. There exist different apps for managing your day to day tasks. 

However, with billions of mobile phone users and millions of mobile app developers, there is an urgent need for mobile application security testing to keep the users and organizations secure from any app vulnerabilities that can lead to cyberattacks, which further causes loss of sensitive data. Therefore, to secure mobile applications, we are mentioning top mobile app security testing tools that the app developers can use to detect any app security vulnerabilities. 

Reasons to do a Mobile App Security Test

Mobile app security testing solution involves authorization, authentication, complete data security, any vulnerabilities for hacking, session management, and more. 

There are several reasons to do mobile app security testing because it can help identify potential cyber-attacks, viruses, or malware infections. Another important reason for security testing is to prevent security breaches. If you are an app developer, it is important to ensure that the app is secure for the users. Therefore, there is a need to perform best practices and security testing for a mobile app before launching it for the users in the market. 

Top 10 Mobile App Security Testing Tools and Solutions

We are mentioning some of the best mobile app security testing software that you can use for the security testing of a mobile app. 

1. ImmuniWeb 

This is one of the best mobile app security tools, as along with mobile app testing, it also provides backend testing. This tool is pretty affordable as you pay while you use the service. It comes with a zero false-positives SLA, and you will get your money back if you get one single false-positive. There are SDLC and CI/CD tools integration features and 24/7 access for the security analysis. Moreover, you can run holistic DAST/SAST testing for OWASP mobile top 10. 

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Mobile app security testing

Key features

  • You get the feature of mobile app and backend testing.
  • There is a zero false-positive SLA. 
  • You get 24/7 access for security analysis.
  • There are CVE, CWE, and CVSSv3 scores.
  • You have the feature for one-click virtual patching through WAF.

2. Synopsys

Synopsys is another US-based company that offers mobile security solutions to its clients. If you are using Synopsys, you will be able to identify potential risk threats for a mobile application. Synopsys uses dynamic and static analysis to provide an impressive testing suite to the users. If you want to improve the quality of an app and reduce maintenance costs, this program is the best option for you. It provides a defect-free program into the production environment. 

Mobile app security testing

Key features

  • To access the complete solution for your phone application security testing, you can combine different tools. 
  • This tool helps in improving the app quality and reducing maintenance costs. 
  • Synopsys uses embedded software for testing vulnerabilities. 
  • You can use static and dynamic analysis tools. 


Mobile app security testing

QUARK ( Quick android review kit) was developed by LinkedIn and is a great social networking service platform. As the name suggests, QARK is a software tool for android mobile security testing. You can use QARK to identify any security vulnerabilities in mobile apps. Moreover, this is an open-source tool that provides detailed information about security threats. Furthermore, it displays all the issues relating to the android version. 

Key features

  • It is an open-source tool.
  • You get complete information about all security vulnerabilities.
  • This tool supports the security testing of only Android devices. 

4. Micro Focus

Mobile app security testing

One of the world’s largest software companies is Micro Focus after it has combined with HPE software. Micro Focus provides features for an end to end mobile app security testing across different devices, platforms, servers, or networks. Moreover, if you are using this software solution, then you will get a fortify tool by Microfocus that helps in securing the mobile app before it is installed on a mobile device. Furthermore, Fortify supports platforms like Microsoft windows, blackberry, android, and iOS. The security testing service involves static source code analysis and a scheduled scan for providing accurate results. 

Key features

  • The fortify tool has a flexible delivery model for phone application testing. 
  • You can use this platform to identify vulnerabilities across clients, networks, and servers. 
  • You can easily identify malware for a standard scan. 
  • This tool supports various platforms like Android, IOS, Microsoft Windows, Blackberry, and Google Android. 
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5. Android Debug Bridge

Mobile app security testing

Android debug bridge is basically a command-line program for android devices that provides mobile apps security. Moreover, you can also use it as a client-server tool that you can connect to multiple android devices or emulators. If you are looking for great security testing mobile software for android phones, then ADB is the right option for you. Furthermore, this platform provides real-time monitoring of all system events. 

Key features

  • You can easily monitor system events in real-time.
  • You can integrate ADB with Google’s Android IDE. 
  • This tool communicating with other devices via WI-FI, Bluetooth, USB, etc. 

6. CodifiedSecurity

Mobile app security testing

CodifiedSecurity was developed in 2015 as one of the best mobile application security testing tools. You can use CodifiedSecurity to identify and fix all the security vulnerabilities. CodifiedSecurity supports static-dynamic analysis in mobile app security testing. Moreover, this solution provides accurate test results and real-time feedback. It also supports static code analysis and machine learning. Furthermore, you can easily test mobile apps without fetching the source code. The google cloud hosts source code and data. 

Key features

  • You can use this mobile app testing platform for detecting security loopholes in the mobile app code. 
  • This tool supports static code analysis and machine learning.
  • You can upload the files in different formats like APK, IPA, etc.
  • Codified supports platforms like IOS, and Android. 
  • You can easily test your mobile app without fetching the source code. 

7. Drozer

Mobile app security testing

Drozer is an app security testing framework that is developed by MWR Infosecurity. Drozer provides the best mobile application security testing solutions to its clients. This tool provides services like general security testing of third-party applications. However, Drozer only supports android platforms. Moreover, Java-enabled code is executed on the devices themselves. Furthermore, Drozer is an open-source tool that identifies and interacts with the threat areas in android mobile apps. 

Key features

  • It is an open-source tool
  • This tool supports both Android devices and emulators.
  • You can execute Java-enabled code on your device itself.

8. WhiteHat Security

Mobile app security testing

WhiteHat Security is a US-based software resources company developed in 2001 and is situated in California, USA. WhiteHat is one of the biggest phone application security testing software in the world. The services that this platform offers are testing of mobile security, web application security testing. Moreover, you are also getting computer-based training solutions. Furthermore, WhiteHat is a cloud-based security platform that is supported by both IOS and Android platforms. 

Key features

  • WhiteHat Security is a cloud based security platform.
  • This platform supports Android and IOS devices.
  • You can integrate Sentinel with bug tracking tools, CI servers, and ALM tools. 
  • This platform is an automated static and dynamic mobile application security testing. 
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9. Zed Attack Proxy

Mobile app security testing

Zed Attack Proxy is pretty easy to use and handle. Earlier it was available for web applications for finding vulnerabilities. However, it is now also used for mobile app security testing. Moreover, with the help of ZAP, you can send malicious messages to test the security of your mobile app. Furthermore, you can access the Zed attack Proxy in 20 different languages. ZAP is an impressive open source security testing solution, which is also great for manual security testing.

Key features

  • This platform is pretty famous when it comes to an open-source security testing tool.
  • You can access ZAP in 20 different languages.
  • You can also use ZAP for manual security testing as well. 

10. Mobile security framework

Mobile app security testing

It is an automated security testing framework that is supported by Windows, IOS, and Android platforms. Its main feature is to perform dynamic and static analysis for phone application security testing. Moreover, it supports Web API testing using API fuzzer. 

Key features

  • The mobile security framework is an open-source platform for security testing.
  • This tool is hosted in a local environment and that is why the sensitive data does not interact with the cloud. 
  • MobSF supports platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows.
  • It also supports Web API security testing using API fuzzer. 
  • If you are developing an app, you can identify all the app vulnerabilities at the development stage. 


We hope you liked the above-mentioned suggestions for mobile app security testing solutions. If you think the guide was helpful, let us know in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by mobile app security testing?

Mobile app security testing is done at the app development stage to ensure there are no app vulnerabilities that could lead to the loss of data. These security tests attack the application to check the security of the app. This way, you can work and fix any or all loopholes in the application. 

What is the procedure for testing mobile app security?

The easiest way to check mobile app security is to use third-party tools or software that are designed for mobile app security testing. You can easily choose from the list of tools that we have mentioned above. 

What are the things to consider to assess the mobile application?

The things that you need to consider for assessing your mobile application are as follows:
Select a device
Documentation checking
Functional testing
Usability testing
User interface (UI) testing
Configuration testing
Performance testing
Security testing 
Recovery testing
Localization testing
Change-related testing
Beta testing
Certification testing 

What are the types of security testing?

The following are the types of security testing:
Vulnerability scanning
Security scanning
Penetration testing
Security audit/review
Ethical hacking
Risk assessment
Posture assessment

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