16 Best Guide To Minecraft Villager Jobs

One of the joys of Minecraft is exploring villages where you can trade with villagers. Each of them has a job. But it’s hard to figure out how to benefit from them. We cut through the jargon to find the best practices.

minecraft villager jobs

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the universe. Everyone is in the race to get above one another. There are countless activities, challenges, and tasks – a simple-looking blocks game has billions of tricks up its sleeve. 

Are you scratching your chin, wondering how to become one of the world’s best gamers? Before becoming a pro, you must learn several tips and tricks about the villager economy. You’re lucky; we talked to some of the best players in the game to come up with this article.

In this article, we have discussed in detail from the bottom which a villager to capturing villagers to the best trading practices with villagers. Without further ado, let’s start with who is a villager and Minecraft villager jobs.

In Minecraft, Who is a Villager?

Villagers are people who do not attack even when provoked. As in real life, villagers also live in villages, which are places that generate naturally in the overworld. They do their jobs, breed, and interact with each other. These people generally trade emeralds for various goods according to their professions. 

Early to bed, early to rise. Minecraft villagers start their day at sunrise and begin to explore the village. They make mumbling when they meet each other and gossip about the day’s news. They talk about your good attitude or bad behavior and create a reputation. Villagers also tend to share food. Pretty human-like!

What are the different Minecraft Villager jobs?

There are a total of 15 different types of villagers. Here’s a table enlisting various jobs of villagers, different job site blocks, what villagers offer, and the clothes they wear.

No.JobsJob Site BlockClothingTrades
1. UnemployedNoneNone until employedBase clothing of biome
2.NitwitNoneNoGreen coated
3.ArmorerBlast FurnaceWelding MaskFoundry items sell chains, iron, and enchanted diamonds.
4.ButcherSmokerRed headband and white apronMeats, sweet berries, rabbit stew, etc.
5.CartographerCartography TableGolden monocleBanners, compasses, maps, and papers
6.ClericBrewing StandPurple apron and creeper cloakEnder pearls, Redstone dust, and other magical items
7.FarmerComposterStraw HatCrops such as bread and natural foods like cookies
8.FishermanBarelFisher HatCampfires and fishing items
9.FletcherFletching TableHat with feather and quiver on the backBows, crossbows, all types of arrows, and archery ingredients
10.LeatherworkerCauldronBrown apron and brown glovesScutes, rabbit hide, and leather-related items 
11.LibrarianLecternEyeglasses and book as a hatEnchanted books, name tags, lanterns, compasses, etc.
12.Stone MasonStonecutterBlack apron and black glovesPolished stones, terracotta, quartz, etc.
13.ShepherdLoomBrown hat with a white apronTrades shears, wool, dyes, etc.
14.ToolsmithSmithing TableBlack apronMinerals, bells, and harvest tools
15.WeaponsmithGrindstoneEye patch and black apronMinerals, swords, axes, and enchanted melee weapons

Now, let’s discuss the various job postings for a villager.

  1. Armorer
  2. Butcher
  3. Cleric
  4. Cartographer
  5. Farmer
  6. Fisherman
  7. Fletcher
  8. Leatherworker
  9. Librarian
  10. Stonecutter
  11. Shepherd
  12. Toolsmith
  13. Weaponsmith
  14. Nitwits
  15. Unemployed 
  16. Wandering Trader

1. Who is an Armorer in Minecraft?

An armorer is a battle aid. He’s a war factory that provides the best armor tools and the cherished enchanted diamond armor. Some of the most popular items he trades include an Iron Chestplate for 9 Emeralds, Iron Leggings for 7 Emeralds, and enchanted diamond boots for 13-27 emeralds.  

The transactions will vary according to supply and demand economics.

Armorer in MineCraft

How to make tools with Armorer in Minecraft?

Here’s how to make tools with armorer in Minecraft:

  • Start by crafting a blast furnace. It is almost the same as a typical furnace, except it takes a short time and consumes more resources. For example, you can craft a blast furnace using three smooth stones and five Iron ingots.
  • Look for a village with an unemployed villager and place a blast furnace near it. 
  • An armorer novice will appear from which you can select the trade you want to perform.

2. Who is a Butcher in Minecraft?

The butcher is a source of easy profit. You can create a livestock farm to gain maximum profit from the butcher or purchase meat and other meat-related items from these villagers. It helps to save time because you won’t be wasting time cooking meat. 

The butcher needs Smoker so he can get to work. 

Butcher in Minecraft

3. Who is a Cleric in Minecraft?

The cleric wears pink clothes with gold trim and a high collar. You can deal with the cleric in rotten flesh, gold ingot, scute, nether wart, rabbit’s foot, and glass bottle. In return, he will provide you with Redstone dust, Glowstone, ender pearl, bottle enchanting, and Lapis Lazuli. 

The cleric works in a brewing stand. 

Cleric in Minecraft

4. Who is a Cartographer in Minecraft?

The cartographer deals with good old map-related stuff. The cartographer sells emeralds, blank maps, flags, treasure maps, an underwater fortress, and a forest mansion. In exchange, the cartographer buys emeralds, paper, compasses, and glass panels from you.

 Cartographers need cartography tables to begin their work.  

Cartographer in Minecraft

5. Who is a Farmer in Minecraft?

The farmer can be identified by his traditional straw hat. The farmer trades wheat, carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, and emeralds. He sells you bread and butter items like an apple, bread, melon slice, biscuits, pumpkin pie, golden carrots, etc.

Farmer in Minecraft

6. Who is a Fisherman in Minecraft?

The fisherman is a villager who wears brown clothes and a hat and is specified by the fish on his belt. The fisherman gives you emeralds, fried fish, and fishing rods in return for raw fish, emeralds, and boats. You will have to craft a barrel for the fisherman to do his job.

Fisherman in Minecraft

7. Who is a Fletcher in Minecraft?

The fletcher deals with everything related to archery. He trades all kinds of bows, crossbows, and archery ingredients like Tripwire Hook and String. He wears the quiver on his back and a feather hat. 

Fletcher in Minecraft

8. Who is a Leatherworker in Minecraft?

Everything related to leather is available from the Leatherworker. You’ll have to give the leatherworker emeralds, flint, rabbit hide, scute, and flint so that he gives you leather items such as leather pants, leather cap, and leather horse armor. 

The saddle is the only useful item the leather worker offers.     


9. In Minecraft, who is a Librarian?

One of the most advantageous professions out there is the librarian. In Minecraft, the librarian buys a paper from you in return for enchanted books and bookcases. Knowledge is the real power, so that the librarian can give you access to the strongest enchantments.  

On rare occasions, the librarian offers rare enchanted books like Mending and Infinity as their first trade. Therefore, as the priority, you should keep canceling the trade until you get the enchanted books. To cancel a trade, mine the villager’s workstation and place it back down. Other options include trading some cheap emeralds.       

 Librarian in Minecraft

10. Who is a Stone Mason?

The stone mason creates simple items like terracotta, polished stones, and quartz. He is valuable only if you mine a lot. In that case, also most people use granite. His job block is Stonecutter. 

 Stone Mason in Minecraft

11. Who is a Shepherd in Minecraft?

The shepherd sells things of different kinds. He has carpets, beds, flags, paintings emeralds to give you, while he deals with you in various wools, dyes, and emeralds. He is not very popular with players.

Shepard in Minecraft

12. Who is a Toolsmith in Minecraft?

The toolsmith is one of the best villagers in Minecraft. As with the librarian, he’s an aid in possessing high-level enchanted tools. Besides coal and emerald, toolsmiths sell enchanted diamond shovels, diamond axes, and diamond pickaxes. The later three trades expire after three trades. 

First, you should start the trade with coal to get on good trading terms. Then, after the level of the toolsmith goes up, deal using emeralds. In the end, get your hands on enchanted pieces of equipment.

Toolsmith in Minecraft

13. Who is a Weaponsmith in Minecraft?

The weaponsmith provides you with the best arms in the market. He saves you time as you don’t have to go through the long process of enchantment. The lower-level weapon smiths will exchange iron or coal for emeralds while the masters provide you with enchanted Iron Sword, Axe, and Diamond Sword. 

Weaponsmith in Minecraft

14. Nitwit

Nitwits are work-shy people. Even if you provide them with everything in this world, they will never take a profession. So, you should identify them with their green robes and ignore them completely.

15. Unemployed 

They leave their homes during the day looking for work. To assign a profession to an unemployed villager, follow these steps:

  • Capture a villager.
  • Place a job site block near the unemployed villager. For example, you could place a cartography table.
  • Wait for the unemployed villager to take up a profession. In the above case, the unemployed villager will become a cartographer.

16. Wandering Trader

As the name sounds, the Wandering Trader deals with the items of the natural world. He can be identified from the blue robe that he wears. The wandering trader offers all the available items to trade, such as plants, dyes, and buckets of fish. 

Wandering trader is not a villager job profession but a different type of job profession. Some differentiating features of wandering traders from villagers are,

  • The wandering trader undergoes de-spawning while the villagers do not disappear.
  • When the wandering trader locks a trade, it never unlocks it
  • They do not have a novice master trading system
  • They do not increase or decrease prices due to the “Hero of the Village” effect.
  • They only sell items while the villagers both buy and sell items     

How do I Trade with a Villager in Minecraft?

Trading in Minecraft works like real life. Here’s how to perform trade with the villager in Minecraft.

  • Right-click on the villager in uniform to start the trade. If the villager places an item in his hand to you, he wants to begin a trade.
  • Now, the trading window will open. You can choose from a variety of options. If you think the trade is not beneficial for you, mine out the villager’s workstation. This will reset the trade.

Before starting a trade with the villager, you must have some basic things.

  • You should have a good amount of emeralds. Mountain biomes, buried treasures, shipwrecks, and trading with other villagers are some good emeralds sources. 
  • A villager has a profession that offers the items you want to trade.
  • Job site block according to the profession of the villager. 

The pricing of trade in Minecraft is affected by many factors like,

Supply and Demand

According to supply and demand mechanics, when you trade a particular item multiple times, its price in Minecraft continues to rise. As a rule of thumb, you should trade an item only twice before the prices become sky-high.


Your behavior influences how people deal with you. Dealing with many traders causes your reputation to rise, decreasing the price of the trade, and rude behavior like hitting the villagers will increase the trade price.

Hero of the Village 

Attacking a village will give you the “Hero of the Village” status. Your might will sway the trade in your favor.

How to capture a Villager?

Capturing a villager is a very useful skill in Minecraft. Here are some advantages to capturing a villager in Minecraft.

  • Facilitate massive trading
  • Create individual trading cells
  • Avoid searching villagers
  • Save your time

To capture a villager in Minecraft, here’s what you should do.

  • Find a village and remove beds from the villagers’ houses. Keep the beds in your inventory.
  • Create a compound for the villagers near the village. Place a trap door at the entrance of the compound. Make sure that the door is open.
  • Place the beds in your compound.
  • Ring the bell in the village. The villagers will run to their beds in the enclosure.
  • Once the villagers are in the enclosure, close the gate and stay in their place.  


Minecraft Villagers are essential for you to climb up the ladder. They offer great trades out of luck, especially librarians and cartographers. Others like WeaponSmith and Toolsmith come at a cost, but their tools come in handy on many occasions.

Any Unemployed villager will attain a profession if his block is placed next to him. So, start placing blocks right now to unleash the full potential of Minecraft Villagers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Unemployed Minecraft Villager Take A Job?

Unemployed villagers always take a job. However, you may have multiple misunderstandings like
– They may be nitwits who never take a job
– They already have a job
– It could be because you have already traded with that villager

What Is The Best Job For A Villager For Emeralds?

The Librarian is the villager who will help you get packs of emeralds. You have to give him easily accessible paper and books to get emeralds. Moreover, you can learn several tricks to swing the trade in your favor. An emerald farm is one of the most efficient ways to have an abundant supply of emeralds.  

What Is The Rarest Type Of Villager In Minecraft?

The rarest type of villager in Minecraft is the Swamp Villager. They wear leaves over purple clothes. Their biome is Wild forest.  Swamp villagers are generated in those areas where there is occasional overlap between two different areas.   

Why Do Minecraft Villagers Disappear?

There are multiple reasons for a Minecraft villager to disappear, such as
– Minecraft villagers can escape your enclosure from open doors and windows.
– Proper lights are a sign of the presence of zombies in Minecraft. 
– The lack of proper breeding compels the Minecraft villagers to disappear.
– Ensure that there are multiple lights in your enclosure. Dim light causes zombies to appear in the area.