7 Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments You Can Use

Drowned with trident underwater in Minecraft on a laptop screen

Trident is a rare and unique weapon in Minecraft. It was added in the Minecraft aquatic update. The main use of a trident is underwater (obviously) for fighting aquatic mobs.

You can’t use a bow there so tridents come in handy. Not only that, tridents are one of the strongest weapons outside of the water as well. You can use it for both melee and long-range attacks.

But how to make your trident more powerful? By using enchantments. Follow us to know how to obtain a trident, what are the best trident enchantments, and how to enchant a trident.

How To Get a Trident in Minecraft?

You can’t craft a trident. Tridents can only be obtained as a mob loot when dropped by the underwater zombie mobs called Drowned. But does every drowned have a trident? No.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, only 15% of Drowned are spawned with a trident. The percentage goes down if you’re using Java Edition and is at 6%. Drowned spawn in rivers or ocean biomes. They mostly spawn in dark parts of water. 

Dropped trident in Minecraft. Mob loot.

To get a trident, you may need to head to an ocean, find a Drowned with trident, and then slay it. You can’t obtain tridents that Drowned throws at you during the fight.

However, if a player throws or drops a trident, you can pick it up. The tridents obtained from Drowned have random durability so you need to repair them or use the mending enchantment.

How To Use a Trident?

Tridents deal 9 melee damage. You can press the attack button when any mob or player is near you to attack with your trident.

For a long-range attack, press and hold the use button to charge the trident. When thrown, it deals damage to anyone it hits. If it hits a mob or player, it falls beside the target. In the case of blocks, it sticks to the blocks. 

Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

In melee attacks, tridents deal the same damage as a diamond sword. But its durability equals an iron sword. So, you need enchantments to unlock the full potential of a trident. These are the trident enchantments you can use:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Channeling
  3. Impaling
  4. Riptide
  5. Unbreaking
  6. Mending
  7. Curse of Vanishing

1. Loyalty

Do you like boomerangs or Thor’s hammer? You can make your trident come back to you after a throw just like those with the loyalty enchantment. You can upgrade to 3 levels of loyalty enchantment.

If you’re wondering with what speed it comes back? It depends on the level of the enchantment. If your trident has loyalty III enchantment, it’ll come back to you the fastest.

A great thing about this enchantment is that, even if you die after throwing the trident, you’ll find it in the same place where you died. 

But there are some places where you wouldn’t want to throw a loyalty enchanted trident. A trident gets damaged if you throw it into lava. Moreover, if you throw it in the void in Java Edition, it won’t return and you’ll have to find a new trident.

There are some smart uses of a loyalty enchanted trident. You can use it to enter secret rooms that have pressure plates. When you throw the trident on a wall, it passes through it hitting the pressure plate and giving you the entrance to the secret room. 

If you like enchantment combos, use loyalty and channeling together. A trident with these two enchantments can strike lightning on mobs at any distance from you because the trident will return to you after wreaking havoc on mobs.

Enchanting method: enchanted book and enchanting table.

2. Channeling

A channeling enchanted trident can produce a lightning bolt at the target. Yes, real lightning from the sky! This makes it one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft. It is a trident-exclusive enchantment.

To use it, you need to make sure that your target is under the open sky and it’s raining or there’s a thunderstorm. Moreover, we already mentioned in the loyalty section how you can use channeling and loyalty together to throw the trident at mobs and give them bolts of lightning.

Furthermore, the channeling enchantment has many other uses as well. If you strike lightning on a creeper, it will turn it into a charged creeper. Moreover, with a channeling trident, you can set fire anywhere, set fire to mobs, change the color of mushrooms, and turn villagers into witches. It has only one level of enchantment.

Enchanting method: enchanted book and enchanting table.

3. Impaling

The impaling enchantment causes extra damage to the mob or player you hit and it goes up 5 levels. Each level increases 2.5 attack damage to the total. So, if you find a player with level V impaling trident, you should run because that player can slay you with a single hit. 

At level V, the highest attack rating for this enchantment, it’s too powerful. So, if you’re using it in Java Edition, the extra damage would be caused to aquatic mobs or sea creatures only.

But in Bedrock Edition, the extra damage applies to anyone or any mob that is in contact with water. Rain is also considered in contact with water in Minecraft. 

The best use of an impaling trident is for the slay more Drowned to obtain more tridents. You can also use them in any fight or battle.

Enchanting method: enchanted book and enchanting table.

4. Riptide

You can sort of fly using a trident enchanted with the riptide. When you point and throw it, it takes you with it to the target location, making your movement quicker. You can attack mobs with it or get out of mob attacks by ‘flying’ to some distant blocks.

Also, you can throw a riptide enchanted trident to mobs for damage, but with this, you will find yourself close to the mob or player as well. So, throw it to mobs, if you want to cause damage and then do melee attacks.

You can’t use this enchantment with channeling because the lightning will damage your health as well. Moreover, you might get fall damage if you use it vertically for jumping or reaching heights.

Riptide has three levels and each level increases the distance the trident can cover by 6 blocks. Its usage is only possible if you’re standing in water or in rain. If you want to reach a location faster, a riptide III trident is for you.

Enchanting method: enchanted book and enchanting table.

5. Unbreaking

It is one of the most essential enchantments you should get for your trident or any weapon in this sandbox game. Unbreaking increases the durability of your trident.

And knowing how rare and hard-to-get tridents are, you must apply unbreaking to your trident quickly after obtaining. Unbreaking has three levels, unbreaking I boost durability by 100%, level II by 200%, and unbreaking III by 300%.

Enchanting method: enchanted book and enchanting table.

6. Mending

It is considered the best enchantment in Minecraft by many players. It restores your weapon’s decreased durability. In other words, it fixes the weapon. Mending should be your first priority when you obtain a trident from Drowned because the durability of the trident will be unknown and it could break very soon. You can apply mending with an enchanted book only. 

But you must know this. Mending isn’t free. It uses your collected XP orbs to restore your trident. When you collect one experience orb, it restores two durability units.

Moreover, your own XP won’t increase because your trident is using it for mending. So, you just need to do XP-related stuff in Minecraft to fix your trident and keep using it for a long time without having to repair it manually.

Enchanting method: enchanted book.

7. Curse of Vanishing

This is a tricky enchantment and most players won’t want to have a trident with the curse of vanishing. This enchantment makes the trident disappear when the player dies.

This means you can’t retrieve it from the location of your death. If you don’t like to use a trident with the curse of vanishing, the good news is that the chances of getting this kind of trident naturally are very low.

If you find a trident with the curse of vanishing enchantment, don’t try removing it with grindstone because it can’t. You can just keep it in your chest. The best use of this trident is in multiplayer mode where this prevents other players from collecting your trident if you die. So, other players can’t obtain your special underwater weapon from you even if they slay you.

Enchanting method: enchanted book.

How To Enchant a Trident?

  1. Remove Existing Enchantments If You Want
  2. Add Enchantments to Your Trident Using an Enchanting Table
  3. Use an Anvil to Enchant Your Trident

1. Remove Existing Enchantments If You Want

If you obtained a trident from Drowned, you should remove enchantments from it before enchanting it. You can use a grindstone to remove enchantments. However, if the trident has a curse of vanishing, the grindstone can’t remove it. 

Grindstone in Minecraft
  • Place your grindstone on the ground or any other place.
  • Enter its interface.
  • Put the trident in two empty slots.
  • Wait so that it produces a disenchanted trident on the empty slot on the right side.
  • Put the disenchanted trident into your inventory.

2. Add Enchantments to Your Trident Using an Enchanting Table

Enchanting table in Minecraft

An enchanting table is commonly used to enchant weapons in Minecraft. But you need some items for the successful enchantment of your trident: a trident, 3 Lapiz Lazuli, and blue stones that are mined from gray cube ores that have blue veins. 

Once you’ve collected the items, perform these steps:

  • Place the enchanting table.
  • Enter its interface.
  • Put your trident on the left empty slot.
  • Place 3 Lapiz Lazuli on the right empty slot.
  • Enchantment choices will appear.
  • Pick an enchantment to apply. You need to unlock any enchantment you select with XP. If you don’t have enough XP, fight some mobs.

3. Use an Anvil to Enchant Your Trident

Anvil in Minecraft

Anvil is mostly used if you want to repair your trident before enchantment or want to keep some enchantments already applied to the trident. For this, you may need one of the seven trident enchantments in the form of a book. You also need XP as payment for trident repairs

Firstly, we will repair the trident:

  • Place the anvil on the ground.
  • Put your trident on the empty slot on the left side.
  • Now, place a trident on the empty slot in the center as a sacrifice item.
  • A repaired trident will appear.
  • Put the repaired trident in your inventory.

Now, we can enchant the trident with an enchantment book:

  • Place the anvil on the ground and enter its interface.
  • Put your trident on the left empty slot.
  • Put an enchantment book on the empty slot in the center.
  • An enchanted trident will appear shortly.
  • Drag the trident back to your inventory.


There are seven trident enchantments in Minecraft. Mending and unbreakable are essential to keep the trident’s durability at full. While impaling, riptide, loyalty, and channeling are for fighting mobs and players. Lastly, the curse of invisibility is a tricky enchantment that’s suitable for multiplayer situations.


What Trident enchantments work together?

You can use loyalty and channeling enchantments on a trident together. With this, you can throw a trident on mobs at any distance, it will trigger lightning from the sky to the mobs, and then the trident will return to you for another attack.

Can you combine loyalty and riptide on a trident?

You can’t use loyalty and riptide together because, with riptide, the trident never leaves you. So, you can’t throw it to return if the trident is never leaving you.

What enchantment do you put on a trident to do more damage?

For more attack damage, use the impaling enchantment on your trident. Impaling has 5 levels and with each level, the attack damage increases by 2.5 points.

Can you put impaling and Riptide on the same trident?

Yes, you can use impaling and riptide together as none of them conflict with one another. You can enjoy more attack damage and quick movement with these two trident enchantments.