10 Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments

Minecraft, released in 2011, has swept the game world with its unlimited creativity and endless playstyles. You can build your world, forge ahead into battle, scrap resources from caverns, temples, biomes, etc. and make crafts. You can do virtually everything you can think of in Minecraft.

Putting other things aside, we will talk about enchanting features in Minecraft. Minecraft lets you enchant your items(weapons, armor, or tools) with different perks in this sandbox-style game.

This makes you ready to face different scenarios and easily overcome them with these comprehensive enchantments blessed on your crafts or tolls.

For instance, the enchantments available for the sword weapon make killing mobs and bosses a cakewalk. You can surely clear the game efficiently if you enchant your sword with suitable enchantments.

We’ve listed the ten best sword enchantments in Minecraft in this article. You can enchant your sword with these enchantments and go on a killing spree. Have the best combo of Minecraft sword enchantments and enjoy the game.

minecraft sword enchantments

Prerequisites For Enchanting Swords In Minecraft

  • An Enchanting Table.
  • Bookshelves
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Enchanted Book
  • Experience

Before starting to enchant your sword in Minecraft, you need to fulfill some requirements. To enchant an item in Minecraft, you need to have an enchanting table. In addition, you also need to gather Lapis Lazuli to power up the enchanting table. Without them, you won’t be able to enchant your items.

The next thing you require is to gather bookshelves. The bookshelves are related to the overall experience level, which is required to level up your enchantments. For instance, if you want to level your Sharpness enchantment to its maximum, i.e., Sharpness V, you need to surround the enchanting table with 15 bookshelves.

Enchanting table surrounded by bookshelves.

You are now ready to start enchanting as you have fulfilled the prerequisites of enchanting. Let’s look at the different enchantments and their effect on the game.

Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments- Increase Melee Damage And Other Perks

Below is a list of the ten best sword enchantments found in Minecraft. Be sure to enchant your sword with a suitable combo of different enchantments and prepare yourself to face different scenarios in Minecraft.

  1. Sharpness V
  2. Unbreaking III
  3. Mending I
  4. Sweeping Edge III
  5. Looting III
  6. Fire Aspect II
  7. Bane of Arthropods V
  8. Knockback II
  9. Smite V
  10. Curse of Vanishing I

1. Sharpness V

Enchant your sword with Sharpness enchantment

As the name suggests, Sharpness enchantment increases the base damage dealt by a sword. For e.g., a regular Netherite sword causes eight base damage to a hostile mob. That means you require a minimum of 3 sword hits to kill a hostile mob. 

But this easy gameplay may not work in front of human enemies encountered in Minecraft Multiplayer. In this case, you need an extra edge to lord over other players. 

Sharpness is the best enchantment that can be applied to your sword. It increases the base damage of the sword by a factor of 0.5 per Experience Level. And the maximum level of enchantment that can be applied to a single sword in Minecraft is Level 5(Sharpness V).

That means you can deal 11 damage in a single hit with Sharpness enchanted sword. This amount of damage requires a total of 2 hits as compared to 3 hits by an unenchanted Netherite sword. 

In a nutshell, a Sharpness enchanted sword lets you have the edge over your opponents in Minecraft Multiplayer battles or any other gameplay modes. And pairing the Sharpness enchantment with other sword enchantments can give you a sword with comprehensive qualities.

Most players start enchanting their swords with the Sharpness enchantment. And gradually add other enchantments compatible with the Sharpness perk.

2. Unbreaking III

Enchant your sword with Unbreaking enchantment

Minecraft somewhat reflects real-world physical qualities. As in this case, the wear & tear effect of Minecraft tools. No tool, be it a weapon, armor, or tools, can persevere for a long time. In a nutshell, the durability of an item decreases through usage. 

The developers of the Minecraft game have set a specified durability level for each item. Fortunately, players also have the option to repair their tools. Specifically, most items are repairable, including the Diamond sword.

However, you need to consume extra material resources to repair an item and waste your time looking for these resources.

Unbreaking enchantment does exactly what you might think by guessing from the name. Players might think that Unbreaking enchantment consumes player’s XP and increases the durability.

But that’s not the case, and the Unbreaking enchantment decreases the chance or probability of your sword durability being lessened. 

The perks that come with the Unbreaking enchantment look similar to Mending enchantment. But the core difference between the two, one reduces the chance of durability loss, and the other repairs the durability by consuming the player’s XP. 

The Unbreaking enchantment can be leveled up to Level 3(i.e., Unbreaking III). The highest achievement of Unbreaking enchantment provides a 70% chance to hit the ‘No durability reduction’ jackpot.

This makes it one of the best Minecraft sword enchantments available, and pairing it with other sword enchantments can get you a sword that can withstand long duration of battles.

3. Mending I

Enchant your sword with Mending enchantment

In the aforementioned Unbreaking enchantment section, we have talked about the wear & tear effect on Minecraft tools. The durability of a tool(weapon, armor, craft, etc.) decreases throughout usage. In an intense battle, you may end up breaking your sword.

Unbreaking enchantment can make your sword last longer and undergo heavy and intense battles with hostile mobs. In Minecraft, another enchantment that can repair your damaged tools and sword is the Mending enchantment. This is a different enchantment, and it works in a different mechanism compared to the Unbreaking enchantment.

The Mending enchantment repairs your sword or any other tool by consuming your XP. The typical cost of repairing is consuming one experience(from experience orbs) for two durability points.

The XP can be of any source, i.e., XP gained from killing mobs, mining farms, crafting items, etc. Mending enchantment comes into effect with whatever source of XP you have earned. It is compatible with all sources of XP.

Moreover, there isn’t any upgrade for the Mending enchantment. It is displayed with’ Mending’ enchantment if you enchant your sword with Mending enchantment. And there is no level indication attached to the name of this enchantment.

4. Sweeping Edge III

Enchant your sword with Sweeping Edge enchantment

You can guess what effect this enchantment offers from its name. Yes, it’s the damage caused by the sweep attacks. An average Netherite sword without enchantment takes about 4-5 sword sweeps to kill three enemies in a row.

But if the sword is enchanted with the Sweeping Edge perk, then it requires only 2-3 strikes to kill the same amount of hostile mobs.

The Sweeping Edge enchantment may not be as attractive to an average player compared to other enchantments. But if you’re playing Minecraft in Hardcore mod, surrounded by hostile mobs, there is room for escape.

In this situation, the sweeping edge comes into play. With each strike, you can easily take down many mobs(creepers) and go through the Hardcore mode.

The Sweeping Edge enchantment can level up to Level 3(Sweeping Edge III). So it requires gathering enough experience levels to get the best results early on. Having the best enchantment that lets you survive in the initial run in the hardcore mode is essential as there is no second respawn to take advantage of.

Note- The Sweeping Edge enchantment can only be availed in the Java edition of Minecraft. However, a plan to introduce this enchantment in the Bedrock version is underway.

5. Looting III

Enchant your sword with Looting enchantment

As the name suggests, looting enchantment is to increase the chance of dropping loot. Generally, there is a 50% chance of dropping loot when you kill a hostile mob.

But when you equip your sword with the Looting enchantment, it increases the chance of dropped loot. For instance, when the game calculates the chance of dropping loot, the result comes negative.

In this situation, the Looting enchantment initiates a re-calculation for dropping loot. This extra calculation of drop loot is much better than a single trial.

There are three types of loot found in Minecraft- Common, Uncommon, and Rare. If you kill mobs without any Looting enchantment equipped on your Netherite sword, the loot drop chance is around 50%.

But if you kill the enemy with an enchanted sword, then the associated perks can greatly change the odds of success and make the game drop more uncommon loot.

The maximum level this enchantment can reach is Level 3. That is, you can make an enchanted sword with Looting III enchantment.

6. Fire Aspect II

Enchant your sword with Fire Aspect enchantment

The Fire Aspect enchantment tops the list with its passive damage and other perks such as confusion and gathering cooked meat from animals. This enchantment’s maximum level is Level 2(i.e., Fire Aspect II).

The first level causes damage for 4 seconds, and the second level lasts for about 8 seconds.

The extra perk that comes with the Fire Aspect enchantment is confusion. This minor advantage or perks associated with the Fire Aspect enchantment is less noticeable, but you can take its advantage around mob groups.

Lighting up your opponent with flame causes confusion among mob groups, leveling them baffled and disorganized. You can also take advantage of this perk in Player vs. Player(PvP) settings.

The core effect of this Fire Aspect enchantment is the passive burning damage. It causes tons of damage over a short period and helps you clear a group of mobs(creepers) in the least amount of time.

Moreover, you can get cooked meat if you kill an animal using the Fire Aspect enchanted sword. As you know, eating raw meat in Minecraft can cause Food Poisoning.

The Fire Aspect perk saves you time from preparing to cook raw meat fit for consumption.

7. Bane of Arthropods V

Enchant your sword with Bane of Arthropods enchantment

Arthropods mobs in Minecraft refer to insects, spiders, centipedes, endermites, scorpions, etc. The Bane of Arthropods enchantment, guessed from its sassy name, is to deal effective damage to the Arthropod class of hostile mobs in the Minecraft game.

If you were playing in the biomes environment of Minecraft and surrounded by various eight-legged freaks, then you need your weapon(here, sword) enchanted with perks that deal effective damage to them.

The Bane of Arthropods enchantment comes into play in such situations. If you want to scrap resources in caverns and biomes, always keep the Bane of Arthropods enchanted sword ready to deal with cave spiders, scorpions, silverfish, etc.

In addition to dealing effective damage to the insect class of mobs in Minecraft, this enchantment also has the additional Slowness debuff. Simply it means to slow down the enemies struck by those above enchanted Netherite sword.

The duration of the Slowness debuff increases with the enchantment level.

The Bane of Arthropods enchantment can be leveled up to a maximum of Level 5, i.e., Bane of Arthropod V. Each level of enchantment increases the damage dealt by 2.5. So an average Netherite sword with maximized Bane of Arthropod enchantment can deal approximately 20 damage to an enemy.

8. Knockback II

Enchant your sword with Knockback enchantment

Again you can guess the effect of the enchantment from its name. It knocks back your opponent or hostile mob, distancing yourself from the enemy. This is best used when you don’t want to engage in physical battles up close.

Using this enchantment, you can keep a safe distance from the enemies. This effect is best used for ranged-type weapons where you can keep your enemies from getting close.

This enchantment’s maximum level is Level 2, i.e., Knockback II. The first level creates a distance of three(3) blocks between you and the enemy, and the second level creates six(6) blocks. 

This enchantment displays different effects on different platforms. For instance, if you are playing the Minecraft Java version, the Knockback enchantment can slap away the armor stands.

At the same time, the same effect cannot be displayed in the Bedrock version of the Minecraft game. Also, you can get extra knockback distance if you strike your opponent while sprinting.

Simply use the Knockback enchantment to play the game in laid back style. Keep your distance if you don’t want to hack mobs in gruesome melee battles. This enchantment is best suited for range-type weapons such as crossbows, tridents, and bows.

9. Smite V

Enchant your sword with Smite enchantment

Minecraft offers a variety of enemies, and they can be categorized into living and nonliving(dead?). The presence of undead mobs makes them more enjoyable and challenging.

However, if you face an indeed mob with an ordinary or enchanted sword(other than Smite), you will find that little to no damage is being caused. 

To effectively deal damage to the undead, you need to equip your sword with the Smite enchantment. This can be the best enchantment to deal with the undead mobs in the Minecraft game. 

The Smite enchanted sword can deal with various Undead mobs such as zombies, zombie villagers, zombie pigmen or piglins, zombie horses, drowned, skeleton horses, phantoms, husks, withers, zoglins, etc.

However, the only drawback of using Smite enchantment on your sword is that you cannot pair it with the Sharpness enchantment.

Players usually enchant swords with various enchantments, making themselves ready to face different situations and overcome them using different enchantment perks.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are conflicting pairs of enchantments, and they can’t be blessed on a single sword. The Smite and Sharpness enchantment is one such pair.

The Smite enchantment can be leveled up to a maximum of Level 5 i.e. Smite V enchantment. If you bless your sword with Smite enchantment, it increases the attack damage to undead mobs by 2.5 for each enchantment level.

For instance, if an average Netherite sword deals eight base damage, then a Smite V enchanted Netherite sword can deal approximately 20 damage. 

10. Curse of Vanishing I

Enchant your sword with Curse of Vanishing enchantment

Curse of Vanishing sounds mystical, right! The effect of this enchantment is also mysterious. Most players, i.e., single-mode players, don’t know much about this enchantment. But for, those who are active in the Minecrfat’s Multiplayer arena have a love & hate relationship with this enchantment.

Players who enchant their tools(in this article, it is the sword) with the Curse of Vanishing enchantment are in a satisfying relationship. And the opposing players hate it. Why? Let’s look at the effector mechanism of this enchantment. 

This enchantment’s core effect or purpose is to prevent your tool(s) from being dropped upon your character’s death. For instance, if you kill a human enemy(other players), you see that no loot is being dropped.

Then you can surely say that the enemy has enchanted their tools with the Curse of Vanishing enchantment.

In Multiplayer battle mode, it is a great enchantment to make enchanted tools so that even after death, you can’t make your enemy cheaper by feeding them your hard-earned loot. So it can be said that Minecraft players have a relative love-hate relationship with this enchantment.

This enchantment can be leveled up to ‘Curse of Vanishing I.’ That is, there isn’t any kind of upgrade for this enchantment. Also, keep in mind that there is no use in having your items enchanted with this enchantment in single-player mode. Because mobs will not scrap the loot you have dropped upon your character’s death.

This article has talked about some of the best enchantments available for the melee weapon- the sword. Different enchantments can make you battle-ready and face different situations with different perks. 

Enhancement NameMax. LevelDescription
SharpnessVIncrease the base damage dealt with mobs and enemy players
UnbreakingIIIReduce the chance of durability decrease of an item.
MendingIRepairs the durability of an item by consuming the player’s XP.
LootingIIIIncrease the chance of dropping loots from killing mobs. Increase the chance of dropping Uncommon loots.
Fire AspectIIDebuffs opponent with passive burn damage. Also, debuff others with the Slowness attribute.
Bane of ArthropodsVIncrease the damage dealt with Arthropods. 
SmiteVIncrease damage dealt with an undead mob. It can’t be paired with Sharpness enchantment.
Sweeping EdgeIIIIncrease the damage and range of sweeping enemies in a circle.
KnockbackIIKnocks back your opponent and create a safe distance between yourself and the enemy.
Curse of VanishingIThe item(s) enchanted with this enchantment prevents being dropped as loot upon the player’s death.


7 best sword enchantments

Minecraft is a classic game. It has gathered massive popularity since its inception in 2011 and is still gathering dedicated game fans. The game offers massive open-world scenarios, unlimited creativity, and adventure-filled quests.

The game can be addicting with its different gameplay strategies. If you equip yourself with weapons enchanted with the right perks, you can experience endless fun playing the game with different combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which Are The Best Enchantments For Swords In Minecraft?

You can make yourself a broad sword to face different enemies and battle scenarios with the following enchantments. The best enchantments for swords in Minecraft are Unbreaking, Sharpness, Mending, Looting, Fire Aspect, Bane of Arthropod, Knockback, Sweeping Edge, Smite, and Curse of Vanishing.

What Is The Best Enchantment Combo For A Sword?

Theoretically, you can have ten enchantments for your sword in Minecraft. But there is a pair of enchantments that conflict with Smite enchantment and Sharpness enchantment. The Sharpness perk boosts the sword’s base damage(0.5 factor per level). At the same time, the Smite increases damage to Undead mobs. You can’t have both enchantments in a single word. Therefore, you can have at most nine different enchantments to bless your sword in Minecraft.
One of the best combo recommendations for the sword in Minecraft is to bless it with Unbreaking III, Sharpness V, Mending, Looting III, and Sweeping Edge III.

How To Enchant Swords In Minecraft?

Enchanting your Netherite sword in Minecraft requires an Enchanting table, experience points, and bookshelves. First, surround the enchanting table with bookshelves(need 15 bookshelves to reach the maximum enchantment level). Open the exquisite menu by right-clicking on the enchanting table. Select the sword and enchanting book. Power the enchanting table with ‘Lapis Lazuli.’ You will be given three options to choose from on the right pane. The higher the experience required to enchant an item, the better the enchantment level.

Will Minecraft Bedrock Get Sweeping Edge?

Sweeping Edge enchantment is only found in the Java version of the Minecraft game. However, the makers of Minecraft have planned to introduce this enchantment in the Minecraft: Bedrock version.