How To Easily Read Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

There are a few ways to learn and understand the Minecraft enchanting table language. Even though cryptic text present while using an Enchanting table has been there for a long time, you might want to read and understand the language.

With the advancement of Minecraft, there have been several features and updates over the past few years. Along with that, the world of Minecraft comprises numerous mysteries and secrets, one of them being the enchanting table language.  

how to read minecraft enchanting table language

Before we proceed towards the process of learning and understanding the same, you might want to know what exactly is the enchantment table language and how it works. 

The Enchanting Table Language

The enchanting table language is a fictional language mainly used in games. It is a Standard Galactic Alphabet. Moreover, it also depicts an alien language. This concept was initially developed in one of the game series named Commander Keen. 

As this started becoming more and more popular over the years, several other video game series incorporated it. In Minecraft, it is more prominent in the Enchanting Table. This SGA was mainly created for communication among aliens, common within the galaxy. 

There are many non-English words as well that are incorporated within the Standard Galactic Language; some of them are either misspelled or other magic games within the game series.

Hence, while translating the enchantment table language, there might be cases wherein the translated version also does not make sense. 

It is more likely that the words are spells or other phrases connected to the game in those cases. You will have to note that even though those spells are related to the game, the gaming experience will not be hindered if you cannot understand or translate the language. 

How To Read Minecraft Enchantment Table Language

  1. Use a Translator chart
  2. Online SGA language translators

1. Use a Translator Chart

The Latin alphabet mostly brings about the SGA and is the substitution cipher. Most importantly, it becomes easier to read the script and to be able to decipher it if you have the conversion chart as well. 

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You will be able to convert the words and check the symbols through the chart to make it easier for you to read and understand. However, there is no guarantee that your deciphered words will make sense. 

SGA translator chart

One of the main reasons for this is that the enchantment table has words or spells that are relatively random. Hence, it might not always make sense if you try to convert it to English letters. 

You can follow these steps to use the translation chart more easily. 

  • Take the screenshot of the language
  • Convert the text with the help of the SGA chart. 

While taking a screenshot, you will have to note that you can press F2 on your system if you are using Java. However, if you are currently using the Bedrock edition, you must take a screenshot with the help of the shortcut. 

Moreover, you can directly press Win+Prt Sc on Windows to take a screenshot. You can convert the language by taking a look at the chart. There is no capitalization of words in this language, so you can easily convert each symbol to English. 

SGA translator chart

A majority of the words are also chosen randomly, and there is no relation between the spells or any activity within the game. Some of the common words that appear are 

air, animal, baguette, ball, beast, errata, bless, cold, creature, Cthulhu, cube, curse, darkness, demon, destroy, dry, earth, elder, elemental, embiggen, enchant, fhtagn, fiddle, fire, free, fresh, galvanize, grow, hot, humanoid, ignite, imbue, inside, Klaatu, light, limited, mental, mglwnafh, Nikon, of, other, phylum, physical, range, rlyeh, scrolls, self, shorten, shrink, snuff, sphere, spirit, stale, stretch, the, towards, twist, undead, water, wet, wgahnagl, xyzzy.

These are the combinations of the common words, some of them being non-English words as well. You will be able to translate the words and also get certain sentences or phrases from them. 

2. Online SGA Language translators

If you think that you will not be able to translate the language with the help of the chart manually, then you can also convert it through online translators.

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Sometimes, while manually translating the language, you might get stuck on specific symbols or not be sure if it is correct. 

To avoid such situations, you can go through any online translators, and the Minecraft Enchanting table language will be perfectly translated for you. Once you can do this, you can also use this language with your friends while playing games. 

online SGA online translator

These online translators are available on all platforms. You can use it on your web browser, iOS, or even Android. Some of the most popular language translators, especially for SGA, are the SGA app, LingoJam, to name a few. 

SGA app is very helpful if you are using the pocket edition of Minecraft. Moreover, directly using it through the application instead of the web browser makes it easier. Hence, while playing the pocket edition of Minecraft, you can download the Standard Galactic Alphabet. 

You may not find the same developers across App Store and Google Play; both the applications work similarly, and there are no obstructions.

Once you install the application, all you have to do is either paste the Minecraft Enchanting Table Language or enter it. Once you do this, the application will automatically translate the text into English. 

Enchanting Table Words That Aren’t English

Even though the Minecraft enchanting table language is not real, some symbols have representative values. Some of the symbols might not directly relate to the activity or the game. 

Those names or symbols won’t have a direct translation either. Some enchanting table words aren’t English. Those non-English words also have different meanings. 

Some of the statements or phrases are taken from H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu novels. Even though there isn’t any such deep meaning for those phrases, some of them were regarded as easter eggs by the game developers. 

Users might often encounter one of the most famous phrases: “h’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyah wgah’nagl fhtagn. This means, “In this house at R’yah, dead Cthulhu waits to dream.” This is also taken from one of the novels, a common theme through the enchanting table words. 

enchanting table language


Minecraft enchanting table language might be a bit difficult to understand initially; however, with the help of the charts and the translators, you might be able to understand the words and sentences. 

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Even though learning or understanding the Minecraft enchanting table language isn’t integral while playing the game, it makes it much more interesting and fun. Hence, through translating charts and online translators, you will be able to understand the language. 

It might take time for you to get the hang of it, but eventually, understanding this encrypted language might lead you to use it outside the game. Since several other games have also incorporated Standard Galactic Alphabets, you can easily decipher them on those platforms too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we read the Minecraft Enchanting table language?

The Minecraft enchanting table language cannot be read by the gamers; however, users can decipher them with the help of translating charts and other online translators. Users can resort to charts for Standard Galactic Alphabets or online tools to translate them to English. 

Is Standard Galactic a real language?

The Standard Galactic is one of the most popular languages in the galaxy. It is not a real language per se. However, it is much more prominent in a lot of game series. This language is regarded as the language used by aliens across the galaxy. 

How can we read the Minecraft enchanting table language?

With the help of online tools and the Standard Galactic Alphabets chart, you can translate the Minecraft enchanting table language. The former method is easier because the online translator automatically converts the language to English. 
However, if you want to translate and read the enchanting table language with the help of the Standard Galactic Alphabets chart, you will have to take each symbol and check what it means. This method is relatively more manual and tedious. 

Do I need to learn the enchanting table language?

While playing Minecraft, there is no need for you to learn the enchanting table language. It does not hinder the gaming experience, and the users are not compelled to learn it to move forward in the game either. 
Since the Standard Galactic Alphabets use random phrases or words, the enchanting process is also not affected by the user’s ability to read and understand the language. However, it might be more fun and exciting if you learn how to read it or translate it.