How to Use Minecraft Crossplay on PS4, Xbox & PC

Mojang Studios enabled cross-platform multiplayer elements to their most popular game and the ultimate sandbox, Minecraft. This connected all the Minecraft players, allowing them to play with their in-game network friends.

For those who have questions about the cross-platform play for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, this article has answers for you. 

Is Minecraft cross-platform/crossplay possible?

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has been letting gamers play the game on their Windows 10 PC Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, GearVR, iOS, and Android.

This feature has been around since the 10th of December in 2019. As for gamers with the Minecraft: Java Edition, game lobbies can be joined through Minecraft launchers for the Java-powered version of the game.

To answer this question, Yes, Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bed rock Edition let users play Minecraft with their friends who use different consoles. 

How to enable Minecraft crossplay for the Xbox One Console?

For Xbox Minecrafters, it is quite easy to enable cross-platform as there are lesser content restrictions for this console when compared to others. In fact, cross-platform gaming is enabled by default and you don’t even have to search anywhere or go through the game or network settings to find more.

If you are a gamer who plays Minecraft on your Xbox One console, you will have an exclusive Minecraft edition called the Minecraft: Xbox One edition. This is not to be used here.

This is what you have to do.

  1. In the Xbox One interface, go into the Microsoft Store.
  2. Search for the Minecraft game and look for the Minecraft for Xbox One game.
  3. Download it from the store. If you do not have the game, you have to purchase it for around $19.99. You do not have to if you have already bought the game. 
  4. After the game is downloaded, you can install it and run the game.
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How to enable Minecraft cross-play on your Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch

 Though the Nintendo Switch hand-held console allows users to play Minecraft with their friends, the process is quite complicated. Since the Xbox Live interface and Minecraft work together for cross-platform gaming, which isn’t available for the Nintendo Switch, and the need for logging into a Microsoft account makes it even complex to play with others with different devices. 

Nintendo Switch with Minecraft made of LEGO blocks

Also, the Nintendo Switch does not have an independent browser which means that a web browser on your computer or mobile device has to be used if you want to play together across platforms. 

  1. Go into the Nintendo eShop and search for the Minecraft option, through the search bar on the eShop main menu.
Search results for Minecraft in the Nintendo eshop
  1. Locate the ‘Minecraft for Nintendo Switch’ game and download it. Do not confuse this with the Minecraft: Nintendo Switch edition.

You will have to buy this game for $29, if you do not have this previously.

  1. Launch Minecraft on your Switch and in the log into Microsoft account page, choose the Sign In For Free option.
  2. Open a browser on your mobile or PC and go to the Remote Connect website. This link is provided on your Switch display, along with a code that has to be entered on the website.
  3. Type in the code in the directed text slot and proceed. You will be logged into your Mircosoft account. 
Enter code box for remote connection to computer

Once this confirmation is complete, you will see the Xbox Live account in the Nintendo Switch display. 

  1. When all these are complete, click on the Let’s Play option to enable the game and its features, which includes the cross-platform multiplayer.
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This will link the Minecraft game onto your Xbox Live/Microsoft account and activate the cross-play multiplayer feature for this game. 

Making a Minecraft cross-play lobby

If you want to play in a lobby with your friends, you can make one. This is very simple for consoles and not as complicated as that of the Java Edition. These steps and objectives are not to be confused with that of joining an existing Minecraft world, which is given below this method.

  1. Open the game and wait for the main menu interface to load.
  2. Click on the Play option and create a new world with the Create New option, which is located in the Worlds section.
  3. Go to the Multiplayer section and click on the Multiplayer option to enable this feature.
  4. Once the world is made, it’ll be available for all your friends to play.

For joining these sessions, open the play option and go into the Friends tab. For Xbox users, you have to press RB, and Switch users can use the R key. In this list, you will see all the online worlds and your friends. Choose a world to go into it and play with your friends. Make sure you have good internet.

Joining a previously-created Minecraft cross-play games

Minecraft: Java Edition

If you are a Java Edition player, your only option is to play with your friends is over a LAN connection or make a server, which is better known as SMPs (Survival Multiplayer).

Because the name suggests so, this does not mean that you can only play the game in Survival mode. You can change the game mode for one player or for everyone with the help of the ‘/gamemode’ command. 

There is no need for the creation of a server if you are willing to purchase Minecraft Realms, which is a paid version of the multiplayer gameplay.

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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock edition version 1.9.0 for mobile

For users with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you can add friends and then, invite them to your server or the other way around – they can invite you to theirs. If you do not know how to, use these steps.

  1. Launch Minecraft on your device and create a new world, with any World options. 
  2. Once the world has been rendered and you’re in a safe spawn location, open the menu and select the Invite to Game option.
  3. Befriend the player by typing in their gamertag and pressing the Add Friend option.
  4. Make sure you don’t get any sound issues with your Minecraft

Now, you will be able to invite friends into your world. These steps are for your friends to invite you to a game.


Can you Crossplay Minecraft PS4 and Xbox?

The answer is yes, players may cross-play Minecraft with other devices as long as they are both running the same version and using the same edition of the game.

Is Minecraft fully cross-platform?

It is not only Minecraft, but also additional spin-offs such as Minecraft Dungeons and components of the game such as Minecraft Realms, that are capable of being played across several platforms. All that is required is that you and your pals are playing the same version of the game.

How do you play Crossplay on Minecraft?

You should check to see if the game versions of you and your buddies are exactly the same. Users of Java may download the server files from the Minecraft website, while Bedrock players can simply add and invite their friends to a server or a lobby, depending on their preference. Minecraft Realms is a paid add-on for the game Minecraft.

Can PC and switch play Minecraft together?

Yes, the bedrock version of Minecraft is available on the Nintendo Switch, thus if the user on the PC also possesses the bedrock edition, they will be able to play together.