5 Best Fixes For Middle Mouse Button Not Working On Windows

Is your middle mouse button not working, and you are not quite sure how to fix it? Well, there are some workarounds and fixes that might help you in such situations. For instance, you can try updating the mouse drivers or running troubleshooting programs. 

5 Best Fix Middle Mouse Button Not Working On Windows 10

But, you might not know the process of doing that. So, scroll down and read the methods given in this article to find step-by-step guidance. 

Solutions For The Middle Mouse Button Not Working

  1. Inspect Your Mouse Device
  2. Update The Drivers
  3. Install Company Specific Drivers
  4. Try Running The Hardware Troubleshooter Scan
  5. Customize The Registry Settings

Fix The Middle Mouse Button Not Working On Windows 10

1. Inspect Your Mouse Device

Inspect you mouse

Before dwelling on the internal aspects, check your device’s outer parts. There may be some external damage that’s causing the issue. To inspect your mouse:

  • Connect your mouse to another PC or laptop. If the same problem continues there, it’s clear that your mouse device is the source of the error.
  • If you know the process of dismantling a mouse, then do so. This way, you can check the inside of the mouse and see if there’s any broken wire. Make sure also to check the cables and clean them up.
  • Reboot your system and connect the mouse again. If there was some technical bug, rebooting the system might stop it. 
  • Check if middle mouse button not working issue is fised or not.

2. Update The Drivers

Mice and other pointing devices drivers in device manager windows 10

If the external parts of your mouse are intact, then your mouse drivers might be the source of the error. All you need to do is update the drivers for the smooth working of your mouse. Steps to update your mouse’s driver are below:

  • Search Device Manager in the search box of the Start menu.
  • Open Device Manager. A list of all the hardware and devices you use on your system will appear. Find the option that relates to your mouse. The usual heading for the same is “mice and other pointing devices.” Open the menu and find your mouse among the available mouse options.
  • Right-tap your mouse and select the Update driver option from the drop-down list.
  • Check if middle mouse button not working issue is fised or not.

After you start the process of mouse driver update, once it’s done reboot your system.

3. Install Company-Specific Drivers

3. Install Company-Specific Drivers

Windows have generic drivers for the devices you connect with the system. But, they might not be compatible with every device. Thus, you need to install the company-specific driver for the device you are using. To install the company’s driver, follow these instructions:

  • Browse the official website of your mouse device’s manufacturing company.
  • Try to find an option that indicates driver installation. Open it if you find one.
  • Now search your device among the available options. Many websites offer a search box to search your specific device.
  • Download the latest version of drivers.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, click on it to install if it doesn’t install by default.
  • Check if middle mouse button not working issue is fised or not.

4. Try Running The Hardware Troubleshooter Scan

Hardware and sound troubleshooting options in Control Panel of windows 10

Troubleshooter programs work best in cases where you do not know the cause of the problem. So, before trying any complicated method, run a hardware troubleshooter scan. It will not only detect the problem but also fix it in no time. To run this program, follow the given instructions:

  • Search Control panel in the Start menu’s search field.
  • Open the Control panel and go to the Hardware and Sound settings.
  • Select Devices and Printers and open it.
  • The name of your mouse device must be mentioned somewhere. When you find it, tap on the right button of your mouse and select Troubleshoot.
  • Once the scan detects the problems and fixes them, restart your PC.
  • Check if middle mouse button not working issue is fised or not.

5. Customize The Registry Settings

Registry editor screenshot with various values

It’s possible that the settings might get altered due to other activated settings. So, you can try modifying the registry settings of your mouse device to fix the middle button of your mouse. Follow the given steps to do the same:

  • Search Registry in the Start menu.
  • A program called Registry editor will appear in front of it. Open it.
  • A permission dialogue box might appear. Click on Yes to proceed.
  • Tap on Hkey_current_user. Tapping on it will open several more menus.
  • Now select the Control panel option.
  • Some drop-down lists will open up. On the right side, you will find the Desktop option. Open it.
  • Extended settings will display on the screen. Select the WheelScrollLines settings, among other available settings.
  • Choose “Modify” to adjust the settings.
  • Set the data to 3 if it’s not already set and tap on OK to apply the settings.
  • Check if middle mouse button not working issue is fised or not.

Conclusion – middle mouse button not working

All the possible fixes to the middle mouse button not working error are available above. If you have checked all the solutions out and still can’t fix the error, take your device to the service center.

They might examine your device entirely and detect the issue. Once they find the problem, it will be easy to fix it. Sometimes, the service charges are more than the cost of the new mouse device. If that happens with you, then replacing your mouse would be better. 

FAQs – Middle Click Mouse Button Not Working

Is The Mouse 3 Button And Middle Mouse Button Same?

The scroll wheel button helps you to scroll on the screen. You can use your finger to scroll down and up. The scroll wheel button on the mouse is also referred to as the third button.

Is Gaming Mouse Better Than The One With Just A Mouse Wheel?

The gaming mouse is better than the average mouse as it has anywhere between 5 or 6 or 11 to 12 buttons. But, for people who use their systems for daily office work, 12 buttons could be confusing. Thus, they might feel that a normal mouse is easy to operate. 

How To Change WheelScrollLines Settings?

To change the Wheels Scroll Lines settings, hold the windows key with I to open the settings. Now go to the Mouse from Devices settings. Adjust the “Roll the mouse wheel to scroll” settings according to your preference.

Should You Replace The Mouse Device If The Hardware Isn’t Working?

If you suspect your hardware is not working, before changing the mouse, test it on another PC. Also, take it to the professional to fix it. But, if nothing works, then it’s time to replace your mouse.