Micro Focus Fortify WebInspect Enterprise – New Updates

The following features have been added to Fortify WebInspect Enterprise.

Engine Updates – Big Improvements on Modern Apps

We’ve updated our engines to keep pace with our customer’s evolving applications. The engine update brings dramatic improvements to WebInspect Enterprise’s ability to scan applications built with modern JavaScript frameworks.

Macro Recorder Updates

The Macro Recorder is now available within WebInspect Enterprise and as a free-standing application. The free-standing application, Macro Recorder 5.0, is available in the Fortify Marketplace. Continuing with our goal of supporting modern applications, our updated recorder delivers an improved experience when recording both login and workflow macros.

For more information, watch the “Recording Macros in Macro Recorder 5.0” video on the Fortify Unplugged Youtube channel.

Silverlight Removal Complete

The WebInspect Enterprise Desktop client now automatically opens in Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as Microsoft Edge.

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