Fix “Message Blocking Is Active” on Android & iOS

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What is Message Blocking?

In precise words, Message blocking is the act of restricting any person from sending you any set of data or any text message with the help of preventing tools potential. Today nearly all messenger applications provide the privilege to stop an individual from communicating with you on that selective platform. And this comes in handy when we want to part the toxic people out.

Messages blocked icon

Why is Message blocking active?

It shows up most probably when you have blocked any of your contacts and try sending a message to them. Other reasons behind getting a warning saying message blocking is active could be incompatible packages, Denial of Services, shortcode issues, blocking, or premium access.

These issues are tiny but could prove annoying at times. Now, let us see how the above reasons raise the issue Message blocking is active. 

Blocking: Blocking is the primary reason for getting this error. If the recipient is either blocked by the sender or the sender itself is blocked by the recipient, then there are good chances you get this pop-up saying Message blocking is active. For Fixing this issue, you may need to check your blocklist and ask the recipient for the same if they have blocked your contact accidentally.

Incompatible packages: You might face this issue when the package you are subscribed to does not support messaging services. And to Fix this, you might need to change or upgrade your current service package.

Service outage: A lot of times, it is not your fault, but the service. And due to feather services, many people get to see this problem on their devices. And if you think you are facing the same issue, then contact your service provider to fix the issue for you.

Premium access: With premium access, if you have picked any plan. That does not allow you to send or receive premium messages. Then this could result in the error message blocking is active. And will not allow you to send or receive any text messaging.

How to Fix Message blocking is active issue?

  • Check your connectivity settings – Before anything, do check your network coverage. And, if you find the pictograph of your phone as none, then do try ejecting the Sim cards and re-inserting them. 
  • Check if there is sufficient storage – To avoid this becoming an issue for you, you need to maintain a free space of 15-20 percent on your mobile device. And if your mobile device has got overfilled, then do free up it to resume the services.
  • Check if you are using the correct country code – While texting a message, make sure you fill in all the details of the recipient carefully to avoid any issues in sending the text messages.
  • Try deleting and then re-saving the contact – You may also try first deleting the mobile number from your device and then re-saving it. If any issues are there with the contact number, then this will fix it efficiently. 
  • Check your blocked contacts – You need to check your blocked list as many times we unwillingly add the contact number to the blocked list, and when later we try to contact them, we face problems doing it. Check the blocked list by going to the contact list and then to the call settings, where you will see the blocked contacts. And from there, you can select the contact number you want to unblock and send a message.

Reasons Why “Message Blocking Is Active” Might Show Up

When you see the blocking is active error in your phone. It probably indicates that you blocked that person, or they have blocked you. It also happens when we enable a few settings in our devices which may cause such a warning message for us.

In a few cases, it has also been seen that the error got raised due to SIM card issues that are blocked by the service carrier and which could be Fix ed easily by contacting the service provider or changing the SIM card.

How to Turn OFF Message Blocking Is Active on iPhone 6, 7, 8, XR or 12

Fix 01: Check whether the receiver information is loaded accurately

Many times we enter the wrong information of the recipient and miss words or numbers in between them. And it becomes an unwanted issue for us. So, once check all of the recipient details like phone numbers, emails and rectify them carefully.

Fix 02: Eject and Swap the SIMs

Swap your sim card from your phone to any other smartphone and try to message. If it is working, that means you have problems with your SIM card. Many users have fixed this issue from this procedure.  

Fix 03: Turn iMessage OFF

We get two messaging app, a regular texting app and an iMessage in the iPhone, and turning off the iMessage could fix the issues as it might be the culprit. And after turning it off, then try text messaging.

Turning off iMessage in iPhone

To do this, first, go to the settings, and choose the message option. Now candidly turn off the iMessage option and again try sending a text message to anyone and see if the problem is gone.

Fix 04: Try to send a Text Using iMessage

You have to check whether you have good internet access or not. You cannot use iMessage when you don’t have a stable network connection, so make sure your internet is working fine. 

Step:01 – Now, go to the settings app of your iPhone and choose the message option from there. 

Step:02 – Select the send and receive. And after that, tap on your apple id and sign out your account from the device. 

Turning on iMessage in iPhone

Step:03 – Restart your iPhone. And now again, go to the settings and open the Message option. 

Step:04 – Now, tap on the apple icon for iMessage.

Fix 05: Check Quality of the Network

Having a good network on your phone is the most important thing. Many people suggest we use any network setting, but there is no need to do that, so check if other internet-using apps are working or not like Facebook, WhatsApp, Browsers, etc.

If other applications are not working right, it means you have a problem with your network. And that only is leading you to the problem with your text messaging and free msg unable to send a message.

Fix 06: Update to the Latest iOS / Consider the Age of Your iPhone

Compared to other android phones, the iOS software update is a must. To know if your iOS device is updated or not. Go to the setting and choose General. Now tap on Software Update on your phone and see if your device is up to date. If it is not, then do update it from there.

Fix 07: Do a complete factory reset to Fix  the Message Blocking is active on iPhone

Doing a complete factory reset could help you in case. Follow these steps to achieve it: 

  1. Open the Settings app and hit on the General option. 
  2. Now, choose the reset option and confirm your phone number, phone code, and apple id password. 
  3. After this, you will find that the screen will go blank. And an apple logo with the progress will appear on the screen. 
  4. You will be greeted with a flash of hello in a different language. From here, set up your iPhone and after that, try sending messages to any phone number.

How to Turn OFF Message Blocking Is Active on Samsung S8, S9, S10, S20, A20, J3, J7

Fix 01: Enable Premium SMS on your Samsung Galaxy phone

First, choose the setting option. After that, click on the apps option and then move to three dots on the upper part of your screen. Now you must see – Use the Premium Text Message Services on screen. Select that option too. And, if you want a pop-up allowance, choose it from the options below.

Fix 02: Eject and Swap the SIMs

It is too simple, exchange your sim card on your phone and now, text any person with the new sim and check whether the messages are transmitted or not. In many cases, by doing this, the problem gets resolved. You can do this if nothing is helpful for you.

Fix 03: Do A Complete Factory Reset to Fix  Message Blocking Is Active On Samsung

To achieve this, go to the setting option of your phone and select the reset option from it. And after doing this, hit on the Factory Data Reset button. Now complete the factory data by filling in the required details.

Factory data reset in the Samsung device

Message Blocking Is Active Text Messages Problem on Lycamobile

Fix 01: Buy a subscription pack

To repair this, visit the lycamobile website of lycamobile, and now you have to buy a plan for it to work. Many users have overcome this by using this plan. Now turn off the wifi and start sending the messages. 

Fix 02: Configure network options

Go to the setting option and select the network option. And afterward, go to the mobile network option. Choose the access point name from there, and then input and save options. 

Fix 03: Check if your phone supports lycamobile or not

Another way is to test whether your phone supports lycamobile or not. For this, go to the menu and hit the message option. Select the message setting option and go to the sending profile option. Tap on the first profile option to see the figure of the latest version of 1-845-301-1612 of the Lycamobile message center number.

How to deactivate Message Blocking on Metro PC

Fix 01: Buy a subscription

It does not allow the features that you are planning to employ. And if you do not enable international calls. A simple subscription will fix most of the cases.

Fix 02: Change SIM card

Now examine if changing the sim card will help or not. Just change the sim from your device to any other smartphone and then see whether the sim card is working. 

Fix 03: Resetting the network settings

You can also try resetting the network settings. As many times, the main errors are in the network and then try to send a message. Contact Metro Pcs with suggestions to refresh your sim card, smartphones, and message features. By this procedure, the issue must get Fix ed.

How To Fix  “Message Blocking Is Active” On Android

To fix the Message blocking issue on your android device. You can go with doing the following checks to repair the problem. 

Fix 01: Short Message Blocking by customer care

So, if you cannot send any messages and get a pop-up that the text message failed to send, then the reason behind it could be the Short Message Blocking caused by the service provider. To fix this, you may need to contact customer care services. And ask them to re-activate the message services on your device. And for this, obey the following steps:

Step:01 – Call your respected customer care services. And tell them about the issue and ask them to activate your services to send messages. Then they will provide you with a 10-digit number.

Step:02 – Now, go to the advanced settings, click on the Short Message Service Center(SMSC), and enter these 10-digit numbers over there. And click OK.

This way easily, your message service will get activated on your android device. And you will be able to send messages without any pop-ups.

Fix 02: Check the Blocked List Of Contacts

Make sure that the person you are trying to contact is not blocked. And neither of you is blocked by them. To check the block list on your android device, follow the below steps:

Step:01 – Open the settings on your android device. And then open the Messages option.

Step:02 – Now, click on the Block unwanted or similar option. And then click on the Blocked contact list.

Blocked contact list in the Android device

Step:03 – Now click on it and unblock the person you find there to whom you were trying to send messages.

And if you are unable to find them there, try contacting them from other sources to confirm that they have not blocked you in case.

Fix 03: Enable the Premium Access

Enabling premium access could help fix the issue. To enable premium access, follow the below steps:

Step:01 – Open Settings on your Android device.

Step:02 – Now, navigate to the app management.

Step:03 – Click on the messaging application

Step:04 – Choose extra icon choices from the top.

Step:05 – Now, select special access and grant permission for the premium access.

How To Fix  Message Blocking Is Active On iOS?

Fix 01: Turning off the iMessaging application

Try sending a free message while turning off iMessage. If there is no issue with sending messages, log out of your apple id and sign in again to fix the problem.

Fix 02: Reset Network Settings

Open general setting option. Then reset your networking setting by clicking on reset. If you overlook an issue again, you must work hard to overcome this problem.

Resetting network settings in iOS device
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