MEMZ Virus: What Is It And How To Remove It?

The tale of how the Greeks used a giant, wooden horse to hide reinforcements as a maneuver to win their ten-year-long war against the trojans. This strategy is used by viruses to hide in the form of a legitimate Windows process.

Both of these entities share a common name – The Trojan Horse. We made this article to help you deal with the MEMZ, one of the worst trojan horse viruses that a computer can ever experience. Hope you find this helpful!

What is the MEMZ Trojan Virus?

The MEMZ virus is a free malicious file that users download by mistake from the internet. The was originally created by Leurak, a viewer of the Youtube channel, Danooct1’s “Viewer Made Malware” series. The MEMZ virus is targeted towards the operating system’s Master Boot Record (MBR).

Both Windows operating systems and macOS-based devices are vulnerable to this virus. This was conceived to start a payload sequence, which is better understood as the part of the virus that deals damage to the system. The initial payloads do not harm the system as much as the final payload does. 

What can the MEMZ Virus do?

The main motive of the MEMZ virus is to harm the MBR by overwriting the first 64 kb of data in the hard drive. There are two parts of the MEMZ virus – one being clean and the other being destructive. Do not let the Clean version deceive you. Both of these are equally dangerous and wield the ability to delete files at will and deal serious damage to your system.

The Clean portion of the virus contains a command panel with a lot of options like a Flashing Screen, Random Keyboard input, Tunnel effect, Reverse text, and more. You cannot end this program, even through the Task Manager. Trying to do so will ruin the system and the Master Boot Record.

The Destructive version of MEMZ is impossible to fix or get rid of. If this is run on a computer, it can put the machine in grave danger. 

If one launches the MEMZ virus, they’ll see a prompt that warns them of the possible harm. We recommend pressing No since there is no reason to give yourself a virus. If you select Yes, you will be endangering your system and the data it contains.

In simple terms, this is software that gives users control over the way they use a trojan virus to ruin their computer. 

Symptoms of the MEMZ virus

There are several visual symptoms that can confirm the presence of the MEMZ trojan horse. 

This is what you will see when you have a MEMZ virus infestation on your PC:

  1. The Desktop screen will flash multiple colors.
  2. The mouse cursor has a large entourage of similar pointers following it.
  3. A cute pixel animation Nyan cat flies across the display.
Nyan Cat with a rainbow trail
  1. An inappropriate message appears on a notepad window
  2. You will see error messages appear on your screen like the following-
    1. Your computer has been trashed by the MEMZ Trojan. Now, enjoy the Nyan Cat.
    2. Insert Joel quote here.
  3. A blue screen with a warning that a crash dump is about to take place and it will make your PC unbootable.
  4. Random applications open and close with no warning
  5. System crashes are very common.
  6. The web browser pops open with not-very-polite things on display.

How does the MEMZ Virus spread?

The MEMZ trojan spreads to many PCs through software downloads, infected web pages, and suspicious email attachments. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t click on shady-looking pop-ups or links that you see on the website. File-hosting websites and torrents may also contain the MEMZ trojan.

Methods to get rid of the MEMA Trojan Virus

It is impossible to save your machine if the destructive element of the MEMZ trojan is activated. But, we can try to recover your computer, if the clean version is used. There is no guarantee that your computer can be rescued without any damage.

We can but try to see if this situation can be diffused with a few options. You can try these methods but if you do not notice any changes, your last resort will be to reset your computer and remove all the files in it.

These are your techniques to deal with it if your computer has been displaying symptoms of having the MEMZ trojan virus:

  1. Kill the MEMZ task
  2. Scan the system
  3. Do a System Restore
  4. Reset the System
  5. Fix the OS Master Boot Record

Remove MEMZ Trojan Virus from your computer

If you have the MEMZ trojan virus on your computer, you have to get rid of it as soon as possible before the problem becomes worse and you lose your computer.

1. Kill the MEMZ task

Killing the MEMZ task is the simplest solution to this issue. You need to run a simple script in the Command Prompt tool to end this process. Do not confuse this process with ending it in the Task Manager, which can make things worse on your computer.

These are the steps to kill this custom-made monstrosity, safely:

  1. Open the Command Prompt utility as the system administrator to get extra privileges. You have to search for it in the search bar and select Run as Administrator.
Search result for cmd
  1. Enter the command line below and execute it by pressing Enter
Taskkill / f / im MEMZ.exe
The MEMZ taskkill command line

If you try to stop this process, disable it or remove it in any other method, you will be risking more than one system crash. This is not a permanent solution to the MEMZ virus problem. This will keep this virus and its symptoms out of your way, for one session with your computer. 

2. Scan the system

Antivirus programs are very useful. Most of them scan the host systems for malicious files and warn them if it suspects a file of shady behavior. They also perform regular scans of the computer. There is only an infinitesimally little chance of getting any form of a virus if you had an active antivirus software subscription.

If are willing to and we recommend you purchase an antivirus program from the internet. If you cannot, you can use the Windows Operating System’s built-in malware scanner.

  1. Press the Windows key and the I key on the keyboard simultaneously to open the Windows Settings.
  2. From the page containing various settings categories, go into the Update & Security settings.
Update & Security tile in Windows Settings
  1. Go into the Windows Security tab on the left panel and click on the Open Windows Security button.
  2. Select Virus & Threat Protection from the left and click on the Scan options link.
The Windows Security page in Windows Settings
  1. Select the radio button next to the Full scan option and click on the Scan Now button to proceed with the scanning process.

3. Do a System Restore

A system restore is a perfectly functional saved point that can be returned to when the operating system crashes on your computer.

  1. Take a USB drive. Connect it to the computer and install the Windows installation media on it. 
  2. Restart the system and take this path:

Troubleshoot settings >  Advanced Options > System Restore

  1. Inside the system properties window, go to the System Protection tab and choose System Restore.
System Properties window
  1. Create a Restore Point, with the provided instructions and select Next
System Restore main dialog box
  1. Once this task is done, click on Finish and Yes, in the respective order, to exit. 

4. Reset the System

Resetting the system will return the settings and files back to the default. These are the steps to reset the Windows operating system:

  1. Go to the Update & Security settings in the Windows Settings (Windows + I).
  2. Expand the Recovery tab from the left.
  3. You’ll notice the Reset this PC section at the top. Under this, select Get Started
Recovery page in Windows Settings
  1. Once the reset wizard comes up, you have to choose Remove everything to remove all the infected files from your PC.

5. Fix the OS Master Boot Record

The Master Boot Record (MBR) is one of the partition aspects of the system that is affected by the MEMZ virus. This is a critical part of the machine and can cause a Windows crash, unrelated to the MEMZ trojan when meddled with. It is recommended that you use partition management third-party applications to correct the error.

Precautions to take against the MEMZ Trojan Virus

Users who have experienced the effects of this Trojan virus will know how annoying it can be. These are some precautions that you have to take if you wish to protect yourself from any virus attack and protect your privacy.

  1. Purchase an Antivirus and update it regularly.
  2. Create a healthy Restore Point.
  3. Check software sources before downloading
  4. Clear pop-ups and spamming webpage ads.
  5. Delete suspicious emails from your inbox.
  6. Steer clear of unknown links

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MEMZ virus harmful?

The MEMZ is a custom-made, harmful trojan horse virus that messes up the system’s Master Boot Record, takes over the operating system, and displays error messages.

Does MEMZ destroy your computer?

MEMZ is a custom-made, highly complex, and unique virus that can deliver harmful payloads at an increasing rate; the final payload being the most dangerous. 

Can you get rid of MEMZ virus?

You cannot remove MEMZ virus’s destructive versions. If the clean versions have been used to corrupt the system, it can be rectified by killing the process and by performing a system scan.

Is it safe to run MEMZ on a virtual machine?

No, It is not safe to run the MEMZ trojan virus on any device, It is dangerous to insert a virus into your own computer and is not something we would recommend.

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