Memory Leak in mmdrv.exe when running Web (http/html) scripts

Memory Leak in mmdrv.exe when running Web (http/html) scripts


When replaying a Web (http/html) script against a secure web server, with wininet enabled instead of sockets mode a small memory leak is observed on Windows XP SP3 systems. The memory leak can be observed when the script is run on a Load Generator or in vugen.


This problem occurs because Windows XP SP3 introduces new code in the decoding function of the Crypt32.dll driver that is used by the WinINet API or by the WinHTTP API. This is an internal structure that is allocated to memory, but the allocation is never released. Therefore, 160 bytes of memory leak every time that an SSL request is made.


Please refer to the following Microsoft KB to obtain a hotfix for this issue:

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