Marquee not displayed in IE

Marquee in format sc.manage.ToDo.g is displayed in windows client and in web client with Firefox. But IE does not display the marquee (banner) .


Steps to reproduce:

A) Prepare login form to add a simple marquee field

1. command fd
2. format sc.manage.ToDo.g
3. Design
4. add a field of type Marquee
5. Save the format

B) Test with different browsers

1. login to Web Client with Firefox – the marquee is displayed
2. login to Web Client with IE – the maruqee is not displayed

The problem is a setting in IE options:

IE Internet Options
Play animations in webpages* = true
Restart browser before testing again.

This solution is described here: :

As several people have observed that the marquee text works on IE, I suspect that this is about a setting on the IE you are using. At least if I go to Internet settings, Advanced settings, under Multimedia there is a checkbox for allowing animations. Apparently marquee is counted as animation in this sense, since when I checked the checkbox off (it is on by default) and restarted IE, the marquee text is not there (not even as static text).


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