Manually installing Shunra WatchDog Service

After installing NV for Mobile or NV for HP software, the Shunra WatchDog Service was not installed.

There are some scenario where the user does not have the permission to install services when install Shunra NV software.

To manually install the Shunra Watchdog Service, open command prompt (Start > Run > type cmd > OK) and type the following command:

sc create ShunraWatchDogService binPath= “C:\Program Files (x86)\Shunra\lib\ShunraWatchDogService.exe” DisplayName= “Shunra WatchDog Service” start= auto

If the service did not install, please make sure the CMD window has Administrator privileges (Right Click on CMD icon -> Run as Administrator).

If the service still does not install, please provide Shunra Support the 2 install log files,ShunraWatchDogService.InstallLog and ShunraWatchDogService.InstallState, they reside under the libfolder mentioned in the command above.

Please notice that the Shunra root folder may vary with different operating systems, the above command will work on Win 7 and Win 2008 Server 64 bit platforms

Important: For the above to work, Shunra NV for Mobile should be installed on the host.

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