Manually Installing Fortify Security Content

You can install Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Content (Secure Coding Rulepacks and metadata) automatically during the Windows installation procedure. However, you can also download Fortify Security Content from the Fortify Rulepack update server, and then use the fortifyupdate utility to install it. This option is provided for installations on non-Windows platforms and for deployment environments that do not have access to the Internet during installation.

Use the fortifyupdate utility to install Fortify Security Content from either a remote server or a locally downloaded file.

To install security content:

  1. Open a command window.
  1. Navigate to the <sca_install_dir>/bin directory.
  1. At the command prompt, type fortifyupdate.

If you have previously downloaded the Fortify Security Content from the Fortify Customer Portal, run fortifyupdate with the -import option and the path to the directory where you downloaded the zip file.

You can also use this same utility to update your security content.

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