Top 10 Ideas To Make Your PS4 Download Speed 100x Faster

We saw a number of posts on a forum where people complained of having no or slow internet speeds while downloading games or updates on a PlayStation 4 console. It can be really frustrating when you are excited to play a newly purchased game or a recent update with loads of new features and you are not able to.

PS4 Slim - Make Your PS4 Download Speed 100x Faster

We realized how important this is to the entire gaming community and did some research on how to make download speeds faster. There are not many techniques to do it but we have provided everything you can try to make your PS4 download speed 100x faster.

Ideas to make your PS4 download speed 100x faster

  1. Check the bandwidth of your modem
  2. Pause the download and Unpause it
  3. Use a wired connection 
  4. Make sure there are no multiple downloads
  5. Avoid online gaming
  6. Disconnect the WiFi from other devices
  7. Try changing the network DNS
  8. Enable Rest Mode on the PS4
  9. Update the firmware to the latest available version
  10. Get a better network connection

Solutions for a faster download speed on your PS4

Check the bandwidth of your modem

Every modem that connects a device to the internet has a certain bandwidth limit. A low network bandwidth means that you will experience a very slow network on all the devices, that are getting access to the internet through this network.

Internet modem

If you still have the box in which the modem came in, you should be able to know how much bandwidth can pass through it. If not, you can always run a speed test to check how fast the network is.

To run a speed test, you just have to search for “speed test” in Google and click on the Run Speed Test option at the top of the search results. Once the testing ends, you will be able to know how fast your network can download and upload content from and to the internet.

Speed test in Google

This is not a solution for your PS4 to boost its download speed. But this is a technique to detect the download rate for files on the PS4 and other devices. The network speed is not controlled by the modem or the device that is connected through the modem to an internet connection. Only the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is able to adjust the overall network speed.

There are chances that your modem is not powerful enough to accommodate higher network speeds. Check your internet plan and if the speed you are supposed to receive is higher than the speed you are getting at the moment, you will have to get a modem upgrade or reduce to a network plan with slower download speeds. This can save you a bit of money from your internet expenses.

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Insufficient network bandwidth can also be caused when the applications running on your system are using up a large portion of your network. Ending these applications is a good idea when there aren’t any downloads in the process.

Pause the download and Unpause it

Slow downloading on your PlayStation 4 can be fixed by temporarily stopping the download and then, resuming it. Technically, there is no logical explanation for this workaround but it has proven to work on several devices one of which is the PS4 gaming console.

To do this, go to the Downloads section that is available on the Notifications page. Now, move the highlighting rectangle to the downloading game or update and push the X button on your controller. This will pause the download. Wait for a few seconds before you press the X button again to resume it.

Once you see the download continuing and an estimated end time, it means that the download is unpaused and will continue. You should now be able to notice a visible spike in the download speed. If you don’t, proceed to the next solution.

Use a wired connection 

A wired, LAN or Ethernet connection cannot be interrupted by factors that can get in the way of a wireless network connection. This means that your device will be allocated with a better network bandwidth, which will result in faster downloads.

512px EthernetCableBlue2

For this method, you will need an ethernet cable to connect your network router and the console. Once you have it, push one end of this cable into the modem’s LAN slot and the other into the PlayStation 4’s ethernet port. When you hear the little ‘click’ sound, it means that the connection has been established.

It can take a while for the device to get network access. The only factor you would be looking at here is to be very careful while inserting the pins into the ports as the clips can break when inserted improperly. Without this, the port will not be able to accommodate the ethernet cable pin properly.

Make sure there are no multiple downloads

This is something to look into for all devices which are downloading files. The internet connection has to have a very high bandwidth to download several files at a decent speed. The higher the number of downloads, the lower the download speed will be. If you wish to get your download over soon, you will have to prioritize one download and pause the others.

Avoid online gaming

Gaming online can affect the download speed. This is because the network will be used by the game to connect to the game servers or data centers. It is advisable to set your controller aside and not play online until the download process ends. If you still wish to enjoy a gaming session, you can always play offline games and there are several incredible offline games available for your PlayStation 4 console.

Disconnect the WiFi from other devices

If you are using a wireless network to connect your PS4 with a network, it is important that you don’t let the other devices hog the network bandwidth. There are two ways to make a device stop using the internet connection or use the network less –

  1. End all the applications that are using the internet on the devices. If other downloads are in progress, pause them or stop them depending on your convenience. This will drastically reduce the network usage to a very few kilo bytes.
  2. Disconnect from the network. This is a very efficient method to use since it will completely stop the network utility on the other devices. There are generally options to disable the network connectivity feature in the notification shade or in the device settings.
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Try changing the network DNS

Changing a network’s Domain Name System (DNS) address on a computer is a topic most of us are familiar with. A lot of us do not know that it is possible to switch to a different DNS server address on a PS4 console. Setting an OpenDNS on your system can improve the network speed and also make the network more secure. This is the procedure to change the network’s DNS server address on your PS4 –

  • Go to the PS4 settings page and choose the Network option. If you can’t locate the Settings tab, you’ll find it on the scrollbar near the Power option.
  • Select the Set Up Network Connection option and choose the type of connection that is providing the console with internet access.
  • Now, choose Custom to assign your own settings configurations.
  • On this page, you will have to make some changes in the settings. These are the settings that you will need for a faster network –
    • IP Address Settings – Automatic
    • DHCP Host Name – Do Not Specify
    • DNS Settings – Manual
    • Primary DNS –
    • Secondary DNS –
    • MTU Settings – Automatic
    • Proxy Server – Do Not Use
  • Once you save these changes, restart your PS4 to apply these changes.

You can assign a proxy server but there are high chances for your game to connect to a data center different from the one that you regularly play in. This can cause lag issues and packet loss while gaming. This is a good idea for downloading and not recommended to use while gaming. Therefore, the right thing to do here is to disable the proxy once the download is complete.

If this does not work, you can always reset your network by pushing the reset button on the back of the modem. You will need a long thin object like a thumbtack or a toothpick to push the reset button.

You have to be very careful, not to damage the button or break the pointed part of the pin or the toothpick so that it does not get lodged there, making it hard for future resets.

Enable Rest Mode on the PS4

Putting your PS4 to rest is also a good idea to improve the download speed on your system. Maybe an idle PS4 can help you get the download done fast but this is not an assured fix. This is how you can make your PS4 rest –

  • Open the PS4 settings and go into the Power Saving Settings option.
  • Choose the Set Features Available in Rest Mode option,
  • In this window, choose the Stay Connected to the Internet option. This option will let your console get continuous access to the network even when it is resting.
  • Now, get back to the main menu and push the PlayStation button on your DualShock 4 controller.
  • Once the Quick menu shows up, select the Enter Rest Mode option.
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This will put your PS4 in a power-saving mode and if chosen, it will also download files. There are chances for the console to even download files faster.

Update the firmware to the latest available version

Slow download speeds could also be your sign to update the PS4’s interface and firmware. There are frequent updates for the PlayStation containing newer features or fixed issues. Sometimes, the download speed might also get boosted after an update, along with improved security, for instance. This is what you have to do to check for available PlayStation firmware updates –

  • Launch the Settings window on your PlayStation 4 main menu.
  • Navigate to the System Software Update option and select it.

On this page, you’ll see available updates or if the system is on the recent firmware version. You can prompt the PS4 to download updates if you have a steady internet connection, through this page.

Get a better network connection

The last option for you is to upgrade your network connection. If you are willing to spend a little extra on your PS4, you can always talk to your internet service provider about getting a new internet package. The price will be a little costlier than your current plan.

Before you get the internet upgrade, make sure that you have a modem that is powerful enough to support the bandwidth provided by the service provider. If you do not, you will still get the same network speed no matter what plan you choose. Do your research on the types of available modems and choose the one that fits your requirements.

The above placed are the solutions that can help you boost the download speed on any variant of the PlayStation 4 console. If you still are facing the same issue, try talking to the PlayStation customer support team or your ISP for more solutions. Happy Gaming!


How Do You Speed Up A Download On PS4?

If you are noticing a very slow download speed on your PlayStation 4 console, try these techniques –
– Check your modem’s bandwidth.
– Pause and resume the download
– Use an ethernet connection.
– Make certain there aren’t any duplicate downloads.
– Online gaming should be avoided.
– Disconnect other devices from the WiFi network.
– Change the DNS settings on your network.
– Turn on PS4’s Rest Mode.
– Update the PlayStation 4 firmware to the most recent version available.
– Upgrade your network connection.

How Can I Make My Download Speed Faster On PS4?

To make PS4 downloads progress faster, use the following methods –
– Check the bandwidth of your modem
– Pause the download and Unpause it
– Use a wired connection 
– Make sure there are no multiple downloads
– Avoid online gaming
– Disconnect the WiFi from other devices
– Try changing the network DNS
– Enable Rest Mode on the PS4
– Update the firmware to the latest available version
– Get a better network connection