2 Solutions To Make, Use, and Scan Spotify Codes

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A Spotify Code is Spotify’s QR-like code that may be scanned. It’s a short, clean, and informative code that allows the user to instantly access and listen to material on the platform.

Spotify Code eliminates the need to enter and share or copy and paste a URL to access content on the platform. You only need the Spotify Code.

Each object on Spotify – songs, artists, albums, podcasts, and so on – has its unique code. Each line in this code is a distinct set of lines. The code is scannable and so decodable by Spotify, regardless of where it occurs.

You may either snap a screenshot of the code and share it, or you can write your code and share it.

Spotify Codes may be generated on any platform. However, they are only displayed on mobile devices.

In this post, let’s look at how to generate or create and make scan Spotify Codes for songs and playlists for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, ios, and Windows PC. In addition, we’ll address some commonly asked questions.

What’s the Use of a Spotify Code?

Anyone (or practically anyone) who uses Spotify knows that everything has a unique connection or URI, from artists to soundtracks, podcasts, and even profiles.

This is the item’s identification on Spotify, which may be used to access the item even if you are not using the music platform.

Because it’s a link readily shared, everyone on Spotify would know that they could share stuff on Spotify by simply copying and pasting the URL anyplace.

So, what exactly is the purpose of Spotify Code? What difference does it make?

Compact, Visual Appeal: Spotify Code is a compact and aesthetically attractive piece of information. Without the Spotify code scanner, we would have missed the embedded information.

All Spotify codes are in picture format, adding aesthetic appeal and on-screen neatness. Nobody would ever need to navigate a paragraph-long URL merely to hear music.

It’s all in the code, embedded, and designed to appear nice. Spotify Code is a lovely little code.

Reduces the amount of work: Spotify codes are extremely simple to use and greatly simplify the process of locating and listening to Spotify material.

Copying, copying, and distributing links to various Spotify things isn’t difficult; it’s time-consuming, which Spotify Code eliminates.

Reduces work: Spotify codes are extremely simple to use and greatly simplify the process of locating and listening to Spotify material.

Copying, copying, and distributing links to various Spotify things isn’t difficult; it’s time-consuming, which Spotify Code eliminates.

Saves space: As previously stated, copying and pasting links to items on Spotify takes up too much space when sharing.

Spotify Code is a picture with the same amount of data. It takes less time to develop and even less space to share.

Simple Promotion: If you find yourself advertising or attempting to market your or someone else’s Spotify content effectively, Spotify Code is a terrific place to start.

Apart from carrying significant material in a single code, it also contains the right degree of mystery to pique interest, as the code’s destination is unknown. Because it’s a scannable code, it encourages individuals to do what they do best: pull out their phones.

How to Use a Spotify Code?

Spotify Code

Spotify codes are available for download. As a result, they may be shared on many platforms simultaneously. However, be wary about utilizing these codes for commercial purposes.

Spotify does not advocate for the use of Spotify Codes on products. However, you might print and utilize a Spotify Code for personal usages, such as gifting.

Some of the most common surfaces for printing a Spotify Code include glass frames, album covers & keychains.

Spotify Code is a simple, beautiful, easy-to-use, and easier-to-share code that contains information that will take you to a specified location on Spotify.

You may also personalize your Spotify Code! You may generate codes for your profiles, playlists, soundtracks, albums, and so on and use them to spread the word about your Spotify presence.

How to get Spotify Code?

A Spotify item’s URL or URI generates a code for that item (Unique Resource Identifier). On both mobile and desktop computers, you may create Spotify codes.

To begin, you just need to get to the specific item you want to produce a code. You must access the song, not the playlist, to find a song’s code.

Here’s how you can create a Spotify Code:

  1. Create a Spotify Code in the Mobile/PC App
  2. Create a Spotify Code on the Web

Now let us discuss the solution one by one:

Solution 1: Create a Spotify Code in the Mobile/PC App

Use the Spotify app to send a code to a friend through email or text.

  • On your Android or iPhone, launch the Spotify app.
  • Find the thing you wish to share by navigating. It can be a playlist from Your Library, an album you looked up, or a tune you just heard.
  • To share music, click or press the three dots in the top-right corner. On the other hand, you must touch on the three dots adjacent to the download option if you’re browsing an album or playlist. 
Create a Spotify Code in the Mobile App
  • To open More Options, tap the item’s three dots.
  • The Spotify code will appear right away on the next screen. Take a screenshot of the code or tap it to save it to your pictures (depending on your device).

Then you may invite your buddy to listen to a song, playlist, or podcast by sharing the Spotify code with them just like you would a picture.

Solution 2: Create a Spotify Code on the Web

The Spotify mobile app makes it simple to get a code, but you can also generate one online and modify it.

That is correct! You may create a high-resolution picture for your Spotify code by choosing the backdrop color, bar color, size, and image type.

Obtain the Spotify URI

You must obtain the Spotify URI for the item you wish to share to generate a code for use on the web.

The Spotify Web Player should be open in a separate browser tab for this to be the simplest. However, you may also copy the URI from the desktop application.

  • To see more options, click the three dots next to an item.
  • Click Share and then select Copy Spotify URI.
  •  If you don’t see this action, hold down the Alt key on a Windows computer or the Option key on a Mac to make it visible in the pop-out menu.
  • Once you’ve copied the URI to your clipboard, go through the next steps to create and edit your Spotify code.

Create the Spotify Code

You’ll go to a dedicated Spotify Codes website to produce your code once your URI is ready to paste. The code may be generated without logging into your Spotify account.

  • Visit the website for Spotify Codes.
Create the Spotify Code
  • In the box on the left, paste the URI. The simple way to accomplish this is to right-click and choose Paste. 
Choose to Get Spotify Code
  • If the box already has text that serves as an example, make sure to delete it first or select it completely before pasting your URI in its place.
  • When you choose to Get Spotify Code, the customization choices and code will be visible on the right side.
  • Either select a background color or provide a specific color’s hexadecimal value. 
  • Then, select the picture’s JPEG, PNG, or SVG format, input the size in pixels, and select the Bar Color from white or black.
  • Click Download to save the image to your PC when you’re done.
  • Your code may be shared in various ways, including social media, email, and text messages.

Customizing Your Spotify Code

Customizing Your Spotify Code

The backdrop color, code color, and picture format may change after the selected item’s Spotify code has been produced.

Click the pen symbol beneath “Background Color,” the first choice to the right of the code, to change the background color on your computer.

To apply the chosen color, select it from the colored dots or move the white toggle along the rainbow slider.

The color of the code is the “Bar Color” (the Spotify logo and the lines). You can select white or black for this section of the code.

Typically, the default color is white. Click the drop-down box next to “Bar Color” and make your selection from the options to alter it.

The size of the code cannot be altered. It remains at 640 pixels. Trying to alter the code would cause website problems and result in code loss.

In such cases, simply reload the page to get the code restored. To be sure, you can copy and paste the link again.

The code’s format is switchable between JPG, SVG, and PNG. To accomplish this, choose the appropriate format by clicking the drop-down box beneath the title “Format.” The same code is available for download in a variety of forms.

Once formatting is complete, click the “Download” button to get the Spotify code.

How to Find a Make Scan Spotify Codes?

Spotify codes can be seen on mobile devices. The approach to locating the code for many objects is similar yet somewhat different.

First, open the app and find the item for which you want the Spotify Code. Then, proceed with the following steps to locate the code.

For a song: There are two methods for locating a song’s Spotify code. The first is through a playlist/album, and the second is directly on the song’s page. Tap the ellipsis icon of the specific song on the list to retrieve the code from a playlist or any other music arrangement.

Find a Spotify Code
  • To access the code via the song’s website, open the song’s full-screen music player by tapping on it first.
To access the code via the song's website
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the ellipsis icon (a symbol with three vertical dots).
Now the code of the music will be seen
  • Now the code of the music will be seen.

Additional formats: Open the playlist, album, artist, or podcast in question, then press the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) to the right of the item’s credentials to see the Spotify code.

Find a Spotify Code of Additional formats

For episodes of podcasts: Similar to music, there are two ways to locate the Spotify code for podcast episodes. The podcast episode may be accessed by tapping the ellipsis button on the playlist.

Find a Spotify Code for Ted Talks

The ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) is located in the upper right corner of the screen and may also be accessed by opening the podcast episode in full-screen mode.

The selected item’s screen displaying the Spotify Code will appear next in the instances above.

To share this screen with someone who can scan the barcode, snap a screenshot of it. Alternatively, you may create a code for the same thing.

How to Scan a Spotify Code?

The first thing you do after finding a Spotify code is pull out your phone and open Spotify. A “Search” button with a magnifying glass symbol is at the screen’s bottom. Tap it twice. The search field typically does not become typable after a single tap.

At the screen's bottom is a "Search" button.

When you see a search field where you may type, press the camera icon to the field’s right.

Press the camera icon to the field's right.

Then, focus your camera on a Spotify code or an associated picture. Ensure that the picture is contained within the screen’s scanning window, which is a square. Spotify will quickly recognize the code, directing you to the desired item.

You may access a song in the Spotify app and start playing by scanning its Spotify code. Even in shuffle mode, the scanned music will work with tracks from the same artist.

In addition to scanning Spotify codes, you may choose a screenshot or image from your gallery that contains the code, and Spotify will instantly decode it.

To select a picture from your gallery, tap the “Select from images” button at the bottom of the screen.

Select from the image button at the bottom of the screen.

The code scanner on Spotify is pretty accurate. You just need to tap a picture with the Spotify Code once to have Spotify start playing the associated material.

Sharing Your Spotify Code

A further benefit of creating codes on a computer is that you may post your code straight on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

To distribute your code, just select the button for the platform you want to use.

How to Share a Song without a Code on Spotify for Mobile?

As we said, you must use the context menu (three dots) to share a song or anything else, such as an album, artist, or playlist.

  • Go to a song by navigating the Spotify app.
  • In the top right corner, tap the three-dot menu.
  • Check out the choices in the menu below rather than the bar code shown beneath the cover image.
How to Share a Song without a Code on Spotify for Mobile?
  • Tap on the “Share” option after scrolling to it.
link by copying it
  • Choose now from the offered choices. First, you may manually distribute the link by copying it. Alternatively, you might post it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat. 
  • For additional choices, use the More button. SMS may also be used for sharing.

When someone receives your link, they only need to touch it to open the song (or album, artist, or playlist) in their Spotify app. Even without having the app loaded, you can still share. Without creating an account, the URL may be visited in a browser.

How to Share a Song without a Code on Spotify for Desktop app?

The sharing choices are a little bit more constrained on a PC. You can obtain the URL but cannot share straight to social media.

  • In the Spotify app, look for the music you want to share.
  • The song’s three dots should be tapped.
  • Choose “Share.”
  • To acquire the URL to distribute the song as you choose, click “Copy Song Link.”
  • “Embed track” is the alternative. If you want to include the song on a web page you’re presently working on, select this option.


It was all about creating or creating Spotify codes and learning how to use your phone to scan them.

Overall, sharing your favorite song or playlist with friends or passersby via a Spotify code is entertaining and original. What do you think about them, however? Tell us in the comments.


What Are Different Ways To Share Spotify Codes?

There are several ways to distribute Spotify codes:
Send your friends or followers the Spotify code image on social media.
The Spotify code should be printed and pasted where necessary.
Utilize the Spotify code for music plaques.

What’s The Benefit Of Spotify Codes?

A Spotify code may be added anywhere, including websites, social network profiles, music plaques, and posters. A friend who wishes to listen to the same music as you may see it immediately from your Spotify app without having to copy the song’s URL and send it to them via messaging.

Can You Hand Draw Spotify Codes?

Yes, as long as they are designed properly, Spotify codes will function. It consists of 23 vertical lines with varying lengths evenly spaced apart.
The best approach to precisely draw a Spotify code is to open it on your phone, place a piece of paper over it, then trace it with a pencil. It’s been done and works flawlessly, according to a Reddit member.

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