32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

Being financially independent is the need of the hour. However, for most of us, our current jobs aren’t paying enough to satisfy our monthly obligations and credit debts.

But don’t worry. Here is a list of 32 easy ways to make money online through which you can earn money quickly and break the proverbial bank.

It will help if you remember that these ways to make online are for small bursts of money and not millions of dollars.

Some of the below-given ways to make money online might be difficult or even require some capital investment, or might be location-dependent. 

Always remember, whenever you find yourself in a tough spot as we all do, one time or the other, the person who’s committed, can make anything possible.

Thus, before we tell you the ways to make money fast, let’s shed some light on the psychology behind money-making.

Money-making psychology

It happens that whenever you lack money, a negative feeling of scarcity sets in making you feel that you don’t have enough to get through this phase.

When you are desperate and are looking for ways to make money fast, try to think that you already have everything you need to make it happen and what you don’t have, you will acquire. 

Humans have over 60,000 thoughts per day, some deep within the subconscious and some repeated. 

Now, you can either succumb to your negative train of thought or be the steward and pull yourself out of it.

It is rightly said, whatever you think, you shall become, and therefore we must curate and cultivate the right thoughts.

In Freud’s model of the mind, you’ll discover the three-part construct Psychic Apparatus of your mind that controls your behavior.

These are namely: the id, the super-ego, and the ego.

The first one, id, living deep in our subconscious since birth, is the source of our sudden and most instinctive urges.
The second one, super-ego, is formed later on to balance the id through our upbringing, parental guidance, beliefs and sense of community. People careful with money should thank their super-ego.
The last one, ego, is the decision-maker that listens to the voices of id and super-ego and then decides a way to satisfy the id while attending to the super-ego.

There are numerous schemes online to make you rich quickly or instant weight-loss diets, all of which are just meant to help your ego reach its decision and so beware of strategies that seem too good to be true.

So, after all this, you might think, how to make money online, the right way?

The below given 32 easy ways to make money online might be helpful for you, but, once you are out of your current tough spot, resume planning for the future and focus on the bigger picture.

1. Make money fast: Sell old books and games online

Amazon serves as an excellent platform to sell your old books and games. Bear in mind that should be in good condition else you might get negative reviews. 

If you have pricey textbooks from college, you can easily earn more than a few bucks.

Just remember, don’t try to fool the customer and be upfront about any defects, whether small or unnoticeable.

2. Make money fast: Deliver for PostMates


Postmates has stated on their website that you could earn easily up to $25/hour just by doing deliveries and you don’t even need a car. 

You can easily make the deliveries on a bike in bustier cities or downtown. 

The delivery can be anything, including food from speciality places.

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You can earn some tips and so delivering can be an easy way to make money in their spare time.

3. Make money fast: Drive Uber or Lyft

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With a relatively new car, a clean driving record,  and an authorization to work can allow you to work as an Uber or Lyft driver. 

Through this, you can make money fast in the middle of the day rush-hour or the wee hours of the weekend night.

4. Make money fast: Tasks with TaskRabbit

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Through TaskRabbit, you can tap into the existing marketplace and help people locally looking for work.

The tasks might be small such as repairs, or big, such as home renovations, etc. that require considerably more effort.

Apart from TaskRabbit, Amazon is also starting to get into the task business with Amazon Home Services.

5. Make money fast: Answer on JustAnswer


JustAnswer is a lucrative platform and an easy way to make money online quickly. 

This platform allows lawyers, doctors, engineers and others with expertise in their field to earn a few bucks by answering some questions for which people would have to pay a hefty sum otherwise.

6. Make money fast: Be a home organizer

The home organizing industry has gained significant popularity due to Netflix’s hit series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

A site like Care.com allows people to connect with home organizers and hire personnel for this kind of service.

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So, if you are a tidy and organized person, then why not apply those excellent organizing skills to help others and earn a few bucks on the way.

You would be surprised at the number of people in need of organizers, maybe even in your social circle itself.

By being a home organizer, you have an option to affiliate yourself with a professional company or work as freelance through your personal, professional or social network.

7. Make money fast: Pawn your valuables

You must use this method only when you are stuck in a tight spot and want a way to make money fast.

You can pawn something of value to get the equivalent loan with interest in it and borrow cash.

However, to get that item back, you will have to pay the entire loan amount with interest, and in case you don’t, you will lose the thing.

So, if the item is of intrinsic or emotional value, then please do not do it and consider other ways to make money online or offline.

8. Make money fast: Conduct a webinar

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make money fast

GoToWebinar and WebinarJam are the biggest and feature-rich platforms out there for conducting webinars.

It might sound intimidating, but webinars are one of the best ways to make money fast.

So, if you position yourself and your offer correctly, you can make loads of cash quickly in a short amount of time.

It takes practice, but it is an easy way to make money fast.

9. Make money fast: Sell vintage clothes

You must have bought, at least once in your lifetime, some clothes or dresses that you might not need anymore and aren’t much worn out.

You can sell these vintage clothes, such as maternity dresses and kids clothing at thrift stores to earn a few bucks for them instead of letting them rot in your wardrobe.

10. Make money fast: Participate in medical studies

Medical is a field which needs a lot of human trials for various drugs or other studies.

Now, if you can throw caution to the wind, then you can easily participate in one of the medical studies and earn a significant amount of money.

For this you will need to scope out the companies conducting medical trials and research the possible side effects and then if you are okay with it, you can make money fast.

11. Make money fast: Donate blood

If you have the blood donation eligibility, then you can be a real jewel in the society and at the same time earn around $20 to $50 by donating blood.

The price depends on how rare your blood type is.

You can also donate plasma for people with Leukemia and immunity disorders.

For plasma donation, different states have different minimum requirements to be paid.

Plasma donation is more complicated than donating blood and earns you the same amount.

12. Make money fast: Do house-cleaning jobs

Similar to being a home organizer, you can also register yourself with a company or scour your neighbourhood and social media for people looking for house cleaners.

Amazon Home Services can be of great help in finding these jobs, or you can create a website to post the advertisement.


With this, you can easily make up to $20 per hour or more depending on the location and demand.

13. Make money fast: Tutor students


If you love teaching, then this is our best option so far on how to make money online.

Parent’s are very much concerned about their children’s future and are willing to pay a hefty sum to the right tutor.

All you need is to be in your academic subjects such as math, science, computer or other and you can easily make money fast.

You can opt for a platform like Indeed.com and care.com, or you can find clients through your personal, professional and social media networks.

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14. Make money fast: Sell photos

Being passionate about photography can now help you find easy ways to make money.

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Sites like ShutterStock or iStockPhoto provide a platform for passionate photographers as a means to earn passive income.

However, to make money fast, you can earn by taking photos for people looking for photographers to cover their wedding, engagement, birthdays or other events.

All that’s needed is a good camera and some experience to help you earn the much-needed income, no matter where you live.

15. Make money fast: Advertise for companies with car wrap

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A relatively new car, a clean driving record, and the readiness to have your car turned into a moving billboard is all that’s needed to make this job yours.

No investment is needed for this, and if you qualify for it, then you can earn a monthly fee with your car.

You can use platforms like Carvertise for making a bit of extra cash.

You’ll have to drive your care enough to be eligible for the brands to pay you for your services.

16. Make money fast: Carpet wash

There are many people in need of someone to wash their carpets but aren’t actively looking.

You can try renting a carpet cleaning machine or buying one if you think you can get enough traffic.

Depending on the trust you build with your customers, you can provide them with the option to wash the carpets at their homes or get it steam-cleaned at an offsite location.

17. Make money fast: Home décor for holidays

In the world where everyone has a busy schedule, it might sometimes not be possible to decorate their homes for occasions.

That’s where you can earn your extra income.

You can help people with their New Year, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July or other holiday decorations.

The work might involve anything from putting up lights inside or outside, to decorating trees and setting up games for the party.

The internet and social media networks can serve as great advertising platforms to search for prospective clients.

18. Make money fast: Micro gigs on Mechanical Turk

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Amazon offers a platform called Mechanical Turk to help you make money fast by doing small jobs.

As the name suggests, these gigs will be “micro” and will range between a few cents and a few dollars at most, so you will have to string multiple of these together to gain some real benefit.

These jobs don’t require any qualifications as mostly they involve clicking on links, giving opinions, taking surveys, doing some light categorizing or other tasks related to human-intelligence.

19. Make money fast: Lead walking tours on Viator

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Viator is one of the largest tour operator platforms in the world that allows you to give walking tours to tourists in your locale.

Tour operator job will be possible only if you are residing in a tourist locale.

To find tourists first, you can apply the principle of reciprocity and offer free tours asking for tips later.

As per this principle, people love getting things for free but also feel obligated to give something in return. 

I guess now you know, why supermarkets give away food for free.

20. Make money fast: Rent a spare room on Airbnb

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Just like the previous method, if you live in a tourist locale, you can consider crashing with your family or friends and rent your room or entire house on Airbnb.

The above can be possible if your neighbours don’t mind having new people arriving every few days to rent your room or house.

21. Make money fast: Become a personal trainer

Fitness has gained a new hype recently as people are starting to get more and more concerned about their health and fitness.

If you have knowledge about fitness and are ready to help people become fit by keeping them on track towards their goal, then this is your answer on how to make money online.

You can add value to your resume as well as earn money through these gigs.

Apart from just fitness, you can also get into nutrition and work as a dietician for people.

For this, you can find clients at your nearby gym or websites like FitnessTrainer, although you might need some certification for this.

22. Make money fast: Do babysitting with care.com

Who doesn’t love babies and small children? 

They are cute little angels and what better job than to be paid for taking care of them.

Working parents are in dire need of babysitters to take care of their little ones while they are out for work or private dates.

You can register yourself on websites like Care.com that connect parents with babysitters.

Before you start working, you will need to go through a background check and other formalities to allow parents minds to be at rest while you are with their kids.

Alternatively, you can also scour your network for the same.

23. Make money fast: Sell on CafePress or Etsy

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Suppose you can design inspirational saying, custom logos and other topical or trending designs that appeal to the masses. In that case, you can quickly sell them for a share of profits on CafePress or Etsy.

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All you will need is your creativity and designing software.

Once the work starts, you can even hire designers to assist with the job while you come up with the ideas.

The designs will be printed and delivered based on-demand, and you will receive a share of the profits.

24. Make money fast: Flip real estate contracts

You can secure a contract of a property with a few hundred dollars investment, and then resell it with an even higher value to an interested party and make a profit.

With this method, you wouldn’t need to take possession of the property, nor would you be in a fixer-upper endeavour.

If you are new to this, companies like REWW are dedicated to teaching you on how to do this.

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Flipping real-estate contracts is an excellent way to make little money for a short term but has the potential to be converted into long-term.

25. Make money fast: Sell, or resell used tech on Craigslist

The electronics market is ever-changing with new gadgets coming up every other day.

This has created a large number of old phones and other electronics to be piled up at home while people continue buying new ones.

Craigslist provides you with a platform to buy, sell, or resell your old iPhones or MacBook or other electronics for a premium.

Gazella is another such website allowing you to sell used phones, of any variety.

These companies buy these phones and sell them as refurbished on other or same platforms.

It’s one of the easy ways to make money online quickly if you have old gadgets lying around the house.

26. Make money fast: Become a market research participant

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It is quick money for a lot less work on which you can easily rely.

You can contact companies looking for consumers’ opinions on their products and services, then provide your statement to them based on your experience. Simple.

The opinions can be shared via writing, stating, polling, discussing or surveying mediums. 

Focusgroup.com is one of the companies looking for participants.

27. Make money fast: Grab gigs on Fiverr

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Depending on the kind of skill you have, you can use Fiverr to showcase your talent and make use of its $5-per-gig model.

Your services can be anything, including editing, writing, web design, short audio or video clip creation, graphic design and so on.

28. Make money fast: Dog walking

Being a dog lover, you can make money fast by taking your neighbours’ or some other person’s dog out for a walk.

You can register on Rover, which is the largest network of dog walkers, or use your network or knock on your neighbours’ door to advertise for your services.

If you do this job seriously and get reliable positive reviews, then you can make money fast in future when you’re in need.

29. Make money fast: Help with home gardening

Not everyone has time to mow their lawns or pull out weeds from time to time.

So, if you are willing to pitch your gardening services to your neighbours, you will surely get a few takers and help you make money fast.

30. Make money fast: Open a cash-bonus checking account

When stuck in a financial crisis, this might be one of the easy ways to make money.

You can check with your local banks to see if they are giving any cash bonuses to new account openers.

Banks run schemes like these from time to time to attract customers.

In difficult times, this can help you earn $50 or $100 or even more depending on the scheme.

However, you might be needed to deposit a minimum amount of cash (usually in thousands) into your newly opened account to qualify for the scheme.

31. Make money fast: Wash or detail cars

Car washing and detailing are few of those jobs that can easily be converted into the door to door services.

Many people look to get their car washed and detailed but don’t have the time to go to the shops and leave their vehicles there.

So, you can reach out to your neighbours and provide your services by putting up some flyers into your neighbour’s mailboxes.

To make this a more serious gig, you can create a single-page website or hand out business cards to make money fast.

32. Make money fast: Get a Microloan

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If the above solutions prove to be of no help to you, or if you need money instantly, then you can apply for microloans or small business loans on Fundera or Prosper.

These websites offer loans depending on your credits and financial and employment situations, with a need to pay them back once the loan period is over.

You can quickly secure up to a few thousand dollars, if you satisfy their norms, to help you get out of the bind.

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