Learn How To Make Discord Emotes

With the rise in popularity of making discord emotes, many users also resorted to creating their emojis within the application.

All kinds of emojis or memes have become prominent across several platforms, including all social media applications, including Discord. 

Due to this reason, several third-party applications have features that allow you to make emotes on your own.

Before getting into how to make discord emotes, let us first understand what discord is and how it works. 

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat-based application with free voice and video features that works similarly to Skype and other platforms.

This application is mainly designed for gamers to communicate with their teams, especially while gaming. 

However, Discord is no longer limited to gaming. Many businesses use it to foster communication and create more engagement among people. Discord is also available on several devices, making it simpler and quicker for gaming and other communities. 

It is available as an application and lightweight PC program that can easily run in the background while playing games.

Discord allows you to create a chat room known as a server. 

To invite someone to the server, it is integral for you to send them a room-invite link. The server is divided into two sections; a private server consists of the invite-only feature, and a public server that anyone can join. 

Emotes in Discord

With personalization and customization, Discord emotes can add more fun to your server.

To send an emoji or insert it in your message, you must click the emoji icon to the right of the chatbox and choose an emoji to insert into your text. 

Moreover, along with the other 50 custom emojis, if you have Discord Nitro, you will have an additional 50 slots for animated emojis. 

If you have to use complicated emojis, you can type a description of the emote. For example, the smiley emotes can be accessed by typing “smiley” or a few initial letters. 

How to Make Discord Emotes

  1. Fiverr
  2. MakeEmoji
  3. Emoji. gg
  4. Kapwing
  5. Emotes Creator
  6. Zmoji
  7. Own3D

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a business-oriented freelance marketplace. You can hire freelancers to create custom emotes for you here. You can follow the steps below to find the best freelance Discord emote maker. 

  • Visit the official website of Fiverr. 
  • Click on the search bar, which is on the homepage, located at the top left corner. 
  • Enter Discord emotes in the search bar. 
make discord emotes

You will then find multiple gigs on your screen. Look for gigs with high ratings, glowing testimonials, and reasonable prices.

Choose the most appealing gig and contact the service provider to discuss it further. 


2. MakeEmoji

MakeEmoji is a simple application that allows you to create professional-quality emojis easily.

It allows you to download animated emojis that are custom-built, or you can also create your emoji for use on Discord. 

You can also make personalized and animated emoji GIFS for Slack and Discord. You can either create or pre-make emojis and other animated emojis.

This emotes generator app allows you to create various categories and genres. 

Firstly, you will have to visit MakeEmoji’s website; you will then have to add your image.

You can either select an image from the options given on the page itself or upload an image from your folder or system. 

After doing this, you can easily convert that image into an emote. You will then be able to customize several elements like direction, speed, color, and others.

After you customize your image, you can choose the animated emote from several ready-made ones. 

3. Emoji.gg

Emoji.Gg is the perfect Discord emote maker app for you. It gives users complete control over the process of creating an emote, including colors, shapes, and much more.

It also assists you in creating a truly expressive emote which can easily be downloaded and used on various servers. 


Emoji.Gg also gives the creator control over the tools, and more flexibility in the creation process itself, unlike a few other emote maker applications. Firstly visit the Emoji.gg website. 

Click on the Maker menu that is located above the search bar. The platform’s simple custom emote maker helps you create an emote from scratch.

This platform includes everything you need to customize your emote, including the emoji’s facial features and a few other accessories such as masks, hats, spectacles, and more. 

You can add the elements for your emote as needed. After you do this, your emote is ready to be downloaded from the platform.

You can then use it on any server on your Discord with your friends. 

4. Kapwing

Kapwing is another excellent emote maker for Discord, providing all the features and tools required to create an emoji.

It also gives you a variety of options for customizing your emoji. 

It allows you to make a gesture to amuse your Discord friends. You can easily edit your image to make it a Discord emote.

You can also create an emoji based on your specific requirements. There are three pricing options for using this platform.


The first plan is free, but it has limited features in it. The Pro version is $16 per month and $16 per month for Teams. Navigate to Kapwing Discord emote maker page. 

Since Discord and similar other platforms have strict size restrictions for emotes, it displays 128 X 128 pixels. You can follow these steps to create emote in Kapwing.

  • Tap on Edit This template to personalize and create your own emote. 
  • Try remixing the template with elements and images to make your own emote. 
  • Click the Export image button, which is located at the top left corner. 
  • Download the PNG image and upload it to Discord, and you’re ready to use your own emotes on Discord. 

5. Emotes Creator

Emotes Creator is a simple emoji maker app discord that allows you to choose from a variety of styles and offers a variety of customization options as well. Emotes Creator includes powerful features and tools that professional designers specifically design. 

You can easily create custom emotes through this platform, and it also lets you make your Panels, Badges, and Emotes.

You can make your own emotes, customize them and instantly download them to use them on Discord. 

emotes creator

Visit Emotescreator and select Twitch Emote Maker from the top bar. Even though this is a Twitch emote maker, you can create Discord emojis here.

Emotescreator gives you powerful tools for creating your custom emote from scratch. 

emotes creator

It has numerous customization options for creating the ideal Discord emote. On the left sidebar, you can also select the gender of your emote.

You can customize your emote with different accessories, hairstyles, and clothing. To purchase your emote, tap on Save your Emote, located in the display box. 

6. Zmoji

Zmoji allows you to create a personalized social avatar for yourself. Its powerful customization tools allow you to sync your face perfectly in a cartoon avatar. Zmoji allows you to make Discord emotes in four simple steps.

There are several emoji maker apps available to assist you in learning how to design and make your emoji on Android or iPhone. 

Zmoji is a creator app that creates an avatar that looks exactly like you. Personal emoji can be created using facial recognition or manually. You can share dozens of personal emojis with your friends. 

  • Download the Zmoji application from Google Play or App Store. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. 
  • Launch the Zmoji app. 
  • Select the gender, select an avatar style, and facial recognition. You can personalize your Zmoji in a variety of ways. 
  • You can change your Zmoji eyes, nose, hair, brows, or outfits. Here’s a little look inside the tool. 
  • When you’re finished customizing, save your work and share it with your friends. 

7. Own3D

Create one-of-a-kind, and entertaining emotes with the Own3D emote maker. It includes paid to emote makers but is always worth the money.

Here’s how to use Own3D to make Discord emotes. You can create around 100 custom accessories and download and use them immediately. 

  • Sub Emotes and Badges>Emote Maker will take you to Own3D.tv’s Emote Maker page. 
  • Choose your avatar and begin adding elements to it. Make your avatar stand out by incorporating custom elements. 
  • Once your emote is complete, click the Generate Emote button in the bottom right corner of the screen to download and save it. 


Custom discord emotes can be used in every discord server, which can be done in several applications. Whether it is on your Mac or mobile apps.

Your custom emojis can be uploaded to the server settings through third-party applications or other discord emoji makers. 

One of the easiest ways to create emotes is with the help of adobe photoshop or other applications.

Most of the emotes maker is free, whereas some services or applications have paid plans, depending on the features provided by the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Nitro For Animated Emojis?

Discord Nitro is a super-powered version of Discord that is subscription-based and grants users access to various paid features that are not available with a standard Discord account. The monthly subscription is only $4.99. 
Nitro provides free support for all types of emoticons, including Discord’s animated emojis. If you aren’t a paid Nitro subscriber, you won’t even see the option to use these. Once you’ve subscribed to Nitro, you can use a shortcode. 
You can also choose your preferred animated Discord emoji, which displays animated emojis for your account from the popup window. In this section, standard users will only see the standard emojis. 

How Do You Make Your Own Animated Emotes Discord?

To add an animated emoji to Discord, simply find a nice spicy gif and navigate to the Server Settings, go to Emoji, Upload emoji and then select the gif file. This will allow you to make your own animated emotes and share it on Discord as well. 

Can I Make My Own Discord Emotes?

You can create your Discord emotes with the help of several third-party applications and other websites. You can either hire a designer who will help you create emotes. However, creating emotes and gifs through other applications is much easier if you want to make it yourself. 

How To Make Discord Emotes?

Creating discord emotes is easy, especially if you have made gifs or emotes earlier. However, you can also hire freelancers to make custom emotes for you. Apart from that, several other platforms like MakeEmoji, and Emoji.gg, Kapwing, Emotes Creator, Own3D, and Zmoji.