How To Make A YouTube Song As Your Ringtone On Android

Are you bored of listening to the same retro ringtones on your Android smartphone? Do you want something classy? A Youtube intro song to define your musical taste and help you stand out among the crowd? Youtube is one of the best ringtone portals out there, and I will tell you how to make a YouTube song as your ringtone on Android in this article.

Why is YouTube the Best Site to Find Custom Ringtone for Android Smartphones?

make a YouTube song as your Ringtone on Android

YouTube is home to one of the largest collections of videos, music, songs, and even movies, all of which are presented in high resolution and with unaltered bitrates. You can discover just about any song or music you’re looking for on YouTube. This is why it’s become the internet’s primary destination for entertainment content.

Thousands of content creators on Youtube make videos with intro songs or audio tracks that might feel catchy in your ears. Can’t you find the music or ringtone you want anywhere on the Internet? Using the workarounds in this article, you can make a Youtube song as your ringtone on Android.

Does YouTube Allow Downloading Ringtones from its Website?

YouTube doesnt allow downloading of audio files only

You may watch every video uploaded to YouTube on your mobile device hassle-free. You can’t listen to only the music without seeing the video unless you pay for a premium account or have YouTube Music turned on. The same goes for using them as ringtones on mobile devices or downloading them as native music files for offline listening.

This might be a problem if you have a favorite tune on your mind and want to make a youtube song as your ringtone on Android. There is currently no official option to save a video from YouTube in audio format. 

However, there are ways to convert Youtube videos to audio files and customize them into a new ringtone.

How to Make a YouTube Song as your Ringtone on Android Phone

You can quickly and easily make a YouTube song your ringtone on Android smartphones without paying extra bucks.

1. Share or Copy the YouTube Music Video Link

To help other online websites convert the Youtube video to a file containing only the audio, we must direct them to the online media using a link to the video:

Open the YouTube app on Android
  • Open the Youtube App from your home screen on your Android phone.
Use the search bar to look for ringtone
  • Tap on the search bar and type the name of the music video or audio content creator that you intend to download.
Search yout ringtone from YouTube
  • Press the name of the video to begin playing it.
Open the video where the desired song is being played
  • Wait for all the ads to complete playing.
Use the Share buton to receive the video link from youtube
  • Tap the Share button beside the dislike icon to open the video sharing menu.
Receive the video link through the Copy link button
  • Tap on the Copy link button so that the Youtube link of the music video will be copied to the clipboard.
  • If you are listening to Youtube on any Android web browser, you can either copy the browser link or use the Copy link button to save it to your clipboard.
Note the start and end timestamps Youtube video for making ringtone
  • You can also note down the starting and ending timestamps of the section of the video you want to extract. 
  • This will be beneficial when you edit the mp3 clip using audio cutter apps later.

2. Convert the MP4 Video to MP3 format and Download the Audio Files

Several online tools can help you download the mp4 video directly from YouTube. Use YouTube to Music MP3 Converter – YTMP3 is one such online free app that converts the mp4 video to an mp3 audio file in just a few clicks:

Convert Youtube video to mp3 using YTMP3 website
Paste Youtube video link in search bar
  • Tap the white search bar once and hold down the cursor.
  • Press the Paste button to insert the music video link in the search bar, and press the Convert button. If you don’t have the video link, you can use keywords to search for the video here.
  • If you get a prompt to download an apk, press Cancel to ignore it. Close any ads that open after it.
Tap Download mp3 to download converted audio from YTMP3
  • Tap the Download MP3 button, and the audio file will transfer automatically to your Android device. Check the notification bar for download progress.
Converted audio saved to the Downloads folder of Android
  • The file will be saved in the Android Downloads folder under the Youtube video filename.

3. Trim the MP3 Audio file Using Audio Cutter or Ringtone Maker

To make the mp3 file shorter and extract your favorite part, I will use different trimming tools to cut a portion of the audio and store it separately. Many tools are available online to make a YouTube song as your Ringtone on Android.

I have picked the best free audio cutter and ringtone maker apps that are not only easily accessible but also provide minimum ads while you trim and edit audio tracks.

Convert MP3 Audio Files to Ringtone using Web Browser

  • You can use the web browser to navigate to an URL, upload the audio, edit the clip, and download the processed ringtone:
  • MP3 Cutter supports more than 300 converting formats (flac, aac, wav, ogg, mp3, m4a), can create ringtones for iPhone, provide fade-in fade-out effects, etc.
Use Open file button to upload mp3 for trimming
Allow necessary permissions to the browser
  • Provide the browser’s necessary camera and video permissions by tapping the While using the app button.
Open the File Manager app to begin uploading the file
  • Tap on the Files icon to open the file manager app, where you can select the converted Youtube song.
Proceed to location where the converted Youtube music is stored
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder where the mp3 audio file is saved.
Tap the mp3 file to begin uploading to the online MP3 Cutter
  • Find the recently downloaded ringtone mp3 file and tap on it to begin uploading.
Trim and edit audio file using sliders
  • The Mp3cut website will display the audio spectrum graph and the necessary tools to edit your ringtone and make a Youtube song as your ringtone on Android.
  • Make sure that you are using the Trim mode.
  • Drag the sliders left or right to adjust what part of the music you want to be a part of your new ringtone.
  • The start time and end time will be mentioned below the sliders, and the new total length of the ringtone will be shown in the middle.
Apply Fading effect, shift between cutting or trimming, and enter the start and stop times for ringtone
  • After you trim the ringtone, you can use the Fade in and Fade out buttons (1) to add fading effect to the tone. Adjust the fade length by using the slider.
  • Use the slider mode toggle button (2) to keep the audio segment within or outside the slider.
  • If you cannot adjust the slider on your phone, you can also type the starting and ending timestamp (3).
Change ringtone downloading format and Save
  • Use the play button the temporarily listen to the new trimmed audio.
  • Tap the m4a button to select other output formats for your phone ringtone. Select mp3 if you own an Android device or m4r for your iPhone.
  • Finally, tap on the Save button to finish editing.
Select Save again to confirm downloading the edited audio
  • Select the Save button on the next page to download the edited and trimmed ringtone in your default Downloads folder.

Trim Audio Tracks Using Offline MP3 Cutter Apps (Timbre / Inshot Inc)

If you want to make a Youtube song your ringtone on Android without an internet connection, several third-party ringtone maker apps are available on the Playstore.

You can easily trim, merge, convert, and edit any audio files using these apps without much editing expertise. The working procedure of two of the best third-party audio editing apps are listed below:

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video

Suppose you are looking for an all-in-one package that lets you seamlessly edit audio and video files and is also tremendously appraised by the Internet community.

In that case, Timbre is the best app for making a Youtube song your ringtone on Android. The app lets you split, join, convert, trim, and reverse audio and video, along with a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Follow the steps below to trim an audio file using Timbre:

Download Timbre from Play Store
Allow Timbre files and media permissiona upon first launch
  • After installing the app, please open it and Allow the necessary permissions to access all files on your Android smartphone.
Tap Cut button under Audio to begin editing
  • Under the Audio section, press the Cut button to trim the mp3 file.
Select the converted mp3 file to edit using Timbre
  • Find the converted mp3 ringtone from the list of audio files shown by Timbre.
Adjust start and Stop time of ringtone using the sliders
  • You can adjust which section to keep as your ringtone by dragging the slider from both ends.
  • Use the Play button to try out your new audio while trimming and adjusting.
  • You can also type the start and end timestamps for more precise editing.
Change the Save location and the ringtone file name
  • Once you are done editing, tap the folder icon beside the Export path to select where you want to save the custom ringtone mp3.
Saving the trimmed ringtone in the Ringtones Folder
  • Tap Ringtones to select the folder and press OK to confirm the pathname.
  • Change the filename according to the name of the ringtone.
Tap the Cut button to begin the trimming process
  • Tap the Trim button to begin the trimming process.
Tap SAVE to confirm the editing process
  • Press the SAVE button after checking the audio trimming summary to confirm your action.
  • If the process is successful, it will be displayed through a toast notification.
Inshot Inc MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker by Inshot Inc is another brilliant example of an audio editor on the Google Play Store that is more focused on trimming and editing ringtones for your Android device and offers its ringtone portal. Although the app had random ads, they were insignificant compared to the mp3 cutter’s functionality.

Follow the steps given below to make a Youtube song as your ringtone on Android using the Ringtone Maker third-party app:

Download the Inshot MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker from Play Store
Tap the MP3 Cutter button to begin editing
  • After the installation, open the app and tap the MP3 Cutter button at the top-left corner.
Open Settings to allow permissions for file access
  • Tap the Open Settings button to provide storage access permissions.
Tap Permissions from the MP3 Cutter app settings
  • Select the Permissions option.
  • Head to Files and media to see permissions belonging to that category.
Open Files and Media to view relevant permissions
  • Mark the Allow access to media only option to provide media access.
Select the converted mp3 file from the available audio files
  • The most recently downloaded mp3 file will be displayed at the top. Select your converted mp3 file.
Extract the desired part of the audio using the sliders, change volume level, add fade effects
  • Use the sliders in the audio spectrum graph to adjust what audio segment you want to keep in your new ringtone.
  • Tap the Play button whenever you want to listen to the customized ringtone.
  • You can fine-tune the adjustments using the +- buttons set the ringtone volume, and add fade effects using the relevant buttons.
  • Tap the SAVE button beside the ringtone filename after finishing your edit.
Change the ringtone name, the bitrate speed, and the export format
  • Give the ringtone a new name, set the ringtone format as MP3 or AAC, and tap on the Convert button to make your ringtone on Android a Youtube song.

Step 4: Customize your Android Ringtone Settings to Convert Youtube Video to your Phone Ringtone

After we have finalized making our ringtone mp3 or aac file, we have to change the default ringtone on Android and replace it with a customized one through Android Settings. Follow the procedure given below to make a Youtube song as your ringtone on Android:

Open Settings on your Android Phone
  • Tap the Gear icon to open the Settings app from the home screen or the app drawer.
Tap Sounds category inside Settings
  • Scroll Down and tap the Sound menu to access audio personalization options for your device.
Change the phonne ringtone according to your primary SIM for receiving calls
  • Tap the Phone ringtone – SIM 1 or SIM 2 option, depending on which SIM you use for primary calling functions.
Use Sounds app as the ringtone picker
  • Tap Sounds to open the ringtone picker app and change your default ringtones.
  • Your current ringtone name will be displayed at the top.
Open the My Sounds category to find custome amde ringtones
  • Tap the My Sounds category, where custom ringtones under the Ringtones folder are stored.
Use the Plus button to add new ringtones into the category
  • Select the Plus button at the lower-left corner to add any compatible ringtones to the list.
Open the Ringtones forlder or the location where the file is stored
  • Inside the file manager app, navigate to the folder where the mp3 file or the ringtone is stored. (For ringtones created with Inshot Inc MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker, the files are stored in Music -> Mp3Cutter -> AudioCutter)
Select the trimmed audio mp3 file
  • Tap the ringtone to select it, and they will be added to the My Sounds category.
Select the new ringtone ad tap the Save button
  • Mark the ringtone you had created from Youtube music, and select the SAVE button at the top-right corner to make a Youtube song as your ringtone on Android.


Youtube has the best and ever-growing collection of songs, ringtones, and musical content. We hope you successfully made a Youtube song as your ringtone on Android through the straightforward and illustrated methods given in the section above. Although several apps in the online market achieve the same purpose, we have included only the easiest and safest free apps.