Learn How To Make A Gif On Facebook

Are you astonished by the numerous GIFs that exist on the internet and are constantly shared on Facebook posts and comment sections to display human emotions easily without physical engagement?

Do you want to create your own GIF on Facebook and share the unique gif creation on a business page or your Facebook profile?

You are in luck because you have arrived at the right juncture, and in this article, we will show you different ways to make a GIF on Facebook through descriptive but concise steps.

make a gif on Facebook

GIFs or Graphics Interchange Format is a short video or a series of live photos (duration is generally 2 seconds) that loops repeatedly and runs continuously.

A GIF file can be optimized and compressed easily with a file size of less than 1 MB and shared on various social media platforms even through an Internet connection with slow bandwidth.

Even though animated stickers and emoji have overshadowed GIFs in recent times, they are still used for entertainment purposes or while trying to make a point through GIF captions.

Facebook was a little late in joining the race of GIF creation, but it caught up in 2017 when it included the option to capture a GIF through its camera category. Over the years, the procedure of creating a GIF has changed a lot, but you can still make a GIF on Facebook using the shortcuts given here. Proceed to the next section to learn more.

How to make a custom GIF on Facebook

Due to the recent changes by Facebook into the Meta company, modern implementations applied to the Facebook Camera after material UI redesigns and the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, the direct option for GIF creation was removed from Facebook’s web browser platform, and the Facebook Camera in the latest versions.

But we have found some hidden opportunities in Facebook’s mobile app and the Facebook Power Editor (in the web browser) through which you can create, edit, upload, and export custom animated GIFs.

Follow the instructions in the following categories to make a Facebook GIF according to the Facebook version you are using:

Use the Facebook Mobile App Camera to Make GIFs

You can use the Facebook Camera found in the Android and iPhone mobile devices app to create your own GIF. Follow the steps given below to combine different animated stickers and emojis to create a short video, which you can save in a GIF format later:

Make a GIF on Facebook through the Facebook Camera Normal option.
  • Open the Facebook app found on the home screen of your Android or iOS device.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account.
  • On the news feed page, you can either swipe towards the right or tap on the Camera Roll icon beside the Write something here… box.
  • Tap on the Camera icon at the top right corner of the camera roll or gallery.
  • You will now be able to access the Facebook Camera. Provide the camera permissions when the Facebook app asks for it.
  • While you are in NORMAL mode, scroll through the filters available to apply a refreshing effect to your GIF.
  • Hold down the middle button for just 2 seconds and release it.
Import a GIF as a sticker on the 2-second video captured through Facebook Camera
  • Facebook will replay a preview of the live photo clicked by you.
  • On the top right corner, tap on the stickers button as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Select the GIF button from the first row, and you can select your preferred GIF from the vast menu. You can also search for the GIF type you are looking for.
  • Tap on the GIF, and drag it across the screen to achieve the desired placement on the media. You can also zoom in and out on the GIF to increase or decrease its size. You will see that the GIF keeps on looping continuously.
Either tap Save or Done to export the GIF or Post it on Facebook.
  • You can either tap on the Save button to download it on your device and export it (in the mp4 or gif format) or tap on DONE to post the GIF file on your story or news feed using appropriate captions.

Use Facebook’s Boomerang Option to Make GIFs

Luckily, Facebook’s Boomerang tool is available to people who genuinely want to express themselves creatively. Your brief video clip will play continually, repeatedly looping until you stop it, which is similar to a GIF.

To completely customize your animated gifs in any manner you like, you may include other GIFs, stickers, captions, and even animated emojis.

Alternatively, you can create one on a blank screen or insert one into a video clip. Learn how to utilize Boomerang to develop your own gif creation through the steps given below:

Make a GIF on Facebook using the Boomerang option in the Facebook Camera.
  • From the News Feed on Facebook’s mobile app for Android or iPhone mobile devices, tap on the camera roll icon gallery, and select the camera icon in the top right corner.
  • Inside the Facebook Camera App, switch from NORMAL to BOOMERANG mode.
  • You can either cover the camera or use your own background for the video format.
Select the GIF after shooting a Boomerang video from the Stickers menu
  • Tap the Shutter button in the middle to capture the looping mp4 video.
  • After you view the Boomerang preview, tap the Sticker icon in the upper-right corner, and choose the GIF icon to add animated live photos.
Search for the preferred GIF and tap on it to add to your Boomerang video
  • You can also search for a particular category of GIF, such as “gaming.”
  • Choose the GIF, drag it to a good location, and resize it by pinching in or out.
  • Moreover, you can swipe left to access different filters and effects, tap on the text icon to add captions, or use the free drawing tool.
  • Once you have made your Boomerang video perfect, tap on DONE to receive instructions on posting it to your Facebook profile or on Save to download it and export it to the .gif format from the .mp4 one.

Use the Giphy GIF Creator to make GIFs on Facebook.

In addition to being a well-known GIF maker, Giphy also allows you to create original and intriguing GIFs that you can then share with all of your Facebook friends.

Creating a Giphy GIF on Facebook requires more effort than utilizing the mobile app’s ready-to-use GIFs. You may upload an already made GIF file and alter it on the Giphy website, or you can use one of the trending videos to generate the GIF you want. Follow the steps below to know how to do it:

  • Head over to the official GIPHY website on your desktop or laptop pc.
  • Click on the login button at the top right corner.
Log in to your Facebook Account on the GIPHY website
  • To ensure that the GIF you are making on GIPHY gets exported to your Facebook account, you need to click on Login in with Facebook, enter your Facebook credentials, and follow the on-screen instruction to make a GIPHY account. After that, you will be redirected to the main page.
Click on the Create button in GIPHY.
  • Click on the Create beside the Upload button to create a Facebook GIF on GIPHY.
Different options available in GIPHY  to create a GIF
  • Through the GIPHY tool, you can convert online or offline videos or images to a GIF file, scrape media from any link and make a GIF out of the media file.
  • We will click on the GIF button for demonstration purposes and select a jpg screenshot file.
The GIPHY GIF Creation Tool in action
  • Perform your desired customizations on the file, such as using animations, changing font style and color, attaching stickers, and filters, or drawing freehand sketches.
Click on Continue to Upload after creating the custom gifs.
  • After that, click on “Continue to Upload” to save it on your Facebook account.
  • On the next screen, provide your tags for the GIF. Lastly, click the Add to GIPHY button.
Save the newly created GIF on your Computer.
  • If you want to download the gif file to your PC, right-click on it, select the “Save image as…” option, and save it in any directory on your desktop.
  • If you want to add the GIF to your Facebook post, open the social media platform on the desktop, select the GIF icon, and upload the giphy.gif stored on your PC.

Use Facebook Power Editor to Make a GIF Ad on Facebook

The Facebook Power Editor is a bulk manager and creator for all your Facebook ads, and through this step, you can create animated GIFs to boost your Facebook ad outreach.

People seem to understand better from pictorial representation rather than from plain writings. Therefore, follow the steps given below to login into your Facebook Power Editor and create Facebook ads for your business page:

  • Proceed to the Facebook Power Editor Link, and log in to your Facebook account. Even if your profile doesn’t have an ads page, the editor will automatically create one for you.
Open the Creative Hub inside the Facebook Power Editor
  • Hover your mouse on the left pane till it expands.
  • Click the 3-lined icon beside the Creative Hub, scroll down to the Advertise category, and select the Creative Hub option under it.
Creating a new outline for the GIF Ad on Facebook
  • Firstly, you need to create a template for your Ad media. Click on Create Mockup to start doing that.
Uploading a photo or video media to make an ad video or GIF
  • Inside the creative Hub, you can select more than 1 image to create a combined GIF or use a single picture or video.
  • Click on the Add media box, and you can upload any kind of media file to your ad.
Editing extra details about the ad before publishing it on your page
  • You can design your Facebook ad according to your requirements by providing appropriate headlines, summarized descriptions, the utility, the following link, etc. After creating a Mockup, you can upload it to your preferred business page displayed on the right side.

How to post a GIF on Facebook or my Facebook business page?

While you can submit a GIF to your personal Facebook page from both the mobile app and the web, uploading a GIF to a business page is slightly different. Share a GIF on your Facebook business page only if you use the native mobile app, not the browser version of the Facebook website (website).

Accordingly, we’ll walk you through the process of uploading GIFs to a Facebook business or individual page (as your status update on your wall) using your smartphone in this article.

Post or Upload a GIF to any Facebook Post or Business Page
  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device, and open the Pages section. Tap on the Facebook page where you want to post your GIF creation.
  • Tap the Write Something box on the upper section of the page, group, or your news feed, scroll up the list of available post attachments, and select the GIF option.
  • Choose a trendy GIF from the list. Or search for a GIF by mood, emotion, or term. To use the GIF, just touch it.
Tap the Post button to submit the GIF and add it to your post
  • Now you can preview your post. Use the “POST” button in the upper right corner to post it.

How to Add a GIF to a Facebook Comment

On Facebook, GIFs are an excellent method to communicate with followers and potential customers. Here’s how to add a GIF to the comment section on any Facebook post:

Add a GIF to a Facebook Comment
  • Log into Facebook and navigate to the conversation/status/post on which you desire to leave a comment or participate. Now, click on the “Write a comment” link next to your profile image to enter your comments.
  • Select the GIF icon from the icon collection on the right-hand side of the comment bar.
  • You’ll now see a popup with the most popular GIFs collection. You may search for GIFs by entering terms in the search window and clicking on your chosen GIF. GIFs may be accompanied by additional text in the comment box.
  • Finally, tap the Send button to submit the comment

How to Send a GIF through Facebook Messenger

Sending a GIF via Messenger is similar to putting one in a comment, except selecting a GIF instantly sends the GIF without the message. It is preferable to compose your message first and then follow the procedures to include a GIF in your message:

Sending a GIF Message to a Friend on Facebook Messenger
  • Use Facebook Messenger to compose your “message” and send it first.
  • The GIF you want to share may be found by tapping the Emoji button on the right side of the chatbox and tapping the GIF section.
  • You can search for GIFs on GIPHY and TENOR according to the message you want to send.
  • It’s as simple as tapping the GIF you want to send after you’ve found it.

How to make a GIF for your Facebook Profile Picture?

Your Facebook profile photo can’t use a GIF as it is, but it’s possible to use a seven-second animated clip as your profile photo on Facebook that will keep on repeating itself, thereby representing a GIF.

But you can only do this on Facebook’s mobile app. If you’re using Facebook in the PC browser, you can’t use an animated clip as your profile image. Follow the steps below to know more:

Use a GIF as your Profile Picture Video
  • Log in to Facebook and tap your profile photo. You’ve now reached your Facebook profile. Click the camera icon next to your Facebook profile picture.
  • Select “Take New Profile Video” or “Select Profile Video.” It will activate your phone’s camera and invite you to film a short profile video. A video may be selected from your picture collection by selecting “Select Profile Video”.
  • Note: For your video to be accepted by Facebook, it must be at least one second in length. If you cannot locate the option to add a video to your Facebook profile image, it might not be accessible in your area.
  • After shooting your video or selecting one from your collection, a preview will appear on your screen. Tap “Edit” to modify your profile video.
    • Facebook automatically shortens videos to 7 seconds.
  • You may modify your profile video in a few ways given below:
    • Tap the “speaker” icon to mute the video
    • Crop” your profile video to suit the circular shape of a Facebook profile photo
    • Drag the timeline to cut or trim the video
    • Tap “Thumbnail” to pick a custom thumbnail. Users whose internet and app settings prevent the profile video from immediately playing should use a compelling static thumbnail.
  • After editing, hit the “Save” icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • After Profile Preview Video looks good enough, tap the Save button again to set it as your new profile video.


How Do You Make Your Own GIF On Facebook?

You can make your own GIF on Facebook by using the Facebook Camera on the mobile app to capture a Boomerang video and add a GIF from the Sticker icon on the upper side of the screen. After creating your own GIF, you can post it or save it on your device.

How Can I Make A GIF For Free?

Here are some online tools through which you can make a GIF for Free:
– Toonator
– Imgflip
– GIFMaker
– Make a GIF

What Is The Easiest Way To Make A GIF?

The easiest way to make a GIF is to use the GIPHY online GIF creation tool, trim any video to about 7 seconds, and add textual captions and filter effects.

What Is The Best Free GIF Maker?

Some of the Best free GIF maker software are listed here:
– GIFS.com
– Photoscape
– ImgFlip